Discover Art & Beauty at Maillol Museum in Paris

Did you know the Maillol Museum in has the biggest collection of Aristide Maillol's work? He was a famous French sculptor.

This museum is at 61 rue de Grenelle. It is a paradise for those who love art. It gives a peaceful and in-depth art and beauty experience.

Its large collection includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, terracotta pieces, and tapestries. This shows the wide range of Maillol's talent. It gives a full view of his artistic achievements.

The museum also has two big exhibitions each year. These explore different artistic styles from the 20th to the 21st century. It helps visitors see how art has changed and enjoy a wide variety of art styles.

If you're going to Paris, don't miss seeing the Maillol Museum. You'll get to see Maillol's stunning art.

A Broad Panorama of Maillol’s Works

The Maillol Museum in Paris is a must-visit for anyone interested in art. It offers a wide range of Aristide Maillol's works, including his famous sculptures, paintings, terracotta pieces, and tapestries. This museum is a true gem for those who admire Maillol's incredible talent.

The Maillol Museum showcases the diverse repertoire of this renowned French sculptor, highlighting his skill in reinventing modern sculpture and demonstrating his multitalented artistic abilities.

“The Maillol Museum is a treasure trove for art enthusiasts and admirers of Maillol's talent.”

Maillol's sculptures deeply impact all who see them. Their smooth curves and emotional depth are compelling. His paintings, too, with their fine brushwork and bright colors, tell fascinating stories.

At the Maillol Museum, every piece reflects Maillol's mastery and vision. It's a place where art lovers, regardless of their expertise, can enjoy seeing how Maillol's art evolved.

The museum invites you to delve into Maillol's creativity. You'll see his versatility across different art forms. It's a showcase of his willingness to push artistic limits and innovate.

Experience the breadth and depth of Maillol's artistic achievements at the Maillol Museum, an unparalleled cultural institution that celebrates the legacy of this extraordinary artist.

Get ready to be amazed by the stunning beauty and genius at the Maillol Museum in Paris.

Temporary Exhibitions and Artistic Currents

Dive into different artistic waves at the Maillol Museum in Paris. The museum not only shows Maillol's creations but also has two big exhibits each year. These explore art movements from the 20th to the 21st century.

These showcases let you explore art's changing world and appreciate various styles. From early modernism to today's art, every exhibit is a unique trip through art styles.

“The Maillol Museum is a dynamic platform for artistic exploration, constantly renewing its exhibitions to present visitors with a rich tapestry of artistic movements.”

Each show displays many art forms, like paintings, sculptures, and photos. It highlights both famous and up-and-coming artists. This gives a full view of today's art scene.

Upcoming Exhibition: “Celebrating Diversity: Artistic Expressions in the 21st Century”

The “Celebrating Diversity: Artistic Expressions in the 21st Century” is a much-awaited exhibit at the Maillol Museum. It will feature art that shows today's diverse and vibrant artistic styles.

The exhibit includes various art, from abstract to multimedia, focusing on many voices in art today. It invites guests to think and talk about today's important topics.

Don't miss the chance to see the future of art at the Maillol Museum in Paris. Visit and dive into the colorful world of modern art.

Access and Amenities

The Maillol Museum is easy to get to at 61 rue de Grenelle, Paris. You can take the metro to Rue du Bac station on Line 12. Or catch a bus on lines 63, 68, 69, 83, 84, 94, and 95. They all stop close by. The museum welcomes everyone, making sure those with disabilities can enjoy the art, too. Wheelchairs can go everywhere in the museum. This makes visiting enjoyable for everyone.

Don't forget to visit The Café des Frères Prévert inside the museum. It's a great spot to relax with yummy drinks and snacks. This café has a calm atmosphere perfect for thinking over the incredible art you've seen. Whether it's a coffee you're after or something sweet, The Café has what you need.

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disabled access at Maillol Museum in Paris

Museum Amenities Details
Location 61 rue de Grenelle, Paris
Access Wheelchair accessible
Metro Line 12, Rue du Bac station
Bus Lines 63, 68, 69, 83, 84, 94, and 95
Café The Café des Frères Prévert

Opening Hours and Late Night Opening

Are you planning to visit the Maillol Museum in Paris? It's good to know the museum's opening times and any late-night openings. This way, you can enjoy the art without rushing.

