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Explore Art & Culture at Hammer Museum L.A.

The Hammer Museum in , California, lets you enter for free. You can enjoy art and culture at no cost.

The museum is a key place in Los Angeles. It shows art from different times that people love. You will see a mix of old and new art.

There are shows like “Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s” and “Groove: Artists and Intaglio Prints, 1500 to Now.” Lots of European and American art is there too. The museum shows the dreams of its creator, Armand Hammer.

The Hammer Museum also has events and activities. You can join tours, talks, and see art online. It's a lively place where art is more than just pictures.

They made the museum better for visitors recently. They improved the entrance and lobby. Plus, they added the Billy Wilder Theater to make it more welcoming for everyone.

So, don't miss out. Visit the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Let art and culture amaze you.

Current Exhibitions at Hammer Museum L.A.

The Hammer Museum L.A. is excited to present different art exhibitions. They show various art styles and times in history. These shows let people dive into beautiful and thought-provoking art.

“Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s”

Get ready to explore new ideas in the show “Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s.” It looks at how South Korean art changed after the Korean War. You'll see new ways to make art and bold, fresh ideas.

“Groove: Artists and Intaglio Prints, 1500 to Now”

Join us for an adventure in the exhibit “Groove: Artists and Intaglio Prints, 1500 to Now.” It has intaglio prints from the UCLA Grunwald Center. You'll be amazed by the detail and skill in these etchings and engravings.

Site-Specific Projects by Renowned Artists

The Hammer Museum showcases new works by artists that are tied to the museum's space. Shows like “Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi: Exile Voices” and “Vamba Bility: Emerging Dominion” tackle big ideas. They make you think about important issues through art.

Visit the Hammer Museum L.A. to experience how art can change society and our lives.

Exhibition Description
“Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s” Explore the influential art practices that emerged in South Korea after the Korean War.
“Groove: Artists and Intaglio Prints, 1500 to Now” Showcasing five centuries of intaglio prints that embody the beauty and technical mastery of this art form.
Site-Specific Projects by Renowned Artists Experience the captivating site-specific projects by contemporary artists, provoking thought and discourse.

Hammer Museum Collections

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is a treasure trove of European and American art. It showcases the talent of famous artists. These include painters and drawers. Many of these works reveal the interests and dreams of the museum's founder, Armand Hammer.

It's a chance to see stunning European and American art. You can admire the detailed work and feelings these artists put into their creations.

The Hammer Museum also has a notable collection by Honore Daumier and his peers. Daumier's art illuminates 19th-century France. It reflects on the culture and society of that time. His work invites you to see history come alive through his drawings.

“The Hammer Museum's dedication to contemporary art shines in its collection. It includes over 2,000 pieces by modern artists. These works reflect our rapidly changing world. They explore big social issues and offer fresh perspectives.”

The Hammer Contemporary Collection features modern art. This includes abstract paintings and installations. It shows how artists today challenge what art can be.

Delving Deeper

Check out some famous artworks from the Hammer Museum collections:

Artist Artwork Year
Pierre-Auguste Renoir La Grenouillère 1869
Georgia O'Keeffe Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico 1930
Andy Warhol Marilyn Diptych 1962
Mark Rothko No. 14, 1960 1960

Note: This table is just a peek at what the Hammer Museum offers. Prepare to be amazed by the vast collection and the awesome creativity you find here.

Hammer Museum Events and Programs

Dive into a world of vibrant art and ideas at the Hammer Museum L.A. There's something for art lovers, students, and curious souls. Gain new perspectives, meet famous authors and artists, and get inspired by the museum's creativity.

Exhibition Walk-Throughs Led by Curators

Get deep into the exhibitions with the help of the museum's curators. They will guide you through the art, sharing insight into techniques and history. Join in discussions that shed light on the art's background.

Special Programs for College Students

There are unique cultural activities just for college students at the Hammer Museum. Join events and discussions that promote creativity and collaboration. It's a great chance to meet others who are also interested in the arts.

Screenings of Films for Families

Enjoy special film screenings with your family at the Hammer Museum. These films offer diverse styles and genres. They're perfect for starting meaningful conversations with family and friends.

Visit the Iconic Battleship USS Iowa Museum L.A.Visit the Iconic Battleship USS Iowa Museum L.A.

Talks by Influential Authors, Artists, and Creative Thinkers

Attend talks and lectures by top authors, artists, and creative minds. Hear their thoughts on art and culture. These talks will inspire you and broaden your thinking.

The Hammer Channel: Online Art and Ideas

If you can't visit, check out the online Hammer Channel. It lets you enjoy art and ideas from home. Watch talks, performances, and artist profiles for a taste of the museum's spirit.

The Hammer Museum hosts over 300 public programs a year, making it always lively. You can explore exhibitions, special programs, films, or the online channel. They all offer chances to learn, connect, and find inspiration.

