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Explore Art at National Gallery of Australia

Are you ready to dive into the colorful world of Australian art? The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra showcases our rich culture and diverse art. It has over 155,000 works, boasting the world’s biggest collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

From amazing Australian and Indigenous pieces to modern exhibitions, there’s something for all. Let’s dive into Australia’s art story together and discover the unique views that shape our culture.

Discover the National Gallery’s Collection

The National Gallery of Australia boasts a vast collection of over 15,000 works by artists. It places a special emphasis on Australian art, with a remarkable array of Indigenous pieces. These works offer a unique view into Australia’s rich cultural history.

Visiting the gallery, you’ll dive into the artistic diversity and stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The gallery’s Australian collection highlights Indigenous art from various regions and styles. It’s a deep look into the art forms and mediums used by these artists.

“The National Gallery’s collection reveals the artistic brilliance and cultural importance of Indigenous Australian art. These works help us understand and appreciate the rich history and traditions of First Nations peoples.” – Curator, National Gallery of Australia

Highlights of the Australian National Collection

Here are some key pieces of Indigenous Australian art at the National Gallery of Australia:

  • Ancient rock art and engravings from Kimberley, showing age-old traditions.
  • Striking bark paintings from Arnhem Land, with stories of ancestors and ceremonies.
  • Modern paintings and sculptures by famous artists like Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Rover Thomas, and Ginger Riley Munduwalawala.
  • Detailed woven baskets and textiles, showcasing First Nations weaving skills.

If you love art, culture, or are just curious, the Indigenous art at the National Gallery will impress. It’s a celebration of art and culture from Australia’s First Nations. A visit here is truly immersive and unforgettable.

Experience Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Dive into the colorful world of art at the National Gallery of Australia. It celebrates the newest artistic trends and ideas through contemporary art exhibitions that both captivate and inspire viewers.

These exhibitions feature both rising and well-known artists. They offer a chance to connect with the forefront of the art scene. Enter a world where creativity has no bounds and art starts meaningful conversations.

At the art museum Canberra’s contemporary shows, you’ll see a mix of art forms, styles, and ideas. You’ll find everything from engaging installations and sculptures to cutting-edge digital works and beautiful paintings. There’s something for every art lover.

The gallery’s focus on contemporary art shows its drive to explore new ideas and celebrate creativity. Through these exhibitions, the National Gallery of Australia lets artists share their views, encouraging discussions that go beyond the here and now.

Contemporary art exhibitions challenge us to think differently, discover new concepts, and feel the true impact of art. Let the pieces that touch you spark deep thoughts, stir emotions, and broaden your view of the world.

No matter if you’re an art buff or just curious, the contemporary art exhibitions at the National Gallery of Australia offer a deep and enthralling experience. Get ready to be amazed by the creativity and vision of artists who are influencing our time and future.

Explore the blend of old and new, then and now, at the National Gallery of Australia’s modern art shows. Feel the art’s ability to question, move, and change us, and join the ongoing debate that shapes today’s art scene.

Upcoming Contemporary Art Exhibitions:

Exhibition Opening Date Closing Date
The Art of Expression June 15, 2023 September 10, 2023
Into the Unknown July 5, 2023 October 2, 2023
Boundless Creativity August 1, 2023 October 30, 2023

Join Exhibition Tours and Events

At the National Gallery of Australia, we love showing you art in exciting ways. Our guided tours and events make your visit more special. They help you feel a closer bond with the art you see.

Insightful Exhibition Tours

Our guides are full of knowledge. They help you understand the stories behind the art. No matter if you are new to art or already love it, our tours are great for everyone.

We offer tours for our lasting collection and special exhibits. You’ll learn about the art’s history and what the artist thought while creating. Our guides love art and enjoy sharing their stories with you.

Exciting Events

We also have lots of fun events. There are talks, workshops, and shows. They are perfect for anyone who loves art.

Check our website to see what’s coming up. You might find a talk that makes you think, a workshop where you can make something, or a show that mixes art with music or dance.

“Attending an exhibition tour at the National Gallery of Australia was a transformative experience for me. The guide’s in-depth knowledge and passion for the artworks made me appreciate the art in a whole new way.” – Visitor Testimonial

Our tours and events let you dive into art in a deep way. You’ll get to see what artists are trying to say. It’s a way to understand their visions and the tales behind their work.

Exhibition Tours and Events at the National Gallery of Australia

Don’t let this chance slip by. Make your visit to the National Gallery of Australia unforgettable. Explore what we offer. You’ll discover amazing art, learn from the experts, and see art’s true impact.

Celebrate Women Artists with “Know My Name”

The National Gallery of Australia focuses on honoring women artists. The “Know My Name” initiative highlights their important roles in art. It brings their powerful influence into the spotlight.

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Amplifying Voices and Stories

“Know My Name” features exhibitions and projects to elevate women artists’ voices. It gives them a platform and acknowledges their impact on culture. The goal is to address their historical underrepresentation and showcase their diverse artistic contributions.

