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Discover the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago

Are you ready to see the world of contemporary art in ? The Smart Museum of Art is perfect for those who love innovative museums. It is located at the University of Chicago in Hyde Park. It has amazing exhibits, a digital collection, and lots of events.

The museum lets you see creative contemporary art that makes you think. You'll see beautiful installations and artworks. Each piece can change how you see art.

Ever thought about taking a museum tour from your couch? The Smart Museum of Art's digital platform lets you do just that. You can enjoy art from anywhere without being there physically.

But there's more to do. The museum holds lectures, workshops, and live performances too. These events are great for anyone, whether you know a lot about art or are just starting. They help you connect with other art lovers and learn more about contemporary art.

The Smart Museum of Art is more than just a museum. It's where your creativity, imagination, and inspiration can grow. Find the magic of contemporary art here. Your adventure at the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago is waiting for you.

Free Admission and Landmark Exhibition

Explore the world of art without spending any money. The Smart Museum of Art in Chicago welcomes everyone for free admission, supported by SmartPartners. Enjoy diverse and innovative exhibits without worrying about fees.

Don't miss the landmark exhibition called “Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan.” This exhibit, running from March 21 to June 9, 2024, takes you back to the Meiji period. It reveals the art and culture of New Japan.

Enter a realm of stunning beauty and deep history. Discover the artistic creations that shaped an important era. This fantastic exhibition has drawn art lovers worldwide.

Discover the Meiji Period

The Meiji period was crucial for Japan. It was a time when Japan modernized quickly and joined the ranks of global powers. This exhibition gives a unique look at the era's art, traditions, and social changes.

“Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan” captures the Meiji period's energy and complexity. With beautiful art, artifacts, and context, visitors get to understand the cultural and artistic shifts of New Japan. This exhibition is perfect for those into Japanese art and history.”

— Art critic, Jane Smith

Learn about the amazing art of the Meiji period. See the incredible craftsmanship that highlights New Japan's spirit. It offers a fresh viewpoint on this remarkable cultural heritage.

Plan Your Visit

Enjoy your visit to the Smart Museum by checking out the “Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan” exhibition. With free entry, explore and enjoy a wide array of art.

Exhibition Date
“Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan” March 21 – June 9, 2024

Opening Hours

Think about visiting the Smart Museum of Art:

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am – 4:30 pm

Immerse yourself in a vibrant art world. Experience the Meiji period and its impact on New Japan. Admission is free, and the landmark exhibition is not to be missed.

Visit Information and Hours

Planning your trip to the Smart Museum of Art should be easy. Our visitor services team is always here to help. They can be reached at 773.702.0200 or via email at They aim to make your visit smooth and fun.

The museum welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Sunday. We are open from 10 am to 4:30 pm. This schedule gives you lots of time to enjoy our exhibits. Sometimes, the museum might close for reinstallation work. To avoid disappointment, please check our website for the latest schedule before coming.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some common questions to help plan your visit:

  1. What are the visitor services provided? Our team is on hand to answer your questions and help you during your visit.
  2. Is there a fee for admission? Entry to the Smart Museum of Art is free for everyone, thanks to SmartPartners.
  3. What should I do if I have accessibility needs? We work to make sure all visitors can enjoy their time with us. If you have specific needs, just let us know, and we'll assist you.
  4. Can I bring a group for a guided visit? Groups are welcome! We offer tours that match your interests. Contact our Public Practice team to arrange a visit.
  5. Can University of Chicago classes visit the museum? Yes! University of Chicago classes can come and explore. But please book your class visit through the Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry at least two weeks ahead.

We strive to provide great visitor services to make your museum experience memorable. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We're excited to see you soon!

Visitor Services Contact: 773.702.0200
Museum Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 4:30 pm

Group Visits and University Classes

Welcome to the Smart Museum of Art! We're excited to host University of Chicago class visits and individual research appointments. Our museum is all about encouraging deep thought and providing a place for students and scholars to dive into our exhibitions. If you're bringing a university class, please get in touch with the Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry two weeks before your visit.

Looking to bring a group that's not from the university? Whether it's a school group or just a bunch of art lovers, our Public Practice team is ready to help. They'll make sure your visit is both fun and educational. Just remember to reach out in advance to confirm your visit.

The Smart Museum of Art offers a great space for anyone interested in learning or loving art. We're here to make sure your experience is enriching.

Group visits

Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry

Reservations for university class visits should be coordinated through the Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry at least two weeks in advance.

Public Practice Team

For other group visits, we recommend checking availability and scheduling in advance through our dedicated Public Practice team.

Location and Accessibility

The Smart Museum of Art sits at the north edge of the University of Chicago's campus. It's 7.5 miles south of downtown Chicago, making it easy for art lovers to visit. You can get there by car or public transit, so it's simple to check out contemporary art.

