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Discover Art & Culture at Brooklyn Museum Now!

Are you ready to explore the world of art and history? The Brooklyn Museum is the place to be. It takes you on a journey through Brooklyn's diverse history and creativity. It offers exhibits, events, and educational programs for all art lovers.

See the vibrant spirit of City and Brooklyn come to life. Enjoy contemporary art and learn about historical artifacts. The museum's arts paint a picture of Brooklyn's rich history.

The Brooklyn Museum has something for everyone. It features a mix of traditional Japanese art and modern works. For example, “Hiroshige's 100 Famous Views of Edo (feat. Takashi Murakami)” and art by Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys in “Giants: Art from the Dean Collection,” cater to various tastes.

Are you set for an art and culture adventure? Come to the Brooklyn Museum and see the amazing exhibits. It's a must-see spot for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Visit the Brooklyn Museum Today

Discover Brooklyn's rich culture at the famous Brooklyn Museum today. Enjoy a visual journey through vast collections of art and history.

Enter a world of art and explore Brooklyn's past. The Brooklyn Museum showcases stunning art and rare artifacts, making each gallery special.

Uncover the Treasures of the Museum:

  • See the museum collections that span different times and styles, showing artists' creativity from everywhere.
  • Learn about Brooklyn's heritage through exhibitions that show the city's history and cultural impact.
  • Step into the amazing world of fine arts. You'll see various artistic forms, like paintings, sculptures, and installations.

The Brooklyn Museum aims to offer a lively experience. It has many museum events and programs. Enjoy tours led by curators and educational workshops that interest art lovers of every age.

Make plans to visit and enjoy the rich world of art, culture, and Brooklyn's history at the Brooklyn Museum. Check out the exhibits, go to unique events, and make memories as you dive into the world of arts.

Explore the Museums’ Exhibits

The Brooklyn Museum has an amazing mix of modern art, NYC exhibits, historical artifacts, and fine arts. Each exhibit is special, taking you through different art styles and cultures.

Notable Exhibitions

“Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys” stands out. It shows off modern art from famous artists, with fresh techniques and deep themes. It's a highlight for modern art fans.

For a mix of old and new art, check out “Hiroshige's 100 Famous Views of Edo (feat. Takashi Murakami).” It combines Hiroshige's classic Japanese prints with Takashi Murakami's modern take. The result is a cool blend of tradition and today's art.

The Brooklyn Museum also has exhibits on many themes. You can see the work of women artists, explore ancient Egyptian art, or learn about Brooklyn's rich culture.

Brooklyn Museum Exhibits

Every exhibit is made to spark your interest and inspire your creativity. The Brooklyn Museum welcomes everyone. Whether you love art or just want to learn, you'll find something great.

Educational and Group Tours

Dive into the Brooklyn Museum's rich art and culture through our educational and group tours. We have something for everyone, from academic groups to K–12 and university tours. Each tour is designed to fit your needs perfectly.

Our Education Division is filled with knowledgeable art historians and educators. They lead guided tours that will boost your understanding and love for our diverse collection. You'll get detailed information about the artworks and historical pieces you see.

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Looking for a tour that's just for your group? We have private tours too. They let you take your time and focus on what interests you most in the museum.

To arrange a tour, get in touch with our Visitor Experience department three weeks ahead. They're ready to help plan the best tour for you and your group.

Private After-Hours Tours

Our private after-hours tours offer a special gallery experience. They're great for groups wanting something exclusive. These tours let you see the museum's exhibits without the daytime crowds.

You'll get up close with the artwork in a peaceful setting during these tours. Our expert guides are there to enrich your visit with their insights.

Our educational and group tours make visiting the Brooklyn Museum unforgettable. With our team's help, explore Brooklyn's vast art and history in a new way.

Tour Type Description
Academic Group Tours designed for academic institutions, providing educational insights into our collection.
K–12 School Group Tailored tours suitable for students in grades K–12, engaging them with art and history.
University Tours Guided tours catered to university students, offering a deeper understanding of our exhibits.
Private Group Tours Exclusive tours for groups seeking a more personalized and intimate museum experience.
Private After-Hours Tours Unique tours that allow groups to explore the museum's exhibits after regular hours.

Special Events and Programs

Join us at the Brooklyn Museum for special events and programs. These unique opportunities let you dive deep into art and culture.

Curator-Led Tours

Take a curator-led tour for an immersive journey. You'll explore art and themes closely. Our curators share their knowledge, offering insights and a greater appreciation of the exhibits.

Hosted Events

Attend our hosted events to make your museum visit unforgettable. With exclusive gallery nights and themed evenings, you'll meet other art lovers and make memories.

