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Ever felt the magic of art? How a painting can touch your heart and take you to a different place? The National Gallery of gives you an amazing journey into the world of art. It will spark your love for art and make you want more.

Step into a place where creativity has no limits. The National Gallery is full of artistic treasures. It's a place to express yourself and find inspiration. You will be amazed by the beauty and emotions in each piece of art.

The National Gallery welcomes everyone. Whether you love art, are just visiting, or enjoy seeing beauty, you'll find something special here. It has modern works and classic pieces from Singapore and around the world. It shows how art can bring us together.

Dive into a world where art speaks directly to you. Let the beauty of paintings and sculptures enchant you. Feel the emotions and stories behind each creation.

Art has the power to unite and inspire us. It reaches deep inside us, bringing out feelings and ideas. The National Gallery invites you to see this for yourself. It offers a chance to explore, think, and connect in new ways.

Don't wait any longer. Give your senses a treat and start an art journey unlike any other. Visit the National Gallery of Singapore. Let art take you to places you've never imagined.

Plan Your Gallery Trip

Before you visit the National Gallery of Singapore, make sure to plan ahead. The gallery opens daily from 10am to 7pm. Singaporeans and PRs can enter for free, but it's best to book your tickets online. This way, you secure your spot and enjoy a great visit, thanks to the online Art Journey feature.

The National Gallery of Singapore is open every day. This gives you lots of time to see the amazing art and dive into Singapore's lively art scene. Its doors are open from 10am to 7pm. So, you have the whole day to enjoy art and culture.

Gallery Hours Admission and Ticket Sales
Monday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

Remember, ticket sales at the National Gallery Singapore end 30 minutes before closing. Get there early to avoid missing out. Book your tickets online to skip the lines and ensure a smooth visit. You'll also get to use the gallery's Art Journey feature when you book online.

The National Gallery's Art Journey feature is super easy to use. It lets you tailor your visit, check out exhibitions, and buy tickets easily. Use this online tool to enjoy your visit fully. Don't miss the best parts of the gallery with the help of the Art Journey.

Planning ahead is key to a great visit to the National Gallery of Singapore. Don't miss the chance to see Singapore's artistic treasures and stunning pieces in the gallery. Use the gallery hours and the Art Journey online to enhance your visit.

New Seamless Experience

The National Gallery of Singapore is always working to make your visit better. We want you to feel welcome, guided, and connected to Singapore's exciting art scene. By using new tech and putting together great exhibitions, we make sure you have a great time.

When you come to our gallery, you'll find interactive displays that make art come alive. We have a wide range of art shows that highlight Singapore's art history and new talent. Our exhibitions take you on an exciting journey, from old art to the modern day.

Our signature Art Journeys let you tailor your visit to your interests. These tours help you understand the art and their cultural importance deeply. They're perfect for everyone, from art lovers to new visitors.

“The National Gallery of Singapore provides a seamless and immersive experience that celebrates the rich artistic heritage of Singapore. From the moment you step through the doors, you are transported into a world of creativity and inspiration.” – Art Enthusiast Magazine

We want to make exploring our large museum easy. That's why we have a handy mobile app. It helps you find your way around and learn about the artworks. The app has interactive maps and reminders for events and exhibitions too.

We think everyone should enjoy art. Our gallery is welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. We have tours for those with visual impairments and workshops for families and kids. We're dedicated to making art accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Come to the National Gallery of Singapore for a unique art experience. Dive into the local art scene, check out our exhibitions, and go on personalized art journeys. Every visit is a chance to explore Singapore's culture and art expressions.

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Getting Here

Want to visit the National Gallery Singapore? It's easy to get to this key cultural spot in Singapore's center.

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Buses and the MRT are smart choices if you like using public transport. The closest MRT stop is City Hall, a brief walk from the National Gallery. It's a snap for both local folks and visitors.

If you're driving or grabbing a taxi, you can pull up at the Coleman Street entrance. There, you'll find a special taxi zone and a spot to hop out smoothly.

The National Gallery helps visitors with easy-to-follow directions and maps on their site. With these tools, your trip to the venue will be simple and straight to the point.

Start your journey to the National Gallery Singapore, a spot that's not hard to find and get to. Whether on public transit or driving your own car, arriving is straightforward. Just use the clear directions given, and get ready to dive into a world full of art and stunning architecture.

