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Explore Wonders at the Queensland Museum Now!

Are you ready for a journey through time? At the Queensland Museum, witness Queensland's history and culture. This Brisbane museum invites you to be amazed by its exhibits, experiences, and events. They all highlight the natural wonders and cultural heritage of this unique area.

What makes the Queensland Museum stand out? What secrets does it hold? How can you enjoy your visit to the fullest? Let's find out what this museum has to offer.

Imagine meeting dinosaurs and exploring ancient life. The Queensland Museum takes you back to the Age of Dinosaurs. You can see giant creatures and learn about Australia's ancient wildlife. Discover the natural world and the stories of important historical items.

There's more to see beyond the displays. Join a free Highlights Tour with a museum guide. What stories will you hear? Learn how these items tell us about Queensland's history and nature. Let an expert show you around.

You need to book for the Highlights Tour. It takes about 45 minutes and starts at the Whale Mall on Level Two. The Queensland Museum is accessible for all. Everyone can explore its wonders comfortably.

Ready for an amazing journey? Stay with us to find out more about the Queensland Museum. Let's discover the highlights and secrets waiting for you. Get set for an adventure you'll never forget!

Guided Highlights Tour at Queensland Museum

Dive into Queensland Museum's marvels with the free Highlights Tour. Knowledgeable guides lead you through the collections and exhibitions. Discover natural specimens, First Nations stories, and the history of items on display. This tour is a window into the museum's fascinating world.

The Highlights Tour is available every day to fit your schedule. Whether on weekdays or weekends, find a time that works for you. Remember to book your spot on the museum's website to join this engaging journey.

The tour goes on for about 45 minutes, enough to see the vast collection and learn a lot. The length could change depending on the group and any special needs. The museum team makes sure everyone enjoys a great tour.

On the tour, you'll see different parts of the museum and its exhibits. Everyone can get around easily, thanks to stairs, escalators, and lifts. Need lift access only? Contact the museum before your visit to make it easy and enjoyable.

Booking the Highlights Tour opens a door to our world's wonders, fascinating items, and Queensland's history. Book today and find the treasures of the Queensland Museum.

Testimonials from Highlights Tour Participants

“The Queensland Museum's Highlights Tour was spectacular! My guide knew so much and shared incredible stories. It's a top thing to do in Brisbane!”

– Emily, Melbourne

“Our guide's knowledge and love for the Queensland Museum amazed me. The Highlights Tour made me deeply appreciate the museum. I highly recommend it!”

– Michael, Sydney

Experience the wonders of the Queensland Museum with our Highlights Tour. Our expert guides will share the history, research, and amazing stories behind our exhibits.

Dinosaurs Unearthed: Explore Prehistoric Queensland

Step into the ancient world at the Queensland Museum's captivating exhibition, Dinosaurs Unearthed: Explore Prehistoric Queensland. Discover the wonders of Australian natural history. Learn about Queensland's fossil collection.

This exhibition uses the latest technologies to bring prehistoric Queensland to life. See evidence of the Age of Dinosaurs. Marvel at Megafauna and unique Australian animals and plants from millions of years ago.

At Dinosaurs Unearthed, be ready for amazing, interactive experiences. See lifelike recreations. Witness cutting-edge research. Uncover stories of captivating fossils.

This exhibition shares the Queensland Museum's vast collections and research. It's an immersive educational experience for all ages. It supports learning in Science, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, and more.

“Dinosaurs Unearthed: Explore Prehistoric Queensland takes visitors on a journey through time. It provides insight into Queensland's unique natural history. From massive dinosaurs to ancient flora and fauna, this exhibition explores our prehistoric past.” – Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Chief Scientist, Queensland Museum

Highlights of the Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibition:

  • Explore Queensland's fossil record and uncover ancient life mysteries.
  • Immerse in interactive displays that bring prehistoric environments to life.
  • Encounter life-sized dinosaur and Megafauna recreations.
  • Engage with the latest research and scientific discoveries in Australian history.