“Know My Name” celebrates women artists who have made and are making art history. By presenting their work and stories, we aim to motivate future generations. This fosters a more inclusive and fair art community.

Exhibitions and Programs

The National Gallery of Australia runs exhibitions to emphasize women artists’ work. These exhibitions deeply explore their artistry, themes, and styles. It offers a unique chance for visitors to interact with their varied creations.

With “Know My Name,” the gallery also provides educational events. These include artist talks and workshops. They allow audiences to learn more about women artists’ creations, directly from artists or experts.

Bringing Women Artists to the Forefront

“Know My Name” seeks to alter traditional art stories, making women’s achievements known. It reshapes the art narrative, ensuring women’s efforts are recognized.

Through “Know My Name,” the Gallery invites everyone to explore the talent and influence of women artists. It’s about their stories, inspirations, and the legacies they’ve created in today’s art world.

Key Features of “Know My Name” Benefits
Exhibitions showcasing women artists – Increased visibility for women artists
Educational programs and events – Deeper understanding of women artists’ works
Challenging traditional narratives – Reshaping the canon of art history
Recognition of women artists’ cultural contributions – Empowering future generations

Explore First Nations Art at the Gallery

The National Gallery of Australia showcases First Nations peoples’ artistry. Its collection covers Indigenous Australian art from traditional to contemporary styles. The goal is to foster cultural understanding and highlight First Nations’ artistic contributions.

Indigenous Australian art reflects deep cultural roots. It shows their bond with the land, ancestral legends, and spiritual beliefs. Through paintings, sculptures, weavings, and prints, artists share their unique views and experiences.

“Indigenous Australian art is a testament to the rich and ancient traditions of the First Nations peoples. It is a medium through which they proudly preserve their cultural identity and transmit their stories to future generations.”- Gallery Curator

The gallery gives visitors a chance to see various Indigenous Australian art pieces. It displays works by famous artists like Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, and Rover Thomas. There are also pieces by up-and-coming artists in the contemporary scene.

The collection features everything from vivid dot paintings of Dreamtime tales to detailed bark paintings of ancestral wisdom. It’s a fascinating look at the First Nations peoples’ rich cultural heritage.

Diverse Artistic Expressions

The National Gallery’s Indigenous Australian art shows First Nations cultures’ artistic diversity. Every piece tells a story, revealing Indigenous identity, spirituality, and connection to the land.

Discover beautiful landscapes in bright colors and lively strokes. See intricate patterns and symbols showing ancestral knowledge and sacred rituals. Find modern works that challenge the usual views of Indigenous Australian art.

These varied artistic expressions help visitors understand the cultural depth and artistic talent of Australia’s First Nations.

Fostering Cultural Understanding and Appreciation

The National Gallery of Australia aims to enhance cultural understanding and appreciation of First Nations peoples. It presents Indigenous Australian art to defy stereotypes, correct false views, and celebrate First Nations peoples’ resilience, creativity, and contributions to Australia’s culture.

With engaging exhibits, educational programs, and collaborations, the gallery encourages meaningful discussions. It explores the connections between Indigenous art, culture, and history. The gallery is a place for honoring different views and promoting cultural exchange and learning.

“The National Gallery of Australia is committed to providing a platform that amplifies Indigenous voices and narratives through art. By exploring Indigenous Australian art, visitors have the opportunity to embark on a journey of cultural discovery and appreciation.” – Gallery Director

Experience the magic of Indigenous Australian art at the National Gallery of Australia. Dive into a world of ancient traditions and new expressions. It’s a celebration of First Nations cultures’ immense richness.

Visit the Sculpture Garden

Step into the captivating world of the National Gallery of Australia’s Sculpture Garden. It lies beside the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin. This amazing garden mixes art and nature, creating a special experience for everyone.

Sculpture Garden

Walk through the garden and see nearly 30 sculptures by famous artists. Each one shows the artist’s creativity and vision. The sculptures, ranging from abstract to contemporary, dazzle visitors with their beauty.

While you walk, take time to see the details of each sculpture. They tell their own stories and invite you to think and reflect. It’s a way to connect with the art all around you.

The Sculpture Garden is a peaceful place to visit in the National Gallery of Australia. It’s perfect for art lovers or those just wanting to relax. Here, you can enjoy nature and beautiful art together.

Highlights of the Sculpture Garden:

  • Renowned sculptures by celebrated artists
  • Seamless integration of art and nature
  • Ambient and tranquil atmosphere
  • Breathtaking views of Lake Burley Griffin

“The Sculpture Garden is a harmonious blend of artistic expression and natural beauty, a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty that surrounds us.” – Visitor’s Quote

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Come see the Sculpture Garden and get inspired by its art and nature. See the stunning sculptures in this outdoor haven, showing the strength of art. It’s a place for art fans or those seeking peace. The Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Australia is waiting for you.