Gallery Etiquette

It's key to follow gallery etiquette when you visit the National Gallery of Singapore. This ensures everyone has a good time. Following these rules helps protect the art and keeps the environment nice for all visitors.

Respect the Artworks

The National Gallery Singapore showcases important art that reflects Singapore's cultural heritage. Please don't touch the art, even if your hands are clean. It's best to enjoy the art from a distance and let others do the same.

Food and Beverages

Don't bring food or drinks into the galleries. There are special areas inside the gallery where you can eat and drink. Please use these areas for enjoying your snacks to avoid accidents near the art.

Dress Comfortably

There's no strict dress code at the National Gallery, but comfort is suggested. The gallery is kept cool, so you might want a light jacket or sweater to stay warm as you explore.

Bag Inspections and Lockers

Bag inspections can happen at the gallery's entrance to keep everyone safe. For a better visit, use the lockers provided for large items. This way, you can explore the gallery easily without carrying too much.

Accessibility and Strollers

The National Gallery of Singapore can be accessed by wheelchair users. Most areas allow strollers, making it easier for families with little kids to see the exhibitions together.

Gallery Etiquette Guidelines
1. Respect the artworks; avoid touching them.
2. Food and drinks are not allowed in galleries; consume them only in designated areas.
3. Dress comfortably; consider bringing a light jacket or sweater.
4. Bag inspections may be conducted; lockers are available for bulky items.
5. The gallery is wheelchair accessible; strollers are permitted in most areas.

Photography and Sketching Guidelines

When you visit the National Gallery of Singapore, it's crucial to follow certain rules. These rules are for taking photos and drawing. They help protect the art and make sure everyone has a good time. Please stick to these guidelines:

Photography Guidelines

  • Using flash, recording videos, and using selfie sticks or tripods are not allowed in the galleries. This rule helps keep the area calm and free from distractions.
  • Taking photos without flash for personal use is okay in most of the gallery, except in special exhibit areas. You're encouraged to take pictures of your visit and share them with your loved ones.

Always be mindful of others when taking pictures. Make sure you do not block ways or the view of the art. This makes sure everyone enjoys their visit.

Sketching Guidelines

If drawing is your thing, the National Gallery of Singapore welcomes you to draw inside. Here are some things to remember:

  • Drawing is allowed with pencil in regular-sized sketchbooks. This way, you can take your time to capture the art's beauty and details.
  • But, do not use charcoal, pastel, markers, watercolors, or oil paint for drawing. These can harm the art or the building.
  • Stools are available to borrow if you need to sit comfortably while drawing.
  • If your group wants to draw together, please let the gallery know beforehand. This way, they can arrange everything smoothly.

By respecting these rules, you help preserve the art and enjoy drawing at the gallery. Have a great time exploring and being inspired by the famous artists featured in the gallery!

Your Experience At The Gallery

The National Gallery of Singapore offers a wide range of experiences. Whether you're local or a tourist, visiting this art museum is memorable. You can enjoy incredible artworks, exhibitions, and dive into Singapore's art scene.

The gallery creates a perfect space for art appreciation. As you see the artworks by famous artists, you'll be amazed by their creativity. The National Gallery displays Singapore's cultural heritage and talent through various art forms.

“Visiting the National Gallery of Singapore was unforgettable. I was mesmerized by the artworks and learned about Singapore's culture. The welcoming environment made my visit enjoyable.” – Visitor

At the National Gallery, you can view art alone or with others. Take your time exploring and understanding each artwork. Join guided tours and workshops for a deeper insight. The gallery's interactive exhibits offer unique experiences.

During your visit, you'll feel surrounded by creativity. The National Gallery shows Singapore's dedication to its culture. It's a place to learn, appreciate, and find inspiration in art.

Don't miss the National Gallery when you're in Singapore. It's perfect for art lovers or anyone curious about culture. Your visit is sure to be enriching and memorable.

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Explore the Gallery’s Highlights:

  • Admire the iconic architecture of the gallery building, which combines two historic buildings, the former Supreme Court and City Hall.
  • Discover masterpieces by renowned artists such as Raden Saleh and Georgette Chen.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant contemporary art scene of Singapore through special exhibitions.
  • Engage with the gallery's programs, including artist talks, workshops, and film screenings.

