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Discover Art & Culture at Long Beach Museum of Art

The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) in California is a lively center for contemporary art. It has various exhibits, programs, and events that highlight Long Beach's art scene. LBMA offers something for everyone, from art lovers to those looking to explore culture.

LBMA invites you into a world filled with art. You'll see everything from thought-provoking shows to engaging installations. It's a place where both new and well-known artists display their work. They connect with viewers through different art forms, like paintings, sculptures, and photography.

Come to LBMA and see the Wires Crossed Exhibition by Ed Templeton. It gives a special view of skateboarding culture. Or check out the Newspace Collection, showcasing a key 1970s gallery. Don't miss Virginia Katz's “Transitory Nature,” with its stunning landscapes. Also explore the LBMA Juried Photography Exhibition's emotional stories.

LBMA's exhibits capture the essence of Long Beach. They delve into themes such as identity, connections, and our changing environment. LBMA welcomes you to experience the impact and beauty of modern art. It's a place for creativity, inspiration, and cultural adventure at the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Explore the Wires Crossed Exhibition by Ed Templeton

The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) invites you to see the exhibition “Wires Crossed: The Culture of Skateboarding, 1995-2012” by Ed Templeton. This show highlights the colorful world of skateboarding.

Ed Templeton's solo show takes you deep into skateboard culture, which has inspired many for years. Through photos, collages, texts, and more, he shows skateboarding in the '90s and early 2000s.

Discover the universe of skateboarding, filled with DIY and punk vibes. See the energy and freedom in the skateboarders' world. Feel the excitement through snapshots of their daring stunts and tight-knit community.

Templeton, a pro skateboarder, mixes his experiences with his art skillfully. His work celebrates skate culture's look and values in a powerful way.

At “Wires Crossed,” see how skate culture has deeply affected art and young people today.

Diverse Perspectives on Skateboarding

The show looks at how inclusive and global skateboarding is. It shows the creativity and styles of skateboarders worldwide, honoring their connection.

Breaking Boundaries

Templeton's use of different media breaks old art rules. The show makes you rethink art and surprises you with its bold, beautiful pieces. They mix skateboarding and art in new ways.

The LBMA also has events and workshops related to skateboarding. These let visitors dive deeper into the skate world and Templeton's creative method.

The Exhibition Highlights:

  1. Photography: See the true spirit of skateboarding in Templeton's photos. They capture moments full of strength and spirit.
  2. Collage: Templeton's collages mix images into a coherent but edgy view of skate life.
  3. Text and Archival Materials: Explore the stories and history of skateboarding through Templeton's work.
Exhibition InformationLocationDate
Wires Crossed: The Culture of Skateboarding, 1995-2012Long Beach Museum of Art, LBMASeptember 15th, 2022 – January 7th, 2023

Check out “Wires Crossed: The Culture of Skateboarding, 1995-2012” at the LBMA. Dive into the world of skate culture and see its impact on art and young people.

Be moved by Ed Templeton's storytelling and art. Book your tickets now. Be part of this celebration of skate culture's fearless spirit and creativity.

Discover the Newspace Collection at LBMA

The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) is showcasing the Newspace Collection. It was given by Ken Cave, an Orange County collector. This collection highlights emerging artists from the 1970s at the Newspace gallery. It made a lasting impression on California's art scene.

LBMA is celebrating these new talents, including famous artists like Chris Burden. John Sonsini and Seiji Kunishima are also featured. The gallery played a big role in the art world.

Newspace Collection at Long Beach Museum of Art

The Newspace Collection at LBMA takes you through the gallery's history. It shows its effect on the California art scene. Visitors see how artists broke new ground and discover the era's unique art styles.

LBMA not only shows the Newspace Collection but also includes works from its own collection. It features art by Chris Burden and Jay McCafferty. This mix of collections shows the range of talent LBMA has supported over the years. Visitors get a full view of Long Beach's art history. This helps them see how the city has influenced the wider art world.

LBMA embodies the essence of Newspace and supports new artists. It is a lively player in the art scene. The museum inspires new artists and explores new artistic directions.

