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Illuminate Your L.A. Adventure at Museum of Neon Art

Did you know has the biggest neon art collection worldwide? It's all in the Museum of Neon Art (MONA). This place is perfect for anyone who loves the beauty of neon signs. It has everything from neon sculpture exhibits to immersive light installations. MONA shows you a modern, colorful world of neon art.

Once you enter MONA, you'll see a world full of colors and shapes. The museum has many neon signs that tell the story of neon art through time. You can see both classic and new neon art here, offering a feast for your eyes and mind.

But MONA is more than just looking at art. It also has classes and workshops for making neon art. You can learn how to bend and shape neon to create your own pieces. It's a chance for both experienced artists and those new to art to be creative with neon.

Are you excited about exploring neon art? Visit the Museum of Neon Art for a stunning experience with this unique art form.

Discover the Neon Wonderland of Los Angeles with MONA Tours

Even though the museum is closed for now, you can still explore Los Angeles's neon world. MONA provides various tours on foot, by bike, and by car in the city. Expert guides show you around the city's glowing neighborhoods and point out famous neon signs. You can see the lights on Route 66, in downtown, and in Hollywood, all with a special twist from MONA.

“MONA's tours provide a unique perspective on the neon wonderland of Los Angeles.”

Take a walk through Los Angeles with MONA's guides and learn about its neon-packed past. Stroll past dazzling signs and must-see spots, feeling the city's excitement. These tours are all about shining a light on Los Angeles's best, bringing out the beauty of neon.

Neon Historian: Unlock the Stories Behind the Signs

MONA's neon historian shares thrilling stories and historical facts about LA's neon scene. You'll understand the meaning of each sign and how they connect to the city's story. By the end, you'll have a new love for these glowing sights that define LA.

“MONA's neon historian will regale you with fascinating tales and historical insights into Los Angeles' vibrant neon culture.”

Walking Tours: Immerse Yourself in Neon Artistry

MONA's walks let you get up close to neon's fine details and bright shades. You'll walk by neon from every era, seeing the city's artistic heart. These tours highlight the wide variety of neon styles that have made LA so special.

“MONA's walking tours reveal the diverse range of neon artistry that has shaped the city's visual landscape.”

Virtual Tours: Discover Los Angeles’ Neon Gems from Anywhere

If LA's too far, take a virtual tour with MONA to see its neon magic from home. Led by the best, these tours capture the essence of LA's iconic neon. You'll dive into the neon world, learning the stories of beloved signs, all online.

“MONA offers virtual tours that allow you to explore the neon wonderland from the comfort of your own home.”

With MONA, whether in person or through a screen, you'll find the true spirit of LA's neon. Dive into the city's glowing scenes, and let the light enchant you. MONA's tours are your ticket to experiencing neon's wonder in Los Angeles.

Virtual Neon Tours: Explore Echo Park’s Night-Bright Past

MONA is offering virtual tours while its physical museum is closed. These tours let you explore Echo Park's rich history, known for bright neon signs. You'll be guided by both a neon expert and a historian. They share insights into neon's importance in Echo Park and Los Angeles.

On the virtual tour, you'll find Echo Park's hidden neon gems and their stories. Learn how historic signs are restored and their ties to early Hollywood. Neon has been key in defining Los Angeles's unique character.

This online journey through Echo Park's neon history is eye-opening. You'll see timeless signs and hear the fascinating tales behind them. It's a chance to witness the impact of neon art in this lively area.

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Highlights of the Virtual Neon Tour:

  • Experience the enchanting glow of Echo Park's neon signs from the comfort of your own home
  • Learn from a neon expert and a historian about the historical significance of neon in Echo Park
  • Discover the intricate restoration process of iconic neon signs
  • Uncover the link between neon and the birth of Hollywood
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how neon has shaped the cultural fabric of Los Angeles

“The virtual tour allows you to explore Echo Park's neon treasures and appreciate their historical significance. It's a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of neon art and its role in shaping the vibrant identity of Los Angeles.” – [Neon Expert Name], Neon Expert at MONA

Virtual Neon Tour Schedule:

Date Time (PST)
Monday 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Wednesday 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Friday 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Echo Park's neon treasures. Sign up for a virtual tour with MONA and discover the night-bright past of Echo Park.

Experience the Magic of Augmented Reality at the Neon Museum in

The Neon Museum is a key spot in Las Vegas for anyone who loves old signs. It mixes old signs with new tech, making it a very cool place to visit. Here, visitors get a unique chance to see history in a fresh, modern way.

The Brilliant! show at the Neon Museum is a big hit. It uses tech to make old signs light up again. This brings the signs back to life, giving a look at the past that's like nothing else.

But, there's more to see than just the show. Take the Neon Boneyard tour to step into Las Vegas' past. You'll see restored signs and 200 other light pieces on the ground. Each sign has a story, showing Las Vegas' rich history and culture.

The Neon Museum is all about keeping history alive with modern twists. It lets you dive into Las Vegas' story while showing off cool tech. It's a place where the past meets the future in a colorful, exciting way.