The Maillol Museum welcomes visitors every day from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. during exhibitions. You'll have plenty of time to see the amazing art, such as sculptures, paintings, and tapestries by Aristide Maillol.

The museum also opens later on Fridays, until 8:30 p.m. This gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful artworks.

Remember, the Maillol Museum is open during temporary exhibitions only. Always check if the museum is open before you visit. This way, you won't miss out on the great art.

By planning well, you can dive deep into Maillol's masterpieces. You'll learn about his legacy and see fascinating contemporary art.

Opening Hours Days Times
Regular Opening Hours Every Day 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Late Night Opening Fridays 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

So, get your visit planned right. Experience the beauty of Paris and the art of the Maillol Museum.

Continue to Section 6: Ticket Pricing and Reservation

Ticket Pricing and Reservation

To visit the Maillol Museum in Paris, you can buy e-tickets easily online. These tickets give you access to both the permanent and temporary collections. The price starts at €23.00 for each person, making it a great deal.

We suggest getting your tickets early to avoid missing out. The Maillol Museum is loved by many, and tickets sell fast. When you book online, you make sure you can get in. Plus, you can choose the best time for your visit.

At the museum, you'll see amazing works by Aristide Maillol. This includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, terracotta pieces, and tapestries. You'll also get to see temporary exhibits that showcase art from the 20th to the 21st century.

Don't wait any longer. Book your tickets now to explore Maillol's art and more at the Maillol Museum in Paris.

Ticket Type Price
Adult €23.00
Senior (65 and above) €18.00
Student (with valid ID) €14.00
Children (under 18) Free

Kids under 18 get in free, making it perfect for fun family visits. It's a chance to inspire everyone with beauty and art.

Book now to get your spot at the Maillol Museum in Paris. It's where you can see art come alive.

Special Exhibitions and Artists’ Works

The Maillol Museum in Paris does more than show the famous works of Aristide Maillol. It has temporary exhibitions on art from the 20th and 21st centuries. These exhibitions let visitors see the amazing works of modern artists and learn about today's artistic styles.

At the Maillol Museum, you can see a wide range of art by famous artists like Gauguin, Pierre Bonnard, Odilon Redon, Maurice Denis, Kandinsky, and others. The museum shows different types of art, from paintings to sculptures. This gives you a rich and varied art experience.

The Maillol Museum is full of different kinds of art. It shows not only Aristide Maillol's amazing work but also pieces from other great artists. Whether you like classic paintings or modern sculptures, the museum's special exhibitions take you on a fascinating art journey.

Highlighted Artists

  • Gauguin
  • Pierre Bonnard
  • Odilon Redon
  • Maurice Denis
  • Kandinsky

The Maillol Museum helps the art world by showing off the skills and creativity of artists from the past and today. Each exhibition offers a unique view that makes you think. It lets visitors connect with many types of art and understand the changing art scene in Paris.

Artists Artwork Medium Artistic Movement
Gauguin Paintings Post-Impressionism
Pierre Bonnard Paintings Post-Impressionism
Odilon Redon Drawings Symbolism
Maurice Denis Paintings Symbolism, Nabis
Kandinsky Paintings Abstract Art

Maillol Museum’s Grand Collection

The Maillol Museum in Paris is famous for its vast collection. It features works by Aristide Maillol and a wealth of 20th-century modern art. This collection includes stunning paintings, impressive sculptures, and detailed drawings from well-known artists.

The Multifaceted Collection

Step into the modern art scene at the Maillol Museum. You'll find Henri Rousseau's vibrant paintings and celebrate naive art with Bauchant and Bombois. There's also Rimbert's modern work to admire.

Experience the range from Seraphine's soft brushstrokes to the bold expressions of Vivin, Racoff, Peyronnet, and Desnos. This variety shows many styles and times.

Artist Artwork
Henri Rousseau Landscapes of Dreams
Bauchant Primitive Beauty
Bombois The Art of Simplicity
Rimbert Abstract Realities
Seraphine A World in Bloom
Vivin Exploring the Depths of the Mind
Racoff Reflections of Society
Peyronnet Shapes and Shadows
Desnos Fragments of Imagination

This mix of styles and skills brings out each artist's unique view. It gives visitors a full picture of modern art's depth.

