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What family-friendly activities are available in Los Angeles, aside from Disneyland?

offers a lot more than Disneyland for family fun. The city has many cool that are just as great for both kids and adults. You can visit wildlife sanctuaries, go to aquariums, or check out interactive museums. LA's family-friendly scene is vibrant and diverse.

In this article, we'll show you some of LA's top family spots. They provide fun, education, and entertainment for everyone. You can enjoy getting close to animals, exploring science, or learning about different cultures. And the best part? It's all outside the box of what Disneyland offers.

Explore Wildlife Learning Center

Enter the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles's Sylmar neighborhood. This haven lets you get close to unique animals. Walk through lush areas and see monkeys, foxes, and other intriguing creatures.

Meet Unique Animals

This center goes beyond normal zoo visits. You can have a special “close encounter” with porcupines, armadillos, sloths, and giraffes. It's a unique chance to get to know these animals up close.

Educational Programs

The Center is passionate about teaching. It offers educational programs for everyone. You can join a birthday party or another event to learn more in a fun way from experts.

Close Encounters

Meet Zeus, a blind owl, in the gift shop. He offers a special moment for visitors. This experience can really change how you see the animals and nature.

Visit Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is not just fun but also educational. It's full of sea creatures waiting to meet you, like those in the shark lagoon or the sea otter habitat. Families explore and learn together here.

Shark Lagoon

Many kids love the shark lagoon. You can touch the smooth shark skin. They swim gracefully, showing off their beauty and strength. It's a unique, hands-on experience for everyone.

Sea Otter Habitat

The sea otter habitat is also a favorite place. Watch sea otters floating on their backs and playing. They're busy grooming and hunting, teaching us about the ocean's balance.

Geographic Exhibits

The geographic exhibits show various ocean environments. From the tropical fish in the Gulf of California to the sea lions in Southern California, you'll see many different ecosystems. Every corner tells a fascinating story of life under the sea.

The Aquarium of the Pacific offers something magical for families near Los Angeles. It's more than just fun; it's an educational adventure. Visit and enjoy a day filled with beauty and learning, unlike any other.

Discover La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

The La Brea Tar Pits and Museum show us a unique look at the past. Fossil remains have been hidden in the natural asphalt deposits for more than 40,000 years. In 1875, amateur paleontologists found animal remains in the bubbling La Brea Tar Pits. Today, experts still find millions of fossils there.

At the La Brea Tar Pits Museum, visitors can see these preserved fossils. They can also join a tour to see the active tar pits and the excavation work. The museum gives a thrilling view of the ancient creatures like saber-toothed cats, mammoths, and dire wolves that lived here.

If you love learning about the past or just want a fun place for the family, the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum in Los Angeles are perfect. This spot offers an exciting way to explore history that anyone will remember.

Where can I find the best zoos and aquariums for kids?Where can I find the best zoos and aquariums for kids?

Marvel at Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is a must-see spot for everyone. It's perfect for families because it has a lot to offer. You can check out cool exhibits and enjoy amazing views of the city. Make sure to see the Foucault pendulum in the main area. It shows how the Earth spins. Don't miss the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. There, you can see incredible shows about space.

Foucault Pendulum

The Foucault pendulum at the Griffith Observatory is very cool to watch. It proves that the Earth moves in a clear way. As the pendulum swings back and forth, it shows the Earth's rotation.

Planetarium Shows

Inside the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, you'll find out about space like never before. The shows are amazing and talk about our galaxy and the universe. It's an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves space.

Seismograph Demonstrations

The seismograph activity is perfect for kids at the Griffith Observatory. When they jump, it affects the machine and draws lines. They can also learn how their weight would change on other planets. It's a fun way to teach kids about how the Earth moves.

Griffith Observatory LA

Enjoy Bob Baker Marionette Theater

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is in Los Angeles and is much loved. It has been entertaining people with its puppet shows for many years. It is the oldest marionette theater company in the U.S. When you visit, you'll see marionettes move on stage in the dim light, creating magical scenes.

Puppet Shows

At Bob Baker Marionette Theater, you enter a world where puppet shows charm everyone. Kids and grown-ups alike are amazed by the detailed marionettes. Skilled puppeteers make these wooden figures seem alive. It's a place full of dreams and amazement.

