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What are the best beer festivals in Germany?

Are you a fan of beer? If so, you must discover Germany’s top beer festivals. These events range from the famous Oktoberfest to local craft beer parties. They all show off Germany’s love for brewing and its deep culture.

Like big parties? Or maybe smaller, cozy ones? No worries. Germany has a variety of festivals. There is something for every type of beer lover. Check out the top 10 beer festivals in Germany to see what’s out there. Dive into a world of rich beer heritage in a fun and meaningful way.

Oktoberfest: The Mother of All Beer Festivals

Oktoberfest is the ultimate beer festival. It brings over 6 million people to Munich every year. The event started in 1810 with the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese.

Location: Munich

Dates: Mid-September to October

The fest begins with a big parade. Landlords ride in fancy carriages, behind them are brewery wagons pulled by horses. Once the first beer is poured, it doesn’t stop. Imagine, 6,800,000 liters are gone in just two weeks.

Munich’s six breweries are in charge and serve German favorites like sausages and pretzels. There’s also lots of music and dancing. This keeps Oktoberfest true to its Bavarian roots, even with so many visitors.

The festival is a big part of German beer culture. It honors the Bavarian traditions that date back for ages. It’s a mix of fun, food, and history.

Cannstatter Volksfest: A Swabian Extravaganza

The Stuttgart Beer Festival, known as ‘Cannstatter Wasen’, is a huge deal. It’s among Germany’s biggest and oldest beer celebrations. Since 1818, when King Wilhelm I kicked it off, it has drawn over four million folks every year.

This fest is more than just big beers in even bigger tents. You also get to enjoy rides like ferris wheels and roller coasters. It’s a blast for the whole family, with clowns and face painting to entertain the kids.

A big part of the fun is the parade. You’ll see horse-drawn wagons from breweries, folks in traditional wear, and music groups. It’s a lively mix of beer culture, Bavarian traditions, and joy for all ages.

Location: Stuttgart

Dates: Late September to Early October

Highlights: Amusement park rides, open-air market, family-friendly

Freimarkt: Germany’s Oldest Fair

The Freimarkt in Bremen started in 1035, making it Germany’s oldest fair. It runs for two weeks in October. This event is a mix of a beer festival, a lively street gathering, and a funfair. Around 4 million people visit every year.

The venue is the Burgerweide, which spans 100,000 square meters. You’ll find many beer tents there. Apart from beer, visitors enjoy thrilling rides and tasty treats. Families particularly enjoy this German beer festival.

The fun doesn’t stop when the festival closes. A nearby place called Halle Arena keeps the party going until morning.

Location: Bremen

Dates: Mid-October to Early November

Hamburger DOM: Triple the Fun

The city of Hamburg is unique in celebrating three beer festivals each year, called the ‘Hamburger DOM’. These events occur in the spring, summer, and winter. They bring special experiences to those who attend. The tradition started long ago, when people sheltered in the Mariendom Cathedral during winter. Now, even though the cathedral is gone, the festivals remain.

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The Hamburger DOM takes place at Heiligengeistfeld and is a big deal for the city. It’s more of a fun fair rather than just a beer festival. There are many exciting rides. Visitors also enjoy eating local food and trying different beers. Families find it a welcoming place that honors the German beer culture.

The festival’s finale is marked by an amazing fireworks show on the last night. This makes the event end in a memorable, colorful way.

Starkbierfest: Strong Beer Celebration

The Starkbierfest, or “Strong Beer Festival,” in Munich is a beloved celebration. It highlights the deep-rooted tradition of enjoying rich, dark beer in the city. Started in the 17th century by the Paulaner monks, they brewed a powerful beer for Lent. This event is more local than the Oktoberfest, making it a special experience for those who attend.

Location: Munich

Dates: March – April

In the midst of the Starkbierfest, visitors can try various flavorful beers. They listen to music, dance, and see people in traditional lederhosen. This creates a close-knit and authentic feel unlike the Oktoberfest‘s huge crowds. It offers a chance to dive deep into Munich’s brewing culture and history.

International Berlin Beer Festival: A Global Affair

The International Berlin Beer Festival is held in Germany. Every year, it brings together beer lovers worldwide. Since its start in 1997, it has been a top spot for those who love German beer culture.

This festival is known for its big size and reach across the globe. Visitors can try over 2,000 types of craft beers from more than 300 breweries in 90 countries. It shows how Germany is at the forefront of brewing.

Aside from the wide beer selection, there’s also live music. This mix makes the festival a lively, fun event. And guess what? It’s free to get in, which means anyone can join the fun.

In 2011, it broke a Guinness World Record for having the world’s longest beer garden. This milestone proves its popularity and unique charm. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy craft beers in Germany.