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Experience Tidawhitney Lek’s Living Spaces

The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) proudly presents Tidawhitney Lek's first solo museum show. This exhibition, titled “Living Spaces,” brings Lek's enchanting vision of home and belonging to life. Her work tells stories of family, culture, and identity, all set against the backdrop of Long Beach.

Lek blends personal tales with broader human experiences through art. She uses a variety of artistic techniques. This invites us to see the places we live in and the traditions we carry on in a new light. It's a celebration of unity and the joy of life.

Inspired by Long Beach’s Roots and Cultural Heritage

“Living Spaces” honors Tidawhitney Lek's deep bond with Long Beach, its origins, and its diverse culture. She explores the complex stories woven into the city's fabric. By drawing from Long Beach's vibrant scenes and cultural richness, her pieces mirror the city's varied legacy. It's a testament to our shared humanity.

“Lek's artwork truly captures the essence of Long Beach, transporting viewers into a world where personal narratives intersect with community histories. Her ability to infuse cultural heritage into her vibrant artworks is awe-inspiring.” – LBMA Curator

An Invitation to Explore and Connect

“Living Spaces” guides you on a journey of discovery and unity. Lek's art opens doors to new worlds. She encourages you to explore personal and shared histories, awakening emotions and fostering connections. Her vibrant colors and detailed stories invite deep reflection and a sense of belonging.

A Celebration of Enduring Spirit and Cultural Expressions

This exhibition celebrates Long Beach's rich culture and resilient spirit. Lek's art visually narrates the city's communal experiences, highlighting the importance of our origins and inherited cultures. It encapsulates Long Beach's essence, showcasing its resilience, creativity, and diverse culture.

Join us at Long Beach Museum of Art

Experience Tidawhitney Lek's “Living Spaces” for a unique blend of art and cultural heritage at the LBMA. This exhibition captures Long Beach's spirit through a mix of art and heritage. Visit today and start a journey of discovery, connection, and celebration of Long Beach's lasting spirit.

Discover Carl Aldana’s Reflections of Long Beach

Dive into the lively views of Long Beach with Carl Aldana's amazing paintings. He lived in Long Beach and mixed his city love with his Guatemalan roots in his art.

Aldana takes cues from his Guatemalan childhood in his work. He fills his paintings with the area's rich culture and traditional outfits. His art mirrors Long Beach's vibrant diversity, featuring well-known spots and key historical events.

Every painting by Aldana tells a story, making you feel nostalgic and proud of Long Beach's unique allure. He captures the city's evolving scenes, making us ponder Long Beach's energy and cultural depth.

See Carl Aldana's enchanting artwork at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA). It's where art, culture, and Long Beach's soul meet beautifully.

Carl AldanaGuatemalanLong Beach Landmarks, Moments in History

Explore the Transitory Nature by Virginia Katz

Transitory Nature Virginia Katz - Long Beach

The “Transitory Nature” exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) takes us on a journey. It shows how we connect with the natural world. Virginia Katz uses mixed media monoprints, watercolors, and interventions to highlight nature's fleeting beauty.

Katz's work explores both tangible and unseen aspects of the environment. She shows how humans and nature are deeply linked. Through her art, she captures the essence of nature's change.

This exhibition makes us think about our role in nature. It shows the delicate balance between us and the earth's constant changes. It reminds us that everything in life is temporary.

“Nature's impermanence has always intrigued me,” says Virginia Katz. “My art explores this and tries to make people see the world in awe.”

Katz combines different art forms to tell a compelling story. Her monoprints and watercolors evoke deep feelings. They make us see the unending changes around us.

The Artist’s Perspective

Virginia Katz finds inspiration in nature's constant movement and steady core. She looks at landscapes and how humans affect them. Her work shows nature's complex patterns.

Her monoprints and watercolors show her skill in expressing nature's temporary aspect. Every piece shows the landscapes' beauty and how quickly they can change.

“I want my art to make people think about nature's fragility,” Katz explains. “And how our actions impact its balance.”

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The “Transitory Nature” exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art is a game-changer. Katz's art encourages us to see the beauty in change. It reminds us to care for our planet.