Corporate Membership

Our corporate membership program boosts your company's cultural outings. Enjoy private tours, events, and experiences designed for your interests. It's a great way to inspire creativity and strengthen team connections through art.

Birthday Parties

Have your birthday party at the Brooklyn Museum for a unique celebration. Our team creates a memorable experience with activities and exhibits for all ages.

Online Resources

Explore art from anywhere with our online resources. Find mini art lessons, coloring pages, and interactive Mad Libs on our website. It's a fun way to connect with art at home.

Brooklyn Museum Special Events

Discover art and culture at the Brooklyn Museum through our events and programs. Whether in person or online, there's something for everyone. From tours and parties to remote activities, experience the museum's magic today!

Family-Friendly Activities

The Brooklyn Museum is all about fun experiences for kids and families. We have many activities that spark creativity and discovery. If you're into art-making or special events, we've got you covered!

Waste No More: Brooklyn Museum Clothing Swap

Don't miss our “Waste No More: Brooklyn Museum Clothing Swap” event. It promotes eco-friendly fashion by letting families trade clothes and accessories. It's a cool way to clear out your closet, score new finds, and help the planet.

Spring Fling Printmaking

Try our “Spring Fling Printmaking” for a creative adventure. With expert leaders, kids get to try different art methods and make their own works. It's a fun chance to boost their creativity and art skills in a friendly place.

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Expert-led Drop-In Themed Sessions during First Saturdays

On First Saturdays, we offer “Expert-led Drop-In Themed Sessions.” These mix learning with art creation, letting families get advice from pros and make art together. It's a great way to meet artists and dive into art styles.

Cool Culture Families

We welcome Cool Culture families to join in our activities. Cool Culture gives free access to cultural spots for eligible families. It's a chance for these families to experience our art offerings and build a passion for art and culture.

Come to the Brooklyn Museum and explore our art, creativity, and culture . Make memories and grow a love for the arts with us!

Visitor Resources

Planning your trip to the Brooklyn Museum? Make sure to check out the visitor resources. These tools are for everyone – both academic groups and solo explorers. They'll give you all the info and support you need.

Guided Tours

Academic groups can ask about guided tours from the Education Division. Expert art historians and educators lead these tours. They share deep insights into the museum's exhibits and collections.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Life can be unpredictable, so the Brooklyn Museum offers a rescheduling and cancellation policy. If your plans change, you might be able to adjust your visit. Check the museum's site or get in touch with visitor services for details.

No Third-Party Tours

The Brooklyn Museum keeps it real by not allowing third-party tours in their galleries. This rule makes sure visitors get a genuine and quality experience. All tours must be booked through the museum itself.

Visitor Resources Details
Guided Tours Inquire with the Education Division for guided tours led by art historians and educators.
Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy Flexible policy for changing tour times or canceling visits under certain conditions.
No Third-Party Tours Only tours organized and facilitated directly through the museum are allowed.

Make your visit count by using the Brooklyn Museum's visitor resources. Enjoy in-depth guided tours, check the flexible policies, and remember to book directly. This way, you'll truly immerse yourself in art and culture.

Membership and Support

Become a part of our community by joining the Brooklyn Museum. Whether you're on your own or representing a company, we have something for everyone. Our memberships offer exclusive benefits to fit your needs.

Corporate Membership

Join as a corporate member and open doors for your organization. You'll get special benefits like virtual curator tours and in-person events. Your employees will get a closer look at our exhibitions, plus discounts on tours and shop items.

Facility Rental

Need a stunning venue for your event? Look no further than the Brooklyn Museum. Our spaces are perfect for any gathering, big or small. Our team is ready to help make your event memorable.

Facility Rental Options Capacity Features Pricing
Beaux-Arts Court Up to 500 guests Elegant setting with a grand staircase Contact us for pricing
Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Pavilion Up to 250 guests Contemporary space with floor-to-ceiling windows Contact us for pricing
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium Up to 460 guests State-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities Contact us for pricing

Corporate Relations

Want more info on corporate membership or renting our space? Our corporate relations team is ready to help. Reach out to see how we can meet your organization's needs and offer unique experiences.

Plan Your Visit to Brooklyn Museum

Before you head to the Brooklyn Museum, plan your visit. This will enhance your experience. Check the museum's website for information on exhibits, events, and more.

For a fun family day, consider the museum's art classes. They are great for all ages. You can also plan a birthday party there for a special celebration.

If you can't visit in person, the museum still offers online resources. You can find mini art lessons, coloring pages, and Mad Libs online. Everyone can find something fun.

Finally, check the museum's calendar for events. Look out for tours, exhibitions, or workshops. Planning ahead can make your visit even better. So, get started now!

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