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Explore Art & Culture at Asia Society Museum

Do you love Asian art and culture? The Asia Society Museum in is the perfect place for you. It offers amazing Asian art exhibitions, cultural events, and a rich history. This museum is a treasure for anyone interested in art and culture.

It's in the center of New York. The Asia Society Museum is known for showcasing both ancient and modern Asian art. You can see everything from old artifacts to new art installations. It's a great way to learn about Asia's cultural heritage.

What makes this museum special is how it mixes old and new art. Interested in how traditional and modern art come together? You can see the mix of art styles and how Asian art has evolved. The museum features work from both well-known and new artists.

But there's more than just looking at art. The museum has many educational and cultural programs. You can join lectures and workshops to learn more about Asian culture. Want to dive deeper into Asian arts? These programs are the way to go.

If you're with Hunter College, you're in luck. The Asia Society Museum gives you free entry and some discounts. It doesn't matter if you're studying, teaching, or just visiting; the museum welcomes everyone.

Are you into arts and cultural management? You can intern at the Asia Society Museum. This is your chance to learn how a museum works and help promote Asian art and culture. It's a great opportunity for real-world experience.

Plan a visit and check out the vibrant New York art scene. The museum is close to Hunter College and easy to get to. It's a peaceful place for diving into Asian art and culture.

Becoming a member gets you special perks. You'll have access to exclusive exhibits and events, discounts at the store, and quick entry. Join others who love art and culture, and help support the museum's goals.

Your support means a lot to the museum. Donating or helping out with their causes helps promote understanding between cultures. It also helps people appreciate Asian art and culture more.

The Asia Society isn't just in New York; it's global. Visiting the Asia Society Museum connects you with people around the world. It's all about building global relationships through cultural sharing.

Stay in the loop by joining the mailing list of the Asia Society Museum. This way, you're the first to hear about new events and special deals. Also, follow them on social media to connect with other art lovers.

Dive into Asian art and culture at the Asia Society Museum. There's so much to see, learn, and support. It's a place where you can truly broaden your horizons and discover something new.

Discover a Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Art

The Asia Society Museum stands out with its mix of traditional Asian pieces and modern art. It features work from Asian and Asian American artists. This mix shows the growth of Asian art over time. The museum gives a full look at Asia's rich cultural past. It also puts a spotlight on current artists in the world art scene.

The museum contrasts old Asian art with new pieces, making a lively exploration of Asian culture. This collection shows deep traditions alongside today's realities and hopes. Visitors see the value of age-old art forms and their impact on today's art. This blend invites discussion and thought about Asian art's changing role globally.

The exhibitions include many art forms like painting, sculpture, photography, and more. From ancient calligraphy and ceramics to modern art and digital work, the museum captures Asian art's spirit. Each piece tells a story, keeping Asia's cultural roots alive while exploring new ideas.

Modern Asian artists in the museum share their viewpoints and stories, touching on identity, politics, and more. They bring new ways of seeing Asian art, giving insights into Asian societies and their worldwide ties.

Traditional Asian Works Contemporary Asian Artists Museum Exhibitions
Exquisite calligraphy Diverse art styles Showcasing cultural heritage
Intricate ceramics Thought-provoking installations Exploring contemporary issues
Timeless paintings Vibrant digital art Pushing artistic boundaries
Ancient sculptures Award-winning photography Reflecting diverse perspectives

The museum is dedicated to showcasing a rich mix of famous works and new talents. This blend of old and new offers a deep look into Asia's cultural history and the future of art.

Engage with Educational and Cultural Programs

The Asia Society is a top educational group and cultural place. It offers many programs and events. These are made to give insight, spark ideas, and help people work together. Whether you love art, are a student, or just want to know more about Asian culture, there's something for you.

Join thought-provoking talks and panel discussions with leading experts. Gain deeper insights into Asian history, art, and current issues. These sessions give you new viewpoints and lots of knowledge. From the impact of Asian philosophy on today's world to the complex politics of Asia, these programs are enriching.

Take part in workshops and hands-on activities to experience Asian cultural practices. Learn ancient crafts, join calligraphy sessions, or play traditional music. These interactive sessions help you connect with Asian traditions. They make you know and love the culture more.

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At the Asia Society, we see cultural programs as key to connecting communities and starting conversations. We aim to enrich New York City's arts and cultural scene. We want to enhance cross-cultural understanding and celebrate Asia's diverse cultures. Come to our events and experience something enriching.

The Asia Society also hosts cultural events that show the great beauty and energy of Asian arts. Enjoy dance shows and music performances. These events are a stage for artists to show their talent. Let the beautiful sights and sounds of Asia enchant you at these events.

The Asia Society is dedicated to educational and cultural programs. These efforts make New York City's arts scene lively. By taking part in these programs, you grow your knowledge. You also help in promoting understanding and respect between different cultures.

