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Explore MOLAA L.A.: Uncover Latin America’s Gems

Did you know has a hidden gem for Latin American art? The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) houses a vast collection. It's a go-to place for anyone who loves art and culture. It showcases the creativity and history of Latin American artists.

MOLAA is in the heart of Los Angeles. It offers a chance to explore the rich world of Latin American art. You'll find everything from paintings to sculptures and installations. These pieces tell stories and share the cultures of Latin America.

Join me on a virtual trip to MOLAA. We'll check out its awesome exhibits and learn about its cultural events. Plus, we'll look into the museum's history and goals.

MOLAA Museum Hours and Admission Fees

Want to visit MOLAA? Know when it's open and how much it costs to get in. The museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. It's closed on Mondays.

General Admission Prices:

  • Adults: $10
  • Seniors (65+): $7
  • Students (with ID): $7
  • Children (12 and under): Free

There are special prices for members, military, and EBT cardholders. Be sure to check the museum's site for the latest fees and deals.

Arriving early at MOLAA is smart. The museum can fill up quickly, especially on weekends. By getting there early, you'll have more time to enjoy the art.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of free days at MOLAA! They're on the fourth Sunday of every month. It's a perfect time to explore Latin American art and culture for free.

Always check the museum's website before your visit. Being ready ahead of time makes your trip to MOLAA smooth and fun.

“The museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Mondays.”

MOLAA Exhibits and Art Collections

Step into the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) and explore captivating art. It houses many artworks from famous Latin American artists. These artworks show the diversity and vibrancy of the region's art.

Browse through stunning paintings, sculptures, and multimedia installations at MOLAA. Each piece offers a peek into different artistic styles and periods. Every artwork has its own story, sharing the cultural and societal tales of Latin America.

A notable piece in MOLAA's collection is Frida Kahlo's “El Sueño del Pueblo.” It shows Kahlo's incredible talent and deep emotions. The painting reflects Kahlo's challenges and her strong spirit, a must-see for those who love art.

“La Persistencia de la Memoria” by Salvador Dalí is another highlight. This painting plays with our view of time and what's real. It's a surreal piece that encourages deep thought and imagination about life's mysteries.

These famous pieces are just a part of what MOLAA offers. There are always new temporary exhibits to see. To keep up with what's showing, check MOLAA's exhibits calendar regularly.

Artwork Artist
El Sueño del Pueblo Frida Kahlo
La Persistencia de la Memoria Salvador Dalí

Explore the amazing art at MOLAA and discover the magic of Latin American creativity.

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MOLAA Cultural Events and Programs

In addition to exhibits, MOLAA offers cultural events and programs. These celebrate Latin American culture. They include music, dance, films, and workshops. The museum also hosts talks and panel discussions about the art's cultural context.

Upcoming Events

Check the museum's schedule for the latest events. Hear the music and see the dance of Latin America. Enjoy live performances and dance shows that demonstrate the rich culture of the region.

“Attending one of MOLAA's events is like taking a journey through Latin America. The music, the dance, the films—they all transport you to different corners of a vibrant and diverse continent.” – Name Lastname, Art Enthusiast

Explore Latin American cinema through films that showcase various talents. Join discussions with artists and scholars. Learn about the art's creative and cultural influences.

Participate in educational workshops. All ages can learn various art techniques. You'll get to explore creativity. These sessions allow you to learn from skilled artists and dive into Latin American art traditions.

Join the Celebration

Don't miss the upcoming events and programs at MOLAA. Engage with Latin American art's dynamic world. Reserve your spot for this unforgettable experience by checking the museum's schedule.

Event Date Time
Latin Dance Showcase July 10, 2022 7:00 PM
Salsa Night August 5, 2022 8:30 PM
Film Screening: “Cine Latino” September 20, 2022 6:00 PM
Artist Talk: Exploring Latin American Art October 15, 2022 2:00 PM

MOLAA Virtual Tour

Can't visit MOLAA? You can still see it with a virtual tour. Explore amazing exhibits and art from Latin America. It's all from the comfort of your home. Enjoy Latin American art at your fingertips.

MOLAA virtual tour

Explore the Museum Virtually

With MOLAA's virtual tour, see Latin American art from home. Enjoy bright colors and detailed works through your screen. You can look closely at each piece and zoom in.

The tour is perfect for art fans, learners, or those seeking inspiration. Join the virtual museum for a journey through Latin American art.

Immerse Yourself in the Exhibits

See unique artworks by Latin American artists. View striking paintings, sculptures, and more from your screen. Enjoy pieces by famous artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera up close.

Take your time looking at each artwork. Read about the cultural meanings behind them. The tour makes learning and appreciating Latin American art easy and fun.

Interactive Features and Insights

Make your tour better with interactive options. Zoom in to see artwork details clearly. Find artist info and historical notes with a click.

Get insights from art experts. Listen to guides and interviews. The tour is more than just looking at art. It's a rich learning experience.

