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Explore the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures L.A.

Have you heard about the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in ? It's home to a huge collection of famous film artifacts and costumes. This museum is dedicated to the exciting history of movies. It features various exhibits and a large collection of movie items.

This includes galleries for movie art and special displays. There are also exhibits about the people who make movies happen and their skills. If you love movies or are intrigued by their behind-the-scenes secrets, this museum is a top spot to visit.

Location and Parking

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in L.A. is at 6067 Wilshire Boulevard. It's in Miracle Mile. Near it is the LACMA, another famous cultural spot.

Parking is important to consider. The best choice is the Pritzker parking garage. It's near LACMA and can be reached via 6th Street. This makes it easy for visitors to get to the Academy Museum.

Across Wilshire Boulevard is the Petersen Automotive Museum's parking garage. It offers another good spot to park close to the Academy Museum.

These two parking areas make visiting the Academy Museum easy. With parking sorted out, you can enjoy your cinema adventure without parking stress. Experience the magic of movies and explore cool exhibits with ease.

Visiting Hours

When planning your trip to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, knowing the opening times is key. It's open six days a week for you to discover its amazing exhibits. You can dive into the history of cinema.

Here are the Museum's visiting times:

  • Monday: 10am to 6pm
  • Wednesday: 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am to 6pm

The museum takes a break on Tuesdays, so keep that in mind.

If you love movies or are interested in their varied history, visit during open hours. Plan your trip well so you can fully enjoy the museum's features. This includes its vast collection, interactive areas, and captivating displays.

Remember these hours for your visit. They'll make your experience at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures top-notch.

Tickets and Admission

When planning your visit to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, remember that timed tickets are a must. They ensure a smooth visit for everyone. Here's a guide on tickets, prices, and more.

Timed Tickets and Prices

The Academy Museum uses timed tickets to keep the number of guests at a comfortable level. Tickets cost this way:

Visitor Type Price
Adults $25
Seniors (62 and up) $19
Students $15
Visitors 17 and younger Free
California residents with EBT card Free

Your ticket lets you into all the exhibits. You'll see a wide range of movie history and fun scenes from films.

Oscars Experience and Additional Fee

Take your visit up a notch by adding the Oscars Experience. This area really brings the feel of the Academy Awards, with famous moments and insider stories. It costs an extra $15.

Outdoor Public Areas and Lobby

Outside and the lobby are free for everyone to enjoy. You can walk around, see the Spielberg Family Gallery, and go to the gift shop. The shop has great keepsakes to remember your visit.

Make sure to book your timed tickets early. Prepare for an amazing time exploring film at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Step into the world of cinema at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. You'll find not just a stunning permanent collection but also a lineup of current and upcoming exhibitions. These explore various parts of film history and culture.

Explore the Glamour at Hollywood Museum L.A.Explore the Glamour at Hollywood Museum L.A.

Explore the Hayao Miyazaki retrospective. It's a deep dive into the works of the visionary Japanese creator. Discover the magic of Studio Ghibli. You'll see the beauty and imagination that has wow'd audiences worldwide.

Don't miss the Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898–1971 exhibition. It's a tribute to Black filmmakers and their impact on American film. Learn about their history, challenges, and achievements through thought-provoking films, artifacts, and tales.

Interested in underground culture? Visit the John Waters: Pope of Trash exhibition. It showcases John Waters' famous films like Pink Flamingos and Hairspray. You'll see his bold and unconventional style that made him a cult favorite.

Mark your calendars for the Cyberpunk: Envisioning Possible Futures exhibition. It looks at how films like Blade Runner and The Matrix shape our view of the future. Think about the relationship between technology and our lives.

The Academy Museum also has rotating galleries. Explore Spike Lee's impactful films, the timeless story in The Wizard of Oz, Agnès Varda's unique works, and items from The Godfather. It's a chance to celebrate cinema's diverse offerings.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibition Description
Hayao Miyazaki retrospective A look at the visionary filmmaker's creations
Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898–1971 Highlighting the Black community's role in cinema
John Waters: Pope of Trash A spotlight on the daring films of John Waters
Cyberpunk: Envisioning Possible Futures Exploring the cyberpunk genre and its influence

Keep an eye on the Academy Museum's site for updates on current exhibitions. Watch out for the future exhibition announcements as well. It's a chance to deeply connect with the stories and visions that define the movies we love.

Highlights of the Permanent Collection

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has a special permanent collection. It shows off famous items from the film world. Here's a peek at what you can see:

Rosebud Sled from Citizen Kane

The Rosebud sled from Citizen Kane is a top item. This sled is famous for what it means in the movie. It's a must-see at the museum.

R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars

You can meet R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars. These droids are loved by fans everywhere. They've been a big part of the Star Wars story for years.

