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Discover Culture at the Western Australian Museum

Ready to dive into Western Australia's rich history and bright Aboriginal culture? The Western Australian Museum is your go-to. It stands as the top cultural spot in the State. Its mission? To share the State's natural and social heritage in an engaging way.

This museum has more than 120 years of history. It houses WA's vast scientific and cultural collection, with over eight million items. From old artifacts to natural wonders, it's a gateway to exploring Western Australia's history and current life.

What makes the Western Australian Museum unique among Australian institutions? How does it honor Aboriginal culture? Plus, how can you join this exciting museum community?

We'll take you through the Western Australian Museum's amazing aspects. From its varied collections and engaging exhibits, to its focus on education. It welcomes history buffs, art fans, or anyone curious about Western Australia. There's something for everyone at the Western Australian Museum.

Visit the Western Australian Museum

The Western Australian Museum is a top spot for discovering Western Australia's history and culture. It has several locations with different exhibitions and collections. It's great for locals and visitors alike.

In Perth's Cultural Centre, you'll find the WA Museum Boola Bardip. It's a modern museum that shares Western Australia's unique stories. Visitors can enjoy interactive displays and exhibits about the area's history and today.

In Fremantle, there are two interesting museums to explore. The WA Maritime Museum offers a journey through the maritime history of the area. It has tall ships and interactive exhibits for sea lovers.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The WA Shipwrecks Museum is inside the UNESCO-listed Fremantle Prison. It tells stories of Australia's oldest shipwrecks. Visitors can learn about shipwrecks like the Batavia and uncover their secrets.

The Museum doesn't just stay in one place; it reaches across the state. In Albany, the Museum of the Great Southern explores the area's nature and social history. The Museum of Geraldton highlights the Midwest's cultural heritage. In Kalgoorlie, the Museum of the Goldfields shares stories of the gold rush.

For anyone interested in history, culture, or Western Australia's heritage, the Western Australian Museum is a must-see. Discover its wonders and gain a deeper understanding of Western Australia's history.

The WA Museum Member App

The Western Australian Museum offers a member app to upgrade your visit. With the WA Museum member app, enhance your visit, stay connected, and enjoy exclusive perks.

Store Your Membership

No need for a physical membership card. The WA Museum member app lets you store your card digitally on your smartphone. No more searching in your wallet or purse, it's all a tap away!

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The member app lets you easily store and access your museum tickets. Just open the app, and your tickets are there on your device. Forget about misplaced or forgotten tickets – they're always with you.

Exclusive Content and Offers

Members get access to exclusive content and offers through the app. Find out about behind-the-scenes, sneak peeks of new exhibitions, and special promotions. Stay informed about exciting events at the Western Australian Museum.

Pre-sale Tickets and Rewards

Being a member of the Western Australian Museum has its benefits. With the app, get pre-sale tickets before they open to all. Book your spot at popular exhibitions and avoid missing out.

Plus, members receive exclusive rewards and benefits. Enjoy discounts at the museum shop and special offers from partners. Being a WA Museum member brings you closer to culture and history.

Join the Western Australian Museum community and download the WA Museum member app today. Enjoy a better museum visit, access exclusive content, and get special rewards. Explore the Western Australian Museum in a new way.

Discover the WA Museum Collections

The Western Australian Museum houses a vast array of items. These items shine a light on Western Australia's nature and society. They are dedicated to keeping and sharing their collection, which is always growing.

Imagine seeing artifacts that take you back in time or natural wonders that amaze you. The WA Museum lets you explore Western Australia's history and beauty through its displays. Each object and exhibit tells a story of significance.

It's not just about things you can hold. The museum is moving with the times by digitizing its collection. Now, more people can see these wonders online. This digital step means the museum's treasures are just a click away, no matter where you are.

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“The WA Museum collections offer a captivating journey through Western Australia's history, allowing visitors to connect with the past and gain a deeper understanding of the region's cultural and natural heritage.”

Archaeological Artifacts

The museum has amazing archaeological finds. They give us a look at ancient Western Australia. You can see tools, ceremonial items, and more, sharing the earliest stories of local cultures.

Natural History Specimens

Meet Western Australia's wildlife and geology through the museum's specimens. You'll find fossils, shiny minerals, and animals. These exhibits reveal the area's rich biodiversity and its geological past.

Art and Cultural Objects

Dive into Western Australia's art and culture with the museum's collection. There are indigenous artworks and modern masterpieces. These pieces highlight the area's variety in art and tradition.

Photographic Archives

The museum's photo archives bring history to life. They capture landmark events, stunning landscapes, and cultural traditions. It's a powerful way to see how Western Australia has evolved socially and culturally.