Upcoming Events

  • Asian Film Festival: Dive into Asian cinema with a selection of films. See the diversity and creativity of the region's filmmakers.
  • Art Exhibition Opening: Be there for the start of a new art exhibition. It features works by famous Asian artists. Explore contemporary Asian art.
  • Culinary Workshop: Experience the deep flavors and cooking traditions of Asia. Cook traditional Asian dishes in a hands-on workshop. Enjoy the tastes of Asia.

Hunter College Community Privileges

The Asia Society Museum is proud to partner with Hunter College. It provides students, faculty, and staff with special privileges. You get to enjoy these benefits as part of the Hunter College community:

  • Free Admission: Show your valid Hunter ID at the museum's entrance for free access to all exhibits. This lets you explore collections that highlight Asian art and culture.
  • Special Discounts: Enjoy discounts on certain museum events like workshops, lectures, and performances. Dive into Asian culture with these engaging experiences.
  • Access to Resources: Being part of Hunter College means access to the museum's resources. Dive into the exhibits and grow your knowledge with educational materials and research resources on-site.

Faculty at Hunter College can use museum events and materials in their courses.

This enriches their teaching with real-world examples and cultural insights. They can also become Non-Resident Fellows at the Asia Society, enhancing their involvement with the group.

For students, the museum hosts special arts and culture events. You can enjoy film screenings, music performances, and theater productions. These exclusive events deepen your cultural understanding and appreciation.

Make sure to sign up for the museum's mailing list to stay informed. You'll get updates on new exhibits, events, and special discounts.

Hunter College Community Privileges

Enjoy the privileges given to the Hunter College community. Discover the beauty and depth of Asian heritage.

Internship Opportunities at Asia Society

Are you looking for practical experience in the arts and culture field? The Asia Society has internships at the organization and its museum. You'll learn a lot by working close with pros. You will develop skills in museum operations, exhibitions, and educational programs.

  • Gain hands-on experience in a renowned cultural institution.
  • Work with a diverse team dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding.
  • Collaborate on projects that contribute to the vibrant New York art scene.
  • Expand your knowledge of Asian art and culture through direct involvement.

Interning at the Asia Society Museum is a chance to grow your network and career. You'll be in a lively, team-based setting. Your ideas and hard work will be appreciated and make a difference.

Available Internship Positions

Department Position Requirements Duration
Curatorial Curatorial Intern Strong interest in Asian art history and research skills 3-6 months
Education Education Program Intern Passion for arts education and proficiency in public speaking 6-9 months
Exhibitions Exhibitions Intern Experience in exhibition planning and coordination 3-6 months
Marketing Marketing and Communications Intern Skills in social media management and content creation 6-9 months

Ready to apply for an internship at the Asia Society? Check out the museum's official website and apply online. Make sure to carefully read the internship details. Also, highlight your related experiences and skills. Asia Society offers a few internships each semester. Don't miss this great chance to jumpstart your career in the arts and culture field.

Plan Your Visit to Asia Society Museum

Planning your visit to the Asia Society Museum in New York is easy. It's located near Hunter College, easy for students and locals to find. The museum offers a peek into Asian art and culture with its amazing shows and events. It's perfect for art lovers, history enthusiasts, or anyone curious. The Asia Society Museum is a standout in New York's art world.

Explore the Exhibitions

The Asia Society Museum presents various exhibitions of Asian art. You'll see both ancient masterpieces and modern works. Each show provides a fresh look at Asian cultures and expressions. Dive into the artworks' bright colors, fine details, and stories.

Engage in Cultural Events

The museum also holds many cultural events. These include talks and performances. They help you learn more about Asian culture. Enjoy the music, dance, movies, and plays. These events showcase Asian arts wonderfully.

Relax in the Museum Café

Need a break? Visit the museum café. Try some Asian-inspired food, from classics to new twists. Whether you want a snack or a meal, the café enhances your visit.

Shop for Asian-inspired Gifts

Check out the museum shop before you go. It offers Asian-inspired gifts and souvenirs. Find jewelry, art prints, and books. These items let you bring a bit of Asian culture home.

Opening Hours Admission Contact Information
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
General Admission: $12
Students/Seniors: $10
Asia Society members: Free admission
Phone: 212-327-9721

Join Membership for Exclusive Benefits

Becoming a member of the Asia Society Museum offers unique perks. You get early access to special shows and events. These highlight the rich world of Asian art and culture.

You also get discounts at the museum store. This means you can take a piece of Asia home with you. The store has a great selection of items, perfect for your home or as gifts.

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The museum appreciates its members with special benefits. You get early entry to exhibitions and invites to members-only events. It's a chance to meet others who love art and culture like you do.

