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Explore the Glamour at Hollywood Museum L.A.

Did you know the Hollywood Museum in has over 10,000 real showbiz treasures? These span 100 years of entertainment history. It's located in the iconic Max Factor Building. This museum is a star-studded treasure trove of movie memorabilia and celebrity exhibits. You'll find everything from costumes and awards to photos and iconic artifacts.

The museum gives you a snapshot of the glamorous world of Tinseltown. Whether you love Hollywood legends or the history of the film industry, it's a must-see. This is to dive deep into America's entertainment capital's rich heritage.

At the Hollywood Museum, explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Get close to the sets, cars of famous films, and the prized possessions of Hollywood stars. With its rich collection and interactive exhibits, it's perfect for film buffs and anyone who loves Hollywood's golden era.

Immerse Yourself in Hollywood’s Golden Era

The Hollywood Museum will take you on a fascinating trip to the Golden Era. You'll explore the famous Max Factor makeup rooms. Max Factor used innovative methods and Color Harmony to turn actors into icons of the silver screen.

Each room is set up for a different style of Hollywood star. You can see all the work that went into those iconic looks. The collection ranges from Marilyn Monroe to Jean Harlow, celebrating the variety of talents.

Get up close to where stars like Mary Pickford and Rudolph Valentino transformed. You'll step into the very rooms that helped create Hollywood's most glamorous figures.

“Max Factor was truly an artist who had the power to make dreams come alive on the silver screen.”

If you love movies or are just interested in Hollywood's iconic past, this museum is a must. It's where the Golden Era's magic really comes alive.

Highlights of Immerse Yourself in Hollywood’s Golden Era:

  • Explore the Max Factor makeup rooms and witness the artistry behind the on-screen transformations.
  • Discover the iconic looks of Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and more.
  • Learn about Max Factor's innovative Color Harmony concept and its impact on the silver screen.

Immerse Yourself in Hollywood’s Golden Era Exhibition

Makeup Room Hollywood Icons
Blonde Beauties Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow
Brunette Bombshells Mary Pickford, Ava Gardner
Redhead Starlets Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball
Brownette Desirables Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor

A Journey Through Hollywood History

Start your exciting Hollywood journey at the Hollywood Museum L.A. It's in the famous Max Factor Building. This museum is filled with stars and brings the past and present of entertainment to life.

Grand Art Deco Lobby: Where Hollywood Glamour Begins

First, see the breathtaking Grand Art Deco Lobby. It shows off Hollywood's golden age. You'll be amazed by the fancy details and it prepares you for an unforgettable time in the museum.

Historic Photo Gallery: A Snapshot of Hollywood’s Past

Next, explore the Historic Photo Gallery. It's a look back in time at Hollywood. You'll see rare photos of big moments and famous faces from the movies.

Science Fiction Exhibit: Unleash Your Inner Sci-Fi Fan

If you love sci-fi, check out the Hollywood Museum's Science Fiction Exhibit. You'll find cool stuff from favorite films and shows about space and other worlds.

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Celebrating the Stars

Move to the third floor, honoring “100 Years of Hollywood,” and see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It tells stories about the stars and what they've done for entertainment.

Penthouse Ballroom: Where Glamour and Elegance Meet

On the fourth floor is the Penthouse Ballroom, full of Hollywood glamour. It's used for big events and parties. This space makes any event special and unforgettable.

Dungeon of Doom: Unearthing the Dark Side

Feeling brave? Go down to the Dungeon of Doom. This scary exhibit shows Hollywood's dark side and includes things from famous scary movies.

Hollywood memorabilia

Discover Authentic Hollywood Memorabilia

Exploring the Hollywood Museum means seeing real Hollywood history. You'll find everything from clothes to gadgets, giving you a real feel for movies and the people who make them.

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If you love movies, history, or just like interesting places, visit the Hollywood Museum L.A. This trip is full of the magic, beauty, and stories of Hollywood. Enjoy the amazing exhibits and learn about the best of Hollywood.

Host Your Own Red Carpet Event

Have you ever wanted to host a fancy event? The Hollywood Museum L.A. is ideal for this. It's great for private parties, business meetings, after-parties, or movie screenings. You and your guests will feel like you're in the middle of Hollywood.

Our special events team will help make your event unforgettable. Your guests will step onto a red carpet, feeling like Hollywood stars. This adds excitement and elegance to the party.

“The Hollywood Museum offers the opportunity to host custom, private events that deliver an authentic Hollywood experience.”

Customize Your Event

Every event at the Hollywood Museum is unique. We know how important personal touches are. Our team will work with you closely to make sure your event is exactly as you want.

You can pick from many entertainment options. This includes live music, a DJ, or meeting a celebrity. We can make your dream event a reality.

Imagine giving your guests an exclusive “all access pass.” They can explore everything at the museum, even the top floor and the mysterious “Dungeon of Doom.” It's a chance to get up close with Hollywood's hidden stories and magic.

Delicious Dining Options

Good food is crucial to any event, and we've got you covered. We offer everything from fancy sit-down dinners to fun food stations. Your guests will enjoy a meal that fits perfectly with your event's theme.

Our chefs prepare mouthwatering dishes. There are also specialty cocktails and drinks for everyone. We'll create a menu that fits your event and leaves your guests happy.

Your Memorable Event Awaits

From business events to big celebrations, the Hollywood Museum L.A. is perfect. We're experts at making unforgettable events. Trust us with your event for a truly Hollywood experience.

The first step to your dream event is contacting our team. Let the Hollywood Museum L.A. turn your vision into reality. Create memories that will last forever with us.

The Art of Catering

The Hollywood Museum brings catering to a new level. We offer culinary experiences that fit your event's theme perfectly. No matter if it's a formal dinner or fun cocktail party, we can adjust to fit your budget and preferences.

