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Santiago Bernabeu: Stadium Tour

Have you ever wanted to see inside the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium? It’s the famous home of Real Madrid. Feel the excitement of big wins and learn about this top Spanish football club. We’re ready to share an amazing tour of the Santiago Bernabeu with you.

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is not just any place. It’s named after a famous Real Madrid manager. With room for over 80,000 fans, it’s a place where big dreams come true. You’ll enter a world of football glory and see where history is made.

Now, take a look behind the scenes. Explore the stadium’s famous halls. You’ll see the architecture that has seen many legendary moments in football. With every breath, you’ll feel the love for the game around you.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour

Visit the Real Madrid Museum next. Here, you’ll see the club’s many Champions League trophies. Learn about the amazing players who made Real Madrid the team it is today. See how they rose to the top of world football.

Feeling excited? Join us on a tour of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. You’ll discover why it’s such a special place. Get ready for an experience that will make you love football even more. The Santiago Bernabeu is waiting for you.

The Transformation of the Santiago Bernabeu

The Santiago Bernabeu is named after Madrid’s legendary manager. Now, it’s getting a huge upgrade to become the cutting-edge sports venue of the 21st Century. The goal is to wow people with its new, modern features.

A new part of the stadium will hold history exhibits. These exhibits will reflect on Santiago Bernabeu’s achievements since 1947. Everyone can enjoy these through interactive displays and cool visuals.

There will also be an amazing audio-visual show. This show will give a sneak peek into what the future holds for the Santiago Bernabeu. It aims to show how the stadium will become an even bigger deal for sports fans.

A new stand is being built to improve the area’s view and space. They’re also adding a roof that can move in bad weather. This way, fans can stay comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

Making the stadium easier for everyone to get around is also key. The new Santiago Bernabeu will make sure all visitors have a great time. They’re focusing on ensuring that everyone can easily enjoy their visit.

Key Features of the TransformationBenefits
New exhibition spaces showcasing the stadium’s historyImmersive and educational experiences for visitors
Audio-visual show highlighting the future of the Santiago BernabeuA glimpse into the stadium’s continuous evolution
New stand and increased capacityEnhanced spectator experience and better views of the game
Retractable roofUninterrupted matches regardless of weather conditions
Improved accessibilityInclusive experience for all visitors

Guided Tours of the Bernabeu

Exploring the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is a top choice for fans visiting Madrid. The Bernabeu Tour lasts about an hour. It gives visitors a chance to see the stadium’s main points and dive into Real Madrid’s history.

Knowledgeable guides from Real Madrid are there to walk you through. They’ll tell you captivating stories about the team, the stadium, and its star players.

Book your tour by emailing: tour@corp.realmadrid.com. Include your details and what you’re interested in. Real Madrid’s official guide will help make your tour perfect.

Don’t wait to book. Tours fill up fast. Pre-booking ensures you get a spot and don’t miss out.

Guided Tour Highlights:

  • Step onto the pitch: Experience the thrill of standing on the historic Bernabeu pitch.
  • Explore the dressing rooms: Get a behind-the-scenes look at where the players prepare for their matches.
  • Visit the trophy room: Marvel at the impressive collection of trophies and awards earned by Real Madrid CF.
  • Discover the Presidential Box: Experience the VIP perspective from the exclusive Presidential Box.
  • Take in the panoramic view: Enjoy breathtaking views of the stadium and the Madrid skyline.

Joining the Santiago Bernabeu tour means diving into Real Madrid’s world. It’s perfect for football lovers or anyone exploring Madrid. The tour is a memorable trip through this iconic club.

Tour DurationTour Email
Approximately 1 hourtour@corp.realmadrid.com

Explore the Bernabeu on Your Own

If you’re at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, you can take a tour with the Classic ticket. This ticket lets you see the stadium and the Real Madrid CF Museum. It’s great for anyone who loves football. Dive into the club’s history and feel the excitement of the Bernabeu.