Hammer Museum Events

Museum Transformation at Hammer Museum L.A.

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles has changed a lot. It's now more lively and exciting for visitors. The changes have turned it into a thriving cultural spot.

The main entrance, galleries, and lobby have all been renovated. The goal was to make a warm, easy-to-reach place for art lovers. This ensures everyone has a smooth time enjoying the art.

A big new feature is the Billy Wilder Theater, which can seat 300 people. It brings more artsy events to the museum. Here, you can enjoy films, shows, and more, showing off the museum's wide variety of art forms.

Imagine yourself in the Billy Wilder Theater. You're with friends, watching a deep film. You'll find it's a special place, perfect for getting lost in art and creativity.

“The Hammer Museum is not like other museums. It's a place that showcases amazing art and gets people talking. Seeing how it's changed and kept up with visitors' needs is inspiring. You have to go and see the changes for yourself.”

– Art Lover, Los Angeles

Also, outside, you can see some very large sculptures. They make the museum's outside look grand and interesting. For example, there's a big bronze figure by Sanford Biggers there.

Visitor Experience Enhancements

The Hammer Museum focuses on making visitors' experiences better. As soon as you get inside, you feel like exploring. There's a new, inviting vibe that sparks your curiosity.

Besides, it's easier for everyone to enjoy the art. The museum got new lightings and facilities to make this happen. Now, people of all backgrounds can access and enjoy the museum's art.

Impact on the Art Community

The changes in the Hammer Museum have reached far. They've made it a place where creativity thrives, bringing in all kinds of artists. This has led to many cool collaborations.

Now, the Hammer Museum stands out in the art world. Both artists and fans love to come and see what's new. It's a place loved for its unique shows and programs.

Continual Evolution

The Hammer Museum is still changing. New projects are on the way. The museum aims to keep pushing the boundaries of art and culture.

Even if you're not an art expert, visiting the Hammer Museum in L.A. is a great idea. It's a spot that keeps getting better, offering a top-notch art experience.

Membership and Support at Hammer Museum L.A.

When you visit the Hammer Museum L.A., you're not just enjoying art. You're also supporting its growth. By joining, you get to attend special events and contribute to exhibitions. This keeps the museum a lively cultural spot that welcomes all.

Become a member of the Hammer Museum L.A. and see your visits get better. There are many membership levels, all with perks just for you. It doesn't matter if you're into art or just love creativity, there's an option that fits.

Membership Benefits:

  • Free admission to the Hammer Museum L.A. all year round
  • Priority access to special exhibitions and events
  • Invitations to exhibition previews and exclusive member-only events
  • Discounts at the Hammer Museum Store
  • Access to members-only programs, including artist talks and behind-the-scenes tours
  • Subscription to the museum's newsletter for updates on upcoming exhibitions and events

Join the Hammer Museum L.A. and connect with fellow art fans. Your membership supports showing diverse exhibitions and starting conversations. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to enjoy top-notch art.

Membership Level Annual Fee Benefits
Student Membership $25 – Free admission
– Discounts at the museum store
– Access to student-only events and programs
Individual Membership $75 – Free admission for one guest
– Invitations to member preview days
– Members-only programs and tours
Family Membership $150 – Free admission for two adults and children
– Family-friendly events and programs
– Discounts on educational workshops
Patron Membership $500 – Free admission for two guests
– Private exhibition tours
– Invitations to exclusive donor events
Director's Circle Membership $1,000 – Free admission for four guests
– VIP access to all exhibits and events
– Art consultations with the museum curator

Hammer Museum Store and Restaurant

Enhance your trip to the Hammer Museum L.A. by visiting the museum store. It's full of great books and products that show off fine art, great design, and top-notch craftsmanship. This includes art books, cool home decor, and trendy accessories. Everything in the store matches the museum's exhibitions and collections. Join us and find the perfect item, from fascinating reads to stunning objects, for any art fan.

Hammer Museum Store

After enjoying all the art, indulge in a meal at Lulu, the museum's famous eatery. Lulu was started by well-known chefs David Tanis and Alice Waters. They focus on using local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. Their menu is a mix of lively, diverse flavors. Whether you're up for a relaxed lunch or a fancy dinner, Lulu has you covered. It makes your museum day even better with great food.

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Hammer Museum Store Highlights:

  • A wide selection of art books and publications
  • Unique home decor items and accessories
  • Art-inspired gifts for all ages
  • Exquisite jewelry and fashion pieces

Why Dine at Lulu?

“Lulu is a culinary heaven blending art and food. Our chefs prepare each dish with love and creativity, making every bite amazing. Come taste our delicious meals and enjoy the artful atmosphere of the Hammer Museum.”