Backstage Tours

Young ones get a special treat after the show – free ice cream and a backstage tour. They can look behind the curtain and learn how the puppets work. This also includes a peek at the theater's interesting past. This backstage adventure lets kids see the off-stage magic of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

Visit Marine Mammal Care Center

The Marine Mammal Care Center is in San Pedro. It helps marine animals in need from Long Beach to Malibu. Its goal is to heal them and let them go back to the sea.

Rehabilitation Center

At the center, people can see how staff and volunteers help sick or hurt marine mammals. They take care of elephant seals and sea lions that are in trouble. Their work shows why helping marine life matters.

Viewing Sea Lions

Families can watch the sea lion viewing LA from outside. They hear the happy sea lion sounds and see them play. It's a fun and educational outing at the Marine Mammal Care Center LA.

The center is a great place to learn about marine animal protection. You can also enjoy watching sea lions. It's a meaningful activity for families in Los Angeles.

sea lion viewing LA

What family activities are available in Los Angeles, besides Disneyland?

Los Angeles is packed with family-friendly things to do, besides Disneyland. There are numerous exciting and unique activities. The city is full of surprises.

Moonlight Rollerway

Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale is a gem. It's been serving skaters since 1950. You can find classes and events there for all ages. And, if you really love it, you can buy your own skates from the rink.

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For something more modern, Los Angeles offers a variety of family things to do.

Classes and events

There are classes and events all over the city. They cover many interests and ages. There are art workshops, cooking classes, and more. Families can learn, explore, and have fun in Los Angeles.

Experience Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo is located in Griffith Park. It's a top spot for families, covering 133 acres. Families can explore lush grounds and see a range of animals, like elephants and reptiles.

Animal Exhibits

Kids love seeing unique animals up close at the Los Angeles Zoo. The zoo's exhibits are designed for both fun and education. Everyone can enjoy and learn from the experience.

Conservation Carousel

The Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel is a big hit with young visitors. This ride features beautifully painted animals. It helps kids understand the importance of protecting these species.

The Los Angeles Zoo is spacious, allowing for a relaxed visit. Families can spend time with amazing animals and enjoy attractions like the conservation carousel. It's a place where the whole family can have fun and learn about wildlife.

Play at Shane’s Inspiration

Shane's Inspiration is in Griffith Park. It's a very special place for families. It's the first truly universal playground in the Western U.S. and the country's largest. This Shane's Inspiration LA playground is designed for all children to enjoy. It has cool stuff like a spaceship, airplane cockpit, and pirate-themed gear.

Accessible Playground

The playground's ground is soft and rubberized. This makes it safe for kids to play. They can explore, play, and use their imaginations at this accessible playground LA.

Interactive Features

At the interactive features LA, families have a blast. Kids from all walks of life can join in. They play, learn, and make special memories together.

Explore Kidspace Children’s Museum

Kidspace Children's Museum is in Pasadena, a big hit for interactive children's museum lovers. It's marked by a kaleidoscope entrance and educational gardens. This spot is all about hands-on, fun learning that gets kids exploring, discovering, and playing.

It's located in the Los Angeles area and is full of cool interactive displays and activities. This makes it a special place for families.

The museum aims to spark curiosity and passion for learning in kids. There are interactive science activities, an art studio for creating, and science labs for experiments. Kids can also play in the gardens with a butterfly house and a water area – perfect for connecting with nature.

Kidspace is known for being welcoming to all children. It's built so kids of any ability can have a great time. This focus on inclusivity makes it a top choice for many families.

Looking to get your child's creative juices flowing or just needing a fun family adventure? Kidspace Children's Museum is your go-to. It's packed with interactive stuff and cool programs that both kids and grown-ups will love. This place guarantees memorable experiences that last.

Nearby Family-Friendly Destinations

Los Angeles has tons of family fun, but nearby spots are worth checking out too. Just a quick drive from Disneyland, you'll find Knott's Berry Farm. There's also Knott's Soak City, the Great Wolf Lodge, and the Anaheim Packing District with its cool history and food.

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You can also visit places a bit farther. Explore Universal Studios in Hollywood, LEGOLAND California, SeaWorld , and the San Diego Zoo. Each offers great fun and chances to learn. These spots are perfect for the family looking for more than just Disneyland.

Like thrilling rides? Or captivating exhibits and learning adventures? LA and its nearby areas have it all. There are so many things to do for all ages. Families can find a lot of fun, excitement, and learning close to Disneyland.

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