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Explore Art & History at National Museum of Singapore

Imagine stepping into a vibrant world where art comes to life. You'll find yourself where history is not just told but shown. Here, culture wraps around you like a warm embrace. That's the National Museum of for you. It's a special place for those who love art and history. Whether you live in Singapore or are just visiting, the museum offers a journey full of discovery, inspiration, and connections.

Walking through the National Museum's iconic halls is an adventure. Each step reveals art exhibits full of life and culture that catches the eye. Every artifact has its own tale, each painting stirs feelings, and every turn shows Singapore's rich past.

At this museum, the past and present blend beautifully. This mixture creates a memorable experience that touches your soul. The National Museum is not just any museum. It's a gateway to history and a window to today's art.

If you're interested in Singapore's history or love art exhibitions, this museum is perfect for you. The National Museum of Singapore is ready to greet you warmly.

Discover history, dive into art, and go on a journey that changes you at the National Museum of Singapore. Let this amazing place spark your curiosity and fuel your love for art and history.

Discover the History of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is full of stories. It covers a journey of over 700 years. Here, you can explore Singapore's history from the start to its current status.

Visit the National Museum of Singapore for a journey through the country's heritage. It has historical artifacts that show the life of Singaporeans over time. This journey through history is fascinating.

Discover the life of Singapore's early settlers. Learn about the hardships during colonial times and see the milestones that shaped the nation. The museum shows everything from old relics to personal items, making history come alive.

“The National Museum of Singapore takes you through the nation's journey,” says Dr. Tan Wei Li. “See ancient artifacts, read stories of success and struggle, and understand Singapore's historic importance.”

Don't miss the recreated period rooms at the museum. They show how Singaporeans lived through history. Step into these rooms, feel like you're in another time, and see the detailed furnishings.

Exploring Historical Artifacts

The National Museum has an impressive collection from all ages. You'll see artifacts that tell stories about life, culture, and big events in Singapore.

One special item is a rare Peranakan wedding dress. It highlights the beautiful mix of Chinese and Malay traditions in Singapore.

You will also find ancient maps and tools showing Singapore's role in sea trade. These pieces help us understand Singapore's key location and its link to the sea.

Artifact Time Period Significance
Ancient Pottery 13th-14th century Provides insights into early trade and cultural exchange in the region
Colonial-era Photographs 19th-early 20th century Glimpses into Singapore's transformation under British colonial rule
Japanese Occupation Documents 1942-1945 Illustrates the hardships faced by Singapore during World War II

Seeing these artifacts helps visitors appreciate Singapore's rich past and its people's strength over time.

Immerse Yourself in Art Exhibitions

The National Museum of Singapore is a great place not just for history buffs, but also for art lovers. Here, you can dive into a world of incredible art. The museum hosts amazing art exhibitions. These showcase both classical and modern art forms.

Contemporary Art Exhibitions

You will find everything from classic paintings to modern installations. There's a wide range of art to see. Let the creativity and beauty dazzle you as you explore contemporary art.

“Art is how we express our souls. It connects us with our feelings, thoughts, and the world. The National Museum of Singapore's art exhibitions let artists share their views and push limits. This sparks conversations and inspires fresh ideas.”

Enriching Exhibitions

The National Museum of Singapore's art exhibitions are designed to inspire and provoke thought. They feature works by artists from home and abroad. These exhibitions show the varied and vibrant world of modern art.

Are you into abstract art that stirs deep feelings? Or interactive pieces that make you see things differently? Or even experimental art that breaks new ground? The museum's art exhibitions have something for everyone.

A Varied Showcase

The museum's art exhibitions explore many themes and styles. Visitors can see different sides of modern art. From bold displays to introspective installations, each exhibition offers a fresh viewpoint.

Explore History at Museum of Asian CivilizationsExplore History at Museum of Asian Civilizations

Discover the stunning colors, amazing details, and new ideas in contemporary art. Interact with the artworks, think about their messages, and let them take you to new places of creativity.

Plan Your Visit to the Art Exhibitions

Don't miss the art exhibitions at the National Museum of Singapore. Plan ahead by checking the museum's events calendar. This way, you know which exhibitions are happening and can plan your visit.

Make sure you have enough time to really get into the art. Let the creative vibes surround you. Take time to enjoy each artwork, learn about the artist's goals, and get the context of the works.

Exhibition Date Theme
Artistic Encounters: Making and Unmaking Southeast Asian Modernism June 1, 2022 – September 30, 2022 Reimagining modernism in Southeast Asia
Expressions of Identity: Portraits from Around the World July 15, 2022 – October 31, 2022 Exploring diverse identities through portraiture
Unleashed Imagination: Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition August 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 Pushing the boundaries of sculpture

An art exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore is more than just showing creativity. It's a chance to open your mind, spark your imagination, and see things from new viewpoints. Let the beauty and depth of modern art move and inspire you.

Visitor Information and Events Calendar

Planning your trip to the National Museum of Singapore is now a breeze. They offer info to help you get the most from your visit.

Visitor Information

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults: $10
  • Seniors (60 years and above): $5
  • Students (with valid student ID): $5
  • Children (6 – 12 years old): $5
  • Children below 6 years old: Free


  • The museum is easy to navigate for wheelchair users, with ramps and elevators.
  • There are accessible restrooms.
  • Guide dogs are welcome on the museum grounds.

