Explore the Essence of Art at Picasso Museum in Paris

Did you know the Picasso Museum in draws around 700,000 visitors each year? This amazing number shows how much people love Pablo Picasso's work and the captivating collection inside the museum. The museum is in the heart of Paris. It offers a special experience for art lovers. It gives a full look at Picasso's career and how his art changed over time.

The museum has over 13,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, and engravings. It features Picasso's masterpieces and works by other famous artists. You can see the groundbreaking “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” and the famous “Guernica.” The Picasso Museum lets you peek into the incredible mind of this important artist from the 20th century. Whether you really know art or just like seeing beautiful things, visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris will be an unforgettable and eye-opening adventure.

Picasso Museum Paris – In a Nutshell

Are you an art lover looking for an unforgettable Paris experience? The Picasso Museum is your ideal stop. It boasts over 5,000 artworks. These include paintings, sculptures, and engravings by Picasso and other artists.

The museum opened its doors in 1985, celebrating Pablo Picasso's vast influence. It invites visitors into a realm of art and innovation. Here, you can see how Picasso's work evolved over time.

The Picasso Museum, designed by Roland Simounet and Erik Dhont, sits at 5 Rue de Thorigny. Located in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement, it's easy for anyone to visit and explore Picasso's creations.

Opening Hours Ticket Prices
Tuesday – Friday: 10:30 AM to 6 PM €14
Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays: 9:30 AM to 6 PM Combo deal with Rodin Museum: €25.81
Last admission: 5:15 PM

Discover the magic of Picasso's art at this museum. It's perfect for art fans or anyone interested in Picasso's impact on art. A visit here is an enlightening, memorable trip into creativity.

Delve into Picasso's deep artistic world. Be moved by works like “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” and “Guernica.” The museum also offers tours that reveal Picasso's artistic journey. It provides varied and interactive experiences for all visitors.

Interested? Make sure you visit the Picasso Museum in Paris. Remember to book your tickets early. Get ready for a remarkable experience with one of the 20th century's iconic artists.

Why Should You Visit The Picasso Museum?

The Picasso Museum in Paris lets you dive into Picasso's personal world. You can see his art and works by famous artists. It displays his paintings, sculptures, and prints. Some well-known paintings there include “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” and “Guernica.” There are also “The Old Guitarist” and “The Weeping Woman.” The museum also offers guided tours. These tours help you understand Picasso's artwork and its importance. It's a great place for art fans to learn more about Picasso and modern art.

famous paintings at Picasso Museum

Love Picasso and famous artists? You must visit the Picasso Museum in Paris. This museum is filled with amazing creativity. On guided tours, experts will tell you stories behind the art. They explain Picasso's journey and work.

Seeing famous paintings is a main museum highlight. “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” shows a daring style. “Guernica” is a powerful, political piece. “The Old Guitarist” explores sadness and isolation. “The Weeping Woman” captures Dora Maar's emotional pain. She was Picasso's muse and lover.

Guided tours at the Picasso Museum offer a great experience. Expert guides explain the art and its background. You'll learn about Picasso's methods and the importance of his work. Whether you love art or just like it, these tours provide deep insights. They introduce the world of Picasso and modern art vividly.

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What Visitors are Saying

Visiting the Picasso Museum was a truly transformative experience. The collection of paintings and sculptures is breathtaking, and the guided tour was incredibly informative. I gained a new appreciation for Picasso's work and left the museum feeling inspired.

The Picasso Museum is a must-visit for art lovers. The guided tour gave me a deeper understanding of Picasso's life and artistic journey. The famous paintings on display are truly remarkable and left a lasting impression on me.

Plan Your Visit

To enjoy the Picasso Museum fully, book tickets early, especially during busy times. The museum is open Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 AM to 6 PM. On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, it's open from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. Join guided tours to learn more about Picasso's art.

Where Can I Get Tickets to the Picasso Museum Paris?

Looking to visit the Picasso Museum in Paris? You have a few ways to get tickets. You might choose a pre-planned tour. This includes your ticket and makes visiting easy. Or, you can buy tickets on your own to explore at your leisure.

Headout sells tickets for €14, which lets you skip the long lines. This saves time and lets you enjoy the art more. It's wise to book early, especially in busy seasons, to avoid missing out.

Buying your tickets online means you're set to go. Whether you love Picasso or just enjoy art, this museum is a must-see. Book your tickets early. Then, get ready to dive into Picasso's incredible art world.

Top 10 Artworks to See Inside the Picasso Museum Paris

The Picasso Museum in Paris is famous for its vast collection of art. It presents the brilliance of Pablo Picasso and other famous artists. As you walk through the museum, look out for these top 10 artworks. They show Picasso's different styles and his creative talent.