Neon Museum Las Vegas

Experience Highlights
Brilliant! show Augmented reality experience with vintage signs
Neon Boneyard tour Fully-restored iconic signs and ground illuminated pieces

Make a plan to visit the Neon Museum in Las Vegas and dive into history, art, and technology. It's the place to see amazing old signs and learn their stories. You'll also see the cool side of technology, making your visit unforgettable.

Explore the Iconic La Concha Visitors’ Center at the Vegas Museum

The La Concha Visitors' Center is inside the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. It's a restored lobby shell from the La Concha Motel. This was designed by famous architect Paul Revere Williams. The center is all about the Atomic and Space Ages, with cool designs from those times. You can see old signs that have been fixed up here. They even have part of the big road sign and the pretty lobby sign. It's a look back at how things used to be inside.

This spot is important in the Vegas Museum. It's not just another building. It stands out for its unique design and history.

La Concha Visitors' Center

Immerse Yourself in the Neon Boneyard at the Vegas Museum

The Neon Museum Las Vegas‘s Neon Boneyard is a top attraction for history and culture lovers. It houses well-known signs, such as neon marquees and hotel displays. These artifacts bring the city's past and neon's role in it to life.

On guided tours, visitors learn the history of these signs up close. Knowledgeable guides share the stories behind each sign. Through this, you gain a deeper appreciation for neon's cultural importance in Las Vegas.

The Neon Boneyard also offers a unique spot for creative works. It's ideal for photography, filmmaking, or anyone wanting a special background. This makes it perfect for capturing the museum's magical essence in your own way.

Neon Boneyard Guided Tours

For the best experience at the Neon Boneyard, guided tours are recommended. Here's what you need to know:

  • Duration: About 1 hour
  • Availability: Tours are every day
  • For Groups: Limited to 20 people per tour
  • Reserve Your Spot: Book ahead of time

On these tours, famous signs like the Golden Nugget, Stardust, and Caesars Palace are highlights. These well-known symbols of Las Vegas's past are restored, recreating the city's neon golden age.

For those who appreciate history or unique spots, the Neon Boneyard is a must-see. It's a vibrant part of Las Vegas, capturing the colorful history of neon in the city.

Discover the North Gallery at the Neon Boneyard

The North Gallery at the Neon Boneyard is smaller but just as interesting. It includes famous signs from places like Caesars Palace and Stardust. This space is perfect for taking pictures or having weddings. The signs are lit up with special lights, showing the beauty of Las Vegas.

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When you visit, you can take unique photos with these historic signs. It's great for weddings or fun pictures. The special lights make your photos look amazing. You'll feel like you're a part of Las Vegas history.

Step back in time at the Neon Boneyard North Gallery. It's a perfect place for history lovers and those who like taking pictures. This unique spot allows you to create memories that will last forever.

Neon Boneyard North Gallery

Reasons to Visit the North Gallery:
Iconic signs from Caesars Palace, Golden Nugget, and Stardust
Augmented reality and LED lights create a stunning display
Perfect setting for photoshoots and weddings
Immerse yourself in the rich history of Las Vegas

Plan Your Visit to Las Vegas Neon Museum


When you plan to visit the Neon Museum Las Vegas, think about a few key things to enjoy it fully. This outdoor place has a special atmosphere that tells the bright story of iconic Las Vegas.


Best Time to Visit

Seeing the neon lights at their best means visiting in the early evening. As day turns to night, the neon signs light up, creating a magical scene of vibrant colors.


Weather and Dress Code

Las Vegas can get very hot, especially in summer. Dress light and wear things that let your skin breathe. It's vital to protect yourself from the sun and keep hydrated. When you go, wear comfortable shoes for walking around.


Membership Benefits

Thinking of a Neon Museum membership? It's a great idea. It supports the museum and gives you entry to special events. You'll deeply dive into the city's history and culture.



A trip to Las Vegas isn't whole without a visit to the Neon Museum. Whether you love history, art, or just want a unique adventure, the museum is perfect. Start planning your visit now to see the neon magic for yourself.

Experience the Beauty of Neon Art at Museum of Neon Art L.A.

The Museum of Neon Art L.A. is a top spot for those who love neon art. Here, you can see a wide collection of neon signs and more. Also, they have classes for anyone interested, from newbies to pros. You can learn a lot about neon art and even make your own pieces.

You can dive into the neon world and find out how it's all made. Skilled people will show you how to bend glass and use bright colors. These classes really focus on letting you be creative and express yourself through art.

At the Museum of Neon Art L.A., see lots of different kinds of neon art. You'll find everything from big, reflective pieces to small, detailed ones. The works from famous artists will open your eyes to what's possible with neon.

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Thinking of visiting? There's so much to see, learn, and enjoy at this museum. It's a perfect place for lovers of art. Get ready to be amazed by bright, glowing colors and let your imagination run wild at the Museum of Neon Art L.A.

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