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Discover the Swedish American Museum in Chicago!

Are you curious about the Swedish culture in 's heart? The Swedish American Museum in Andersonville, or “Little Sweden,” celebrates Sweden's rich traditions. It is a vibrant hub in the Windy City.

What makes the Swedish American Museum so special? It offers a unique look at Swedish heritage in Chicago. From exhibits to programs, this museum is a top pick for anyone loving culture and history.

Experience Swedish Heritage

Step into Chicago's Swedish American Museum to discover the rich heritage of Sweden. You'll find activities that highlight Swedish culture and history. From community events to art displays, there's fun for everyone.

Community Events

The museum hosts exciting Swedish community events. Engage in the Scandinavian Jam, where musicians celebrate Swedish tunes. The annual gathering also unites the community around their heritage. It's your chance to meet others who love Swedish culture.

Art Exhibits

Witness Swedish art at the museum's changing exhibits. It shows works by Swedish and Swedish-American artists. As you walk through the gallery, the artistry and imagination will amaze you.

“The Dream of America: Swedish Immigration to Chicago” Exhibit

“The Dream of America: Swedish Immigration to Chicago” exhibit is truly moving. It shares tales of Swedish immigrants' move to Chicago through objects, photos, and stories. Learn about their struggles and achievements. This exhibit makes history come alive.”
– Museum Visitor

H3 For the Opening Days and Hours

H3 For Programming and Exhibits

The Swedish American Museum has a lot to offer. Swedish community gatherings unite people in celebration. Swedish art displays highlight the creativity of artists. Don't miss “The Dream of America: Swedish Immigration to Chicago.” It delves into the stories of immigrants shaping the city. A must-see experience!”
– Museum Enthusiast

Visit for a community event, art exhibit exploration, or a dive into Swedish history. The Swedish American Museum invites you into Swedish culture. Enjoy memorable moments as you join Chicago's vibrant Swedish community.

Engage in Educational Programs

At the Swedish American Museum, you can find many educational programs. These are for both kids and adults. Learn about your Swedish American genealogy or give your kids a fun learning experience. The museum offers something special for all.

The Nordic Family Genealogy Center

Interested in your Swedish ancestry? The Nordic Family Genealogy Center is perfect for you. It has a ton of resources to help explore your family's past. Volunteers will guide you, showing how to research, use archives, and read old documents. They help you discover your Swedish family's history, connecting you to your roots.

The Children’s Museum of Immigration

The Children's Museum of Immigration gives kids a peek into Swedish history and culture. For kids aged 3 to 12, it's full of fun activities. They can churn butter, milk a cow, or pack an immigrant's trunk. Through these activities, kids learn what it was like to move from Sweden to America. They gain an understanding and respect for history and their own heritage.

Joining these programs at the Swedish American Museum is a great way to learn about your Swedish background. It helps understand the history and culture that shaped the Swedish American community in Chicago and other places.

Visit the Museum Store

Don't leave the Swedish American Museum without visiting the Kerstin Andersson Museum Store. This delightful store has a wide range of high-quality Scandinavian gifts. You'll find stunning jewelry, elegant linens, and trendy kitchen tools. There are unique items that show off Swedish design and craftsmanship. Looking for a memorable keepsake or a thoughtful present? The Museum Store has great options for everyone.

Handcrafted Scandinavian Gifts

Add a touch of Scandinavian elegance to your home. The Museum Store offers a selection of handcrafted Scandinavian gifts. These include beautiful jewelry pieces and soft linens, each with a story of Nordic roots. Find Scandinavian charms for your life while shopping here.

Books Celebrating Swedish-American Culture

Dive into Swedish-American culture with books from the Museum Store. There's something for all: fiction lovers, biography fans, cooking enthusiasts, and kids. Discover exciting stories of immigrants and Swedish heritage. These books give insights into the vibrant Swedish-American community in Chicago and elsewhere.

Discover at the Museum Store Highlight
Handcrafted Scandinavian Gifts Beautiful jewelry, linens, and kitchen utensils
Books Fiction, biographies, cookbooks, and children's books

Preserve Swedish Heritage

“The Museum Store provides a platform for visitors to support the preservation of Swedish-American culture and history while acquiring unique gifts that celebrate their Swedish heritage.”

Your purchase at the Kerstin Andersson Museum Store helps preserve Swedish-American culture. By shopping here, you support the Swedish American Museum's mission. You're making a difference in keeping Swedish culture and history alive. Your support benefits future generations, whether you're just visiting or part of the Swedish-American community.

End your museum visit at the Museum Store. Take home a piece of Swedish heritage. Share the beauty of Swedish culture with your loved ones.

Plan Your Visit

Before you go to the Swedish American Museum, planning your trip is key. You need information to enjoy your visit fully:

Museum Hours

Want to know the best time to see the Swedish American Museum? Here are its hours:

Days Hours
Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturdays & Sundays 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Children's Museum of Immigration has different hours, opening at 1 p.m. from Tuesday to Thursday.

Museum Address

You can find the Swedish American Museum at:

5211 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640

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Contact Information

Got questions or need help? You can contact the museum:

With all the details in hand, you're ready to explore the Swedish American Museum. Enjoy the rich culture and heritage it showcases!