  1. Still Life with Chair Caning: This innovative work mixes painting and collage. It shows Picasso's creative methods.
  2. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon: A key piece in creating Cubism. This painting shows Picasso's brave move away from classic art norms.
  3. Guernica: A strong anti-war piece. This famous artwork shows the pain and suffering of civilians in the Spanish Civil War.
  4. Massacre in Korea: This compelling painting criticizes the Korean War. It displays the sad outcomes of violence and conflict.
  5. The Old Guitarist: A touching view of human suffering and spirit. This painting draws in viewers with its moving colors and subject.
  6. Dora Maar au Chat: A fascinating portrait of Picasso's muse, Dora Maar. It reveals the artist's skill in showing complex emotions.
  7. The Weeping Woman: A striking image of sorrow and pain. This piece communicates the shared feeling of grief with strong symbols.
  8. Girl Before a Mirror: This thoughtful painting delves into self-examination and identity. It offers insight into Picasso's interest in the human mind.
  9. Man with a Pipe: Reflecting Picasso's Blue Period, this sad image of a man explores themes like poverty and sadness.
  10. The Woman in the Garden: A bright and lively depiction of a peaceful scene. This artwork shows Picasso's skill with color and form.

Each masterpiece gives a different view into Picasso's artistic journey. They let you see his genius and lasting influence on the art world.

famous paintings at Picasso Museum

Plan Your Visit

When you plan to visit the Picasso Museum in Paris, knowing the opening hours is key. The museum opens from Tuesday to Friday, 10:30 AM to 6 PM. On weekends and public holidays, it's open from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. You must enter by 5:15 PM.

The museum closes on Mondays, December 25, January 1, and May 1. Yet, it welcomes visitors from 9:30 AM to 5 PM on December 24 and December 31.

It's a smart move to get there early. This helps you stay ahead of the crowds and enjoy your visit more.

Pro tip: Showing up right as the museum opens can really improve your visit. It means you can see the art without the crowds. This makes your visit feel more special and calm.

“I highly recommend visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris. The opening hours are convenient, and the museum offers a remarkable collection of artwork that spans Picasso's career. Plan your visit accordingly, and you'll have an unforgettable experience!”

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Best time to Visit Picasso Museum Paris

Planning to visit the Picasso Museum in Paris? It's key to find the best time for a great experience. The museum has many of Picasso's works. Picking a good time to go can make your visit better.

From October to April is the best period to visit the museum. The weather is nicer, which improves your visit. Crowds are smaller, so you can see the art without a rush. This calm setting is perfect for enjoying Picasso's works without hurry or long lines.

Also, visiting during these months can save you money on travel and hotels. This is because it's not the peak tourist time. So, things are cheaper, letting you spend more on enjoying Picasso's world.

“The best time to visit the Picasso Museum in Paris is from October to April, when the weather is milder and the crowds are fewer.” – Art enthusiast

But, if you love festive Paris, December is a great time. Paris gets festive decorations and markets in December. It's a joyful time to view Picasso's art.

No matter when you go, the Picasso Museum in Paris is a must-see. It has a big collection and the exciting city around it. It's sure to delight art fans everywhere.


  • October to April offers milder weather and fewer crowds
  • December provides a festive atmosphere in Paris
  • Cheaper flights and accommodation options during off-peak season

Insider Tips

Buying tickets before your visit to the Picasso Museum in Paris is smart. This move lets you bypass long lines, ensuring a smooth entry. Get a Paris Museum Pass or a timed-entry reservation for both time and cost savings.

It's wise to arrive early to steer clear of the crowds. This way you'll experience the museum more quietly and closely. Since Tuesdays usually see more visitors, choosing another day could enhance your visit.

Guided Tours

Those eager to learn more about Picasso and his art should not miss the Picasso Museum guided tours. Knowledgeable guides share fascinating details about Picasso's creative journey and his masterpieces. You'll leave with a richer understanding and greater admiration for both the artist and his work.

Exploring Surrounding Areas

Don't rush off after your museum tour. The Marais district around the museum is worth exploring. Known for its quaint streets, fashionable stores, and lively art presence, there's much to see. The nearby Place des Vosges is also a great spot for relaxation and people-watching.

Insider Tips for Visiting the Picasso Museum Paris
Buy tickets in advance to skip the lines and ensure a seamless entry to the museum.
Consider getting a Paris Museum Pass or a timed-entry reservation to save time and money.
Arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience.
Join a Picasso Museum guided tour for a deeper understanding of Picasso's art.
Explore the surrounding Marais district and visit the picturesque Place des Vosges.

Picasso Museum Paris Reviews

Visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris is an unforgettable trip for art lovers. It's known for its amazing collection and welcoming vibes.

Visitors praise the museum for how it displays Picasso's art. Each piece gets its moment to shine. Alongside the art, there are sculptures, photos, letters, and other items. They give a full picture of Picasso's art journey.

The museum has a cozy cafe with a lovely terrace. It's a great spot to relax and enjoy the view. The staff is also very helpful, offering tips and knowledge.

The gift shop is a hit with guests too. It sells beautiful Picasso-themed items, like ceramics. It's perfect for art fans wanting a piece of Picasso's world.

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All up, the Picasso Museum in Paris has earned high praise. It's a top spot for modern art lovers. The stunning art, the nice environment, and the kind staff make it a special place that honors Picasso's work.

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