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Step Back in Time at Chicago History Museum

Are you ready to dive into the rich and vibrant history of ? Find hidden stories, artifacts, and secrets that shaped the Windy City at the Chicago History Museum. It's in the heart of Chicago, offering an experience that takes you through time.

From the first step inside, be captivated by historical exhibits, tours, and exhibitions. You'll explore Chicago's history with artifacts and interactive displays. Gain a deep understanding of the people and events that formed this iconic city.

If you love history or are just curious about the past, the Chicago History Museum is for you. Dive into the stories of Chicago's pioneers, see the impact of big events, and find treasures. It's one of the in the city.

Get ready for a journey of discovery into Chicago's past. Are you set to step back in time and explore the Windy City's history?

Explore the Featured Exhibitions

The Chicago History Museum showcases the city's history through its rich exhibitions.

Back Home: Polish Chicago

“Back Home: Polish Chicago” takes you through the journey of Polish immigrants. It highlights their stories, struggles, and successes. This exhibit shows their impact on Chicago.

City on Fire: Chicago 1871

The “City on Fire: Chicago 1871” exhibit details the Great Chicago Fire's destruction. It explains how the fire led to the city's rebirth. Changes in urban planning and modernization started then.

Facing Freedom in America

“Facing Freedom in America” looks at the country's battles for freedom. It gives insight into the fights for equality in the U.S. The exhibit challenges viewers to think deeply.

Chicago: Crossroads of America

“Chicago: Crossroads of America” tells the story of Chicago's evolution. Artifacts reveal its cultural and economic significance. It portrays Chicago as a land of opportunity.

Exhibition Description
Back Home: Polish Chicago Delves into the experiences of Polish immigrants in Chicago
City on Fire: Chicago 1871 Explores the devastating Great Chicago Fire and its impact on the city
Facing Freedom in America Examines the conflicts over freedom in the United States throughout history
Chicago: Crossroads of America Takes visitors on a journey through the city's history with artifacts from the museum's collection

Educational Resources for Children

The Chicago History Museum in Chicago offers great learning tools for kids. It has a program called “My Chicago” designed for 6 to 12-year-olds. This journey dives into the city's rich past.

The My Chicago curriculum uses the city's flag to spark interest. It includes interactive activities. This helps kids understand Chicago's history in a fun way.

Engaging Activities

The My Chicago program has many activities. They suit different tastes and ways of learning. Kids can learn about the Great Chicago Fire, the World's Fairs, and the Chicago River.

For instance, they can discover the Great Chicago Fire by doing hands-on experiments. These show how fire acts and its effects on buildings. They'll also see maps and relics to see how Chicago changed after the fire.

Interactive Learning

The resources from the Chicago History Museum make learning fun. Kids can take virtual tours and see multimedia shows. They can also look at interactive exhibits to dive into Chicago's past.

This way, children can touch, see, and take part in their learning. It helps them feel connected to historical stories and events. They get to love the city and its rich culture more.

“The Chicago History Museum's resources brought history to life for my students. The fun lessons and activities made them curious. It helped them understand Chicago's history better.” – Educator

These educational tools are perfect for school use or homeschooling. They provide a full and fun curriculum. This makes Chicago's history exciting for kids.

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Children's educational resources at the Chicago History Museum

Check out the Chicago History Museum's fun learning tools. See how history becomes exciting for kids. Visit the museum or look at their online materials for an amazing learning adventure.

Upcoming Events at the Museum

Don't miss the exciting events at the Chicago History Museum. We have a wide range of events for various interests. You can learn about Chicago's history from our experts. There's something for everyone, whether you love history, books, or the city.

Book Signings and Author Talks

Explore literature and meet famous authors at our events. You can talk to your favorite writers, find new books, and discuss big ideas. Check our website for info on future appearances and signings.

Historical Talks and Lectures

Learn more about Chicago's history through our talks and lectures. Our speakers will cover interesting topics and provide new insights. These events will deepen your knowledge of the city's past.

Research Workshops

If you love history, come to our workshops. You can see our archives and learn how to research. These workshops are great for students and anyone interested in history. They provide the tools and knowledge you need.

RSVP soon for these events. Watch our website and social media for updates on dates and registration. Join us to dive into Chicago's rich stories and heritage.

This image gives you a preview of what's waiting for you at the museum. It's filled with immersive experiences and engaging events.

Support the Museum

By joining the Chicago History Museum, you help its mission and get many benefits. You can connect with others who love Chicago and its story. Enjoy free entry, special behind-the-scenes looks, discounts, and more. Become a member today and help celebrate Chicago's great history.

Being a supporter of the Chicago History Museum not only helps keep Chicago's exciting history alive but also offers you special benefits. It's perfect for history fans, locals, or city visitors. Membership makes you a part of Chicago's heart.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free admission to the museum: Explore the captivating exhibits and immerse yourself in the rich history of Chicago at no additional cost.
  • Behind-the-scenes experiences: Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes tours, where you can uncover hidden treasures and explore areas not open to the general public.
  • Special discounts: Enjoy discounts on museum programs, events, and merchandise, allowing you to further engage with Chicago's history.
  • Members-only events: Attend exclusive events, lectures, and discussions that provide unique insights into the city's past and its ongoing significance.
  • Subscription to the museum's newsletter: Stay up-to-date with the latest news, upcoming exhibitions, and educational programs.

