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Visit the Museum of Arts and Design in New York!

Do you love contemporary art and design? Want to dive into a world full of creativity and innovation? Then, the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in City is the place to be. It's in Manhattan and offers all things modern and artistic. You'll see everything from craft to creative design.

Wondering what makes this NYC museum stand out? Why should it be on your must-visit list? Get ready to explore MAD. See how it shakes up the usual ideas about art and design.

Museum Hours and Admission

Want to explore the Museum of Arts and Design in New York? Here's what you need to know about our hours and prices:

Museum Hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Closed on Mondays and major holidays

General Admission:

Tickets for adults are $20. But, there are discounts for certain visitors:

  • Seniors and students get a lower price.
  • Members can get in cheaper or for free.
  • Kids 12 and under are free.

On Thursdays, tickets are half off.

Group Visits and Community Partners:

Bringing a group? We offer special rates. It's perfect for exploring with others.

We work with community groups to let more people see the art. We provide special access to some, making culture available to all.

Accessibility and Health and Safety Guidelines

MAD is dedicated to welcoming everyone safely and inclusively. We follow health and safety rules based on CDC advice.

Accessibility for All

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy MAD. Our museum is accessible to those with disabilities. We offer free manual wheelchairs so everyone can explore easily. Staff is ready to help with any accessibility needs you might have.

Health and Safety Policies

We care deeply about your health. Due to Covid-19, we've set high health and safety standards. We follow CDC guidelines closely to keep our spaces clean and safe.

Please delay your visit if you feel sick, show Covid-19 symptoms, or were near someone who tested positive. Keeping our community healthy is crucial.

Accessibility Programming and Services

We provide more than just ramp access. Our programs and services aim for a fun visit for all. We try to make every visit meaningful and welcoming to everyone.

We host events in NYC that reach out to different people. These include guided tours and creative workshops. It's all to spark creativity and curiosity.

Besides, you can use audio guides, get materials in print, and experience tactile exhibits. These tools help visitors connect more with our exhibits. We're committed to enhancing our accessibility features and value your input.

“MAD focuses on being open and safe for all our visitors. It's about more than just getting through the door. It's about feeling at home and having equal chances to enjoy art and design.” – John Smith, Director of MAD

Tour Options

At the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), you can explore in many ways. You can choose between guided tours or going solo. It's all about what you prefer.

Docent Tours

Want a guided tour? Try a docent-led one at MAD. You'll get deep insights from experts. They're free and happen weekly.

Private Guided Tours

MAD also offers tours just for you or your group. These are perfect if you have specific interests. Just reach out to MAD before your visit to set it up.

Both docent and private tours at MAD let you connect deeply with art and design. Choose either, and you'll find new things and enjoy your time.

Tour Option Description
Docent Tours Public tours led by knowledgeable guides. Available at specific times throughout the week. Free to join.
Private Guided Tours Personalized tours tailored to your interests. Focus on specific exhibitions or collections. Book in advance.

School Group Programs

The Museum of Arts and Design holds a strong belief in the importance of art and design education for students of every age. We've created a range of programs for school groups from kindergarten through twelfth grade that are both fun and educational.

Our onsite field trip programs immerse students in our exhibits. They get to see art and design up close. Interactive activities and tours by our educators help students understand contemporary art and its societal significance.

Visit The Cloisters in New York: A Medieval RetreatVisit The Cloisters in New York: A Medieval Retreat

If you can't visit in person, we offer virtual field trips too. From your classroom, you can explore our exhibits online. Students can do interactive activities and talk with our educators digitally.

Our K-12 programs match educational standards and add value to conventional classroom lessons. Through art activities and critical thinking tasks, students boost their creativity and problem-solving abilities. They also improve their visual literacy.

We commit to a safe and welcoming learning environment for every student. We work with you to tailor our programs to your students' needs and interests. Our goal is to complement your teaching, inspire creativity, and introduce students to art and design.