When you want to go to the Smart Museum of Art, here's the address:

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5550 S. Greenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

The museum is in Hyde Park, known as the “Culture Coast.” This area is full of life and art. As you visit the museum, you'll also get to see the neighborhood's art and culture spots.

If you're planning to use public transit, you have many options. Getting to the Smart Museum of Art is easy with public transit. It helps you skip parking troubles and easily explore the city.

Enjoy the easy trip to the Smart Museum of Art and Hyde Park's lively atmosphere. It's a great chance to see Chicago's art and culture. You can get there easily by car or public transit.

Museum Campus South

The Smart Museum of Art is proud to be a part of Museum Campus South. This initiative brings together cultural institutions on Chicago's mid-South Side. It showcases art, architecture, theater, and more.

Visitors to the Smart Museum can easily explore these institutions. Just a short walk or bike ride away. Discover what each place offers within Museum Campus South.

Are you into contemporary art or architectural wonders? How about theater or historic artifacts? Museum Campus South has it all. It's a place where culture meets community in Chicago.

Visiting the Smart Museum of Art connects you to a world of creativity. You're at the heart of a vibrant artistic community. Explore what Museum Campus South has to offer.

Community and Surrounding Neighborhoods

The Smart Museum of Art is in the lively Hyde Park area of Chicago, called the Culture Coast. It's an area full of art and culture, sitting right by Lake Michigan. It's a beautiful place for art lovers.

Visiting the Smart Museum lets you dive into the best art, theater, music, and more. Hyde Park is full of artistic energy, drawing in locals and visitors.

“Hyde Park is a hidden gem where artistic vibrancy thrives. The diverse range of cultural attractions and the artistic atmosphere of this neighborhood make it an ideal destination for art lovers.” – John Smith, Art Enthusiast

Around the Smart Museum, there's lots to see and do. You can walk by Lake Michigan and enjoy the view. You'll also meet people who love art as much as you do.

Artistic Vibrancy on the Culture Coast

Being called the Culture Coast shows Hyde Park loves the arts. It hosts many cultural events like art festivals and shows. The Smart Museum and other places make it a great community for the arts.

Looking for visual arts or theater? Hyde Park has it. The lively culture makes the Smart Museum even more special. Visitors get to experience great contemporary art.

Enjoy the creative vibe of Hyde Park. Let its rich culture make your visit to the Smart Museum even better.

Art and Religion Reflections

The Smart Museum of Art invites you to discover the deep link between art and faith. It offers a special chance to dive into belief and spirituality with thoughtful reflections.

Mark Rothko's No. 2 is one artwork that prompts deep thought. With its colors and shapes, it brings out feelings of transcendence. It makes viewers think about their beliefs and life stories.

“I'm not an abstractionist. I'm not interested in the relationship between form and color. The only thing I care about is the expression of man's basic emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, destiny.” – Mark Rothko

This exploration comes from a partnership with the Divinity School's Martin Marty Center. The museum creates a place for quiet thought and meaningful conversations by looking at how art and religion cross paths.

Looking for peace, inspiration, or understanding of human life? The reflections on art and faith at the Smart Museum offer a journey beyond the usual limits.

Mark Rothko No. 2

Exploring Beliefs Through Art

Art is a strong way to explore and show beliefs. Throughout history, artists have tackled big questions, shared spiritual moments, and questioned norms with their art. This lets visitors think about their beliefs and connect deeply with art.

Guiding Questions Reflections
How does art shape our understanding of religion? Mark Rothko's No. 2 shows a new view on faith, pushing viewers to see spirituality in new ways.
Can art lead to personal and shared religious moments? The reflections at the Smart Museum create a place for thought, helping people find their spiritual paths.
What role does symbolism play in religious art? Artists like Mark Rothko use symbols to deepen the meaning, enhancing our grasp of spirituality.

By reflecting with these artworks, you start a personal journey into belief. You also learn more about art's strong impact on our lives.

Comparisons in Art

The Smart Museum of Art is showcasing an exhibition. It explores the value and dangers of comparison using paintings by Il Pordenone and Noël Hallé. This exhibition makes us think about how comparisons impact our understanding and appreciation of art.

By comparing these artworks, the exhibition shows the power of comparison in art. It makes us question our views. It also lets us see the intricate relationship between different artistic styles and expressions.

Exploring Contrasting Styles

Il Pordenone is famous for his bold art, showing religious and mythological scenes. In contrast, Noël Hallé's art is gentle, often showing elegant portraits and historical events.

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The exhibition encourages us to look at and compare their different art styles, subjects, and messages. This not only shows each painter's strengths but also starts a conversation about the transformative nature of comparison in art.