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Rediscovering Modern Art

The Maillol Museum's collection helps you see the powerful impact of modern art. It shows how different art movements have influenced and inspired each other. This has shaped the art world of the 20th century.

Each piece of art shares a story. It captures the feelings, battles, and wins of its creator.

Explore the detailed work in a Vivin painting, or feel the energy in a Rimbert sculpture. Walking through the museum, you'll experience many emotions. This can spark your imagination and grow your love for modern art.

The Maillol Museum celebrates the lasting impact of art and human creativity. From Rousseau's bold strokes to Peyronnet's fine lines, every piece opens a door to a new world. Here, beauty, emotions, and thoughts come together.

Start an adventure at the Maillol Museum. Its impressive collection is waiting to amaze you and expand your view.

Current Exhibition: Miró Sculpteur

Explore the colorful world of Joan Miró at the Maillol Museum. The “Miró Sculpteur” exhibition is open from March 16 to July 31, 2011. It showcases Miró's sculptures, ceramics, and paper works, mainly from the Foundation Marguerite and Aimé Maeght.

This exhibition has 99 sculptures, 22 ceramics, and 20 works on paper. It dives into Miró's world of sculpture. His work is known for bright colors, organic shapes, and surreal touches. Each piece shows Miró's unique way of creating art.

“Miró's sculptures show movement and fluidity, and they capture his imaginative world. The exhibition offers deep insight into his artistic evolution and his impact on art.”

At the Maillol Museum, see Miró's unique vision come to life. His sculptures have curvy shapes and his ceramics show fine details. Every art piece makes one think about life and creativity.

Highlights of the “Miró Sculpteur” Exhibition:

  • 99 captivating sculptures showcasing Miró's mastery of form and texture
  • 22 ceramics reflecting Miró's playful experimentation with materials
  • 20 contemplative works on paper, providing insight into Miró's creative process

Don't miss “Miró Sculpteur” at the Maillol Museum, a chance to see the genius of a 20th-century icon. Dive into Miró's stunning sculptures, ceramics, and paper works. Discover the depth and beauty behind his creative expressions.

Recommended by Visitors

The Maillol Museum in Paris is a favorite among visitors. People love its beautiful exhibits and artistic treasures. It's a hidden jewel in the city, offering a special experience for art lovers.

Guests enjoy the calm setting of the museum. It's perfect for viewing the works of Aristide Maillol and other famous artists. The museum showcases sculptures, paintings, drawings, terracotta pieces, and tapestries, giving a broad look at the art world.

Walking into the museum feels like entering a new world of art. Maillol's work and that of other gifted artists are on display. It's a trip through art and history, opening your eyes to the beauty and depth of creativity.

For anyone interested in the Paris art scene, the Maillol Museum is a must-see. You'll be inspired and amazed by the exceptional artworks.

Visitor Testimonials

*”The Maillol Museum is a true hidden gem in Paris. The collection is breathtaking, and the museum's ambiance allows you to fully immerse yourself in the artworks. A must-visit for anyone with a love for art!”*

– Laura, Art Enthusiast

*”I was blown away by the Maillol Museum's collection. The sculptures are stunning, and the paintings are mesmerizing. It's a true reflection of the artistic genius of Maillol and other artists. Highly recommended!”*

– Mark, Culture Lover

Plan Your Visit

Before visiting the Maillol Museum, check the opening hours and current exhibitions on its website. Booking your tickets early ensures you get the time slot you want. Don't miss out on visiting The Café des Frères Prévert for a nice break.

Experience the wonder of the Maillol Museum in Paris. Find the hidden gems and dive into the world of beauty and art.

Maillol Museum in Paris

Visitor Recommendations

Recommendation Name
Hidden gem in Paris Laura
Captivating collection Mark

Plan Your Visit to Maillol Museum in Paris

Planning ahead is key for enjoying the Maillol Museum. Before going, check the museum's website for updates on exhibitions and when they're open. Book your tickets online to make sure you get in when you want. Don't forget to relax at The Café des Frères Prévert while there.

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The Maillol Museum in Paris is a treasure of art, showcasing Maillol and other modern artists. It's perfect for anyone interested in art. This place offers an experience you won't forget.

To really enjoy the museum, plan your trip carefully. Make sure you have enough time to see Maillol's sculptures, paintings, and more. Admire his famous works and explore art from the last two centuries. With good planning, your visit will be full of amazing art memories.

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