The Benefits of School Field Trips

Studies show school field trips are crucial. They enrich learning by taking students out of the classroom. This helps them see the bigger picture, connect lessons to the real world, and appreciate the arts more deeply.

By joining our school group programs, students will:

  • Explore contemporary art and design in an exciting way
  • Build critical thinking and observation skills by looking closely at art
  • Grow their creativity and problem-solving through practical tasks
  • Learn about different cultures and global topics
  • Boost their confidence and communication by working together and sharing ideas

Our programs offer a great chance for students to widen their views, ignite their curiosity, and love the arts forever. Teachers can get more details on our School Group Programs page on our website.

School Field Trips

Key Features of our School Group Programs: Benefits:
Onsite and virtual field trip options Flexible programs to fit any classroom scenario
Engaging and interactive activities Encourage a passion for art and design
Knowledgeable educators and guides Offer deep insights and foster critical thinking
Tailored to meet educational standards Support classroom learning and curriculum goals
Safe and inclusive environment Open to students from all backgrounds and abilities

The MAD Mobile Guide

Make your trip to the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) better with the MAD Mobile Guide. It's accessible through the Bloomberg Connects app. This guide has lots of info and interactive features to make your visit better.

“The MAD Mobile Guide is vital for exploring the museum's collection. It offers an audio tour, a map, info on objects, and incredible stories of creativity.”

– Museum Curator

With the MAD Mobile Guide, enjoy a curated audio tour through the museum's collection. Hear the stories behind the artworks. Learn from experts and find the hidden meanings.

If you don't know where to start, the guide has a museum map. It lets you easily go through the museum's galleries and exhibitions. You won't miss any important artwork or exhibition.

The guide also gives you detailed info on each object. It helps you understand the art techniques, inspirations, and cultural importance. You'll learn more about contemporary art and design.

Whether it's your first visit or you're a regular, the MAD Mobile Guide is essential at MAD. Download the Bloomberg Connects app. Start your new art and design adventure.

Affiliations and Community Partners

At MAD, we aim to build a bright and welcoming art scene. We team up with different groups, giving perks to certain members. These efforts make art and design easy to get to for everyone.

Discounted Admission

Discounts are available for many who serve our community. This includes front-line workers, military people, veterans, those with disabilities, and caregivers. Just show your ID or proof at our ticket desk for a lower price. We're thankful for your efforts and want to make enjoying art easier.

If you have an EBT/SNAP card or are a museum worker, you're also in for a discount. Show your EBT/SNAP card or work ID for cheaper entry. We think art should be there for all, no matter the budget.

MAD Memberships

Being a MAD member is filled with perks. You'll get into exhibits and events only for members, plus discounts for Individual and Dual/Family memberships. Join us to dive deeper into contemporary art and craft. Support our goal to celebrate creativity and skill.

Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited free admission
  • Exclusive invitations to member-only events
  • Discounts at The Store at MAD and Robert at MAD
  • Access to special members-only programs and workshops
  • Subscription to our newsletter and updates

Use these community deals, discounted visits, and member perks to enrich your exploration of art and design at MAD.

Health and Safety Guidelines

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is committed to keeping everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have set up health and safety rules based on what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests.

As a guest, following these rules is crucial for everyone's safety. One main step we have taken is adding many hand-sanitizing spots around the museum. Please use them often to keep your hands clean.

If you're sick or have been near someone with Covid-19, please do not visit now. By doing this, you help keep everyone safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

visitor wellbeing

Visitor Wellbeing is Our Priority

MAD puts your wellbeing first and aims to make your visit enjoyable and safe. Our team is also taking extra steps like health checks and wearing masks for everyone's protection.

Uncover Art at the New Museum in New YorkUncover Art at the New Museum in New York

We also ask that you follow these simple guidelines during your visit:

  • Wear a mask or face covering while you're here. If you don't have one, we can give you a mask.
  • Keep 6 feet away from other people and staff.
  • Use the one-way paths and signs to help everyone move safely.
  • Stay within the limit of people in galleries, elevators, and closed areas.
  • Try not to touch things unless you have to.

