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Discover Timeless Wonders at Singapore Antique Toy Museum

Ever felt nostalgia seeing an old toy from your childhood? A worn teddy bear or a beloved action figure can take you back. These toys remind us of the joy and innocence of early years. The Antique Toy Museum offers a chance to relive cherished memories. It's perfect for collectors or anyone wanting to awaken their inner child.

The Singapore Antique Toy Museum is like a time machine. It takes you through the history of toys. Enter its vibrant world to find vintage toys with unique stories. From robot warriors to cuddly teddy bears, every toy shows the craftsmanship of the past.

Exploring the museum's themed levels and interactive exhibits is exciting. You learn about the historical significance of toys and their cultural impact. It's an immersive experience. Rediscover the magic and wonder of toys that have lasted through time.

If you love antique toys, history, or just appreciate vintage toys' beauty, this museum is for you. Dive into nostalgia, embrace joy, and discover the timeless wonders waiting for you.

Journey of Rediscovery AR Guided Tour

The Journey of Rediscovery AR Guided Tour at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum offers special moments for families. It's a chance for kids to dive into a world of imagination and creativity. A skilled guide takes you through the museum's floors, showing off ancient toys.

Themes include outer space, famous characters, and beloved childhood toys. Kids get to use Augmented Reality (AR) Cards during the tour. It's a great mix of education, technology, and fun.

Engaging and Interactive

This tour is fun and interactive for everyone. A friendly guide leads you, offering insights into the toys' history. You'll see toys from space adventures to famous characters.

Every museum level offers a different slice of nostalgia. It's a journey through time with toys that tell stories.

An Augmented Reality Adventure

The AR feature is a big highlight. By using AR Cards, kids can bring the toys to life. It's like stepping into a magical world.

This cool tech makes the tour even more fun. It lets you see the toys in a totally new way.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination

The tour is designed to spark creativity in kids. By seeing the collection and trying AR, kids learn about storytelling. They're encouraged to think, link ideas, and be creative.

Join us on the Journey of Rediscovery AR Guided Tour. Experience the magic of vintage toys at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum. It's a chance to see toys in a new light and feel the joy of childhood again.

Le Petit Prince Tour

Join a magical hour-long journey at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum, inspired by Le Petit Prince. This tour takes you through vintage toys, each representing the Little Prince's story. You'll find everything from space-themed toys to childhood favorites and collectibles. It's a showcase of the book's wonder and imagination.

Rediscover Childhood Favorites

Relive favorite childhood moments with the Little Prince's whimsical toys. Generations have enjoyed these toys. They bring back the joy and memories of your own past. Let the vibrant colors and timeless designs take you back to a world filled with wonder.

Immerse Yourself in the Magic

Be amazed by the collection of vintage toys that embody Le Petit Prince's journey. Each toy has its own story, revealing the Little Prince's captivating world. The whimsical characters and iconic locations immerse you in the magic. They invite you to rediscover beloved moments from the book.

“All grown-ups were once children… but only a few of them remember it.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince

Celebrate the Legacy

The Le Petit Prince Tour celebrates the book's enduring legacy. It honors our connection to childhood innocence and imagination. This tour at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum keeps the spirit of Le Petit Prince alive. It ensures future generations can be inspired by its wisdom and beauty.

Highlights of the Le Petit Prince Tour:
Engaging displays of vintage toys inspired by the characters and themes from Le Petit Prince.
Interactive experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of the Little Prince.
A knowledgeable guide who shares fascinating insights and stories related to Le Petit Prince.
A chance to rediscover the magic of childhood and the timeless wisdom of the book.

Experience the magic of Le Petit Prince up close, surrounded by vintage toys that bring the story alive. Rediscover the joy of childhood favorites and experience the lasting magic of Le Petit Prince at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum.

Workshop: Augmented Reality Story-Colouring Books

Let your child dive into a world filled with creativity and fun at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum. They'll explore augmented reality story-colouring books that are more than typical colouring books. These unique books use augmented reality to make the stories and characters pop off the page.

The workshop uses the museum's vintage toy collection to inspire kids. They'll explore toys' world while colouring and creating stories. Every story teaches about space travel, history, and culture. This excites kids and makes them want to learn more.

At this workshop, kids will enjoy colouring and learn values like determination and confidence. They'll gain an appreciation for history too. These books blend vintage toys' charm with today's technology.

Why Choose AR Story-Colouring Books?

“AR story-colouring books merge hands-on colouring with digital tech. This mix boosts your child's creativity and teaches them important skills. It's a special and fun way for kids to learn and be creative.”

Kids can pick from four book titles at the workshop, each offering a different adventure. They could explore space or ancient civilizations. Each book is an exciting journey that sparks the imagination.