With the Classic Tour, you learn about Real Madrid’s incredible journey. See where stars prepare in the dressing rooms. Walk the same path as the players out onto the field. Stare at the views from high up, witnessing the stadium’s beauty.

Also, visiting the Real Madrid CF Museum is a must. You’ll see the team’s great moments and check out their collection.

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The Classic Tour is perfect for anyone intrigued by sports or who loves to explore. It promises a memorable time. Get ready to uncover Real Madrid’s world at your own pace.

Benefits of the Classic Tour:

  • Flexible exploration of the stadium and museum at your own pace.
  • Unrestricted access to iconic areas such as the players’ tunnel and the pitch.
  • Opportunity to admire the stunning architecture and design of the Santiago Bernabeu.
  • Immerse yourself in the history and legacy of Real Madrid through interactive exhibits.
  • Capture memorable moments with photographs at various key locations.
Bernabeu live
Classic TourPriceDuration
Adult$priceApproximately 2 hours
Child (under 14)$priceApproximately 2 hours
Senior (60+ years old)$priceApproximately 2 hours

The Future of the Santiago Bernabeu

A new Santiago Bernabeu is under construction and will be ready by December 2023. The GMP-L35-Ribas group of architects, known for their creative designs, are making this happen. The stadium’s look will be totally new and will change how we see sports venues.

The new Santiago Bernabeu will have a big cornice over the main entrance, making it unique. This feature will make the stadium stand out and be easy to spot.

There’s also a roof that can open and close. This means games and events can go on no matter what the weather is like. Fans and players will stay comfortable and dry.

The GMP-L35-Ribas group is making sure getting in and out of the new Bernabeu, as well as getting around inside, is easy. They’re planning the stadium so it’s safe and simple for everyone. This will make visiting and watching games smooth and enjoyable.

The new Santiago Bernabeu won’t just look good. It will have the latest tech and will be easy to get around. Real Madrid fans and others who love sports will have an amazing time in this incredible stadium.

Keep an eye out for news on how the new Santiago Bernabeu is coming along. Soon, you’ll see the future of sport’s design right in front of you.

Santiago Bernabeu Museum

The Santiago Bernabeu Museum is heaven for football lovers. It’s inside the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The museum shows an amazing view of the entire stadium. This puts visitors right in the middle of Real Madrid’s football history.

Walking into the museum feels like stepping into a time machine. You see priceless items and memories from the Real Madrid CF’s past. There are jerseys, trophies, and pieces from important matches. All these show the club’s rich heritage and success.

You can feel the excitement of the club’s big wins, like their 14 Champions League titles. There are interactive screens that show Real Madrid’s most unforgettable moments. You dive deep into the stories of the team. These stories have made Real Madrid a top team in the football universe.

Are you a true fan or do you just love the sport? The Santiago Bernabeu Museum will awe you. It honors the spirit of Real Madrid CF. It’s a chance to learn, admire, and get motivated by the great tales told inside these museum walls.

Access and Location

If you’re planning to visit the Tour Bernabeu, you’re in luck. It’s on Avenida de Concha Espina, barely a stone’s throw away from Gate 28. The excitement of the Santiago Bernabeu awaits you.

Getting there is easy by car, public transport, or walking. Just follow the signs and get to Gate 28. Plus, there’s a lot of parking space nearby, so parking won’t be a problem.

However, keep in mind that tours may change due to events or work. Always check the official website or entrance for updates before visiting. This saves time and ensures you see all the Santiago Bernabeu has to offer.

Entrance to the Tour Bernabeu

Opening Hours

The Tour is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday. On Sundays and holidays, it’s open from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Important Contacts

  • Ticket Office: +34 91 398 43 00
  • Tour Information: +34 91 398 43 00
  • Email: tour@corp.realmadrid.com

Tour Duration

Be prepared for an hour-long tour. This gives you time to see the stadium, visit the museum, and learn about the club’s history.