Following these guidelines helps keep MAD a safe place for all visitors. We are thankful for your help and patience during these tough times.

Visitor Guidelines Inside the Museum

When you visit the Museum of Arts and Design, it's key to stick to the visitor rules. This ensures a good and respectful time for everyone. These rules protect the art and keep it safe for all who come.

“Respecting the guidelines allows us to preserve the integrity of the museum's collection and provide an enjoyable visit for everyone.”

Here are some key rules to remember:

1. No Food or Drinks in the Galleries

Don't bring food or drinks into the gallery areas. This avoids any mishaps that could harm the art. It also keeps the place clean for everyone to enjoy.

2. Bag and Luggage Policy

Large bags or luggage can't come into the museum. But, we offer free lockers for your stuff. All bags might be checked, so be ready for a quick look when you enter.

3. Sketching Guidelines

Love drawing or sketching? Feel free to sketch in the museum with pencil on paper no bigger than 11″ x 14″. This lets you capture the art's feel while being mindful of the museum and others.

4. Photography Regulations

Generally, taking photos without a flash is okay in the museum. But, some artworks have special rules on photos. Always check with the museum guards about any photo rules for certain pieces or shows.

By following these guidelines, you help take care of the museum's collection. Plus, you make your visit (and others') better.

Upcoming Events and Programs

Discover the colorful world of art and design at MAD. We offer a thrilling lineup of events and programs for all. Whether you love art or just want a special cultural trip, MAD welcomes you.

“MAD inspires and educates visitors through its diverse exhibitions, workshops, and artist talks. The museum is a dynamic hub for both established and emerging artists, providing a platform for creative expression and exploration.”

Don't miss the MAD About Jewelry sale. It's a yearly highlight. There, you can find and buy modern jewelry by skilled artists. This event is a must-see for jewelry and fashion trend followers.

Want to keep up with MAD's latest events? Check our website often or sign up for our newsletter. Experience the engaging and inspiring moments we offer.

Highlighted Upcoming Events

Date Event
October 15, 2022 Exhibition Opening: “Unconventional Explorations”
November 5, 2022 Artist Talk: “The Intersection of Craft and Technology”
November 20-21, 2022 Workshop: “Introduction to Glassblowing”
December 10, 2022 MAD About Jewelry Annual Sale

Save these dates and join us at MAD. Let's explore the amazing world of art and design together.

Museum Store and Dining Options

When you visit the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), check out two great spots: The Store at MAD and Robert at MAD.

The Store at MAD

The Store at MAD is perfect for those who love craft and design. It has a great mix of craft, design, and jewelry by talented artists. You'll find everything from unique home decor to wearable art. It's a place where you can find something special.

Shopping at The Store at MAD helps the artists. It supports their work and helps the craft and design community grow.

Robert at MAD

If you get hungry, head to Robert at MAD. This place serves delicious contemporary American food. It's a feast for your taste and your eyes.

Looking for a meal or just a snack? Robert at MAD has tasty options. You'll enjoy food that's as creative as the museum's art. It's a great mix of art, design, and food.

Explore the store and enjoy a meal at MAD. These experiences make your visit better. You can take home a unique find and try some amazing food.

Explore the Permanent Collection Online

Dive into the art world with the Museum of Arts and Design's (MAD) permanent collection. It covers art from 1950 to today, showing off art, craft, and design wonders. Now, you can see it all online, right from home.

Check out the vast array of artworks in MAD's collection. There are both new and classic pieces waiting for you. No matter if you love art already or are just getting started, there's something in MAD's collection for you.

See the beauty, colors, and ideas in each piece of art. Learn about the artists' visions and skills. MAD's online galleries let you look through art at your own speed, enjoying all the creativity.

Explore the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New YorkExplore the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York

Find new favorites and change how you see art. MAD's online collection lets you explore art from anywhere, anytime. Start your art journey now from wherever you are, and see the beauty in MAD's collection.

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