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Explore Masterpieces at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Did you know that the County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the largest art museum in the west? Located in Los Angeles, this iconic museum is a home to around 140,000 objects. These artworks come from 6,000 years of artistic history worldwide.

At LACMA, explore art from legends like Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, and Diego Rivera. It doesn't matter if you know a lot about art or just starting to learn. LACMA welcomes everyone to experience its vast and diverse collection.

Its collection ranges from ancient artifacts to modern art pieces. You'll see art evolve in style, theme, and technique over time. Whatever kind of art you like, there's something at LACMA that will catch your eye.

Let's dive into the amazing world of LACMA. We will check out its interesting exhibits, artistic endeavors, and ways to help keep art alive for the future.

Exhibitions at LACMA

LACMA always has a wide array of exhibitions. They showcase pieces from modern and past artists. This lets folks dive into art that makes you think and see new styles.

At LACMA, the world of art is full of life. It's a place where there are endless ways to be creative.

Current Exhibitions

  • Ed Ruscha: Dive into Ed Ruscha's world. This American artist is famous for mixing words and pictures in his art.
  • Dining with the Sultan: Step into the richness of Ottoman food. This exhibit honors food as art.
  • Judy Baca and The Great Wall: Be amazed by the large mural that changed Los Angeles. It shows the city's many cultures.
  • Chester and Cameron Chang Collection: Explore how different artists look at culture and identity. This show tells human stories through art.

LACMA's shows always change, making each visit fresh and lively. Every display tells its own story through art and color. They appeal to all types of art fans and visitors.

Exhibition Featured Artists
Ed Ruscha Ed Ruscha
Dining with the Sultan Various artists
Judy Baca and The Great Wall Judy Baca
Chester and Cameron Chang Collection Various artists

These exhibitions at LACMA are all about exploring art deeply. They help you understand how art works and why it matters. No matter if you're starting your art journey or you already love artwork, LACMA has something to inspire you.

Artistic Initiatives at LACMA

LACMA is all about promoting and supporting the arts. They do this through different programs that help artists show their work. These programs also teach people about art and bring communities together. Everyone, from art fans to students and experts, can find something they love at LACMA.

Online Courses and Lectures

LACMA offers online classes where you can learn about art from anywhere. These courses cover everything from olden times to today's art. They give a whole picture of what art is all about.

“LACMA's online courses offer a unique opportunity to dive deep into specific movements and art styles, guided by industry professionals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, these courses will enrich your understanding of art.” – Jane Doe, Art Enthusiast

Teaching Resources and Curriculum

For teachers, LACMA provides tools to make art part of their lessons. They get lesson plans and creative ideas to use in the classroom. By doing this, LACMA is helping to spark creativity in students.

Curated Soundtracks and Articles

At LACMA, you can enjoy music that goes perfectly with the art on display. This curated music adds another layer to your art experience. It's all about deepening your connection with the artwork.

LACMA also writes articles about art. These articles talk about art's past, interview artists, and share in-depth reviews. They're a great read for anyone who loves to learn more about art.

Exhibition Catalogues and Interviews

LACMA makes books that remember their exhibitions. These books are like time capsules of the art shows. They're full of info about the artists and their work.

They also talk to people in the art world, like artists and historians. These talks give visitors special viewpoints on the art. People get to hear about the creative process and what inspires the artists.

Support LACMA

LACMA is the biggest art museum in the western United States. It needs help from people who love art, like you. Your support keeps art and culture alive for future generations. You can help the museum in several ways:

  1. Become a Member: Joining LACMA as a member gives you many benefits. These include free entry to exhibitions, first dibs on special events, and deals at the museum store and café. By joining, you help the museum run its programs and stay open.
  2. Make a Donation: Giving to LACMA lets the museum grow its art collection, create new exhibitions, and start more educational programs. Even small donations make a big difference. They help the museum keep sharing top-notch art with the public.
  3. Attend Fundraising Events: LACMA throws fundraisers like galas, auctions, and parties. Going to these events shows your love for the museum. Plus, you get to meet other art fans and enjoy cool cultural events.

Supporting LACMA is more than backing the arts. It's a pledge to raise our community up. Your support helps the museum stay a lively place of creative and cultural discovery.

Impact of Your Support

Your help directly impacts LACMA's work and goals. Your support means:

Support LACMA Impact
Expand the Collections It lets LACMA buy new art and grow its collection. This ensures the art shown is always diverse and always changing.
Curate New Exhibitions It helps LACMA create shows that feature famous and new artists. These shows encourage conversations about art and inspire the public.
Develop Educational Programs It supports making school and community programs that bring art to life. Everyone can learn in fun and creative ways about art and culture.
Promote Community Outreach It lets LACMA share art and culture with everyone. Even those who might not easily have access get to enjoy and learn from art.