Museum entrance

Support the Museum

The Swedish American Museum counts on the support of generous people like you. It's how we keep offering great exhibits, events, and programs. When you donate, you help preserve and share Swedish culture and heritage in Chicago.

Your gift lets the museum honor the past, celebrate now, and teach about Sweden's rich story. We can create exhibits that highlight Swedish immigrants' stories and their big role in Chicago's culture.

Donations also support a variety of programs. We offer workshops, lectures, cultural events, and more. These bring people together to learn about and enjoy Swedish heritage.

Make a Difference with Your Donation

Any donation, big or small, helps promote and preserve Swedish culture. Your donation helps the museum grow and stay open for future generations. They can learn about and enjoy the rich traditions of the Swedish-American community.

“Your support allows the Swedish American Museum to offer enriching experiences. We help visitors understand and appreciate Swedish culture and heritage in Chicago.” – Museum Director

If you love history, cultural diversity, or education, donating to the Swedish American Museum makes a big difference. It means a bright future for Swedish heritage in Chicago.

Ways to Donate

Here are some easy ways to support the Swedish American Museum:

  • Online: Visit www.swedishamericanmuseum.org/donate to donate securely. Choose from a one-time or recurring donation.
  • By Phone: Call us at (773) 728-8111 to donate over the phone. We're here to help with the donation process.
  • In Person: Come by the museum during open hours to donate. Our team is happy to help and answer questions.

Thank you for thinking of the Swedish American Museum. With your help, we keep sharing and celebrating Swedish heritage in Chicago.

Explore Andersonville

Located in Chicago's Andersonville, or “Little Sweden,” the Swedish American Museum is at the heart of a lively community. This area is steeped in Swedish heritage since the 19th century. Today, it stands as a key spot for Swedish culture, traditions, and festivities.

Andersonville invites you to dive into Swedish culture with all your senses. Savor authentic Swedish dishes like meatballs and pastries at cozy cafes and restaurants. Visit local shops for special gifts, Scandinavian crafts, and items with a Swedish twist. You'll also find Swedish-owned businesses, offering everything from textiles to fashion and home decor.

Plan your visit during Swedish celebrations for a full cultural immersion. Join the Midsummerfest to raise the Maypole or enjoy live tunes. Don't miss the Lucia Procession in the holiday season. Andersonville packs in various cultural events reflecting the community's deep Swedish roots.


Andersonville is a hidden gem in Chicago. It's a place where you can immerse in Swedish traditions and feel the community's warmth. Here, cozy cafes and lively events bring Little Sweden's charm to life.

“Exploring Andersonville is like a trip to Sweden. You'll see its Swedish influence in the buildings, food, and the open, friendly vibe. It's a top choice for anyone eager to experience Swedish culture in Chicago.”

Experience Description
Swedish Cuisine Sample traditional Swedish dishes at local cafes and restaurants.
Shopping Explore Andersonville's shops for unique Scandinavian gifts and merchandise.
Annual Events Participate in traditional Swedish holidays and celebrations.

Connect With Your Swedish Roots

The Swedish American Museum's Nordic Family Genealogy Center helps people explore their Swedish ancestry. We have a team ready to help you find your Swedish heritage. They guide you in looking back at your family's history.

“Exploring your genealogy can be a fascinating journey of self-discovery, connecting you to your Swedish roots and uncovering the stories of your ancestors.”

Are you starting your genealogy journey or do you have specific questions? Our genealogy center can help. Our trained volunteers know how to use different genealogical sources. They help you build your family tree with vital records, census data, and immigration records.

At the Nordic Family Genealogy Center, you can also use a lot of online databases and archives. This lets you search deeply into Swedish records and learn more about your ancestors. Our volunteers are here to help you through these resources, giving you personalized help based on your needs.

Connect with Your Swedish Ancestry

It doesn't matter if you're new to genealogy or have been researching for a while. The Nordic Family Genealogy Center at the Swedish American Museum supports you. Learning about your Swedish heritage helps you understand your family's story and connects you to Sweden's rich culture.

Come visit our genealogy center. Let our volunteers lead you on an exciting exploration of your Swedish-American roots. You will find out about your ancestors and appreciate the Swedish community's lasting impact in America.

Swedish-American genealogy research

Explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New YorkExplore The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Resources for Swedish Ancestry Research

Resource Description
Swedish Church Records Explore church records dating back to the 17th century, offering essential birth, marriage, and death information.
Emigration Records Access passenger lists and naturalization records documenting the journeys and settlement of Swedish immigrants in America.
Census Records Utilize Swedish and American census records to trace your family's movement and gain insights into their lives.
Online Databases Explore Swedish genealogy websites and subscription-based resources to uncover additional records and resources.

Start your journey of discovery at the Swedish American Museum's Nordic Family Genealogy Center. Connect with your Swedish roots and understand more about your family's past. Genealogical research lets you discover the tales and experiences that define your Swedish ancestry.