– David Tanis and Alice Waters

Table: Hammer Museum Store and Lulu Restaurant

Hammer Museum Store Lulu Restaurant
Curated collection of art books and products Innovative menu with sustainable and seasonal ingredients
Wide range of home decor items and accessories Exceptional culinary craftsmanship
Art-inspired gifts for all ages Artful ambiance that complements the museum

Immerse yourself in the world of art and culture at the Hammer Museum L.A. Enjoy a unique experience with the Hammer Museum Store and Lulu Restaurant. Discover interesting finds, taste great food, and make lasting memories in the museum.

Her Dream Deferred Series at Hammer Museum L.A.

The Hammer Museum L.A. is showing the Her Dream Deferred Series. It explores the lives of Black women and girls in the U.S. This series sheds light on their challenges and strengths against injustice. It includes events and talks to spread awareness and start conversations.

“The Her Dream Deferred Series lifts up the voices of Black women and girls. It helps us see their unique worlds. And by talking, we hope to break down the barriers they face. This is how we make real change.”

This series is a joint effort with the African American Policy Forum. It brings artists, thinkers, activists, and locals together. They talk about how race, gender, and justice are connected. It's all about learning, feeling for others, and taking action.

Upcoming Events in the Her Dream Deferred Series:

  • Art as Activism: Black Women Artists and Social Justice – A panel with artists pushing for social change through art.
  • Inclusion in Education: Empowering Black Girls – A workshop on helping Black girls do better in school.
  • Resilience and Resistance: Black Women and Political Activism – A talk on Black women's roles in politics and civil rights.

Come to the Hammer Museum L.A. for the Her Dream Deferred Series. Let's join together to support Black women and girls. Together, we can make society fairer and more just.

The Watts Rebellion: 50 Years Later at Hammer Museum L.A.

The Hammer Museum L.A. works to improve how we talk about race in the U.S. Its program, “The Watts Rebellion: 50 Years Later,” looks back at the Watts Rebellion's impact. This helps us understand the ongoing issues with race today.

The Watts Rebellion happened in 1965 in Los Angeles' Watts area. It was a stand against racism, inequality, and unjust policing. The event was a big moment in the civil rights movement, highlighting the need for racial justice and community strength.

Today, people like historians, scholars, and locals meet at the museum to discuss the rebellion. They talk about its causes and what's changed since then. They also focus on what work is left to fix social and racial issues today.

“The Watts Rebellion: 50 Years Later program provides a platform for open and honest conversations about race, allowing us to learn from the past and work towards a more equitable future.” – Dr. Maya Henderson, Curator of Social Justice Initiatives

The Hammer Museum L.A. hopes to inspire positive change by looking at the Watts Rebellion and its effects. By joining these talks, you can better understand the challenges minority groups face. It's also a chance to help make society more welcoming for everyone.

The program is an example of the museum's focus on fairness and social change. They keep exploring big issues and encouraging talks that can make a difference.

Now Dig This!: Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980 at Hammer Museum L.A.

The Hammer Museum L.A. is proud to show the digital archive of “Now Dig This!: Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980.” This online exhibition dives into the powerful work of African-American artists in L.A. during 1960-1980. It was a game-changing time in U.S. history.

“Now Dig This!” focuses on Black artists, putting their stories front and center. It shows how they shaped Los Angeles' cultural scene. Many were part of the civil rights and Black Power movements, using their art for change.

The collection includes paintings, sculptures, photos, and performance art. These pieces tell deep stories about identity, race, and community. They come alive through the eyes of Black artists in Los Angeles.

“Now Dig This!: Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980 is a significant and timely exploration of the African-American art scene in Los Angeles. It sheds light on the transformative power of art in igniting social change and unearths the stories of artists who have long been overlooked. This exhibition invites you to unearth and appreciate the vibrant cultural history of Black art in Los Angeles.”

Highlights of “Now Dig This!”:

  • Exhibition showcases the works of renowned artists such as Noah Purifoy, Betye Saar, and David Hammons, among many others.
  • Exploration of the intersection between art, activism, and community-building during a pivotal period in American history.
  • Engaging displays that provide historical context and celebrate the diversity of artistic expressions within the Black community.
  • Opportunities to delve deeper into the artist's stories through interactive multimedia installations and audiovisual presentations.

The “Now Dig This!” exhibition at Hammer Museum L.A. is a special look at Black art. It honors the resilience and creativity of the Black community. The show sparks conversations about the huge influence of Black artists in Los Angeles and the world.

Social Justice in Church and State at Hammer Museum L.A.

At the Hammer Museum L.A., we believe in sparking critical talks and understanding social justice. Our programs, like “Social Justice in Church and State,” let thinkers and activists discuss social justice's return in the Catholic Church.

We look into social justice meeting with religious groups, facing both issues and chances. This way, we want to start important discussions and encourage people to make good changes.

Explore the Glamour at Hollywood Museum L.A.Explore the Glamour at Hollywood Museum L.A.

Join us at the Hammer Museum L.A. and be part of these key talks. Together, we work towards a fairer and more just society.

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