Visiting the WA Museum collections is a rewarding adventure. It connects you with Western Australia's rich history and culture. The museum offers a world of learning, no matter what fascinates you.

Discover the WA Museum Collections

Collection Description
Archaeological Artifacts A diverse collection of indigenous tools, implements, and ceremonial objects that provide insights into the region's earliest inhabitants.
Natural History Specimens A captivating collection of fossils, minerals, and preserved animal specimens that showcase Western Australia's unique biodiversity and geological history.
Art and Cultural Objects An extensive collection of indigenous and contemporary artworks that celebrate the diverse cultural expressions and traditions of Western Australia.
Photographic Archives An extraordinary compilation of historical photographs that document significant moments, landscapes, and cultural events in Western Australia's past.

Education Programs at the WA Museum

Learn more about Western Australia's culture at the Western Australian Museum. These programs let students explore the stories and histories of the area's original inhabitants.

The Connection to Country program is central to our education efforts. It helps students understand various perspectives on historical and current issues. This experience makes students appreciate Western Australia's diverse cultures and histories.

Our programs aim to teach history and encourage critical thinking. Students gain respect for cultural diversity by engaging with indigenous stories and histories. This broadens their perspectives.

Students engage in hands-on activities and visit interactive exhibitions. They also go on guided tours. This connects them with Western Australia's culture in memorable ways. The activities support school lessons and offer valuable experiences beyond the class.

“The education programs at the Western Australian Museum have been truly eye-opening. My students have gained a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture and history through engaging activities and interactive exhibitions. It has been an enriching experience for both the students and myself.” – Educator testimonial

Highlights of the Education Programs:

  • An immersive learning experience through the Connection to Country program
  • Hands-on activities that bring history to life
  • Interactive exhibitions that engage and educate
  • Guided tours led by knowledgeable museum staff
  • Curriculum-aligned programs that complement classroom learning

Students who join the museum's education programs gain a deep appreciation for the indigenous people of Western Australia. They learn about the cultural diversity and history of the state. These programs help students develop respect for different views and a love for learning.

The Western Australian Museum and Aboriginal Culture

The Western Australian Museum works hard to celebrate and keep alive the rich Aboriginal culture of Western Australia. It does this through amazing exhibits, studies, and events that highlight Aboriginal peoples' important roles in the state's history and culture.

At WA Museum Boola Bardip, located in Perth's Cultural Centre, visitors are welcomed into a world full of stories, traditions, and the significant influence of Aboriginal people. The museum shows the unique cultural background of Aboriginal communities with hands-on exhibits, full-on experiences, and exciting multimedia shows.

One special exhibit at WA Museum Boola Bardip is “Connections.” This exhibit goes into the deep cultural practices of Aboriginal communities. It shows their strong ties to the land, sea, and sky. Guests will discover fascinating storytelling, beautiful art, and the importance of Aboriginal cultural traditions.

“Aboriginal culture is a key part of Western Australia's identity and past. The Western Australian Museum aims to honor and share this culture. It works to grow understanding and respect for the deep traditions and knowledge shared by Aboriginal people.”

The museum also works closely with Aboriginal communities across Western Australia. This ensures their stories and perspectives shape the exhibits. By working with Aboriginal elders, artists, and community members, the museum seeks to offer a true and welcoming view of Aboriginal culture.

Furthermore, the Western Australian Museum is dedicated to the ongoing study and recording of Aboriginal cultural practices. It partners with Aboriginal groups and scholars to help keep traditional knowledge alive for future generations.

Beyond its exhibits, the museum also hosts many public events that let visitors dive deeper into Aboriginal culture. These include guided tours, workshops, performances, and educational programs. All are designed to build a stronger connection to Aboriginal traditions, art, and history.


Through special , the Western Australian Museum lets people experience Aboriginal culture's beauty. These events are filled with traditional songs, dances, art, and stories. They invite visitors into the colorful world of Aboriginal culture.

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Take part in interactive workshops to learn traditional crafts like weaving or painting from skilled Aboriginal artists. This hands-on learning lets you touch the heart of cultural practices and admire the complexity of their artistry.

A guided tour by an Aboriginal guide at the museum can offer unique insights and personal tales. These guides make the exhibits more meaningful, focusing on the cultural stories behind the displayed items.

The Western Australian Museum’s Contributions

The Western Australian Museum is key in highlighting the value of Aboriginal culture. It helps raise awareness, encourages discussions, and helps people appreciate the rich variety of Aboriginal traditions and stories. By celebrating and preserving Aboriginal cultural heritage, the museum helps heal wounds, teach, and build bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.