For beer fans or anyone curious, this festival is a dream. You can enjoy many beers, great music, and a friendly atmosphere. It’s a top pick for anyone wanting to dive into German beer culture.

International Berlin Beer Festival

Bergkirchweih: Beer Under the Trees

The Bergkirchweih in Erlangen is a top beer festival in Germany. Known as the ‘Berg’ festival locally, over a million beer fans visit every year. It takes place at the hill’s foot, under the town’s castle ruins. The area used to be for storing beer in cellars back in the 18th century.

Cellars create ‘beer gardens’ that climb up the hill each year. These gardens are under huge leafy trees. They’re lit up by paper lanterns, making it a special place to try the Bergkirche, a beer made just for this 12-day German beer festival. Local Bavarian breweries produce this exclusive beer.

Location Dates Highlights
Erlangen June Historic beer cellars, lantern-adorned chestnut trees

What are the best beer festivals in Germany?

Germany is known for its lively beer festivals, reflecting a deep appreciation of beer and community. The famed Oktoberfest in Munich and local craft beer events let you experience true German beer culture. There’s something for everyone, from huge parties to smaller, local events.

There are 10 exceptional beer festivals in Germany waiting to be explored. Each festival highlights the area’s unique tastes and traditions, drawing in beer lovers from near and far. Be it the timeless Bavarian beer events or the trend-setting craft beer shows, you’ll find a rich variety of beer experiences here.

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Location: Various Cities

The festivals take place across different German cities. They offer a glimpse into the diverse beer culture of the nation. Whether in the heart of a city like Berlin or within the stunning Bavarian countryside, these celebrations showcase the best of Germany’s beer.

Highlights: Unique regional traditions, Bavarian culture, craft beer celebrations

At these festivals, you can dive into the various regional customs and the cherished Bavarian beer culture. They are also known for putting craft beer in the limelight. This means visitors get to try new and interesting beers from both local and international brewers.

Schützenfest: Hanover’s Beer Celebration

The Schützenfest in Hanover is a well-known beer festival. It runs from June to July, drawing people from near and far. The event is full of fun, friends, and, of course, a lot of beer.

The Schützenfest highlights Hanover’s love for German beer culture. It welcomes everyone to enjoy its cheery vibe. Besides having lots of seasonal beers, you can also try delicious German foods.


If you love beer, the Schützenfest in Hanover is a top place to be. It’s not only about beer but also about the energetic mood and German beer customs. This event truly shows the city’s passion for this favorite drink.

Starkbierfest: Munich’s Strong Beer Festival

The Starkbierfest, or “Strong Beer Festival,” is a hit with beer lovers. It’s celebrated in late winter in Munich. You’ll get to taste and learn about the city’s dark, heavy beer, Starkbier.

This event is more cozy and traditional than Oktoberfest. It’s a chance to enjoy beer in a setting focused on history. There are fewer crowds and more locals.

The festival is not just about beer. You can enjoy music and taste Bavarian dishes. It’s a chance to experience the warmth of Munich’s beer culture.

Locals and visitors all love the Starkbierfest. It’s a unique way to explore Munich’s beer scene. Raise your glass to Munich’s ancient brews here.

Cannstatter Wasen: Stuttgart’s Festive Extravaganza

The Cannstatter Wasen is known as the Stuttgart Beer Festival. It is one of Germany’s biggest and oldest beer festivals. King Wilhelm I started it in 1818. Now, it pulls in over four million beer fans worldwide every year.

This event doesn’t just offer beer in giant steins in its huge tents. It also features fun rides like a ferris wheel, swing carousel, and roller coaster. Families can have a great time too. The little ones will enjoy seeing clowns and getting their faces painted. There’s a big parade too. It has horse-drawn brewery wagons, people in traditional clothes, and different music groups. They walk through the city’s narrow, charming streets.


Late September to Early October


  • Funfair
  • Festival tents
  • Regional delicacies

Kölner Bierbörse: Craft Beer Haven

Are you into craft beer and curious about German brewing? The Kölner Bierbörse in Cologne is perfect. It’s not like the big tents at Oktoberfest. Here, you find stands from local and worldwide breweries. They offer a big variety of beers, from craft to special brews. It’s a dream for anyone who loves beer. You can try amazing, not-so-well-known beers. Plus, there’s live music and local food to enjoy.

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The Kölner Bierbörse celebrates German beer culture and its lively craft beer scene. It’s a great chance for breweries, big and small, to show their best beers. This lets you explore and find new beers you might love.

Looking for hoppy IPAs, refreshing lagers, or unique sour beers? The Kölner Bierbörse has it all. The festival’s setting is warm and welcoming. It’s easy to chat and make friends with other beer fans. It’s perfect for those wanting to experience beer festivals in Germany. You get to see what makes the country’s beer culture so exciting.

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