Hollywood Beach: Discover the Ultimate Beach Vacation Spot

Imagine taking a break from your day-to-day, landing in a coastal haven. The golden sands and soft waves are calling you. Could this be real and not just a dream? Guess what? This paradise is waiting for you in South 's heart.

Hollywood, Florida is a gem between and Fort Lauderdale. It boasts a gorgeous beachfront, ideal for any get-together. This town has something for everyone, like beachfront hotels and resorts, perfectly suited for a quick trip or a longer break. There are also unique shops, beachside eateries and bars along the vibrant Broadwalk.

What makes Hollywood Beach so special? Get ready for an adventure that unlocks the magic of this coastal jewel. Here, sun and sand blend into an experience you'll never forget.

Hollywood Beach: A Coastal Paradise

In South Florida, Hollywood Beach shines as a must-visit coastal spot. Its beautiful golden sands and swaying palm trees make it a picture-perfect Florida beach. With its stunning views, it truly captures the Florida beach dream.

Golden Sands and Swaying Palms

The beauty of Hollywood Beach is unmatched. Its wide sandy areas and greenery create a peaceful scene. Imagine walking, hearing the waves and leaves rustling. It's the ideal setting for sun, sea, and relaxation.

Oceanfront Accommodations

Hollywood Beach has oceanfront hotels and resorts to enhance your beach experience. Whether you want a place with great views or something cozy, there's so much to choose from. Here, you can have the perfect beach holiday.

With its natural charms, varied places to stay, and great location, Hollywood Beach is perfect for a holiday. It offers the chance to enjoy a laid-back Florida while exploring the coast. It's a paradise for those who love sun, sea, and leisure.

The Iconic Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Next to the Atlantic Ocean, you'll find the special Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. It's a 2.5-mile pedestrian promenade that's famous for its beauty. Travel + Leisure picked it as one of America's Best Beach Boardwalks. It brings in millions of visitors each year. The Broadwalk is made of bricks. It's a favorite for pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists, and rollerbladers. Everyone loves the lively vibe and the amazing sea views.

A Pedestrian Promenade Along the Atlantic

Imagine strolling, jogging, or biking right by the Atlantic Ocean. That's what the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk lets you do. You can soak in the area's lively beachy charm. It's full of cool buildings and fun beachfront activities. The Broadwalk truly shows off the local beach culture.

Attractions and Public Art Displays

There's more than just nature at the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. It's got fun spots and art to make your visit better. Check out the Hollywood Beach Theatre. Or let kids play at the Charnow Park children's water playground. The cool public art displays add an extra special touch. Together, they make the Broadwalk a key spot by the Atlantic Ocean.

hollywood beach

Hollywood Beach is in South Florida, famous for its stunning coast and lively culture. It's loved for its bustling promenade, places to stay next to the sea, and lots of . This spot is a favorite for anyone looking for the perfect Florida beach vacation.

Between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach mixes nature with the modern world. It stands out with its beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, warm sand, and palm trees. These features make it a top pick for a peaceful beach escape.

There's something for everyone at Hollywood Beach. Whether you want to relax, check out the lively promenade, or dive into local fun, you'll find it here. Its beachside places to eat, water sports, and outdoor fun make it a must-visit for a Florida beach destination.

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Endless Beach Activities

Hollywood Beach is packed with fun and adventure. You can try water sports like surfing, kite boarding, and fishing in special areas. The fun doesn't stop there. The beach has beachside concerts and events all the time. This mix of excitement makes Hollywood Beach a great place for anyone.

Water Sports Galore

Love to surf or just getting started? Hollywood Beach has great waves for both. You can catch them in safe, marked surfing zones. If you're up for more excitement, try kite boarding. Hollywood Beach is awesome for soaring over waves with the wind.

Designated Areas for Surfing, Kite Boarding, and Fishing

Hollywood Beach understands the love for beach activities. That's why there are separate spots for surfing, kite boarding, and fishing. These designated areas keep things safe and organized. It means everyone can enjoy their water sport with no trouble. Find the best waves or fishing spots at Hollywood Beach.

Beachside Concerts and Events

But, Hollywood Beach is more than just water sports. It also offers beachside concerts and events. You can enjoy live music and fun parties. These events make the beach alive and memorable. Whether it's dancing under the stars or enjoying the beach vibes, Hollywood Beach has it all.

Accessibility and Facilities

At Hollywood Beach, everyone is welcome. It's designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind. The Broadwalk is wide and smooth, perfect for visitors with mobility issues. They can roll along and see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Mobi-Mat access points are also there, offering easy pathways for wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Wheelchair-Friendly Broadwalk

The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is famous for being accessible. It's 2.5 miles long, right by the sea. Perfect for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. This wide and smooth path lets everyone enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Mobi-Mat Beach Access Points

Hollywood Beach cares about fair beach access. That's why they have sturdy Mobi-Mat walkways. These walkways go from the Broadwalk to the sand. They help people with mobility challenges reach the soft sand safely.