Events Calendar

Keep up with the latest events at the National Museum of Singapore. They host various exciting activities, workshops, and shows all year round.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Art Workshop: Discover Your Creative Side – July 15th, 2022
  2. Guided Tour: Exploring Singapore's History – July 20th, 2022
  3. Special Exhibition: The Art of Nature – July 25th to August 10th, 2022
  4. Artist Talk: Contemporary Art in Singapore – August 5th, 2022
Date Event Time
July 15th, 2022 Art Workshop: Discover Your Creative Side 2pm – 4pm
July 20th, 2022 Guided Tour: Exploring Singapore's History 10am – 12pm
July 25th to August 10th, 2022 Special Exhibition: The Art of Nature All day
August 5th, 2022 Artist Talk: Contemporary Art in Singapore 6pm – 7pm

Take a Virtual Tour

Can't visit the National Museum of Singapore in person? No problem! You can still explore their exhibits and collections with a virtual tour. Simply take a walk through the galleries from your home.

This tour lets you experience the rich culture of Singapore online. Enjoy interactive exhibitions and learn about the country's heritage.

virtual tour of National Museum of Singapore

Start a visual journey through the museum's stunning halls. With the virtual tour, look closely at each exhibition. You can zoom in on artifacts and admire famous artists' brushstrokes.

Discover at your own pace. The virtual tour is interactive, providing more information about exhibits. Take your time to enjoy high-resolution images and read about the artwork.

“The National Museum of Singapore's virtual tour brings arts and history closer to everyone. It connects people worldwide to Singapore's culture, no matter where they are.”

Online Exhibitions

The National Museum of Singapore also has online exhibitions. View these from your home and dive into Singapore's cultural diversity.

These themed exhibitions showcase Singapore's art and history. They range from traditional artifacts to modern art. Learn about the stories behind each piece and appreciate Singapore's heritage more.

If you can't visit the museum or prefer staying home, these online experiences are perfect. They offer a journey through Singapore's art and history that you can enjoy from anywhere.

Museum Restoration and Upgrading Works

The National Museum of Singapore is upgrading parts of its building. This is to keep Singapore's culture safe and well-displayed. The goal is to make visits better and keep the collections safe for a long time.

Even with the upgrades happening, the museum is open. There are lots of exhibits and events to check out. Some parts are closed, but there's still a lot to see.

Discover Peranakan Culture at the Peranakan Museum!Discover Peranakan Culture at the Peranakan Museum!

You can see amazing historical items and art at the museum. There are stories from Singapore's past and new, creative art to look at. It's fun for everyone.

The museum offers special tours about the upgrades. You can learn how they take care of the museum's items on these tours.

When you visit, think about all the work it takes to keep history alive. Seeing the upgrades can help you appreciate Singapore's culture even more.

Temporary Closures

Some parts of the museum are closed for now. This is to keep everyone safe while they work on making the museum better.

Here are the details on what's closed:

Section Closure Period
Galleries A and B June 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Even with these closures, the museum has a lot to offer. There are many other galleries and . The museum works hard to make every visit worthwhile.

Visit the National Museum of Singapore to see the upgrades yourself. Dive into the rich history and art, and learn what makes Singapore special.

Marvel at the Architecture

When you enter the National Museum of Singapore, its architecture will catch your eye. It combines old and new styles beautifully. The classic building connects with a modern glass and metal extension. It's stunning. Take a moment to enjoy the architectural beauty around you.

The museum's architecture blends history with modernity. Its grand facade has majestic columns and detailed work. It honors the museum's history and cultural heritage. The building reflects colonial architecture and honors Singapore's past.

The modern extension shows Singapore's innovation. It has a sleek design of glass and metal. This creates a sharp contrast with the old building. It symbolizes Singapore's forward-looking spirit.

The museum's inside has bright galleries. Modern design lets in lots of natural light. This is perfect for displaying art and historical items.

If you love architecture, or just enjoy beautiful buildings, you'll be amazed here. The mix of old and new shows Singapore's growth. It connects the past and the present in a unique way.

Take your time exploring the museum. Enjoy the incredible atmosphere its design creates. Every visit can show you something new. You'll see how tradition and innovation can come together.

Free Admission for Singapore Citizens & PRs

If you're from Singapore, you're in for a treat! The National Museum of Singapore lets you in for free. This is for their permanent galleries. You get to see your country's history and art without paying.

The museum wants to boost cultural awareness and heritage. It opens its doors for free to locals. This way, it hopes everyone will explore Singapore's history and culture.

This is an amazing chance for you. The museum has everything from old artifacts to modern art. There's lots for you to see and learn.

“The National Museum of Singapore's commitment to providing free admission to Singapore citizens and PRs allows us to truly experience and appreciate our country's art and history. It's an invaluable opportunity for locals to connect with their heritage.” – Michelle Tan, Singapore PR

This is your chance to dive deep into your cultural roots. The museum has ancient stories and the latest art scenes. There's a lot for you to uncover.

Plan a visit today and embark on a journey of discovery at the National Museum of Singapore!

Plan Your Visit with the Itinerary Planner

Visiting the National Museum of Singapore? Make sure you see all the incredible exhibits and programs. The Itinerary Planner helps you plan your day. It lets you create a schedule that fits your interests.

With the Itinerary Planner, discover must-see exhibits and programs. You can filter exhibitions and programs to match your interests. This way, you'll focus on the history and art that fascinate you the most.

Visit National Gallery of Singapore Today!Visit National Gallery of Singapore Today!

Creating your personalized itinerary is simple. Just pick the exhibits and programs you like. The Itinerary Planner takes care of the rest. Now, you can enjoy your visit without missing any displays at the museum.

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