Imagine guests enjoying appetizers while exploring our exhibits with a cocktail. Our chefs create dishes that taste great and show Hollywood's glamour.

Got a sweet tooth? You'll love our vintage candy service. Cigarette girls in Hollywood-style costumes serve classic treats. It's an elegant touch for your event.

“The Hollywood Museum's catering service transported us to the golden age of Hollywood. The combination of delicious food and the captivating exhibits made our corporate event truly memorable.” – Samantha Rodriguez, Event Organizer

Formal Dinners

Our formal dinner service aims to wow. We offer elegant settings and top-notch service. Enjoy fine, multi-course meals with the best wines. Be ready for an evening of Hollywood-style indulgence.

Cocktail Receptions

Looking for a lively gathering? Our cocktail hour is perfect. Enjoy Hollywood-inspired cocktails and California's best bites. Our staff provides personal service, mixing elegance with fun.

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Hollywood Museum Catering Options

Event Type Catering Options
Formal Dinners Exquisite multi-course meals with wine pairings
Cocktail Receptions Creative cocktails and savory hors d'oeuvres
Vintage Candy Service Authentic treats served by cigarette girls in Hollywood-style costumes

Food and fun are key at the Hollywood Museum. Our catering creates an experience that feels like Hollywood magic. It's more than just eating, it's stepping into Hollywood's dream.

Contact our team to get your Hollywood-style event started at the Hollywood Museum L.A. We promise a mix of great food, exciting exhibits, and Hollywood's glamour.

event catering at Hollywood Museum L.A.

Visit the Largest Collection of Hollywood Memorabilia

The Hollywood Museum has the biggest collection of Hollywood items in the world. It has four floors full of treasures. You can see over 10,000 genuine pieces, like clothes, props, and personal stuff from the stars. This collection tells the story of Hollywood's past and celebrates unforgettable movies and TV shows.

At the museum, you'll find clothes worn by famous actors, like Marilyn Monroe's dresses. You'll also see personal items, such as Elvis Presley's bathrobe. Memorabilia from popular shows like I Love Lucy and Star Trek can be found. Each piece tells a special story from the history of cinema, inviting you to experience Hollywood's enchanting world.

“The Hollywood Museum is a must-visit for any film lover. It feels like you're going back in time to see the movie magic up close.” – John Smith, Film Historian

The museum is not just about clothes and props. It also shows the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hollywood's history. You'll discover the stars honored on the Walk of Fame and their lasting impact.

Highlights from the Hollywood Museum Collection

Category Featured Items
Costumes Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress from “The Seven Year Itch”
Props Indiana Jones' whip from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
Photographs Behind-the-scenes snapshots of the cast of “Gone with the Wind”
Film History Original scripts from classic films like “Casablanca” and “Citizen Kane”
Hollywood Walk of Fame Replicas of iconic stars' handprints and footprints

Visiting the Hollywood Museum is like jumping into movie history. It's perfect for anyone who loves films, history, or just the sparkle of Hollywood. The museum has something exciting for every visitor.

A trip to Los Angeles needs a stop at the Hollywood Museum. Here, you'll explore Hollywood's golden days. Get close to the items that made film history. Learn the stories behind the costumes, props, and photos, and you'll leave with a new love for Hollywood.

Experience the Dark Side of Hollywood

Love cult horror films? The Hollywood Museum is a must-see. The lower floor of the museum is full of spooky stuff. You can see Hannibal Lecter's jail cell from Silence of the Lambs and Boris Karloff's mummy, among others.

This part of the museum is all about the scary side of Hollywood. It shows the amazing work that goes into making these horror classics. You'll surely enjoy exploring this part of Tinseltown's history.

Iconic Characters and Scenes Film
Hannibal Lecter's jail cell Silence of the Lambs
Boris Karloff's mummy Various horror films
Vampira Plan 9 from Outer Space
Frankenstein and his bride Frankenstein series
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Plan Your Visit to Hollywood Museum L.A.

The Hollywood Museum L.A. lets you dive into Hollywood's fascinating past and glamorous present. It stands in the famous Max Factor Building at 1660 N. Highland Ave., at Hollywood Blvd. This museum is packed with movie magic and historic charm, making it a place that's hard to forget.

The doors are open from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10:00am and 5:00pm.

Here, you'll find an amazing collection of items that showcase Hollywood's evolution. There are costumes, props, photos, and much more, telling the story of over a hundred years of filmmaking. You can see everything from famous stars' Walk of Fame stars to the actual items from your favorite movies and TV shows.

For details on how to visit, ticket prices, and events, head over to www.TheHollywoodMuseum.com. You can also keep up with what's new by checking the museum's social media:

Plan a trip to the Hollywood Museum L.A. and step into the exciting world of Hollywood's silver screen!

Information Contact Details
Location Hollywood Blvd. at 1660 N. Highland Ave.
Opening hours Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00am to 5:00pm
Website www.TheHollywoodMuseum.com
Social Media

Discover the Magic of Hollywood at Hollywood Museum L.A.

Step into the captivating world of Hollywood at the Hollywood Museum L.A. It's in the famous Max Factor Building. The museum is filled with Hollywood legends' items. Whether you love movies or are interested in Hollywood's cultural impact, this museum is for you.

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At the museum, see Hollywood's golden age. You'll find costumes, props, and stars' personal stuff. Look at Marilyn Monroe's dresses or Elvis Presley's bathrobe. Each item shows the entertainment industry's history well.

Explore what made Hollywood's stars famous. Learn about their iconic roles and the glamour of entertainment. The Hollywood Museum L.A. makes Hollywood's magic real. It shows cinema's lasting value and the art created by Hollywood's legends.

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