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Visit Madrid’s Premier Contemporary Art Museum

Imagine standing in front of a masterpiece, feeling its vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes. Your senses are captivated. You feel emotions stir within you, as if the artist's vision touches your soul. That's the power of contemporary art, and it's what the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid offers.

In Madrid's Malasaña & Conde Duque area, this top museum houses modern creativity and innovation. It's filled with thought-provoking installations and groundbreaking exhibits. The museum highlights Madrid's vibrant contemporary art and its impact worldwide.

With expedited entry, immerse yourself in modern art's wonder. Marvel at masterpieces by Spanish artists, including Picasso's Guernica. This painting powerfully shows the horrors of war. Seeing these works up close is moving.

The museum also honors international artists, adding diverse voices to the mix. From British pop art to Spanish graphic art, each piece offers a new perspective. It's a global celebration of contemporary art.

Exploring the museum is captivating not just for the art but also for its architecture. A glass elevator and modern touches blend with history, creating a unique space. It's a harmony of old and new.

Beyond the museum, the Malasaña & Conde Duque neighborhood is rich with culture. It has historic sites like the Antiguo Cuartel del Conde Duque and the Templo de Debod. There's much to discover.

Madrid brings art and history together, sparking imagination and creativity. Whether you love art or seek inspiration, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid offers an unforgettable journey. So, plan your visit and dive into the world of modern art.

Practical information

  • AddressS
    • Streetof the Count Duke, 9
    • 28015 Madrid
  • Telephone
    • ( +34) 91 480 17 66
    • Web
  • Times
    • Tue – fri: 10am – 2pm / 3pm – 9pm
    • Saturdays: 10am – 2pm / 5:30pm – 9pm
    • Sun – fest: 10:30am -2:30pm
    • Closed: Mondays, 1 and 6 jan, 1 may and 25 dec
  • Type
    • Cultural venues, Museums

Explore a Rich Artistic Heritage

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid showcases Spain's amazing contemporary artists. You'll see the famous works of Picasso and Salvador Dalí. There are also pieces by Juan Gris and Joan Miró.

This museum also has art from around the world. Madrid is a prime spot for art fans. They can find new and exciting artists here.

“The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

The Influence of Spanish Contemporary Artists

Spanish contemporary artists have huge impacts on the art world with their creativity. They mix Spain's traditional styles with new ideas. Their sculptures and paintings are full of vibrant colors and detailed work, leading viewers on an exploration journey.

in Spain

Spain's art scene is buzzing, with galleries all over the country. These places help artists share their ideas with everyone. In cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia, you will find various styles and techniques, showing the lively nature of Spanish contemporary art.


Art GalleryLocation
Prado MuseumMadrid
Reina Sofia MuseumMadrid
Guggenheim MuseumBilbao

These galleries are great for both known and new artists. They let you dive into the world of contemporary art. You'll see the beauty of Spanish contemporary art and meet artists who influence Spain's culture.

Marvel at Picasso’s Masterpieces

One of the key attractions at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid is its vast array of Pablo Picasso's art. The museum is home to Picasso's Guernica, a moving piece that depicts the terrors of war. It is recognized as one of his major works.

As you walk through the museum, you'll find an assortment of Picasso sculptures. Each one highlights Picasso's genius in three-dimensional art. You'll notice abstract and realistic forms, reflecting his journey with different materials and methods.

The museum also has an impressive set of Picasso drawings. These artworks provide a peek into Picasso's early ideas and drafts. The drawings showcase his incredible creativity and how he moved ideas from his mind to paper.

Seeing Picasso's creations in the museum, you'll feel his lasting effect on modern art. His artwork not only shows unique skills but also stirs deep emotions. Picasso has truly left a mark on the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid.

Spanish Artists and Their Impact

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid isn't just about Picasso. It also highlights other Spanish artists with a big influence. Artists like Juan Gris stand out with his unique geometric and cubist style. Visit the museum to see Gris's vision and his major role in art history.

Step into the imaginative world of Salvador Dali. His art makes us question what's real and dive deep into our minds. The museum has a collection that lets you see Dali's creativity. It shows the big effect he's had on the art world.

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See the fun and abstract art of Joan Miró. He's known for using bright colors and playful images. Miró mixes personal symbols with new art forms in the museum's collection.

Artists like Juan Gris, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miró have truly changed contemporary art. Their unique styles and ideas fill the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid with wonder. For anyone who loves art, this museum is a must-see.

These Spanish artists changed how we see art today. They've helped make Madrid a key place for creative and new art.

Spanish Artists at Museum of Contemporary Art Madrid

Notable Works by Spanish Artists

ArtistNotable Works
Juan Gris“Still Life with Guitar”
“The Bottle of Anis del Mono”
“The Table”
Salvador Dali“The Persistence of Memory”
“The Elephants”
“The Sleep”
Joan Miró“The Tilled Field”
“The Hunter (Catalan Landscape)”
“The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Paired Couple of Lovers”

International Perspectives on Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid showcases art from around the globe. You'll see temporary exhibits featuring famous artists. When you visit, you can enjoy works by Richard Hamilton, a major 50s pop artist from Britain.

This exhibit lets you see how different cultures influence and work together in art today. British pop art has shaped the art world's look and feel. Richard Hamilton's creations capture the energy and innovation of this style.

“Pop Art is: popular (designed for a mass audience), transient (short-term solution), expendable (easily forgotten), low-cost, mass-produced, young (aimed at youth), witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, big business”, Richard Hamilton.

The museum also highlights Spanish graphic art. It offers a fresh look at how art forms change. You'll see a mix of local and global art styles. This mix shows the rich artistic conversations happening in Madrid.

