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Visit Adler Planetarium in Chicago – A Stellar Escape!

Looking for the best planetarium in ? Searching for exciting in the Windy City? Look no further than Adler Planetarium, where the universe comes to life.

But here's something that will grab your attention: Did you know that Adler Planetarium is more than a place to look at stars? It's full of learning and fun you can touch and feel.

Discover worlds far away in astronomy exhibits. Watch sky shows that take you beyond Earth. Find out why families and space lovers must see Adler Planetarium.

Are you into astronomy or just curious about space? Adler Planetarium has something amazing for you. See the universe in breathtaking dome theater shows or learn about solar eclipses in “Chasing Eclipses.”

Ready for an amazing space adventure? Let's explore why Adler Planetarium is a unique, unforgettable journey.

Discover the Dome Theater Sky Shows

Visiting the Adler Planetarium in Chicago is special because of its dome theater sky shows. It has two dome theaters, offering a unique experience. “Niyah and the Multiverse” starts in February 2024. It's an Afrofuturist adventure through different worlds, starring a young girl, Niyah. Another hit is “Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon.” This celebrates the famous album's 50th year with cool music and visuals. These shows let you discover the universe's mysteries in a fun way.

Entering the Adler Planetarium's dome theaters means embarking on amazing space journeys. Fans of Afrofuturism or Pink Floyd will find these shows stunning. They mix fun and learning. “Niyah and the Multiverse” takes you on a trip to amazing places. Its beautiful visuals and deep story will amaze you.

For music fans, “Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon” is a must-watch. This show blends the album's famous songs with incredible visuals. It's a journey beyond space, where music and pictures combine to create magic.

“The Adler Planetarium's dome theater sky shows are a unique, amazing way to see the universe. They offer everything from Afrofuturist adventures to classic rock. Shows like “Niyah and the Multiverse” and “Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon” take you on special journeys. Be ready to be amazed by their beauty and stories. These sky shows are truly unforgettable experiences.”

Immerse Yourself in the Newest Exhibit: Chasing Eclipses

The Adler Planetarium's newest exhibit, “Chasing Eclipses,” invites you on an exciting journey. It shows you the marvels of solar eclipses. Learn about their history and how people have pinpointed the best spots to view totality.

At the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, the Chasing Eclipses exhibit unveils the magic of celestial alignments. Discover the different kinds of solar eclipses. Understand the complex dance between Earth, Moon, and Sun that leads to these remarkable events.

“Through the Chasing Eclipses exhibit, we aim to inspire visitors with the beauty and scientific importance of solar eclipses. It's an opportunity to witness firsthand the celestial magic that happens when the Moon casts its shadow on Earth,” says Dr. Amanda Thompson, curator of astronomy at the Adler Planetarium.

This exhibit lets you learn about the next solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. This event is expected to draw attention in Chicago. People are excited about it. The Chasing Eclipses exhibit helps you get ready for this big day. You'll feel the thrill of standing in the Moon's shadow.

Chasing Eclipses exhibit

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Don't miss this amazing exhibit, “Chasing Eclipses,” at the Adler Planetarium. It's perfect for anyone interested in the stars or just the universe's beauty. Dive into the science and beauty of solar eclipses with us.

Capture Memories at Selfie Spots

The Adler Planetarium in Chicago isn't just about the exhibits and shows. It also has great selfie spots. These spots are all over, making it easy for visitors to snap photos. They help create memorable moments during your visit to this famous place.

At the Cosmic Cafe, there's a cool selfie spot. You can pose with a huge inflatable Moon in the background. This spot is fun and lets you capture a space vibe while you grab a snack.

Want something grand? Take a selfie with the giant models of Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, or Uranus. These big models bring the wonder of the solar system right behind you. It's perfect for a stunning selfie.

If you love astronomy, there's a spot near the Our Solar System exhibit you can't miss. It lets you get close to our celestial neighbors. Take a photo to remember your space exploration.

“Visiting the Adler Planetarium selfie spots lets you capture the magic of Chicago's Night Sky. Share your visit with friends and family. Keep those memories from the Adler Planetarium close to your heart.”

There's more than just planets for selfies. Take a photo with a real meteorite from the Arizona desert. This rare chance adds a piece of space history to your pictures. Show this unique find to everyone.

While you're there, don't miss Chicago's Night Sky exhibit. The selfie spots offer views of the city skyline with the night sky. These photos are sure to impress anyone who sees them.

Remember to charge your phone or camera before you go. The Adler Planetarium has many amazing selfie spots waiting. Share those special experiences with friends and family. Show the world the adventures you've had during your visit.

