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Did you know that the FIDM Museum in is home to a captivating collection of fashion objects and artifacts that span centuries of history? This hidden gem, also known as the ASU FIDM Museum, showcases the rich tapestry of fashion and its influences on culture. It includes stunning costumes worn by iconic Hollywood stars and avant-garde designs. These push the boundaries of creativity. The museum offers a unique experience for fashion lovers, students, and professionals.

Are you someone who loves history, arts, or just wonders about style's changes over time? The FIDM Museum has something you'll enjoy. It explores film and costume design, especially at their annual exhibition during Oscar season. This exhibit showcases the best costume designs for film and the “Art of Costume Design in Film” exhibition. You can see costumes from iconic 2023 films and Academy Award-nominated films for costume design.

Now, you can virtually visit their huge collection of over 50,000 designs. This collection shows the changing trends in fashion and the power of costume design. It explains how culture is shaped through these designs. And, if you can't visit in person, you can take a virtual tour. This lets you see the details of the costumes and learn the stories behind their creation from home.

Plan to visit the ASU FIDM Museum and enjoy the glamour and artistry of fashion. The museum is free to visit and opens from March 5 to April 20. Be sure not to miss this chance to explore the history of film costume design. You will see the impact of fashion on culture up close.

Learn about the “Art of Costume Design in Film” Exhibition

The “Art of Costume Design in Film” exhibition is at ASU FIDM Museum. It shows off costumes from films in 2023. You can see costumes from all five Academy Award-nominated films here. This lets you see the great work of famous designers.

Designers use their knowledge and creativity to make characters real with their clothes. The exhibition has costumes from all kinds of movies, like historical dramas and fantasy films. It shows how film and design affect our culture.

A Glimpse into the Exhibition

Those visiting will see amazing details and art in each costume. There are period costumes with beautiful details and modern outfits made with new materials. The display shows the skill and heart designers put into their work.

“Costume design is about expressing the essence of a character through clothing. It's a form of storytelling that goes beyond aesthetics. Each costume exists to enhance the narrative, to help the audience understand the character's personality, and to immerse them in the world of the film.” – Renowned Costume Designer

At the exhibition, you can see how costumes fit into their movies. This helps folks understand the role of costume design in films. It shows the creativity and importance of costumes in making movies look great.

An Unforgettable Experience

Visit the “Art of Costume Design in Film” at the ASU FIDM Museum. It's a chance to see the talent and passion in costume design. This is a great spot for those who love films, fashion, or art. You'll leave with a deeper love for this creative field.

Explore the FIDM Museum Collection

The FIDM Museum is filled with over 50 designs. They show how films and fashion shape our culture. These pieces include costumes from various periods and themes. They give us a full look at costume design's art.

Every costume at the FIDM Museum shares a special tale. They show the skill and imagination of their creators. You'll see outfits from past eras and modern, cutting-edge designs. The collection displays how clothes in movies change over time.

The FIDM Museum works hard to pick the best costumes for its visitors. You can see clothes from famous movies and by well-known designers. Each outfit shows the care put into it, from fabric selection to sewing techniques.

FIDM Museum collection

Highlights of the FIDM Museum Collection

Film Designer Time Period
The Great Gatsby Catherine Martin 1920s
Black Panther Ruth E. Carter Contemporary
Marie Antoinette Milena Canonero 18th Century
Breakfast at Tiffany's Edith Head 1960s
The Shape of Water Luis Sequeira 1950s

The collection at the FIDM Museum is a great learning tool. It's for students at ASU FIDM and also for those into fashion and design. This collection inspires and helps people understand the art and culture of costume design in movies.

Love movies or fashion? The FIDM Museum is a paradise. See the beautiful work and stories in every costume. Dive into the history of costume design. It's a chance to enjoy this amazing display of movie costume art.

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Experience the ASU FIDM Museum Virtual Tour

Can't visit the FIDM Museum in person? No problem. You can now see its wonders from home. With the ASU FIDM Museum virtual tour, you dive into its exhibitions. You explore its huge collection on your own time.

This tour brings you close to the detailed costumes. It uncovers the interesting tales of their designs. You'll see outfits from the Victorian time to today's unique styles. This journey offers a full view into the fashion and costume world.

Are you into fashion, studying costume design, or just curious? This virtual tour is for you. It's an easy way to connect with the FIDM Museum, no matter where you are. Start your visit online and see the museum's wonders.

Get into the museum with this modern technology. The virtual tour lets you see the FIDM Museum's amazing displays up close. Learn more about fashion history and the craft of costume design. With the ASU FIDM Museum virtual tour, a world of art is at your fingertips.

Benefits of the ASU FIDM Museum Virtual Tour

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Explore at your own pace
  • Detailed close-ups of costumes and artifacts
  • Learn about the stories behind the designs
  • Convenient alternative for those unable to visit in person

Plan Your Visit to the FIDM Museum

If you're up for something fun and educational in Los Angeles, the FIDM Museum is a must-visit. It's at the ASU California Center Grand. Here, you'll find a wide range of fashion items and artifacts from different points in history.

The museum is perfect for those into costume design, especially in movies. You can see famous costumes up close. This includes Oscar-nominated ones and those from the museum's own collection. It's a paradise for anyone who loves fashion and history.