Tour OptionPriceIncludes
Classic Ticket$25Access to the stadium and Real Madrid CF Museum
VIP Experience$150Access to VIP lounges, exclusive view of the stadium

Real Madrid and Madrid’s Football Legacy

In Madrid, three teams shine in professional football: Real Madrid CF, Atlético de Madrid, and Rayo Vallecano. But, Real Madrid CF is the one that truly stands out.

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Real Madrid CF is known for its many European and international wins. This has made them big not just in Madrid, but in all of Spain. Their wins have given them a top spot among the world’s best football clubs.

The Santiago Bernabeu is where Real Madrid CF plays – it’s their home ground. For fans, it’s almost sacred. It’s a place filled with football love and history.

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has seen many unforgettable times. From big wins to astonishing games, it’s packed with memories. Visiting the stadium means stepping into Real Madrid’s amazing past and feeling the stadium’s energy.

If you love football, you must visit the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid. The stadium is magnificent. And, it perfectly shows off the incredible story of Real Madrid and its place in Madrid’s football world.

VIP Experience at the Bernabeu

Looking for a top-notch experience at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium? The VIP boxes are your answer. They offer luxury and fantastic views of the game. There are more than 240 of them, ensuring style and comfort for all guests.

Every VIP box is fitted with the best amenities at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. They have comfy seats and private lounges. Everything aims to make each VIP feel special.

When you visit, you get to enter VIP lounges. Here, you can meet other VIPs and enjoy great food. It’s perfect for impressing clients, celebrating, or just because. The Bernabeu VIP experience is all about luxury.

If VIP services interest you, ask about them when you book your tour. Our team is ready to help you get the VIP treatment you deserve.

Head towards an amazing journey at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Enjoy the VIP treatment in the grand VIP boxes. You will dive into the excitement and passion of Real Madrid’s home with every moment.

Social Media and Memories

When you go to the Santiago Bernabeu, take lots of photos. You can share these memories on social media. It’s a great way to remember your experience at this famous stadium.

After the tour, get your tour photos from the Santiago Bernabeu’s website. These photos will remind you of your visit.

Sharing tour photos online lets you show your experience to others. It’s fun to share with friends, family, and football fans. Make sure to tag the official accounts with #SantiagoBernabeu and #BernabeuTour to reach more people.

You can remember your trip through these photos. Plus, you’ll join a lively community of fans who love this top football club.

So, take many tour photos when you’re at the Santiago Bernabeu. Then, share them online for a lasting memory of your visit.

Tips for taking the best tour photos:

  • Find the perfect angles: Experiment with different viewpoints to capture unique and stunning shots of the stadium.
  • Include yourself: Don’t be shy to feature in your photos. Let your enthusiasm shine through!
  • Highlight the details: Zoom in on architectural elements, memorabilia, or any other aspects that catch your eye.
  • Go behind the scenes: Take advantage of exclusive access areas and document the areas not usually visible to the general public.
  • Timing is key: Capture the vibrant atmosphere of the stadium during matches or events if possible.

Plan Your Visit to the Bernabeu

Planning your trip to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium ensures an amazing and hassle-free visit. By following a few simple steps, you can make sure every moment is memorable. This will also help you avoid any tour-related issues.

To organize your visit, send an email to tour@corp.realmadrid.com with what you need. Our team is ready to help schedule your visit and offer tour guidance. Make sure to mention how many tickets you require for the Tour Bernabeu. Also, tell us about any special requests you might have.

Keep in mind, space at the Santiago Bernabeu is limited. Therefore, it’s wise to book your tour tickets early. Doing this secures your tour spot and makes sure your visit goes smoothly. This way, you won’t be disappointed at the last minute. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the history and feel the spirit of this famous stadium.

After arranging your visit, you can look forward to a memorable time at the Santiago Bernabeu. Dive into Real Madrid’s fascinating history, explore the iconic grounds, and see where football legends shine. Book your visit now and prepare for an amazing experience at the Bernabeu.

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