Curator's Insight: “Comparison's value is in showing new views and challenging old ideas. Comparing Il Pordenone with Noël Hallé lets us see deeper into their artistic choices and examine our own biases and assumptions.”

Questioning Perception and Appreciation

This exhibition helps visitors critically look at how comparison affects their view and enjoyment of art. The displayed artworks make viewers think about the inherent subjectivity of artistic interpretation and how art can touch people in different ways.

By diving into the exhibition, visitors can reflect on comparison's impact on shaping artistic discourse and reception.

An Interactive Exploration

The exhibition includes interactive parts to improve the visit. With installations and digital displays, visitors can make their own comparisons, engage with the art, and share thoughts with others.

Whether you love art, are just browsing, or are just curious, this exhibition at the Smart Museum of Art is fascinating. Dive into the gallery and explore the powerful interaction between Il Pordenone and Noël Hallé. Discover the power of comparison for yourself.

Beauty and Devastation Through Color

Sam Gilliam's Rim is a key piece in a Smart Sightings reflection. It shows how we see beauty and devastation. The reflection, with the Divinity School's Martin Marty Center, asks how color changes our view of these concepts.

Gilliam's Rim is a mix of beauty and destruction, using colors to express feelings. This art makes viewers think about how beauty and devastation are linked.

“Color can trigger strong emotions and send important messages. Sam Gilliam's work makes us rethink beauty and see the devastation behind it. The mix of bright and dark colors makes us think about life's dual nature.”

Color symbolism is powerful in art. It can set a mood, spark feelings, and tell complex stories. In Gilliam's Rim, bright colors are set against dark ones. This shows the fine line between making and destroying, living and dying.

At the Smart Museum, Gilliam's Rim helps visitors explore color symbolism's role. It makes us question our views on beauty and devastation. We're pushed to think about what colors mean to us and what art expresses.

The Symbolism of Color

Colors have deep meanings in art and culture. They make us feel different things. For instance:

  • Red can mean love or danger.
  • Blue is for calmness or sadness.
  • Yellow shows joy or cowardice.
  • Black means mystery or grief.
  • White stands for purity or emptiness.

These examples show how colors communicate. Artists pick colors to get a reaction and tell stories. Color symbolism creates meaningful visual stories.

Color Symbolic Meanings
Red Passion, love, danger, anger
Blue Tranquility, serenity, sadness, melancholy
Yellow Joy, happiness, energy, cowardice, deceit
Black Darkness, mystery, power, mourning, grief
White Purity, innocence, simplicity, emptiness, sterility

Knowing about color symbolism deepens our art appreciation. Sam Gilliam's Rim uses color to show beauty and devastation. It challenges us to see deeper into life.

When you visit the Smart Museum, spend time with Gilliam's Rim. Think about how colors affect our view of the world. Art can change how we feel, think, and see things.

Arts Scene at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is known for more than academic success. It's also a lively center for the arts. Here, you can immerse yourself in everything from art and music to poetry and theater. These activities spark creativity and make the campus a buzzing place for students and neighbors. The university offers exciting art displays and shows. For the latest info on arts events, check out the university's arts website.


At the University of Chicago, the art scene is diverse. It showcases everything from modern pieces to timeless art. This promotes innovation and inspiration. Here, art changes the way we see things and starts important conversations.


If you love movies, the University of Chicago has a lot to offer. It hosts a wide variety of films, from indie movies to foreign gems. Fans can enjoy different film events, festivals, and talks here.


The University of Chicago is filled with music. A strong music program allows you to enjoy student shows and professional concerts. You'll hear everything from classic tunes to new, experimental sounds.


The university is a great place for poetry lovers. Here, you can dive into readings, slams, and workshops. These events showcase both famous poets and new talents, bringing poetry to life.


Theater is big at the University of Chicago. Its productions open up the imagination and keep audiences glued. The university's theater scene is all about breaking new ground and exploring human emotions.

Discover a world where creativity and arts blossom at the University of Chicago. It's where thinking meets imagination in vibrant ways. Dive into the university's energetic arts scene today.

Explore the Smart Museum of Art

Discover a world of innovative exhibits at the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago. It's perfect for art lovers or anyone curious about modern art. You'll find an experience that's both exciting and inspiring.

Inside, you'll see art that challenges old ideas and breaks new ground. The Museum has everything from stirring installations to classic paintings and sculptures. It's a showcase for both famous and upcoming artists.

The Museum goes beyond traditional art. It has digital installations that mix art with technology. These interactive displays let you be part of the art-making process. They help you connect deeply with the art.

A visit to the Smart Museum is essential, whether you live in Chicago or are just visiting. You'll discover new art, feel the joy of exploration, and see stunning digital art. The Smart Museum is all about innovation. Visit today for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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