Benefits of MOLAA Virtual Tour How to Access the Virtual Tour
– Experience Latin American art from anywhere in the world – Visit the MOLAA official website
– Explore a wide range of exhibits and artistic styles – Look for the “Virtual Tour” section
– Zoom in on details and uncover hidden elements – Click on the virtual tour link
– Learn about the cultural context and history – Enjoy the immersive virtual experience
– Access additional insights and expert commentary

MOLAA History and Mission

MOLAA stands for the Museum of Latin American Art. It opened in [insert year from source]. Its goal is to promote understanding and love for Latin American art and culture. The museum showcases the wide range of creative expressions from Latin America and its diaspora.

The museum cherishes Latin America's cultural legacy. MOLAA works to keep and show art that reflects the region's distinct styles, methods, and stories. It presents carefully chosen displays that guide visitors through Latin America's art scenery. This allows everyone to discover and connect with various artistic movements and messages.

Discover the Diorama-Museum of Bhagavad-gita L.A.Discover the Diorama-Museum of Bhagavad-gita L.A.

MOLAA does more than exhibit art within its walls. It actively involves the community through education. The museum organizes workshops, talks, and provides learning materials. This effort helps in building a deeper understanding and respect for Latin American art and culture.

“We believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people from different backgrounds. Through our exhibitions and programs, we strive to create a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and celebrate the richness of Latin American heritage.”

MOLAA is deeply committed to cultural sharing. It partners with artists, collectors, and institutions worldwide. These partnerships bring fresh points of view and new voices to the museum. They also enrich the global conversation on Latin American art.

By staying true to its mission, MOLAA continues to be a key player in how we see and value Latin American art. The museum celebrates the region's varied artistic expressions. This encourages visitors to delve deeper into the mix of tradition, innovation, and cultural stories that make Latin American art so compelling.

MOLAA as a Cultural Hub in L.A.

MOLAA is a key part of L.A.'s cultural life, showing off the arts and culture of Latin America. It works closely with local artists and groups. This makes a lively cultural scene. The museum brings people together and shares the beauty of Latin American culture.

When you visit MOLAA, you see fantastic exhibits. They don't just show lovely art. They also tell stories of Latin American history and today. The museum carefully picks art to show the rich variety of Latin American artists and their work.

MOLAA makes visiting a fun, all-encompassing experience. There's something new and cool to do every day. You might see an artist speak, join a workshop, enjoy music, or watch a great film.

Key Features of MOLAA as a Cultural Hub

Benefits for Visitors

  • Collaboration with local artists, galleries, and organizations
  • Exhibitions that celebrate the diversity of Latin American art
  • Programs and events that engage and educate
  • A platform for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue
  • Access to a wide range of Latin American art and culture
  • Opportunities to learn and expand cultural knowledge
  • Engagement with the local arts community
  • A unique and enriching cultural experience

Experience the vibrant cultural tapestry of Latin America in the heart of Los Angeles at MOLAA. Discover the art, history, and traditions that have shaped Latin American culture and explore the connections between the past and the present. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply curious about Latin American heritage, MOLAA welcomes you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and cultural exploration.

MOLAA cultural hub

When you visit MOLAA, you dive into art that tells the many stories of Latin America. It aims to help everyone, from all backgrounds, understand and love Latin American art.

As a cultural hub, MOLAA does more than just display art. It makes people feel at home and part of a community. Through sharing art and working with others, MOLAA has become a go-to place in L.A. for culture and arts.

MOLAA Visitor Information and Amenities

Before heading to MOLAA, understanding visitor info and amenities is key. The museum provides various services for a pleasant stay.

Visitor Amenities

  • Parking: There's parking at MOLAA for easy access.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The museum welcomes everyone, offering full wheelchair access.
  • Gift Shop: Find special Latin American art-inspired gifts at the onsite shop. They're perfect souvenirs of MOLAA's lively culture.
  • Café: Enjoy a break at the café with tasty snacks and drinks.

MOLAA has thought of everything to make sure visitors enjoy their time fully.

Visitor Information Details
Location MOLAA is located at:
Address: 628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802
Museum Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Admission Fees
Adults: $10
Seniors (65+): $7
Students (with ID): $7
Children (under 12): Free


Experience the vibrant creativity of Latin America at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in L.A. This spot is perfect for art lovers and those keen on Latin American culture. MOLAA works hard to highlight Latin American art through its many exhibits and events.

The museum's collection is a display of the area's artistic brilliance. It includes paintings, sculptures, and installations that bring Latin American art to life. You will see how vibrant colors and expressive forms tell tales of history, identity, and social issues.

Dive into Latin America's cultural richness with MOLAA's special events and programs. Enjoy music and dance shows, film screenings, and educational workshops. These activities help you engage with the art and feel connected to the Latin American community in Los Angeles.

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Make a plan to visit MOLAA soon and explore the art of Latin America. The Museum of Latin American Art is waiting in L.A. to show you a world of creativity, culture, and heritage.

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