Discover the Art Store and Dining Options

As you walk through the National Gallery of Australia, a special chance awaits. You can bring a piece of art into your home from the Art Store. This store is filled with art-inspired goods, books, and gifts, making it a paradise for art lovers.

Whether you desire a beautiful print, a handcrafted sculpture, or a book about the exhibits, you’ll find it here. The Art Store offers a variety of items to suit everyone’s taste.

For a perfect addition to your day of art, visit the Street Café located in the gallery. This café offers tasty snacks and light lunch options. Enjoy a well-made cup of coffee and take in the art around you.

The café’s cozy atmosphere is ideal for a break filled with relaxation and reflection.

During special exhibitions, the Gallery’s Dining Room becomes a culinary highlight. Here, you can enjoy a meal that enhances your art experience. Each dish is crafted with fresh, local ingredients, among stunning gallery artworks.

The National Gallery of Australia offers more than just art. It has unique souvenirs at the Art Store and fantastic meals at the Street Café or Gallery’s Dining Room. These spots are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy art and food.

Art Store and Dining Options

Art Store Street Café Gallery’s Dining Room
Unique art-inspired products, books, and gifts Delicious snacks and light lunch options Sumptuous meals during major exhibitions
Wide selection of prints, sculptures, and art books Welcoming atmosphere with a perfect cup of coffee Seasonal and locally sourced ingredients
An opportunity to take a piece of art home with you Relaxation and reflection amidst stunning artworks Exquisite dining surrounded by gallery’s artworks

Family-Friendly Experiences

At the National Gallery of Australia, we love making unforgettable moments for families. Dive into our kid- and parent-friendly activities. They’re crafted to delight and inspire everyone.

See the beauty of our Sculpture Garden with fun trails. These trails let kids truly connect with art in a unique way. Walk the path, find secret gems, and enjoy art with every step. The trails help kids notice, learn, and value the sculptures, all while being outdoors.

Come to our Super Sunday events every month. They’re packed with fun, creativity, and learning for families. Enjoy workshops, interactive performances, and activities that light up imaginations and encourage a passion for art.

“The National Gallery of Australia is a gem filled with art that families love. With its interactive trails and Super Sunday events, it’s a place where kids can discover art and let their creativity soar.”

– Mary Thompson, parent and regular guest

Our public programs are meant to spark curiosity in kids. They can try art-making workshops and hear stories that animate art. We have friendly staff and experts who make our workshops a place where kids feel welcome and eager to learn.

Benefits of Family-Friendly Experiences:

  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Fosters a love for art
  • Provides interactive learning opportunities
  • Promotes family bonding and quality time
  • Nurtures curiosity and critical thinking
Activity Age Range Description
Family Trails All ages Interactive trails that engage kids with sculptures in the garden
Super Sunday Events All ages Monthly events with workshops, performances, and interactive activities
Art-Making Workshops 6-12 years Hands-on workshops where kids can create their own artworks
Storytelling Sessions 3-8 years Interactive storytelling sessions that bring art to life

Visit the National Gallery of Australia for a fun family outing. Our programs aim to ignite creative minds, bring families closer, and make happy memories. Let’s celebrate art together and inspire future artists and art lovers.

Join and Support the Gallery

Become part of the National Gallery of Australia’s global art lovers community. Join us and help keep art and culture thriving in Australia.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Becoming a National Gallery member brings unique perks. Enjoy free tea and coffee in the Members Lounge. It’s perfect for peaceful thinking and chatting. Plus, get discounts on great art merchandise.

Your help does more than offer personal perks. It shapes Australia’s art and culture future. Your donations help us buy important art, fund cool shows, and make educational activities that spark creativity and deep art understanding.

No matter if you’re from here, visit often, or love art from afar, joining helps connect you with others who love art as much. Let’s all support and celebrate the bright world of creativity together.

Membership Benefits:

  • Complimentary tea and coffee in the Members Lounge
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Invitations to exclusive members-only events
  • Prioritized access and advanced booking for exhibitions and programs

Supporting Art and Culture in Australia:

  • Contribute to the acquisition of significant artworks
  • Fund innovative exhibitions and programs
  • Support the development of educational initiatives for all audiences

Join the National Gallery of Australia’s global community and be a part of something extraordinary. Your membership and support play a vital role in preserving the rich cultural heritage and inspiring future generations of artists and art lovers.

Plan Your Visit to the National Gallery of Australia

Planning your trip to the National Gallery of Australia is easy. It’s in Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle. You can get there by car, bus, bike, or foot.

Check the museum’s site for parking, entry help, and group visit info. It has everything you need to know for a perfect visit. You can plan your trip to fit what you like.

When you get there, you’ll get a map of the gallery. It helps you find your way around the exhibits and facilities. This way, you see all the key artworks without wasting time.

Are you a local or visiting from far away? Make sure to visit the National Gallery of Australia. Its easy-to-reach location and helpful info make your visit smooth and memorable.

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