Become a Part of Swedish-American Community

Dive into the rich culture of Swedish-Americans by joining the lively scene in Chicago. The Swedish American Museum welcomes you to connect with others. You can enjoy Swedish traditions together. The museum hosts many events where you can learn and celebrate Swedish culture with friends.

Embrace Swedish Community Events

Get involved in Swedish-American events at the Swedish American Museum all year. Enjoy festivals, concerts, workshops, and lectures. You'll feel the joy of the Swedish community in these gatherings. Celebrate traditions like Midsummer and Lucia with music, dance, and food.

Connect with Swedish Organizations in Chicago

Joining local Swedish groups is a great way to dive deeper into this culture. These groups help keep Swedish heritage alive. They offer language classes, genealogy groups, sports clubs, and more. This way, you can meet others who love Swedish traditions as much as you do.

By joining the Swedish-American community in Chicago, you help keep Swedish culture alive. You also build meaningful friendships.

Experience the Power of Community

The community feeling at the Swedish American Museum is uplifting. By joining in, you bond over shared love for Swedish customs. You'll make new friends and cherish these moments forever. Whether you're of Swedish descent or just interested, this community will enrich your life.

Benefits of Community Involvement Swedish-American community events Swedish Organizations in Chicago
Opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals ✔️ ✔️
Engage in cultural celebrations and festivals ✔️ ✔️
Access to language classes and cultural workshops ✔️ ✔️
Build friendships and a sense of belonging ✔️ ✔️

Make your life richer by connecting with the Swedish-American community in Chicago. Immerse in the customs and traditions. You'll truly become part of this vibrant and welcoming group.

Plan a Memorable Visit

Visiting the Swedish American Museum is unforgettable for people of all ages. Whether you love history, art, or family activities, there's something for you. It's a spot that offers variety and fun.

Family-Friendly Activities

Planning a family day? The Children's Museum of Immigration is perfect. Children will love the hands-on activities that make Swedish history come alive. From making butter to packing an immigrant's trunk, your kids will learn and have fun. It's a special way to bond and make memories.


Art lovers will enjoy the museum's art exhibits. They feature works from Swedish and Swedish-American artists. As you walk through, you'll see the beautiful Swedish art diversity. Each exhibit tells a story of Sweden's rich culture.

“The Swedish American Museum is a treasure trove of Swedish culture and history. It's where I connect with my roots and understand my heritage.” – Anna W., museum visitor

Don't skip the museum's gift shop after seeing the art and history. It's full of unique Scandinavian gifts. You'll find beautifully made jewelry and stylish kitchen tools. These are perfect reminders of your visit to the museum.

The Swedish American Museum is key for anyone interested in Swedish heritage. With its history, diverse events, and interesting exhibits, it's not to be missed. Plan your visit to explore Swedish art, history, and traditions.

Support Swedish-American Heritage

The Swedish American Museum in Chicago plays a key role in keeping Swedish-American heritage alive. By getting involved in its activities and events, you help safeguard Swedish culture in the U.S. Your participation is vital for the museum to keep offering exciting displays, educational programs, and events that pay tribute to Swedish heritage.

Visiting the museum to explore Swedish immigration and its effects on Chicago, or joining Swedish cultural events, helps support the museum's work. This ensures the preservation and showcasing of Swedish-American heritage for the next generations.

Keeping our Swedish-American heritage alive is a group effort. Your help is crucial in maintaining our traditions. With your support, the Swedish American Museum can keep promoting cultural understanding. It celebrates the Swedish community's unique contributions in the United States.

By attending museum events and programs, you deeply connect with Swedish-American heritage. You become part of a lively community. Sharing your experiences and raising awareness helps others recognize the importance of Swedish heritage. This encourages its ongoing preservation.

The Swedish American Museum counts on the support from visitors and the Swedish-American community. Donations, volunteering, or attending fundraising events directly help the museum achieve its goal. They help in preserving and highlighting Swedish-American heritage.

Join the Effort to Preserve Swedish-American Heritage

There are several ways you can help the Swedish American Museum and aid in preserving Swedish-American heritage in Chicago:

  1. Make a donation: Your financial support is essential for the museum's projects and its future.
  2. Volunteer your time: Giving your skills and time helps with the museum's activities. This supports the preservation of Swedish-American heritage.
  3. Spread the word: Talking about your museum visits can motivate others to explore and support Swedish-American heritage in Chicago.

Your support is pivotal in protecting the legacy of Swedish-American heritage. Get involved to keep this rich cultural story alive for generations to come!

Start Your Swedish-American Journey

Explore Swedish-American history at the Swedish American Museum. This place shows the stories of Swedish immigrants in Chicago. With exhibits, programs, and resources, learn about the Swedish-American community's impact.

At the museum, connect with Swedish-American culture. Discover stories of Swedes who came to America for a new life. See their struggles, victories, and their strong spirit.

See artifacts that reveal the Swedish immigrant life. Personal items, photos, and documents tell their stories. These artifacts highlight their challenges and dreams.

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Visit the Swedish American Museum for a journey into Swedish-American history. You'll gain a deep appreciation for Swedish immigrants in the USA. Dive into this story and cherish their contributions.

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