  1. Western Australian Museum Official Website
  2. WA Museum Boola Bardip
Benefits Features
Engaging exhibits on Aboriginal culture Interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and immersive experiences
Community participation and collaboration Involvement of Aboriginal elders, artists, and community members in the exhibition development process
Aboriginal cultural programs Guided tours, workshops, performances, festivals, and cultural celebrations
Preservation and research Ongoing documentation and support for the preservation of Aboriginal cultural practices
Educational initiatives Opportunities for students and the public to learn about the rich traditions and history of Aboriginal culture

The Western Australian Museum and Maritime History

The Western Australian Museum is a key spot for learning about maritime history. It pays special attention to Fremantle. Here, the WA Maritime Museum and WA Shipwrecks Museum give you deep dives into the maritime history of Western Australia.

At the WA Maritime Museum, discover Western Australia's rich maritime past. See the famous Australia II yacht and learn about shipbuilding and navigation. The museum gives an exciting look into the region's history of sea exploration.

The WA Shipwrecks Museum takes you back to the times of Australia's oldest shipwrecks. See items from wrecks like the Batavia and Zeewijk. Hear stories of survival and tragedy that impacted Western Australia's maritime history.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonders forever.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The displays in both museums offer a special view on Western Australia's maritime past. They use immersive displays and stories to make you appreciate the sea's challenges and victories.

Learn about Western Australia's maritime past at the WA Maritime Museum and WA Shipwrecks Museum. Meet the brave and clever people who impacted this region's maritime history.

Uncovering Western Australia’s Maritime Past

Enter the WA Maritime Museum for adventure and exploration stories. You'll see:

  • Maritime artifacts like navigational tools, ship models, and old documents.
  • Interactive exhibits to feel what life was like on a ship and moving through the Southern Ocean's dangers.
  • An in-depth look at Western Australia's part in the world's maritime history, from early voyages to trade and modern shipping.

At the WA Shipwrecks Museum, experience:

  • A chance to see shipwreck relics from the ocean's depths, giving us a peek into history.
  • How maritime archaeology works to find and save these artifacts.
  • Personal stories of those on ill-fated ships and their struggles.

Whether you love history, the sea, or just learning, these museums offer a fascinating look for everyone.

Explore the WA Maritime Museum Discover the WA Shipwrecks Museum
Location: Victoria Quay, Fremantle Location: Cliff Street, Fremantle
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5pm, daily Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5pm, daily
Admission: Free entry, some special exhibitions may have an admission fee Admission: Free entry, donations appreciated

Start a discovery trip and jump into Western Australia's maritime history at the Western Australian Museum. From shipwreck tales to navigation arts, these museums guide you through a thrilling time journey.

Changes to the Maritime Archaeology Act

The Western Australian Museum has suggested updates to the Maritime Archaeology Act 1973 (WA). These updates are to match national laws, global standards, and new advancements in maritime archaeology. It's crucial for the museum to keep up-to-date, preserving Western Australia's precious underwater heritage.

Become a Member of the WA Museum

Join the Western Australian Museum and enjoy many perks. You'll get early tickets to shows and events, plus exclusive offers. By joining, you help preserve Western Australia's unique history and science.

“Joining the Western Australian Museum goes beyond access to our collections. It's about connecting with people who share your interests. You can explore new insights and be part of our history and culture's exploration.”

Membership benefits:

  • Access to behind-the-scenes information and insights
  • Pre-sale tickets to exhibitions and events
  • Exclusive special offers and rewards
  • Invitations to members-only events
  • Discounts at the museum store and cafe
  • Regular updates on upcoming exhibitions and programs

Being a member means joining a community passionate about our cultural and scientific legacy.

Experience the museum like never before. Join today and start your journey of discovery.

Western Australian Museum Membership

Join Today!

Membership Type Price Benefits
Individual $50 per year 1 adult admission, members-only events
Dual $90 per year 2 adult admissions, members-only events
Family $120 per year 2 adults + 3 children admissions, members-only events

Explore Western Australia with the WA Museum

Broaden your view and start an adventure with the WA Museum's WAnderland program. Discover Western Australia's secret spots while diving into its history and culture. This remarkable state has so much to reveal.

Discover Treasures at Victoria Museum of AustraliaDiscover Treasures at Victoria Museum of Australia

The WAnderland program lets you see unique collections and exhibitions. You can visit places like the Museum of the Goldfields with its huge ancient spiders. Or explore the Museum of the Great Southern's stories about the area's past and present.

Every museum gives you a special look at Western Australia's heritage. Dive into the displays and talk to expert staff. Discover amazing stories that will stick with you forever.

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