The augmented reality adds an extra layer of fun to colouring. By using a device, kids can see their coloured pages come to life. They can play with the characters, discover surprises, and even create their own stories. This boosts their storytelling skills and encourages them to imagine.

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By joining the workshop at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum, your child's creativity will reach new levels. It's a great way for you both to have fun and learn together.

Discover the wonder of augmented reality story-colouring books. Experience a magical world of history and creativity at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum.

AR Story-Colouring Books

MINT Museum of Toys: Redefining the Perception of Toys

The MINT Museum of Toys in Singapore attracts vintage toy lovers. It's filled with valuable collectibles from over 40 countries. The museum shares the importance of toys in a fun and interesting way.

Each piece in the MINT Museum tells its own tale. You can see old tin robots, antique dolls, superhero figures, and board games. These items cover different times and types.

“Toys are not just playthings; they represent a piece of history and cultural heritage. The MINT Museum of Toys aims to preserve and celebrate the magic that toys bring to people's lives.”

The museum is always adding new things and setting up special shows. It's great for anyone who loves toys, history, or exploring vintage collections. The MINT Museum of Toys is a top place to see in Singapore.

Step into a universe of vintage toys that spark creativity and wonder. See how toys have changed and learn about their impact. The MINT Museum of Toys is fun for both kids and adults.

Toy Collections at the MINT Museum of Toys

The MINT Museum has a wide range of vintage toys. You will find antique dolls, detailed model cars, rare action figures, and beautiful dollhouses. Each set shows how skilled and creative their makers were. Check out these collections:

  1. The Vintage Doll Collection
  2. The Classic Tin Toys
  3. The Robots and Space Toys
  4. The Model Cars
  5. The Teddy Bears
  6. The Dollhouses

Explore the fun history of toys at the MINT Museum. It's a fantastic collection that brings the magic of the past to life. Make sure you don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Visiting the MINT Museum of Toys is like a trip back in time. Its special collection fills you with happiness, imagination, and a sense of eternal charm. Plan your trip now and join the adventure of toys and play.

Top 6 Collections at the MINT Museum of Toys

The MINT Museum of Toys is a treasure chest filled with vintage toys. It offers the finest collectibles from the play world. Explore the rich history of toys that many cherish.

Are you into action figures, dolls, vehicles, or board games? The MINT Museum of Toys has a special treat for you. Here are the top 6 collections to check out:

1. Vintage Robots and Space Toys

  • Retro-inspired robots and space-themed toys spark the imagination and take you on cosmic adventures.

2. Classic Dolls and Accessories

  • This collection brings together iconic dolls from various eras, complete with beautiful costumes and accessories.

3. Antique Tin Toys

  • Discover the beauty of tin toys, highlighting the detailed mechanical designs of past craftsmanship.

4. Nostalgic Board Games

  • Relive cherished memories with board games that unite family and friends for fun.

5. Collectible Vehicles and Model Kits

  • See the evolution of transportation through detailed model cars, planes, trains, and vintage vehicles.

6. Childhood Memorabilia

  • Find childhood favorites here, including beloved characters, stuffed animals, and playsets that evoke nostalgia.

Dive into the world of vintage toys at the MINT Museum. Marvel at timeless toys and let your imagination soar. Each item has a tale, taking you back to when play was pure magic.

Start a historical adventure at the MINT Museum of Toys. Explore toy collections loved worldwide. Experience the charm and significance of these artifacts. Get ready for a journey filled with nostalgia at this unique museum in Singapore.

Guerrilla Pop-Up Event at the Mint Museum of Toys

The Mint Museum of Toys teams up with My Grandfather's Things for a unique event. It's a blend of art, fashion, and luxury. Visitors can explore vintage handbags and learn about craftsmanship.

This event showcases a curated collection of rare and discontinued styles of luxury handbags, including iconic classics like the Diana and Kelly.

Witness the blend of art with fashion through a selection of vintage handbags. Look closer at their details and design. These pieces stand out with their elegance and sophistication.

This pop-up is your gateway to luxurious discovery. Find something special for your collection or a bold accessory. It's a haven for fashion lovers, collectors, or anyone who values great craftsmanship. Catch it at the Mint Museum of Toys.

Each event ticket includes a complimentary botanical-themed cocktail or mocktail, adding a touch of luxury to your experience.

Explore stunning handbags while enjoying a botanical cocktail or mocktail. It adds to the event's unique atmosphere.

Event details:
Date: Date
Time: Time
Location: Mint Museum of Toys
Ticket Price: Price

Experience art, fashion, and luxury in one event. Enhance your senses and style at the Mint Museum of Toys' Guerrilla Pop-Up. Discover the beauty and sophistication of vintage handbags.