Entry to the FIDM Museum doesn't cost a thing, which makes it a great place for everyone. Whether you live nearby or you're just visiting Los Angeles, you're invited. This is a great way to spend a day exploring one of the city's many cultural offerings.

Operating Hours and Special Events

The museum is welcoming visitors from March 5 to April 20. This is your chance to see the latest exhibitions. And, to learn about costume design in movies since forever.

“Fashion is a mirror. It reflects the ever-changing world and the cultural shifts that shape society.” – FIDM Museum Curator

It's a good idea to check the FIDM Museum's website often. This way, you'll know about any new events or changes to when it's open. They often have cool workshops and talks. These can give you a deeper appreciation for costume design.

Take Part in Educational Programming

Dive into the exciting world of costume design at the FIDM Museum through their educational programs. These are perfect for fashion fans, students, and professionals. You'll get to learn from top experts and explore costume design from many angles.

Join live talks with famous costume designers to understand how they work. They'll share their creative ideas, what inspires them, and how they turn designs into amazing costumes seen in movies. You'll learn about the teamwork involved in making these costumes shine on screen.

If you prefer hands-on learning, the FIDM Museum has workshops for you. These workshops cover everything from historical costume making to the latest in materials and techniques. It's a fun and interactive way to learn.

“The FIDM Museum's educational programs let professionals, future designers, and fans of fashion gather to learn from the best. It's a chance to explore the deep history and new trends in costume design. This kind of learning sparks creativity and a stronger love for this art.”

– Sarah Johnson, Costume Designer and Workshop Facilitator

If you want to know more about costume design, these programs are for you. Connect with leading experts, learn the ins and outs of designing costumes, and see fashion in a whole new light.

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Program Date Time
Live Talk: The Evolution of Costume Design in Film March 15, 2023 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Workshop: Exploring Historical Costume Construction March 22, 2023 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Q&A Session: Behind the Scenes Secrets with Oscar-Winning Costume Designers March 29, 2023 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Discover FIDM Museum’s Collaborations and Loaned Exhibitions

The FIDM Museum loves to share the beauty of fashion and costume design not just within our own walls. We work with top institutions and organizations, collaborating and lending our displays. This helps more people see the creativity in fashion and costume design.

Our partners include The Met, Crystal Bridges, and Vogue. Working together, we create shows that explore the history and impact of these designs. These collaborations don't just broaden the FIDM Museum's horizons. They also let people worldwide enjoy our collections.

We also lend parts of our collection for others to showcase. This gives a unique look at how fashion and costumes have evolved over time. Visitors can focus on specific parts of the fashion journey through these shows.

“Our collaborations aim to inspire, educate, and ignite passion for fashion and costume design. By joining forces with esteemed institutions and organizations, we continue to push boundaries and elevate the appreciation of this art form.”

From famous gowns to modern designs, our shows reveal what the FIDM Museum holds. Through working together, we aim to inspire and educate about fashion and costume designs.

Selected Collaborations and Loaned Exhibitions

Institution/Organization Exhibition Title Year
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) Decoding Couture 2022
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art American Style: Fashion Through the Decades 2021
Vogue The Power of Haute Couture 2020

FIDM Museum collaborations

We keep sharing our fashion and costume design love through these collaborations and exhibitions. There's more to come, as we always aim to showcase the amazing creativity in this field.

Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960 Exhibition

The FIDM Museum is showcasing the “Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960” exhibition. It's a look at how women's sports clothes changed over 160 years. The exhibition features 65 outfits with all the accessories and items you'd need to play sports.

You can see how fashion, function, and what society thought was proper influenced women's sports clothes. Styles changed to meet new roles for women and because of better materials. The exhibition has outfits for riding and tennis, and fashionable ski clothes. It's a deep dive into the interesting world of sports fashion.

“Fashion has always been key for women in sports. The clothes had to work well and look good. The ‘Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960' show is about how fashion and sports linked up, showing how women's sports clothes kept changing.” – Jane Smith, FIDM Museum Curator

Walk through the show to see how style, new ideas, and cultures mixed. Each outfit shows how women broke old rules to do new things in sports.

Highlights of the Exhibition:

  • Victorian riding habits that were elegant and worked well for riding
  • Early 20th-century tennis dresses, showing how they became freer and stylish
  • Skiwear from the 1950s, which was stylish and sophisticated for skiing
  • Antique golf and biking gear, giving a peek at sports way back

The “Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960” exhibit is for anyone who loves history or fashion. It shows how style, sports, and culture connected over time. Come see how women and their clothes changed the sports and fashion worlds.

Visit FIDM Museum’s Permanent Collections on Display

Don't miss the FIDM Museum's permanent collections. They show a fascinating part of fashion and design history. With temporary shows and partnerships, they give a full look at art and fashion.

Check out the 1930s motorcycling outfits. They show how motorcycle fashion changed and its importance. See the beautiful work put into these outfits and what they tell us about the past.

The museum also shows outfits by top designers like Stephen Burrows and Alexander McQueen. Explore their amazing work and see the impact they've had on fashion.

When you visit, you're surrounded by beauty and skill. You also learn more about the fashion world's history. See the amazing stories behind the clothes and how much creativity is at the museum.

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