A Fusion of Modern and Historic Architecture

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid is a mix of art and architectural wonder. It started as a hospital in the 1700s. Now, it's a beautifully renovated space that merges history with modern style.

The Reina Sofia architecture mixes old and new in a stunning way, offering a unique experience. A remarkable feature is the glass elevator on the front. This elevator is not just eye-catching. It also gives visitors easy access and amazing views going up or down.

“The fusion of modern design with the historic structure shows how art and architecture grow together. It creates a perfect setting that makes exploring the museum's outstanding collection even better.” – Architectural Digest

Behind the museum, there are unique architectural additions. They perfectly combine with the original building. This combination creates an exciting space where history and modernity meet. Every architectural detail is chosen to highlight the art beautifully.

Make sure to see how old and new come together at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid. This combination enhances the museum's wide-ranging and stimulating art collection, offering a memorable and immersive journey.

Cultural Attractions in Malasaña & Conde Duque

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid sits in the lively Malasaña & Conde Duque area. It offers a mix of modern art and cultural spots. After the museum, explore the area to see more of what Madrid has in terms of history and art.

“Malasaña & Conde Duque neighborhood is a treasure trove of cultural attractions that will enchant art and history enthusiasts alike.”

Nearby Attractions

The Antiguo Cuartel del Conde Duque is close by and worth a visit. This historic building was once a military barracks. It shows off Madrid's architectural past.

Another must-see is the Palacio de Liria, an 18th-century mansion. It shows the life of Madrid's aristocracy with beautiful interiors and art by Goya and Velázquez.

Don't miss the Templo de Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple in Madrid. Gifted by to Spain, it offers peace and beautiful sunset views. It's loved by both locals and visitors.

“The attractions in Malasaña & Conde Duque add a touch of history and intrigue to your visit, making it an unforgettable cultural experience.”

Malasaña & Conde Duque attractions

Plan Your Visit

Plan well when visiting Malasaña & Conde Duque's cultural spots. Give yourself enough time to enjoy each site's beauty and history. Making a detailed itinerary helps you make the most of your stay in this vibrant area.

AttractionOpening HoursLocation
Antiguo Cuartel del Conde Duque10:00 AM – 8:00 PMPlaza del Conde del Valle de Súchil, 28015 Madrid, Spain
Palacio de LiriaBy guided tour onlyCalle de la Princesa, 20, 28008 Madrid, Spain
Templo de Debod10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PMCalle Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Exploring Malasaña & Conde Duque enriches your visit to Madrid's Museum of Contemporary Art. It also deepens your appreciation for Madrid's culture and history.

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Immerse Yourself in Madrid’s History

When you visit the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, don't miss the chance to see the city's rich past. Madrid has many historical sites that go well with modern art. It's a great mix of old and new.

Plaza de España

Begin at Plaza de España, a key square in Madrid. It celebrates Cervantes, who wrote Don Quixote. We saw its recent makeover, with amazing architecture and spaces for the public.

Museo Cerralbo

Near the Museum of Contemporary Art is Museo Cerralbo. It shows the luxurious 19th-century life of Marqués de Cerralbo. It has awesome art, old furniture, and cool artifacts.

This house lets you see how grand the past was. History fans will love it.

Museo de Historia

The Museo de Historia, once called the Museo Municipal, is another must-see. Its entrance is grand and starts your trip through Madrid's story. You'll learn about Madrid's big moments, famous people, and how the city changed over time.

Visiting Plaza de España, Museo Cerralbo, and Museo de Historia teaches you a lot about Madrid. It shows how history and modern art mix here. These places make your trip special by adding to Madrid's cultural story.

Unleash Your Creativity in Madrid

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid opens the door to creativity. Here, you can dive deep into the city's lively art scene. The museum's amazing collection and Madrid's cultural gems will fuel your creative fire.

Explore a Variety of Cultural Attractions

Madrid invites you to explore its diverse cultural sights. There's plenty for everyone, from art galleries to historic spots. Check out the Royal Palace's stunning architecture or stroll the historic district's quaint streets.

Madrid's rich cultural heritage provides a captivating backdrop for artistic exploration and expression.

Madrid buzzes with contemporary art, inspiring all who visit. The city boasts many galleries and spaces showcasing new and known artists. You'll discover art that touches your soul, whether it's traditional or cutting-edge.

Immerse Yourself in Madrid’s Contemporary Art Scene

Madrid's art scene shines with creativity and innovation. It draws artists and fans globally, creating a vibrant art community.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Madrid's contemporary art scene and engage with the works of local and international artists.

Enjoy art openings, exhibitions, workshops, and talks. Madrid lets you connect with others and see art from new angles.

Plan Your Visit to Madrid’s Premier Art Museum

Do not miss the Museum of Contemporary Art on your Madrid trip. It's a key part of the city's art world.

Experience the cutting-edge contemporary art exhibits that Madrid has to offer, and let your creativity soar in this vibrant cultural capital.

A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid is crucial for anyone. It's a chance to be part of the city's rich art and culture. Dive into Madrid's creative world.

Plan Your Trip to Madrid’s Premier Art Museum

If you're heading to Madrid, don't skip the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's a top museum in the city. The museum features modern and contemporary art, including Picasso. You will find exhibits that intrigue and inspire you.

Explore Madrid's art scene at the museum. See Picasso's famous Guernica and works by Juan Gris and Joan Miró. The museum also shows art from around the world. These temporary exhibits highlight famous international artists.

This museum is a must-see in Madrid, for art lovers and visitors alike. Admire its modern and historical architecture. Notice the unique design and glass elevator. It's in Malasaña & Conde Duque, close to other cultural spots.

Make sure to see the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid. It's a key part of Madrid's art museums. You'll love the modern art exhibits. First-time or returning visitors will find it memorable. It gives you a greater love for contemporary art.

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