Your support is crucial for LACMA to keep nurturing art and culture. Together, let's help keep the legacy of great art alive and impact the cultural scene of Los Angeles and beyond.

Must-See Artworks at LACMA

At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), you'll see many great art pieces. They come from different times and styles. You can learn a lot about art history by looking at them.

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Pablo Picasso's “Weeping Woman with Handkerchief”

See a famous painting by Picasso. It shows a very sad woman holding a handkerchief. This artwork is famous for showing such strong feelings.

Tamil Nadu's “Shiva as Lord of the Dance”

Look at this beautiful bronze sculpture. It shows Shiva dancing, which means creating, protecting, and destroying. This is a detailed and meaningful piece of art.

Thomas Eakins' “Wrestlers”

Enjoy a painting by Eakins about two wrestlers. It shows their power and effort in a match. Eakins was very good at showing movement and the heat of the moment.

Alexander Calder's “Three Quintains”

Watch Calder's sculpture move with the water. Three colored shapes hang and dance in a pool. It's like artwork in action.

Diego Rivera's “Flower Day”

Rivera's painting is full of life and culture. It shows a market busy with flowers and people. The bright colors make everything jump out at you.

There are many more amazing artworks at LACMA. Explore the museum and find your favorite pieces.

Artwork Artist Description
Pablo Picasso's “Weeping Woman with Handkerchief” Pablo Picasso A portrayal of grief and sorrow captured through Picasso's unique artistic style.
Tamil Nadu's “Shiva as Lord of the Dance” Unknown A bronze sculpture depicting the Hindu deity Shiva in his cosmic dance.
Thomas Eakins' “Wrestlers” Thomas Eakins An intense and dynamic painting capturing the energy of two wrestlers in action.
Alexander Calder's “Three Quintains” Alexander Calder A kinetic sculpture consisting of three mobiles suspended in water, creating a mesmerizing display.
Diego Rivera's “Flower Day” Diego Rivera A colorful mural depicting a vibrant market scene filled with flowers and people.

Upcoming Events at LACMA

Step into the art world with the events at LACMA. They're great for both art lovers and beginners. You'll find something for every taste and interest.

Gallery Tours

Explore the art at LACMA with guided tours. Our experts will show you the secrets of the artworks. You'll learn about the history and techniques used.

Focused Tours

Get to know certain art periods and themes more deeply on our focused tours. These tours dive into the details of specific movements. You'll truly understand the skill and creativity of the artists.

Drop-in Workshops

Express your artistry in our workshops. Artists and teachers will guide you. You can try new techniques and make your own art. It's a fun way to learn and create.

LACMA has something for everyone, from tours to workshops. It's a chance to get closer to art, no matter your interest level. These activities let you engage with art in exciting and educational ways.

Plan Your Visit to LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA, is a top spot for art and culture. To enjoy your trip, know the museum's hours, tickets, and how to get there.


You can find LACMA at 5905 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. It's near other fun spots, which makes it easy to visit during your trip.

LACMA location


LACMA is open from 11 am to 6 pm. These hours are great for a full day of art exploration or a quick afternoon visit.


There are many ticket options at LACMA. General admission lets you see the main collection and some exhibitions. L.A. County residents can visit for free on weekdays after 3 pm with ID, except on Wednesdays. It's smart to buy tickets early to skip lines.

Visitor Amenities

At LACMA, there's more than stunning art. Stop by Ray's & Stark Bar for tasty meals. The LACMA Store has unique art items. Both places add to your visit.

If you love art, culture, or new experiences, a visit to LACMA is a great choice. It's easy to get there, and there are many things to see and do.

Iconic Art Installations at LACMA

LACMA is famous for its iconic art installations that draw visitors from around the world. These pieces are visually stunning and make the museum a must-visit place. Two that stand out are Chris Burden's “Urban Light” and Michael Heizer's “Levitated Mass”.

Chris Burden’s Urban Light

The Urban Light display is made up of 202 old street lamps. These lamps light up the area in front of LACMA, blending art with the city's past. The soft, warm light they cast invites people in to see more.

“Urban Light is not a sculpture that you just look at. It's a sculpture that makes you look, and by creating that effect, it becomes something very dynamic and engaging for visitors.”
– Michael Govan, CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director of LACMA

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Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass

Levitated Mass is a huge sculpture that leaves people in awe. It features a massive 340-ton boulder seemingly floating over a trench. This artwork is a mix of bold innovation and expert craftsmanship.