If you love dinosaurs or natural history, or just want a great adventure, check out Dinosaurs Unearthed at the Queensland Museum. Book your tickets now for an extraordinary journey through Queensland's ancient past.

Learning Opportunities at Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibition

The Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibition at the Queensland Museum is a special chance to learn for students. It uses interactive displays and new technology. Students dive into the world of ancient life and learn about Earth's long-ago days.

Discover Wonders at New South Wales Museum of ArtDiscover Wonders at New South Wales Museum of Art

At the Queensland Museum, students see how scientists dig up clues and study old life secrets. The exhibit shows the latest technology in this field. Students get a peek at the tools and methods scientists use now. They can also check out graphics and digital art made from scans. This hands-on learning helps students understand the scientific method and the details of ancient life.

Life-size models of dinosaurs amaze the students. They let students see how big and different these animals were. By looking at tiny fossils and understanding Queensland's fossils, students learn about old environments. They see how land, seas, and weather changed over eons.

The Queensland Museum values sparking curiosity in young people. So, the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit provides extra help for teachers. This includes lesson plans and educational resources that match the school curriculum. The museum helps make the visit even more useful for learning.

Students with an interest in science or love for old life stories will find this exhibit enlightening. It's a chance to learn and be amazed by Queensland's ancient history. Make sure you visit and take a trip back in time!

Queensland Museum Dinosaurs Exhibition Image

Brickman® Wonders of the World at Queensland Museum

Dive into the world of LEGO® at Queensland Museum's Brickman® Wonders of the World exhibition. It showcases 50 amazing masterpieces made from LEGO® bricks. It's perfect for LEGO® fans of all ages, offering a fun and unique experience.

Be amazed by detailed LEGO® creations that have wowed people all over. See the Space Shuttle, Empire State Building, Titanic, and Arc De Triomphe, all made from LEGO®.

Experience the wonders of the world in LEGO® form at the Queensland Museum.

But it's not just looking at models. Some have interactive parts and surprise features, making it even more fun for LEGO® enthusiasts. Take your time to see each masterpiece. Enjoy the amazing detail and how big these creations are.

The Brickman® Wonders of the World exhibition at Queensland Museum shows off what you can do with LEGO®. It's a fun, inspiring visit that will amaze you with world wonders and the magic of LEGO® bricks.

Top Wonders to See at Brickman® Wonders of the World

The Brickman® Wonders of the World exhibition at the Queensland Museum boasts 50 amazing LEGO® creations. Here are the top four wonders you shouldn't miss:

The Great Wall of China

Witness a remarkable LEGO® reconstruction of the Great Wall of China. You'll love the detail, length, and architectural wonder of this piece.

The Taj Mahal

Prepare to be stunned by the beauty of the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recreated with LEGO® bricks. Its craft and design showcase a famous symbol of love.

The Egyptian Pyramids

Step back in time to ancient with the LEGO® version of the pyramids. Notice the detail and how these structures have lasted over centuries.

The Roman Colosseum

Experience the majesty of the Roman Colosseum in LEGO® form. The detailed arches and columns show ancient Rome's architectural genius.

These highlights are just a part of the incredible works waiting at the Brickman® Wonders of the World exhibition. Get ready to be inspired by the creativity and skill in each LEGO® piece.

Visit Brickman® Wonders of the World at Queensland Museum

If you love LEGO®, you'll enjoy the Brickman® Wonders of the World at Queensland Museum. It's only here until Sunday, January 30, 2022. It's your chance to see what amazing things people can build with LEGO®.

This show is fun for everyone, young and old. You'll be amazed by the 50 LEGO® masterpieces. See like the Space Shuttle and Empire State Building. Each one is made from thousands of LEGO® bricks by very talented builders.

Bring your camera to capture the fun. You can take photos. Share them on social media with #BrickmanQM. Connect with other LEGO® fans.

Queensland Museum events

Exploring Queensland Museum’s Collections and Research

The Queensland Museum isn't just for exhibitions. It also focuses on research and keeping collections safe. Researchers and curators tirelessly study various specimens and artifacts.