COVID-19 Enhanced Measures

The National Gallery of Singapore puts your safety first. We've added more safety steps due to COVID-19. Our goal is to keep the gallery a safe place for everyone.

We now clean and disinfect more often. Surfaces that people touch a lot get extra attention. This effort helps everyone feel secure as they see our wide range of artwork.

To avoid crowding, we control how many people can enter. This way, you can enjoy the art while staying safely apart from others.

Following government rules, all visitors must wear masks. This helps stop COVID-19 from spreading in the gallery. It makes the space safer for all.

We're always updating our safety rules to match new advice from the government. We want you to have a safe, fun visit to the National Gallery of Singapore.

National Gallery Singapore COVID-19 Enhanced Measures

Thanks to these steps, the National Gallery of Singapore is a safe spot for enjoying art. You can visit, knowing we're committed to your well-being, whether you're a local or a visitor.

Other Cultural Attractions in Singapore

Singapore shines with vibrant cultural spots. The National Gallery of Singapore is a key stop for art lovers. Yet, there's more to see and do. The city is filled with places that celebrate its culture. They offer exhibitions, performances, and events. They suit different tastes. Exploring these venues will enrich your experience of the city's culture. Whether you're visiting or live here, you'll find something to love.

Asian Civilisations Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum is a gem by the Singapore River. It showcases art and culture from across Asia. You'll see sculptures, textiles, and more from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Islamic world. This museum offers a deep dive into Asia's history and traditions.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay stands out in the arts scene. It hosts concerts, theater, dance, and festivals. Its durian-like shape is iconic. The venue is a stage for both local and global talents. It highlights Singapore's lively performing arts.

Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall

Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall mark Singapore's cultural map. The Victoria Theatre's impressive look and cozy interior host theater shows. The Victoria Concert Hall is known for classical music and recitals. These venues are stages for artists worldwide. They entertain and inspire audiences.

The Arts House

The Arts House sits in a restored colonial building. It's an arts center with varied programs and shows. It holds literary events, art exhibits, performances, and workshops. This place connects artists and the community. It uses the arts to inspire and engage visitors.

Attraction Description
Asian Civilisations Museum A comprehensive collection of Asian art and artifacts showcasing the diverse cultures of Asia.
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay A vibrant performing arts center hosting concerts, theater productions, and festivals.
Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall Historic venues for theatrical productions and classical music performances.
The Arts House A multidisciplinary arts center hosting literary events, art exhibitions, and workshops.

These spots, including the National Gallery of Singapore, highlight Singapore's arts scene. They offer visual and performing arts. Visiting them deepens understanding and appreciation of Singapore's culture and art. Whether you love visual arts, performing arts, or both, these venues are gems to explore.

Festival Promotions

The National Gallery of Singapore is known for its wide range of special . These celebrate art and culture. Visitors get to experience the gallery's exhibitions and programs. They also enjoy exclusive promotions and incentives.

During these festivals, the National Gallery offers many exciting events. These include art workshops, live performances, artist talks, and interactive exhibitions. It's a chance for art lovers and casual visitors to dive into Singapore's vibrant art scene.

To learn more about the upcoming festivals and their schedules, download the festival brochure. You can get it from the National Gallery's website. This brochure gives detailed info on events and promotions during the festivals.

Make the most of your visit with these festival promotions. They are for everyone – whether you live in Singapore or are just visiting. These special events promise a rich and memorable experience.

Festival Promotions
ArtFest Discounted admission tickets
Exclusive guided tours
Art workshops for all ages
Cultural Extravaganza Special performances
Food and beverage discounts
Souvenir discounts
Heritage Celebration Talks by renowned historians
Heritage-themed art exhibitions
Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs


The National Gallery of Singapore is a top-notch art museum. It shows the history and innovation of the art scene in Singapore. It's a key cultural spot everyone should see.

Visiting the National Gallery is enlightening and exciting. It offers a look into Singapore's art with its vast collection. This place is great for both locals and tourists who love art.

Dive into Singapore's vivid art world at the gallery. It has everything from modern pieces to traditional art. The National Gallery takes you on a captivating trip through Singapore's culture. You will love the famous collection and the creativity it shows.

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The National Gallery of Singapore is a place where new meets old perfectly. It invites you into a creative and culturally rich world. Discover the beauty of Singapore's art scene here. The gallery impresses all, from art lovers to first-time visitors.

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