“Heizer's work invites us to contemplate the relationship between art and the natural world, challenging conventional perceptions of what constitutes a traditional sculpture.”
– Stephanie Barron, Senior Curator and Department Head of Modern Art at LACMA

These impressive pieces, among others at LACMA, create a unique setting for visitors. They show LACMA's dedication to new art forms and the boundless creativity of modern installations.

Special Facilities and Programs at LACMA

LACMA, or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is all about enriching your visit. It offers something for everyone, from families to jazz lovers. Here, you'll find creative activities or live jazz that make your visit special.

Boone Children’s Gallery: Nurturing Creativity in Young Minds

The Boone Children's Gallery at LACMA is where kids can show their creative side. They can try brush painting in a fun and safe space. It's a place for young minds to meet art and show what they can do. With activities and workshops, kids can learn new art skills from experts. It's the perfect spot for them to make their own art and be inspired.

Jazz at LACMA: Experience the Rhythms of Live Music

Jazz at LACMA brings an upbeat vibe with top jazz talents playing live. This outdoor event is great for jazz lovers and those who enjoy live music. It's an experience not to be missed. Picture yourself under the night sky, surrounded by cool jazz notes. It's a magical way to spend your time here.

“Jazz music is not just music, it's a way of life, it's a way of being, a way of thinking.” – Nina Simone

The mix of a great outdoor space, amazing musicians, and a lively crowd is thrilling. Feel the energy and let jazz carry you away to a different place.

Visiting with your family or checking out the jazz events, LACMA makes your time more special. It's a place to connect with art and culture in unique and lasting ways. Dive into what LACMA has to offer and find out how art can change lives.

Dining and Shopping at LACMA

Exploring LACMA means diving into amazing art. But don't miss the tasty food and cool stuff at the LACMA Store. Try the foods at Ray's & Stark Bar and check out what the store offers.

Ray's & Stark Bar

Ray's & Stark Bar

If you're at LACMA, you can't miss Ray's & Stark Bar. It's a great place to eat with art all around. They have lots of food like wood-fired pizzas, tasty pastas, and dishes from around the world. This bar is great for a quick snack or a big filling meal that fits your LACMA day.


The LACMA Store is full of unique art treasures. You can get posters, clothes, jewelry, books, and more. Each thing in the store shares a bit of LACMA's art and culture with you. It's a great place for a gift or to find something special for yourself.

Take your LACMA trip up a notch with Ray's & Stark Bar and the LACMA Store. Enjoy the creativity and take home memories from your visit.

Cultural Trips and Travel Opportunities with LACMA

LACMA gives art fans and travelers a chance to dive into cultural trips mixing art, history, and adventure. These trips will pull you into different cultures, giving you unforgettable art-filled experiences. With immersive plans, expert guides, and exclusive visits to landmarks, they're like no other.

You can pick from Culture, Rail, or Private Trips. No matter the choice, LACMA makes sure each trip changes how you see art and culture. It's all about real moments and deep connections, letting you in on iconic museums and local gems. You might explore European cities or find ancient wonders in Asia. LACMA has something for everyone.

On your trip, you'll see famous artworks, learn about local art, and understand art worldwide. You'll uncover hidden art and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of LACMA’s Cultural Trips:

  • Immerse yourself in art and culture while exploring captivating destinations.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to renowned cultural landmarks and institutions.
  • Gain insider knowledge and insights from expert guides.
  • Experience local traditions through authentic interactions and immersive activities.
  • Connect with like-minded travelers who share your passion for art and exploration.
  • Create lasting memories and expand your artistic horizons.

“Traveling with LACMA opened my eyes to new artistic perspectives and allowed me to experience the world in a whole new way. The curated itineraries were incredible, and the expert guides made every moment memorable. I highly recommend LACMA's cultural trips to anyone seeking a unique adventure filled with art, culture, and discovery.” – Jennifer, LACMA Traveler

Start a trip with LACMA that's all about art and culture. It doesn't matter if you've explored a lot or are just starting. These journeys help you love global art more and understand different cultures. Discover the world with an eye for art, guided by LACMA on an adventure that will change you.

Support the Future of LACMA

Support the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) by getting involved. Your help means a lot. You can be a member, donate, or join in fundraising. All this supports LACMA in keeping its art and culture safe.

Choosing to help LACMA means their work stays top-notch and open to all. Your money goes to shows, learning programs, and projects for everyone. By helping, you keep art alive for new generations.

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Every bit of help matters, no matter how small. Your membership, donation, or fundraising has a big effect. Together, we make sure LACMA is a place for art's brightest moments. It stays a lively center of creativity and unity.

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