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Explore the Queensland Art Gallery Today!

Ready to dive into the colorful world of art? Visit the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane’s core of art and an essential spot for culture in Queensland. Get lost in a place where Aussie creativity meets masterpieces from around the world. Let your imagination take flight.

In the center of Brisbane, the Queensland Art Gallery shines as a top Australian art spot. It presents a variety of artworks that honor the region’s cultural history. With free entry and interesting collections, it’s a great spot for art lovers and those just looking around. What mysteries do these walls hold? Which artists’ work will move and amaze you? Prepare for an art adventure unlike any other.

Discover the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art

Located in the iconic Queensland Cultural Centre, the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) are next to the river. They take you on an exciting art journey. With Australian, Asian, and international art, they’re perfect for anyone interested in art.

QAG offers a wide range of art, from classic to modern. You’ll see everything from beautiful Australian landscapes to thought-provoking art. QAG also highlights the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, showing their unique stories.

QAG Permanent Collections

  • Australian Art
  • Asian Art
  • International Art

“The Queensland Art Gallery celebrates the rich tapestry of artistic heritage, showcasing the diversity of human expression through curated collections that captivate and inspire visitors from around the world.” — Jane Smith, Art Critic

GOMA is all about contemporary art and breaking new ground. It’s always changing, with new art and ideas to explore. You’ll see everything from interactive art to multimedia pieces, showing how creativity shapes our society.

GOMA Exhibitions

  • Contemporary Art
  • Multimedia Installations
  • Experimental Art

Both galleries are free to enter, so you can enjoy art without spending a dime. They’re open every day from 10.00am to 5.00pm, giving you plenty of time to see all the art on offer.

Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
Australian Art Contemporary Art
Asian Art Multimedia Installations
International Art Experimental Art

Plan Your Visit to the Queensland Art Gallery

Ready to see amazing art at the Queensland Art Gallery? Make sure to plan ahead. This helps you get the most out of your visit. You’ll know exactly what to expect.

Opening Hours

The gallery is open every day from 10.00am to 5.00pm. You can visit in the morning or come by in the afternoon. Their doors are always open for you.


Entry to the Queensland Art Gallery is free. This means you can enjoy great art without spending a lot. But, remember, some events or exhibits might cost extra. So, it’s a smart move to check their website or ask at the gallery about any fees.

Parking and Public Transport

Getting there is simple, whether you drive or use public transport. Plenty of parking is available near the gallery. You can park at the Queensland Cultural Centre or the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

If you’re taking public transport, it’s easy too. The gallery is well-connected by bus, train, or ferry. Make sure to check the latest schedules and routes. This way, you’ll arrive without any trouble.

Now you know what to do to visit the Queensland Art Gallery. Enjoy exploring the art collections and exciting exhibitions. There’s a lot to see and do. Start planning your trip today!

Opening Hours Admission Parking Public Transport
Open daily
10.00am – 5.00pm
Free admission
Some exhibitions/events may require paid ticket
Nearby parking facilities
Queensland Cultural Centre
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Accessible via

Explore the Art Collections at the Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery is home to a wide range of art. This includes the vibrant culture of Australia and more. The gallery focuses on Australian art, especially indigenous art. This focus gives a special chance to learn about the stories behind amazing artworks.

One key feature of the Queensland Art Gallery is its Australian art collection. It has works by famous artists from different times and styles. You’ll find everything from traditional landscapes to modern installations. This shows the great talent in Australian art.

The gallery deeply values indigenous art. Its large collection honors cultures and stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This is a great place for indigenous artists to share their work. They tell stories based on their rich heritage.

Visiting the Queensland Art Gallery lets you appreciate the importance of these artworks. It shows how they’ve helped shape Australia’s art scene. Whether you love Australian art, are curious about indigenous cultures, or like diverse art, the gallery is inspiring. It’s perfect for all art fans.

Highlights of the Art Collections:

Collection Description
Australian Art Spanning different genres and periods, this collection showcases the diverse and dynamic nature of Australian art.
Indigenous Art Celebrating the cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland, this collection features a wide range of indigenous artworks and artifacts.
Asian Art Exploring the cultural connections between Australia and Asia, this collection highlights the artistic traditions and influences from across the Asian continent.
International Art Featuring artworks from around the world, this collection offers a global perspective on art and its various forms of expression.

Get ready to be amazed by the treasures at the Queensland Art Gallery. Each piece of art has its own story. They wait to be found and valued by visitors. This institution is truly world-class.

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Engage with the Exhibitions at the Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery invites you to dive into a realm of artistic marvels. It’s a place where world-class art meets contemporary creativity. The gallery hosts various exhibitions and installations that grab and inspire those who visit.

Prepare to be amazed by the creativity and skills of famous artists from around the world. These exhibitions let you discover a range of themes, art movements, and creative expressions. They push the limits of traditional art. The gallery helps you connect with modern art in deep and immersive ways.

No matter if you love art or are just starting to explore it, there’s something for everyone at the Queensland Art Gallery. You’ll find fascinating installations, beautiful sculptures, and unique paintings. These artworks challenge the way you see the world and start interesting talks.

Discover contemporary art through carefully chosen exhibitions. They show the changing nature of art today. You’ll learn about different cultures and issues by looking at art from many backgrounds.

Visiting the Queensland Art Gallery shows you how powerful art can be. It can make you feel emotions, start conversations, and bring people together. Feel the wonder as you walk through the galleries and see the amazing art that awaits.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Be Inspired by Contemporary Art

At the Queensland Art Gallery, contemporary art breaks old rules. You can see interactive installations and multimedia that stimulate all your senses. These exhibitions give you a glimpse into the lively world of modern art.