By becoming a member, you help the Chicago History Museum run. You join a group that cherishes the city's rich story. Your membership funds preservation, education, and exhibitions. This keeps Chicago's history vibrant for future generations.

The Secret Lives of Objects

Explore the hidden stories of Chicago's history at the Chicago History Museum. The temporary exhibition, “The Secret Lives of Objects,” lets you dive into the world of artifacts. You'll learn about the city's rich cultural heritage in ways you never knew.

This unique exhibition features objects from the museum's storage. Many artifacts, never shown before, reveal secret stories of Chicago's past. From ordinary items to personal belongings of famous people, each has a story.

Discover bamboo canes that were present at historic moments, showing the city's strength. See eyeglasses worn by important people, offering insights into their lives. These help paint a vibrant picture of Chicago's past.

“The Secret Lives of Objects” exhibition gives a rare chance to uncover hidden stories of Chicago. Through these artifacts, connect with the past, uncover secrets, and appreciate our collective history more.

Delve into stories that define Chicago at “The Secret Lives of Objects.” It highlights the city's cultural wealth, from everyday to extraordinary objects. These stories, usually missed in history books, are celebrated here.

Don't miss this unique exhibition at the Chicago History Museum. It's a chance to immerse in hidden stories of artifacts. Deepen your understanding of Chicago's history through this captivating exhibition.

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Featured Objects:

Object Story
Bamboo Canes Witnesses to historic events in Chicago
Eyeglasses Belonging to infamous figures of Chicago's past

Railroaders: Jack Delano’s Homefront Photography

Dive into the captivating “Railroaders: Jack Delano's Homefront Photography” exhibit at the Chicago History Museum. This exhibit explores the huge role railroads played in American life during World War II. It also highlights their importance in Chicago's development.

Go back in time and uncover the stories of Chicago's railway workers through Jack Delano's camera lens. His photos offer an interesting peek into railroads' war-time role. They also show how intertwined they were with Chicagoans' lives.

railroaders exhibit Chicago

Delano's impactful photos let you see railroaders' teamwork, hard work, and perseverance. They were key in supporting the war. This exhibit celebrates their effort, the hurdles they faced, and their victories.

“Railroading was a 24-hour job. You had to work every day, seven days a week… If you didn't want to work holidays, you had to take a vacation day. There was a code to live by. You had to keep the railroads running.” – Railroader

Learn about the huge role railroads played in Chicago during World War II. They were essential for moving troops and supplies. Railroads also helped mobilize the city's industries. This exhibit gives you a closer look at how these networks changed Chicago.

Explore the Railroaders Exhibit:

  • View a collection of captivating photographs by Jack Delano, showcasing the experiences of railroaders during World War II.
  • Discover the untold stories of the men who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of Chicago's railroad system.
  • Learn about the challenges and sacrifices made by railroaders in the face of wartime demands.
  • Engage with interactive exhibits that bring the history of Chicago railroads to life.

Seize this unique chance to dive into the fascinating world of railroaders. Their actions helped shape Chicago's history. Visit the Chicago History Museum and explore the Railroaders exhibit.

Chicago: Crossroads of America

Dive into Chicago's fascinating history at the Chicago History Museum through “Chicago: Crossroads of America.” This exhibit thoroughly covers the city's history, showing off its vibrant heritage.

Walk through galleries full of artifacts, interactive displays, and multimedia presentations. These elements offer a deep dive into Chicago's history. It's a hands-on way to learn.

Economy, Crises, and Neighborhoods

See how Chicago grew from a small trading post to a large economic center. Hear about people who helped shape the economy. Learn about big events like the Great Depression and the rise of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Discover the stories of Chicago's diverse neighborhoods. Each one has its own history and culture. Learn about the struggles and successes of places like Pullman and Pilsen.

Inventions and the Meaning of Freedom

Be amazed by Chicago's culture of invention. The city gave us the Ferris wheel and skyscrapers. Chicago has always been a place for new ideas.

Think about what freedom means while exploring Chicago's history. Meet key figures and learn about important civil rights movements. Understand how Chicago has played a big part in the quest for equality.

The Chicago History Museum's exhibit offers a great learning experience. It's perfect for anyone interested in history or Chicago's past. You'll leave with a deep respect for the city's heritage.

Sensing Chicago: Explore with Your Five Senses

Experience “Sensing Chicago” at the Chicago History Museum. It's more than just an exhibit. It's a journey through Chicago's past. You'll use all five senses to explore. It's as if you've stepped onto the lively streets of Chicago where history comes alive.

Taste a Chicago-style hot dog and discover flavors that define the city. Touch artifacts with stories of Chicago's influencers.

Smell the city's scents, from Lake Michigan's breeze to deep-dish pizza. See visuals that make history real. Hear the sounds of busy streets and big events.

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“Sensing Chicago” is a hands-on dive into the city's history. It's perfect for history lovers or anyone curious about Chicago. It's a fun, educational adventure. Don't miss this chance to experience Chicago's rich history in a unique way.

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