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Egyptian Museum: A Haven of History and Culture of Turin

Did you know the Egyptian Museum in Turin holds over 30,000 ancient artifacts? This makes it a top spot for Egyptian treasures outside . It's a place that takes you deep into ancient Egypt's history and culture.

Once inside, you'll find yourself surrounded by pharaohs, mummies, and rare finds. The museum boasts a huge collection, including an amazing array of pharaohs. It's a must-visit for anyone drawn to Egypt's fascinating past.

Are you into Egyptian culture, history, or just love learning about the old days? Then, the Egyptian Museum in Turin is perfect for you. It's a chance to get lost in the wonders of one of our planet's most ancient societies.

The History of the Egyptian Museum, Turin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin's story goes back centuries. In the 17th century, King Charles Emmanuel III became interested in ancient Egypt. This was triggered by an Egyptian artifact called the Mensa Isiaca. It started the museum's remarkable collection.

Many artifacts in the museum came from expeditions and digs in Egypt. The Drovetti collection is a key part, added in the 19th century. It was collected by Count Bernardino Drovetti, an Italian diplomat in Egypt. This collection significantly boosted the museum's treasures.

Ernesto Schiaparelli, an Italian Egyptologist, was important too. In the early 20th century, he found Kha's untouched burial site. His work broadened the museum's artifact collection and our knowledge of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Museum in Turin is a living history of ancient Egypt. It shows us the daily life, art, and history of the Egyptians. Anyone going there can get lost in the world of pharaohs, mummies, and ancient wonders.

Must-See Exhibits at the Egyptian Museum, Turin

If you're heading to the Egyptian Museum of Turin, don't miss its key exhibits. You'll see the great art and history of ancient Egypt.

The Temple of Ellesija

The Temple of Ellesija is a top feature here. It moved from Nubia to Turin. This temple shows the amazing skill of ancient Egyptians in stone carving.

The Papyrus Collection

The museum's Papyrus Collection is another gem. You'll see lots of papyri covered in hieroglyphs and ancient writings. They give us a deep look into ancient Egyptian life, language, and beliefs.

Mummies and Sarcophagi

Don't forget to look at the mummies and sarcophagi at the museum. They're a window into how ancient Egyptians buried their dead. Look closely at the mummies and the detailed sarcophagi to learn stories from the past.

Get lost in ancient Egypt at the Egyptian Museum of Turin. Explore the Temple of Ellesija, the intriguing Papyrus Collection, and the mummies and sarcophagi. These places will show you the deep history and culture of Egypt.

Visiting the Egyptian Museum of Turin

Planning to visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin? Here's some info on the times and costs. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, with longer hours during the week. You should spend about 1-2 hours to see everything. The ticket costs €42.

To reach the museum, you can use buses or the metro. Many stops are close to the museum, so it's easy to get there by public transport. If you're driving, there is parking nearby.

Visiting Hours

You can visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin during these times:

DayOpening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
WeekdaysExtended Opening Hours

Ticket Prices

Don't forget to check the ticket prices before your trip:

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Ticket TypePrice
Children (under 18)Free
Students (with ID)€22
Senior Citizens (aged 65+)€22
Egyptian Museum of Turin Image

Highlights of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is filled with ancient artifacts. It takes you on a journey through ancient Egyptian culture. You'll see many items that show Egypt's rich history and art.

Papyrus Collection

The Papyrus Collection at the museum is amazing. It has old manuscripts and pieces of paper that are thousands of years old. You'll see the ancient writing, learn about their stories, and how they lived.

Mummy Conservation Project

The Mummy Conservation Project is very interesting. It shows how they take care of and study mummies. This helps us learn more about how the ancient Egyptians lived and what they believed.

Kha’s Tomb

Kha's Tomb is a significant find. It was found by a famous Egyptologist. This burial site shows how ancient Egyptians prepared for the afterlife. You can see the decorations and learn about their culture and beliefs.

Sarcophagi and the Gallery of Kings

The museum features nicely made sarcophagi and a Gallery of Kings. These pieces show off the ancient Egyptians' skill and details in their work. They let you sense the glory of Egypt's kings long ago.