Their work in Queensland Museum research sheds light on Queensland's history. They explore the past to reveal insights that affect our present and future.

Discover Treasures at Victoria Museum of AustraliaDiscover Treasures at Victoria Museum of Australia

“Our research unlocks the past and highlights Queensland's heritage. Ancient fossils and artifacts help piece together our state's story.” – Dr. Sarah Smith, Head Curator

The Museum's collections offer great resources for study, education, and enjoyment. With countless items under our care, we aim to protect and display Queensland's history and present wonders.

The Research Process

Research at the Museum follows a strict and thorough method. The team picks key topics and gathers data. They use advanced techniques to study specimens and collaborate with other experts for deeper understanding.

Their discoveries enrich the scientific community and deepen our grasp of Queensland's nature, biodiversity, and cultural history.

Collaborative Endeavors

We work with partners worldwide to share resources and knowledge. This teamwork leads to more significant, impactful research findings.

We also connect with local communities and First Nations to honor their heritage. These partnerships enhance our understanding of Queensland's diverse culture.

Sharing our Discoveries

We believe in making knowledge available to everyone. We share our findings through exhibits, publications, and teaching programs.

This sharing sparks curiosity, encourages learning, and increases appreciation for Queensland's natural and cultural beauty.

Come join us at Queensland Museum to dive into research and discovery. See the captivating stories of our collections and how our research broadens our world view.

Uncover new insights, find hidden treasures, and explore the marvels at Queensland Museum.

Supporting Education at Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum loves to support schools and teachers with amazing resources. It helps students learn more deeply about different topics. This makes learning fun and meaningful.

Our QM Loans program is a big part of this support. Teachers can borrow kits with real museum items for their classes. These kits let students touch and see real things up close. It helps make lessons more exciting.

We also have lots of resources for teachers. Before and after a museum visit, there's plenty to help with planning. This includes things to download, links to the curriculum, and fun activities. We want to make sure teachers have what they need for a great museum visit.

We believe everyone should get to learn and enjoy. We work hard to make sure our programs and resources fit all kinds of learners. We have many ways to learn, like touching exhibits, listening to audio, or watching videos with captions. Our goal is to welcome everyone.

Working with us, teachers can make learning even more interesting. They can spark a love for discovering new things. Let's dive into science, history, and culture together through our programs.

Discover the Benefits of Queensland Museum’s Education Support:

  • Access to curriculum-aligned kits of museum specimens through the QM Loans program.
  • Engaging hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages.
  • Teacher resources, including downloadable materials and curriculum links.
  • An inclusive learning environment catering to diverse learning needs and styles.
  • Opportunities to inspire a passion for science, history, and culture in students.

See the wonders of education at the Queensland Museum. Find out how we can help with your teaching goals. Plan your visit or check out our online stuff today.

Plan Your Visit to Queensland Museum

If you're planning a visit to the Queensland Museum, keep some things in mind. Located in Brisbane, it is a key cultural spot. It has exhibits, events, and learning chances for all ages. Think about booking a Highlights Tour or seeing the current special exhibit like Brickman® Wonders of the World.

The Queensland Museum aims to be fun for everyone. It has accessible features for all visitors. If you need help or have specific needs, the museum welcomes you.

For the latest on hours, tickets, and rules, check the Queensland Museum‘s website. Or you can call them. This way, you'll get the most from your visit to this beloved cultural place.

Embrace the Wonders at Queensland Museum

Dive into the vibrant history and exciting exhibits at Queensland Museum. Discover amazing stories behind precious objects. It's a key to Queensland's diverse nature and culture.

Enter the museum to see how First Nations peoples impacted history. Learn about Aboriginal culture in exhibits and tours. There's something for all to see and learn.

Visit Australian National Maritime Museum TodayVisit Australian National Maritime Museum Today

Be amazed by the huge dinosaurs from Queensland's past. Or see cool LEGO® creations that show global wonders. The museum is a place of wonder and discovery.

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