Mint Museum of Toys Pop-Up Event

Practical Information

Before heading to the Singapore Antique Toy Museum, it helps to know a few things. This info will help you enjoy your trip more.

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Visiting Information

Thinking about going to the Singapore Antique Toy Museum? Here are some tips:

  • Hours of Operation: The museum welcomes visitors from [hours of operation].
  • Admission Fees: You'll need to pay a fee to enter.
  • Ticket Purchase: You can buy tickets either online or at the entrance.
  • Location: Find the museum at [address].

Discover a world filled with nostalgic toys. It's a journey into the past you won't forget.

Museum Guidelines and Rules

Keep these points in mind for a great visit:

  • Be gentle with the toys. Only touch if you're allowed.
  • Check about taking photos. Some areas may have rules.
  • Adults must watch their kids closely.
  • Leave snacks and drinks outside.
  • Stay on the paths and be kind to others.

Following these simple rules makes the visit better for everyone.

Additional Information

Want to know more about the Singapore Antique Toy Museum? Check their website or get in touch with customer service.

Visiting Information Contact Details
Hours of Operation: [hours of operation]
Admission Fees: Pricing available on the museum's website
Ticket Purchase: Online or at the museum's ticketing counter
Location: [address]
Contact Email: [email]
Contact Number: [phone number]

Rediscover the Magic of Toys at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum

The Singapore Antique Toy Museum gives visitors a magical experience. It's like stepping back in time to rediscover the magic of toys. You'll see a huge collection of vintage and historical toys. The museum is filled with themed levels and interactive exhibits. It's perfect for toy enthusiasts, history lovers, or anyone seeking a special experience. This place will capture your imagination and fill you with wonder.

Wandering through the museum feels like time travel. You'll see how toys have evolved through history. There are timeless teddy bears, superheroes, and robots. The vintage toys show off creativity and the joy toys bring. You'll appreciate the detailed design of each toy. They truly bring stories to life.

The museum has themed levels that showcase different eras or genres. You'll see fairy tales and space exploration exhibits. These exhibits make historical toys come alive. You might see your favorite childhood toys or discover new favorites. It's a trip down memory lane that brings joy.

The museum also has interactive exhibits. You can play with the toys and learn their stories. There's information about antique toy collectors and the history of each toy. You'll learn how culture and society influenced toys over the years.

Explore the Singapore Antique Toy Museum and feel the joy of childhood again. Every toy tells a story. Through these stories, we connect to our own past and experiences.

The museum is great for antique collectors or families looking for fun. It offers a chance to dive into the magic of toys. Start your journey of exploration and discovery here.

This museum honors the craft and creativity of toy makers worldwide. It shows the rich cultural heritage in these timeless toys. Visiting is an unforgettable experience.

Plan a visit to the Singapore Antique Toy Museum. Relive the joy and wonder of past toys. The museum's collection takes you to a place of nostalgia and laughter. It's where imaginations are free and dreams become real.

Membership and Updates

If you love toys or often visit the Singapore Antique Toy Museum, we have something special for you. Our membership program is designed to make your experience even better. It's filled with benefits that will deepen your appreciation for these timeless treasures and the museum.

By joining, you become part of a unique community. Here's what you'll get:

  • Unlimited access to our extensive vintage toy collection
  • Discounts on merchandise and workshops
  • Priority access to special events and exhibitions

Keep up with the museum by following us on social media or signing up for our newsletter. You'll be the first to hear about new toys, upcoming events, and special offers.

Join us today and help support the museum's goal to celebrate and preserve toy history. Your membership lets you enjoy vintage toys like never before and make memories that last.

Image: A group of visitors enjoying the vintage toy collection at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum.

Contact Information

If you need help or have questions, the customer service at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum is here for you.

Feel free to email them at or call +65 1234 5678.

They can help you with questions about visiting, buying tickets, or the toy collection. The staff is always ready to help.

Please reach out for any info you need. Whether it's before or during your visit to the museum.

Get Ready to Be Transported to a World of Vintage Toys

Get ready for an amazing journey through time at the Singapore Antique Toy Museum. This museum is home to a wide range of vintage toys. It offers an experience that will catch the interest of everyone.

It's a great place for toy fans, those who love history, or families looking for fun. The Singapore Antique Toy Museum is a must-visit to dive into the magic of the past. Its unique exhibits and displays make vintage toys come alive, sharing their magic and wonder.

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The museum showcases everything from antique toy cars and trains to favorite characters and classic games. A visit to the Singapore Antique Toy Museum is a call to spark your creativity, bring back memories, and revive your passion for toys.

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