Discover a World of Themes and Movements

Each exhibition offers a look at various themes and art styles. You get a full picture of how art is always changing. Dive into abstract art, admire modern sculptures, or explore artworks that tackle social and environmental topics.

Engage in Thought-Provoking Conversations

Seeing the exhibitions makes you part of an important discussion. Talk with others, share ideas, and see different viewpoints through the art. Let your creativity fly and be moved by the many stories in contemporary art.

Connect with Artists and Creators

At the gallery, you can meet the artists and learn about their work. Join talks, workshops, and discussions to hear about their inspirations. Become part of the art world and connect with people who shape modern art.

If you’re searching for inspiration or want to explore the art world, the Queensland Art Gallery offers a memorable experience.

Queensland Art Gallery Exhibitions

Experience the Cultural Programs at the Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery hosts many cultural programs. They dive deep into Queensland’s art and culture. Whether you’re an art lover or new to the scene, these programs let you connect with the region’s rich artistic heritage.

Guided Tours

Take a guided tour at the Queensland Art Gallery for a closer look at the art. Knowledgeable guides share stories, history, and insights about the artworks. You can choose from general tours or ones focusing on specific exhibitions.

Workshops and Talks

Join a workshop at the Queensland Art Gallery to unleash your creativity. Taught by experienced artists, these workshops suit all skill levels. You’ll get to try different art forms, from painting to digital art.

Engage in talks and discussions at the gallery. Meet artists, curators, and experts who share their views on art. These events widen your understanding of art and its cultural impact.

Exclusive Events

Don’t miss the exclusive events at the Queensland Art Gallery. These highlight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Enjoy traditional dances, see Indigenous art, and experience the region’s diverse cultures.

Also, look out for special events like artist meet-and-greets. These events help you connect more with the art community. They show the important role of the Queensland Art Gallery in the cultural scene.

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“The cultural programs at the Queensland Art Gallery enrich your connection with Queensland’s art and heritage. From insightful tours to creative workshops, these programs are inspiring for everyone.”

– Art Enthusiast

Explore cultural programs at the Queensland Art Gallery to discover and learn. Whether it’s a tour, a workshop, or an event, these programs make your visit meaningful. You’ll leave with beautiful memories and a greater love for creativity.

Cultural Programs Details
Guided Tours Gain insights into the artworks on display and the stories behind them through informative tours led by knowledgeable guides.
Workshops and Talks Participate in hands-on workshops and engaging talks that allow you to develop your artistic skills and broaden your perspectives.
Exclusive Events Join exclusive events that celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture, fostering a deeper connection with the region’s rich heritage.

Discover the Children’s Art Centre at the Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery is a special place for art fans of every age. It includes a Children’s Art Centre. This area lets interactive art come alive, making imagination and creativity fun for kids. The Centre has many hands-on activities and immersive installations that spark curiosity and inspire young artists.

Children's Art Centre

At the Children’s Art Centre, kids and their families dive into artistic fun. They get to play with interactive art. This lets children be part of making art, showing their unique ideas and talents.

Kids can try many activities like making murals, playing with colors, and using clay. For digital creators, there are even digital media activities. There’s truly something exciting for every young artist here.

One great feature is learning from famous artists. Children can join workshops and learn about different art forms. Getting tips from real artists is a fantastic way for kids to learn.

The Queensland Art Gallery makes sure kids are safe while having fun. At the Children’s Art Centre, all art activities are safe and designed just for kids. This helps children join in on the fun and grow their love for art.

Experiences at the Children’s Art Centre:

  • Hands-on art activities
  • Immersive installations
  • Collaborative projects
  • Artist-led workshops
  • Digital art experiences

Visiting the Children’s Art Centre at the Queensland Art Gallery opens up new worlds for young minds. Through fun and interactive activities, kids learn about art in exciting ways. They develop skills and find joy in expressing themselves.

Enjoy Dining and Shopping at the Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery is not just for art lovers. It also offers great food and shopping experiences. Enjoy tasty meals at the QAG Cafe and find special art-related gifts in the shop. No matter what you crave or wish to buy, the Queensland Art Gallery meets all your needs.

Dining Options

Visit the QAG Cafe for an inviting dining atmosphere. It has beautiful views, making it the best place to relax and eat. They serve amazing breakfast and lunch. You can find everything from hearty breakfasts to fresh salads and sandwiches.

Choose between a slow meal or a quick snack. Then, explore the galleries filled with art.

Shopping Delights

Right by the cafe, there are shops full of art-inspired gifts. They have books, prints, and decorative items. It’s the perfect spot for finding a special reminder of your visit or gifts for art fans. You’ll find quality items that fit any budget.

Dive into art-inspired shopping. Find unique items that celebrate imagination and skill.

Enjoy the lively vibe at the Queensland Art Gallery. It combines art, food, and shopping into one memorable experience. It’s more than a place to see art. It’s where art, food, and shopping come together beautifully.

Explore Brisbane’s Vibrant Art Scene

Visit the Queensland Art Gallery to dive into Brisbane’s lively art world. This city is brimming with cultural spots that will enchant you. You’ll find quaint galleries with local art and theaters with top-notch shows. For those who love art, Brisbane is perfect.

Enjoy the city’s culture by seeing a play at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Or catch a live show at a famous venue. Brisbane’s art is diverse and one-of-a-kind.

Brisbane’s natural sights add to its artistic charm. Take a walk by the Brisbane River and enjoy the stunning views. The city’s warm vibe is inviting. Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for a fun wildlife experience.

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Brisbane has it all for art fans and nature enthusiasts. This city beautifully blends culture and nature. Experience the thriving art and the lovely outdoors here.

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