Exhibition Details: 
Exhibition Title:Transitory Nature
Artist:Virginia Katz
Venue:Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA)
Medium:Mixed media monoprints, watercolors, interventions

Discover the LBMA Juried Photography Exhibition

Dive into the fascinating world of photography at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA). This museum is hosting a unique juried photography exhibition. It showcases a wide range of stories and perspectives from artists in Southern California. They challenge our ideas about alternate realities through their art.

Esteemed photographers Deanna Templeton and Robert von Sternberg curated the exhibition. It brings together amazing narrative photography that takes you to other realities. These works make you rethink what you see around you. The artists use photography to tell powerful stories, letting us see new worlds and feelings.

The exhibition includes all kinds of photos, from landscapes to personal portraits. Each photo tells its own story. They capture moments and emotions that invite us to see deeper into the human experience.

Photography opens doors to both real and imaginary worlds. At LBMA, this exhibition highlights the great creativity of photographers. They challenge how we see things and invite us into new worlds. Their work pushes photography to its limits and changes how we view our world.

Innovative Approaches to Photography

The LBMA exhibition celebrates different ways artists approach photography. You'll see everything from classic to experimental techniques. Each photo shows the artist's own view of the world. They use composition, lighting, and stories to take us to unseen places.

These photographers capture fleeting scenes, personal stories, and dreamlike worlds. Narrative photography lets them share their visions and question our reality. This exhibition is a celebration of photo art. It engages us in a conversation with the images on display.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is at the heart of the LBMA exhibition. The photographers use their craft to tell engaging stories. These stories connect deeply with viewers. The photos go beyond simple snapshots and take us into a world where dreams and reality mix.

The work explores alternate realities, making us think about our own views. Each photo invites us on a journey of discovery. Photography has a special power to engage, inspire, and change how we see the world around us.

Your Journey into Alternate Realities

Step into a world of alternate realities at the LBMA exhibition. Engage with the varied stories, feel the power of storytelling, and be taken to new places. The event showcases the beauty and creativity in each photo. It pushes us to see beyond our normal views.

Experience photography in a new light. Question your ideas of reality and be inspired by endless visual possibilities. The LBMA exhibition is an invitation to see photography differently and explore the limits of perception.

Exhibition DetailsLocationDates
LBMA Juried Photography ExhibitionLong Beach Museum of ArtSeptember 15, 2022 – November 20, 2022

Experience the Points of Intersection by Daniela Soberman

Serbian-American artist Daniela Soberman invites you to explore her captivating “Points of Intersection.” It's currently showcased at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA).

Inspired by her family's old home in Yugoslavia, Soberman explores change and the human spirit. Her work uses interlocking panels to show how connected our lives are. It's about balancing our inner and outer worlds.

This installation is both grand and fragile. It shows how we build connections and adapt in our lives. Soberman uses visual façades to make us think. She asks us to look at how we build our realities and find our true selves.

“Points of Intersection invites us to see the layers of our lives. It talks about identity, being open, and the strong human spirit.” – Daniela Soberman

Soberman's work makes us think about how we're all connected. It goes beyond culture to celebrate our common humanity.

The Points of Intersection Installation at a Glance:

Installation NameArtistGenre
Points of IntersectionDaniela SobermanInstallation Art
LocationLong Beach Museum of ArtLBMA
Artistic InspirationThe architecture of Soberman's former home in Yugoslavia 
Main ThemeExploring the idea of façades and the human spirit 

“Points of Intersection” by Soberman is a must-see. Head to the LBMA to see this deep work. It celebrates how we connect and the many chances we get when paths cross.

Explore the Out of Step/Out of Line Exhibition

Discover the exciting world of tattoo art at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) through “Out of Step/Out of Line.” This exhibition, created with San Pedro's Nathan Kostechko, lets you see beyond typical tattoo jobs. It shows tattoo artists' personal creative quests.

Enter a space where tattoo artists freely expand their art. They try new mediums and themes to show their personal style. Freed from commercial limits, they dive into pure creative exploration.

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“Out of Step/Out of Line” offers a glimpse into the tattoo world's variety and energy. See the incredible skill and creativity of these artists as they explore new artistic horizons. This LBMA exhibition invites you on an inspiring journey. It makes you rethink what tattoo art is all about.

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