Explore Astronomical Objects and Artwork

The Adler Planetarium is not just about interactive exhibits and shows. It also has an amazing collection of objects that will draw you in. You'll see everything from ancient sundials to complex astrolabes and celestial globes. These pieces will take you on a trip through different cultures and their love for the stars. The planetarium boasts the largest collection of sundials in North America. This lets visitors see the skill and creativity behind these ancient timekeepers.

But there's more to see. The Adler Planetarium also has a great collection of space art. One key piece is “Milky Way” by Frederick J. Brown. It's a beautiful painting that shows the magic of our galaxy. These pieces of art offer a new view on space exploration. They make you feel wonder and curiosity.

Adler Planetarium space artwork

At the Adler Planetarium, you can dive into the details of astrolabes or enjoy the beauty of space art. The collection here gives you a rich view of how humans have explored and understood space.

Journey to the Doane Observatory

If you love astronomy, you can't miss the Doane Observatory at the Adler Planetarium. It sits in a beautiful spot in Chicago. The observatory has the biggest telescope in the city that the public can use. You can see stars, planets, the Sun, and more, despite the city lights.

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Want to visit? Check when the observatory is open. Going to an observation night is an amazing experience. To know more about these nights, join the Adler Planetarium's Facebook Group. It has all the latest news and events.

Going to the Doane Observatory will amaze you. You'll see the cosmos in a new way with Chicago's largest telescope.

Observe the Skies from the Telescope Terrace

When the skies are clear, the Telescope Terrace at the Adler Planetarium is a must-see. You can step outside and use the small telescopes to see the universe's wonders.

Near the Accessible Entrance of the planetarium, the Telescope Terrace invites visitors of all ages. Astronomy educators and volunteers are ready to help. They love astronomy and will guide you through what you can see in the sky.

“Observing the skies from the Telescope Terrace is an incredible experience. The knowledgeable astronomy educators are happy to answer any questions you have and share fascinating insights about the mysteries of the universe.” – Visitor Testimonial

Daytime observing lets you spot the Moon, planets, and sometimes the Sun. It's educational and truly awe-inspiring. This is your chance to learn more about our space neighbors and the cosmos.

Telescope Terrace Features:

  • Small telescopes for observing celestial objects
  • Engaging astronomy educators and volunteers
  • Insights and guidance on daytime observing
  • Accessible location near the planetarium's entrance

Don't miss this interactive and enlightening activity at the Adler Planetarium's Telescope Terrace. With the help of experienced educators, explore the daytime sky and expand your universe knowledge.

“The Telescope Terrace is a hidden gem at the Adler Planetarium. It's the perfect place to have a hands-on experience with telescopes and learn more about the wonders of the daytime sky.” – Visitor Testimonial

Experience Interactive Fun with the Stomp Rocket

The Adler Planetarium has a cool area called Mission Moon exhibit. Here, you can play with the Stomp Rocket. You get to make foam rockets and see them fly high up.

This fun activity teaches you how rockets move. You'll learn about how rockets blast off and explore space. Try to launch your rocket as high as you can, imagining a real space mission.

“The Mission Moon exhibit at the Adler Planetarium offers an exciting opportunity to experience the wonders of space through interactive and educational activities. The Stomp Rocket is a highlight of the exhibit, allowing visitors to engage with the principles of rocket propulsion in a fun and hands-on way.” – Astrid Johnson, Astronomy Educator

Launching your own Stomp Rocket is an exciting adventure. It makes you feel the buzz of a space mission. This activity is great for everyone, from kids to adults. It's perfect for families, school trips, and anyone who loves space.

Join us at the Mission Moon exhibit to try the Stomp Rocket. It's your chance to get creative and dive into the mysteries of space. Get ready for takeoff and start your adventure!

Collaborate and Explore in Community Design Labs

Dive into the vibrant experience of the Community Design Labs at Adler Planetarium in Chicago. These labs are special places for people of all ages to dive into space exploration. You can find them within the Telescopes: Through The Looking Glass and Planet Explorers exhibits. They offer fun and interactive ways to learn, play, test ideas, make art, and think deeply.

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Visit the Community Stargazers Hub, where your journey takes you across time. Here, you can explore historical items and join a cosmic adventure. It's a space for everyone, inviting kids and adults to create and learn together. At the Adler Planetarium, the Community Design Labs are a top spot for a fun and learning-filled visit.

Get hands-on with activities, meet others who share your interests, and be amazed by space. The Labs are places to be creative and understand the universe better. Don't miss the chance to work together and explore at these exciting and interactive labs in Chicago's Adler Planetarium.

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