Jaws Shark

See the scary Jaws shark up close. It's a mechanical wonder from the Jaws movie. This piece shows how special effects can make a lasting impact.

L.A. Films Costumes

The museum also has costumes from movies set in L.A. You can almost step into the shoes of those classic characters. These clothes help tell the story of Los Angeles in film.

Spike Lee Gallery

Don't miss the section on Spike Lee. Learn about this famous filmmaker's work and impact. His art has made a big difference in movies and society.

Agnès Varda Gallery

Take a look at Agnès Varda's story in her gallery. Her films have a strong storytelling style. She's also an important figure for women in the film world.

The Godfather Props and Costumes

Dive into The Godfather's world with its props and costumes. Feel the vibe of this classic mob story. It's an experience in power and family.

These items are just some highlights from the museum's big collection. Each one is a piece of cinema history. Don't miss your chance to see them in person. It's a chance to feel the magic of famous movies.

Costume Exhibits

At the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, you'll see special costume exhibits. They show amazing craft of iconic movie costumes. You can get a close look at these pieces.

Imagine seeing Laura Dern's costume from Jurassic Park. It's right there for you to see up close. This is a great chance to appreciate the work that goes into film outfits.

The exhibit also features Michael Keaton's wig from Beetlejuice. This fun piece shows how details make characters stand out. It's about celebrating the creativity behind beloved movies.

The museum also celebrates old classics like Casablanca. You'll get to see outfits from the movie. It's a journey through time and storytelling.

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The team behind the scenes also gets recognition. For instance, Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer's work is displayed. Their teamwork brought movie scenes to life in incredible ways.

Dedicated to telling stories, the museum highlights Lourdes Portillo's work. Her films reflect on important issues. They can spark your thoughts.

Whether you love films or just admire design, you'll be amazed by these exhibits. They really highlight the art and impact of movie costumes.

Costume Exhibit

Notable Costume Exhibits at the Academy Museum:

  • Laura Dern's Jurassic Park outfit
  • Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice wig
  • Costumes from Casablanca
  • Costumes from Boyz n the Hood
  • Collaborations between Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer
  • Documentarian Lourdes Portillo's projects

Visit the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to dive into the world of film. Explore the creativity behind costume design.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gallery

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures dedicates its third floor to sci-fi and fantasy. Enter a world filled with the magic of these movies. You'll see famous costumes and prosthetics up close from iconic films.

Experience the universe of Star Wars. Admire C-3PO's legendary costume. Feel the power of Okoye's from Black Panther. And gaze at the Amphibian Man's design from The Shape of Water.

The excitement continues with cult favorites like Frank, Donnie Darko, and Edward Scissorhands. See the unique Frank costume. Feel the Donnie Darko's bunny suit. And appreciate Edward Scissorhands' unmatched style.

“The sci-fi and fantasy gallery at the Academy Museum is a true celebration of imagination and creativity. It brings to life the iconic characters, costumes, and prosthetics that have captivated audiences for generations.” – Curator

Explore the wonders of sci-fi and fantasy. Discover the creativity behind these remarkable films. This is a unique chance to see the detail that makes cinematic history.

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Feel the magic of Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. These shoes were worn by Judy Garland in the famous film. They are a big part of movie history.

But from November 2022, you won't see the ruby slippers at the Academy Museum. They take them off display to keep them safe. This helps preserve their beauty and meaning for future fans.

The ruby slippers will be back, but we don't know exactly when. The museum aims to show these famous shoes again soon. Many people are eager to see them, just like you.

While you wait, enjoy the museum's other cool stuff. They have lots of film treasures to see. Plus, there are fun displays and galleries for you to explore. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is full of wonders.

“The ruby slippers will be back on display soon, allowing visitors to marvel at the magic they evoke and the impact they have had on the world of filmmaking.”

Don't miss the chance to visit the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. It's where you can touch Hollywood history. See Dorothy's ruby slippers and more, live and up close.

Explore Dorothy's ruby slippers at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. They are waiting to enchant you.

Must-See Features of the Academy Museum

At the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, you'll find top spots for both movie fans and fans of great buildings. The building itself, by famous architect Renzo Piano, is amazing. It includes the Saban Building and a glass dome with a breathtaking view.

Inside, there's a lot to see. You can explore film memorabilia and learn about the history of movies. There are two theaters where you can watch all kinds of films, old and new. Make sure to also check out the Oscars Experience to feel like you're at the Academy Awards.

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Once you're done with the exhibits, head over to Fanny's Restaurant & Cafe. They serve food and drinks inspired by movies. It's a great place to unwind and think about what you've seen. Also, don't miss the Museum Store for unique gifts and books.

The museum's theaters are top-notch, offering a unique movie-watching experience. They use the best technology for sights and sounds. Whether you're a big movie fan or just curious, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a memorable trip into filmmaking's world.

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