Each part of the Egyptian Museum of Turin tells a special story about Egypt. From the amazing Papyrus Collection to the intriguing Mummy Conservation Project and the impressive Kha's Tomb and Gallery of Kings. This museum gives a memorable view of ancient Egypt's rich culture for its visitors.

When to Visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin

Planning a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Turin? Choosing the right time can enhance your experience and allow you to fully enjoy the museum's wonders.

Spring (April-June) or fall (September-October) is the best time to go. These months have great weather and fewer crowds. This makes your visit better.

Visit during weekdays to avoid busy times. This way, you can explore slowly. You'll really get to see the ancient treasures and learn about Egypt's past.

Starting early in the morning is another good idea. This way, you can see more without crowds. It's a peaceful time at the museum.

best time to visit Egyptian Museum of Turin

Choosing the right season for your visit is important. With less people around, you can really get into the Egyptian culture and history. Enjoy your trip.

How to Get to the Egyptian Museum of Turin

Planning a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Turin? Knowing how to get there is key. It is in the city center, so it's easy to reach by many ways.

If you like using public transport, buses and the metro are great options. Many bus lines are near the museum. The same goes for the metro, with stations like Porta Nuova and Porta Susa nearby.

For those who drive, don't worry. There's parking nearby for your convenience.

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Using the bus, metro, or your car makes reaching this museum simple. Then, you're ready to enjoy the wonders of the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

Public Transportation Options

Opting for public transportation? Here's info to help you plan:


A few bus lines stop near the museum:

  • Line 55: Stop at “Via Cernaia – Museo Egizio”
  • Line 56: Stop at “Via Accademia Albertina – Palazzo Reale”


Use the Porta Nuova or Porta Susa metro stations. From there, it's a short walk to the museum.

With these details, you can easily plan your trip to the Egyptian Museum of Turin. Dive into the incredible history and culture of ancient Egypt.

Transportation OptionDetails
BusLots of bus lines make getting there easy with public transport.
MetroClosest metro stations are Porta Nuova and Porta Susa, perfect for a smooth journey.
ParkingParking is available for those driving to the museum.

Insider Tips for Visiting the Egyptian Museum of Turin

If you're heading to the Egyptian Museum of Turin, we've got some key tips for a great visit. These hints will help you enjoy the historical gems at your own pace.

1. Early Arrival

It's best to get there early to beat the crowds. This way, you can roam freely and take in the exhibits without the hustle and bustle. This will let you appreciate each piece without feeling hurried.

2. Explore the Mummy Conservation Project

The Mummy Conservation Project is a standout feature of the museum. It showcases the methods used to safeguard ancient mummies. You'll get an inside look at these preservations and the stories trapped within the mummies.

3. Uncover the Stories in the Coffin Gallery

Don't miss the Coffin Gallery, where you'll find stunning coffins to explore. These coffins are more than just pretty; they carry deep cultural meanings. Look closely at the designs and writings to understand the ancient Egyptians' worldview.

4. Take Your Time and Immerse Yourself

Stay relaxed and soak up all the history at the museum. Each item has a fascinating backstory. Read the information provided to really connect with ancient Egypt's culture and people.

5. Join a Guided Tour

A guided tour can give you a closer look at the museum's treasures. Experts will share insights that bring the exhibits to life. It's a great way to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of the artifacts.

These tips will make your visit to the Egyptian Museum of Turin unforgettable. Dive into the historical richness of Egypt and discover its extraordinary past.

Where to Eat and Stay Near the Egyptian Museum of Turin

After you've seen all the wonders at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, you might be hungry or tired. Fortunately, there are many great places nearby for food and rest.

There are restaurants near the museum with food from all over Italy. Whether you want classic dishes or something unique, you'll have lots to pick from. You can eat at cozy eateries or cool cafes, depending on what you like.

Looking for a place to sleep? Near the museum, you can find lodging for any budget. Luxury hotels are there for a splurge. Or, if you're saving money, cozy hostels and economy hotels are ready to welcome you.

Need a good meal or a nice place to stay? The area by the Egyptian Museum in Turin has everything. You can enjoy local Italian food and pick the perfect place to rest, no matter your budget.

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