Your membership supports the museum's mission to spread cultural understanding. The fees help with programs, shows, and educational work. This lets the Asia Society keep being a key cultural spot in New York City and more.

To join and enjoy these benefits, visit the Asia Society Museum's website or contact their membership team. Become part of a community that appreciates Asian art and culture. Dive into a world of beauty and connection.

Support the Asia Society Museum

The Asia Society Museum needs help from people, businesses, and groups. Your donation or help in our charity work makes a big difference. It helps us keep going and keeps our programs and shows alive.

When you support the Asia Society Museum, you're helping keep Asian art and culture alive. You also help start conversations, bring people closer, and build a future based on understanding and respect. Your support lets the museum create new shows, plan educational events, and connect with different communities.

Donating to the Asia Society Museum is more than giving money. You can also offer your time, skill, or other resources to help us reach our goals. Join our fundraising efforts, volunteer, or look into partnership chances to have a real effect on culture.

“Supporting the Asia Society Museum is not just an act of philanthropy, but an investment in building a more inclusive and cohesive world.” – [Your Name]

By helping the Asia Society Museum, you join a worldwide group working to save and share Asian art and culture. Be a part of our goal to increase cultural understanding and appreciation. Donate today.

Support the Asia Society Museum

Ways to Support:

  1. Give money online through the museum's website.
  2. Join the museum's fundraising events and campaigns.
  3. Look into company partnerships and sponsorships.
  4. Give art or cultural items to the museum.
  5. Donate your time and skills to help at the museum.

Benefits of Supporting the Asia Society Museum:

  • Be recognized as a supporter of culture.
  • Get special invites to openings and events.
  • Meet artists, curators, and experts.
  • Enjoy discounts on museum items and books.

Your support is crucial. Together, we can preserve and share Asian art and culture's rich legacy.

Explore Asia Society’s Global Network

The Asia Society goes beyond New York to build global understanding. It has centers worldwide, encouraging connections. These places boost cultural exchanges and dialogue between areas and people.

“Our global network allows us to connect people, ideas, and resources from around the world, driving meaningful change and promoting cross-cultural understanding.” – Asia Society CEO

Visiting the Asia Society Museum in New York links you to a global network. This network celebrates cultural understanding through art and education. It's a place for artists, scholars, and Asian culture fans to unite globally.

Asia Society Global Network Locations:

Location Activities
New York Flagship location with a museum, cultural events, and educational programs
Hong Kong Cultural center promoting cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration in Asia
Shanghai Platform for artistic and intellectual exchange between China and the world
Mumbai Promotes cultural understanding and partnerships between India and Asia
Houston Highlights the contributions of Asian Americans and celebrates diversity
Sydney Hub for connecting Australia with Asia through arts and culture

The Asia Society has a broad impact with its diverse locations. Each place has special programs that mirror the local culture. Joining the Asia Society network lets you see new perspectives and help with global understanding.

Stay Updated with Asia Society Museum

To keep in the loop with Asia Society Museum's new exhibitions and events, there are easy steps to follow. Sign up for the museum's mailing list to get the latest news. This includes insider info and special deals. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with fellow art lovers and be part of a community passionate about Asian art.

Visit the Asia Society website for info on future exhibitions and events. The site is packed with details to help you learn about the museum's work. It also helps enrich your understanding of Asian art and culture. Use these online tools to keep informed and join the conversation about the museum's efforts.

“I was blown away by the thought-provoking exhibitions and engaging events at the Asia Society Museum. By signing up for their mailing list and following them on social media, I never miss out on the latest cultural happenings.” – Art enthusiast

Become Part of the Asia Society Community

Staying updated makes you a key part of the Asia Society Museum community. It's perfect for art lovers, cultural explorers, or anyone into cross-cultural understanding. Join the mailing list, follow them online, and check out their site. Dive into the exciting world of Asian art and culture this way.

Sign up for the mailing list, follow the Asia Society Museum on social media, and visit their website to stay connected with the vibrant art and culture community.

Immerse Yourself in Asian Art and Culture

Step into a world of enchantment at the Asia Society Museum in New York. Explore the vast depths of Asian heritage with an experience unlike any other. Discover the rich traditions of art that have shaped Asian culture alongside modern works by Asian artists.

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Be captivated as you explore the museum's carefully chosen exhibitions. They showcase Asia's diverse artistic expressions. From intricate calligraphy to mesmerizing ceramics, each piece tells a story, taking you to faraway places and reflecting Asian craftsmanship's legacy.

Take part in educational programs that offer insights into Asia's complicated history and current issues. Hear from top experts in lectures and discussions, join in workshops, and enjoy the beautiful sounds of Asian music. By diving into this cultural experience, you'll gain a deeper respect and understanding for the rich heritage that influences our world's society.

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