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How can I book a tour of the Colosseum in Rome?

The Colosseum in Rome is widely loved and a key spot for tourists. With so many ticket choices, it might seem hard to plan your visit. We'll show you a detailed way to book your Colosseum tour. This includes the different ticket types, guided tours, and tips to make sure you get a spot ahead of time.

First off, you might be wondering: How can you make the most of your visit to this Ancient Roman icon? Whether Rome is part of a big Italy trip or you're heading there just for the Colosseum, knowing how to get tickets is crucial. This way, you can make your time count and thoroughly enjoy the historical sites you'll see.

Introduction to the Colosseum

The Colosseum, also called the Flavian Amphitheatre, stands out in Rome. People built it in the 1st century AD. It's the biggest amphitheater from ancient times, fitting 50,000 viewers. Gladiators fought there, as well as public executions, and other exciting events. The Roman people loved these shows.

Ancient Marvel of Rome

Many admire the Colosseum's architecture and details. It used concrete, stone, and marble to stand strong. Features like underground passages show smart engineering. The Colosseum is proof of ancient Rome's advanced skills.

One of the World’s Most Popular Landmarks

The Colosseum is a top place for tourists. Every year, millions visit to see its amazing design and learn Roman history. It's a key place to see in Rome, also including the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Choosing Between Tickets and Guided Tours

Exploring the Colosseum alone with a basic ticket is one option. But many choose a guided tour to make their visit better. Guided tours come with several pluses:

  • In-depth historical and cultural commentary from a licensed tour guide
  • Skip-the-line access to avoid long queues
  • Access to restricted areas, such as the Arena Floor and Underground
  • A more immersive and engaging experience that brings the ancient site to life

Self-Guided Tours with Audioguides

Self-guided tours with audioguides are great if you like exploring at your own speed. They let you see the Colosseum when you want, with helpful commentary. You can rent audioguides at the site or download them to your phone before you go.

What Your Colosseum Ticket Includes

When you're getting ready for your Colosseum trip, you need to know about the ticket choices. A simple Colosseum ticket lets you see the first and second levels. It also lets you visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill within 24 hours.

Basic Colosseum Entrance Ticket

Here's what you get with the basic ticket:

  • Single entry to the Colosseum at a specific time
  • Visit the first and second levels
  • Enjoy 24-hour access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • You can skip the line, but you'll go through a security check

Upgraded Tickets for Arena Floor and Underground

If you want a richer experience, consider upgraded tickets. They open different parts of the Colosseum to you:

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  • Colosseum Arena Floor ticket: Step onto the arena floor where gladiators once fought.
  • Colosseum Underground ticket: Go to the hidden parts under the Colosseum, like the tunnels and rooms used by gladiators and animals.

Choose between basic or special tickets for a unique visit. But remember, it's best to book your spot ahead of time.

Buying Tickets on the Official Colosseum Website

The official website for buying Colosseum tickets is

Parco Colosseo

. It offers the best prices and shows the available tickets clearly. But, the site can be hard to use, especially for people traveling from other countries.

If your plans change, it's tough to get a refund or change your tickets here.

Pros and Cons of Official Site

Pros Cons
Best prices for Colosseum tickets Complicated and confusing website layout
Specific ticket availability and timeslots Limited refund and exchange options
Official booking channel Difficult for international visitors to navigate

Colosseum tour booking

Booking Through Official Ticketing Partners

You can get tickets and tours not just from the Colosseum's site but also other trusted sellers like GetYourGuide. They often have easier ways to book, more tickets when it's busy, and let you change your plans easily. GetYourGuide stands out because it keeps prices low and lets you cancel up until 24 hours before.


GetYourGuide is well-liked for its Colosseum tour and ticket options. This includes straight-to-the-door entry, tours with guides, and deals that mix in visits to other cool spots in Rome. The easy-to-use site and policy that lets you back out if needed make planning your Colosseum visit hassle-free.


Viator, too, offers many ways to explore the Colosseum. You can pick from tours with experts, fast-track entry, or packages that bundle in more of Rome's highlights. Its dependable service and detailed tour info help you choose what's best for your visit. It's a trustworthy option for seeing the Colosseum.


At Tiquets, you can find Colosseum tickets and plans that take you to places like the Vatican or around Rome on a bus. Their site is easy to use and shows you lots of ways to make the most of your time in Rome. It's a great place to start for your Roman holiday.

Recommended Colosseum Tours

Looking for a deep dive into the Colosseum's past? Book your tour through Walks of Italy or Liv Tours. They offer comprehensive tours with skilled guides. These tours make the ancient site come alive.

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Walks of Italy

Walks of Italy is a top choice for tours. They lead groups through the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Their Gladiator's Gate Tour is a hit. It lets you step onto the arena floor for a unique experience.

Liv Tours

Liv Tours are perfect for smaller groups or a personal visit. Their guides are experts who will uncover the Colosseum's secrets. To save on a Liv Tour, use the code “UNTOLDITALY” to get a 5% discount.

Colosseum tours

How can I book a tour of the Colosseum in Rome?

Booking your Colosseum tour beforehand is crucial now. The site requires all visitors to reserve their spot early. This is true even for those who get in free. Tickets are available for purchase from 3-4 weeks ahead on the Parco Colosseo website. They're often sold out quickly, especially from May to September.

Advance Booking Requirements

To make sure you get the date and time you want, book your tour or tickets early. The Colosseum is very popular, so spots fill up fast. If you don't see tickets on the Parco Colosseo site, try looking on official ticket sellers like GetYourGuide, Viator, and Tiquets. They might have extra tickets.

Ticket Availability and Sales Window

The Colosseum uses a system where you pick a date and time to visit. This avoids overcrowding and makes visiting more pleasant for everyone. By booking in advance, you can lock in your preferred date and time. This helps you plan the rest of your trip to Rome without worry.

Colosseum Opening Hours and Best Time to Visit

The Colosseum doesn't open on December 25th or January 1st, but it's open the rest of the year. The hours change depending on the time of year. The best times to go are early morning or late afternoon. This is because it gets very hot and crowded around midday. You should show up at least 30 minutes before your ticket time to get through security.

Season Opening Hours Recommended Visit Time
Summer (April – September) 8:30 AM – 7:15 PM Early morning or late afternoon
Winter (October – March) 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Late morning or early afternoon

The Colosseum is often full, especially in the busy seasons. To skip long waits and have a better time, it's a good idea to book your tickets early and get there before the crowds.

What to Bring for Your Colosseum Visit

Identification Documents

Visitors must show ID when visiting the Colosseum. They need to show a driver's license or passport. This rule helps organize the big crowds better.

Comfortable Clothing and Footwear

Wear comfy clothes and shoes at the Colosseum. You'll walk a lot. The weather can be hot or wet, so always check that. You should also take sunscreen and water, especially in summer.

Discounts and Free Entry Options

Visiting the Colosseum can be easier because of various discounted and free entry options. Young people from European Union member states, aged 18 to 25, get to see the Colosseum for less.

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Free Entry for Children and Disabled Visitors

If you're under 18 or have a disability, you get in for free. This offer extends to one family member or helper as well. Remember, you still need to book your tickets early and show ID to get in without cost.

But, don't forget, even if you don't qualify for these free or cheaper rates, you still need to buy your tickets early. Booking ahead ensures you get in on the day and time you want, without any stress.

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