Charnow Park and Hollywood North Beach Park

Charnow Park and Hollywood North Beach Park make the beach visit better. They have shaded areas, places to shower, and restrooms. Also, there are spots for picnics, play areas, and cool splash fountains. So, everyone can have fun and relax at the beach.

Oceanfront Hotels and Resorts

Hollywood Beach has many oceanfront hotels and resorts. They let visitors enjoy luxury stays right by the sand and sea. These places give a top-notch beach life experience. They have great facilities and a chill, tropical feel.

Luxury Accommodations

Looking for a romantic escape or a fun family trip? Hollywood Beach's oceanfront places have everything you need. You can pick from big suites with Atlantic Ocean views to cozy boutique hotels with special service. These luxury spots make living the coastal life easy.

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

The famous Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort is a highlight. It reflects the fun, relaxed vibe of the Jimmy Buffett brand. Guests get a one-of-a-kind beach experience. The place is known for its cool beach theme, tasty tropical food, big pool area, and fun things to do. A stay here is unique and memorable.

Beach Vacations Made Easy

Exploring Hollywood Beach is simple with the Hollywood Sun Shuttle. This on-demand service makes beach vacations more fun. It helps guests move around the barrier island, traveling from the beach to downtown Hollywood and back easily.

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Hollywood Sun Shuttle

The Hollywood Sun Shuttle offers a worry-free way to enjoy your beach vacations. Forget about the stress of driving on new roads or parking. This service helps visitors smoothly move around, letting them fully enjoy the beach and downtown areas.

On-Demand Transportation

Thanks to the Hollywood Sun Shuttle's on-demand transportation, beach vacations are a breeze. You can either call for a ride or use the handy app to schedule a pickup. This means you can explore Hollywood Beach on your terms, without the headache of driving or looking for parking.

Beach Safety and Lifeguards

At Hollywood Beach, your safety is the top priority. It's a promise from the city to offer year-round lifeguard protection. They watch over the waves and help everyone at the beach. You'll find 28 lifeguard towers placed wisely along the coast. That means wherever you are, lifeguards are there to make sure you're safe.

The Beach Safety Division is key, too. They work hard to keep the beach clean and safe. Their effort is to make Hollywood Beach fun and safe for everyone, no matter their age.

Year-Round Lifeguard Protection Beach Safety Division
28 lifeguard towers staffed to monitor the waters and provide assistance Dedicated team responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and security of the beach
Experienced lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of swimmers and sunbathers Upholds the highest standards of beach safety for visitors

Parking and Beach Access

Visiting Hollywood Beach is easy with many parking choices. The city has lots and garages spread out. This makes getting to the beach and the Broadwalk's attractions simple.

Convenient Parking Options

Want to enjoy the sun or explore the beach? Parking is not a problem. You'll find many public parking spots near the beach access points. Park your car, and it's a short walk to all Hollywood Beach offers.

Beach Access Points

Hollywood Beach has lots of beach access points too. These points lead straight to sandy beaches and clear ocean waters. They're placed all around, so you'll quickly find a spot to start your beach day.

beach access points

Parking Options Beach Access Points
Public Parking Lots Designated Entry Points
Parking Garages Easily Accessible from Broadwalk
Metered Street Parking Wheelchair-Friendly Access
Affordable Rates Multiple Locations

Dining and Nightlife

Hollywood Beach is a lively center for good food and fun. The Broadwalk is full of beachfront restaurants and bars. They offer a wide range of meals, including fresh seafood, and drinks like tropical cocktails. Everything is set in an environment that matches the beach's relaxed vibe.

Beachfront Restaurants and Bars

At Hollywood Beach, you can choose from places to eat that range from casual to upscale. These beachfront restaurants highlight the local coastal cuisine. Diners can enjoy great food, magnificent ocean views, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Lively Entertainment and Nightlife

When the day ends, Hollywood Beach comes alive with entertainment and nightlife. The Broadwalk is buzzing with live music, dances, and fun events. Here, you can have a chill night out or join a big party. Hollywood Beach offers excitement for everyone.

Hollywood Beach: A Local’s Perspective

Hollywood Beach isn't just a hot spot for tourists. It's a lively community where locals set the scene. The residents are a key part of what makes the place special. They love sharing the area's culture and history.

The people here feel a deep connection to the ocean. They love the sound of waves and the view of the sunset. Sharing their beach with visitors is important to them. They want you to see what makes Hollywood Beach stand out.

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Joining in with the locals lets you see the real Hollywood Beach. Talk with shop owners or play beach volleyball – it's all part of the experience. The community loves showing off their town. Being part of it is a memorable adventure.

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