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How can I visit the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor?

Have you ever dreamed of standing near Lady Liberty, the symbol of hope? Many have. The Statue of Liberty is an iconic spot in the Big Apple that everyone should visit. But, how do you include it in your trip?

The Statue of Liberty is a top spot in Harbor. It's a place that pulls in millions of people every year. When visiting, a ferry by Statue City Cruises is needed. This is the only ferry allowed. Tickets can be bought in person at Battery Park or Liberty State Park, or online. You have choices for your ticket: basic, pedestal, or crown access. It's smart to buy tickets early, especially in busy times.

Plan Your Visit to the Statue of Liberty

To see the Statue of Liberty, get tickets from Statue City Cruises. They're the only official boat service. You can buy tickets online at or call 1-877-523-9849. It's smart to buy early, especially during busy times.

Statue City Cruises – The Only Authorized Ferry Service

Statue City Cruises has different tickets. You can get general admission or tickets to see the pedestal or crown. General tickets let you see the island and museum. Pedestal and crown tickets let you inside the statue. Make sure to check their website for the latest on times and tickets.

Ferry Schedules and Ticket Options

You can pick general admission or pedestal and crown tickets. General tickets are for seeing the island and museum. Pedestal and crown tickets let you into the statue. Check the Statue City Cruises website for the current schedule and ticket info. Things can change with the season and when it's crowded.

Getting to the Ferry Terminals

To visit the Statue of Liberty, you can catch a ferry from Battery Park in New York City or Liberty State Park in New Jersey. Getting there is easy by subway, bus, or car. You have plenty of ways to start your journey to the iconic Statue of Liberty.

By Subway or Bus to Battery Park in New York City

From New York City, reaching Battery Park is a snap by subway or bus. The 1 train goes to South Ferry and the 4 or 5 express trains stop at Bowling Green. For those from Brooklyn or Queens, the R/W trains to Whitehall Street are perfect. If you prefer the bus, use the M1, M6, or M15 to South Ferry.

By Car to Battery Park in New York City

Driving to Battery Park can be tough due to pricey and scarce parking. Use the FDR Drive South from the East Side or the West Side Highway South if you're on the West Side. Planning to drive? Arrive early to find a parking space near the Statue of Liberty New York Harbor cruises.

By Public Transportation to Liberty State Park in New Jersey

Liberty State Park in New Jersey is another ferry starting point for the Statue of Liberty. Get there by taking the PATH train to the Liberty State Park station. It's a quick walk from there to the ferry terminal.

By Car to Liberty State Park in New Jersey

If you're coming by car to Liberty State Park, take the New Jersey Turnpike Exit 14B. Then follow the signs to the park. They have parking on-site, but arriving early is your best bet, especially when it's crowded.

Exploring Liberty Island

Arriving at Liberty Island is exciting, thanks to Statue City Cruises. Once there, you can explore and see the Statue of Liberty Museum. This museum tells the story of the Statue of Liberty, including the original torch. Don't miss the Liberty Vista for amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor.

Statue of Liberty Views and Grounds

If you can't go up to the statue's pedestal or crown, don't worry. You can still enjoy the island's beautiful surroundings. Take a walk, take pictures, and feel the deep history of this famous American symbol.

Visiting Ellis Island

When visiting the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, you can also go to Ellis Island. This is made possible by the Statue City Cruises ferry. Ellis Island is home to the

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Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration

. The museum tells the story of America's immigration from the 1500s to today. You can feel what it was like for millions of immigrants who came through Ellis Island.

At the

American Family Immigration History Center

, you can learn about your family's immigration history. Don't forget to see the

American Immigrant Wall of Honor

. It honors immigrants and their contributions to the United States over time.

How can I visit the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor?

The Statue of Liberty is in New York Harbor. You can visit by taking a ferry from Statue City Cruises. This is the only way to get there legally.

You should buy Statue of Liberty tours tickets early. You can do this online or at ticket booths. These booths are in Battery Park (New York City) or Liberty State Park (New Jersey). This way, you'll have your spot guaranteed. Tickets give you many options, like seeing the Statue up close. It's best to buy your tickets early, because they may run out, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Ticket Type Includes Price
General Admission Access to Liberty Island and Statue of Liberty Museum $23.50 (adult), $12.00 (child)
Pedestal Access Access to the Statue of Liberty Pedestal and Lower Levels $23.50 (adult), $12.00 (child) + $3 Reservation Fee
Crown Access Access to the Statue of Liberty Crown $23.50 (adult), $12.00 (child) + $3 Reservation Fee

Security and Screening Procedures

Before you go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, you need to pass through similar security as at an airport. This means your bags and stuff will be scanned, and you'll walk through metal detectors. These steps are all about keeping everyone safe at these famous sites.

Make sure to arrive early because the security check can take time, especially when it's really busy. These checks are thorough but quick. So, leave extra time in your plans to manage through security easily.

Security Screening Procedures What to Expect
Bag Scanning All bags and personal items will be scanned through an X-ray machine, similar to airport security.
Metal Detectors You will walk through a metal detector, just like at the airport.
Additional Screening If needed, you might have an extra check, like a pat-down or a hand scan.

Knowing ahead about the security and screening procedures can make your visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island better. Plan well, and expect to do these important security checks to see these New York Harbor jewels.

Security screening for Statue of Liberty

Crown and Pedestal Ticket Options

Statue City Cruises offers more than just general admission tickets. You can also buy pedestal and crown access tickets. These give you an inside look at the Statue of Liberty and allow for amazing views.

Pedestal Access

Pedestal tickets let you enter the statue's lower levels. You can climb up and see the New York Harbor from a new angle. As you climb, you'll see amazing views of the city through the statue's windows.

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Crown Access

If you're up for an adventure, consider getting crown access tickets. These tickets let you climb to the statue's crown from its feet. At the top, you'll see views of New York City and the harbor that can't be beaten. Just remember, getting to the crown means climbing 162 steps since there's no elevator.

To get either pedestal or crown tickets, you must book in advance through Statue City Cruises. They're popular and sell out fast, especially during busy times. Make sure to plan ahead so you can enjoy these special areas at the Statue of Liberty.

Virtual Tours and Historical Information

Can't make it to the Statue of Liberty? Or just want to know more? The National Park Service has your back. They offer virtual tours and rich historical details. You can see 360-degree views and historical images. This includes not-open-to-public spots. This way, you can understand and respect this iconic monument more.

Thanks to virtual tours, you can soak in the Statue of Liberty's essence from anywhere. Dive into its history and magnificence. Look from different angles, walk through the statue inside. Learn about its build, meaning, and the immigrants' tales at Ellis Island.

But that's not all the National Park Service offers. Their website also holds a ton of historical information about the Statue of Liberty. Discover its design, how it was built, and the deeper meanings of its features. Uncover the fascinating story of its journey to New York Harbor. This treasure trove of knowledge makes the Statue of Liberty and its importance crystal clear, even if you can't step foot there.

virtual tours of Statue of Liberty

Whether you're eyeing a visit or just intrigued by this iconic piece of America, these resources are gold. By taking a dive into these virtual and historical resources, you'll get a much richer sense of the Statue of Liberty. You'll understand its role, not just in the U.S., but worldwide.

Supporting the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation works with the National Park Service. Since the 1980s, they've been restoring the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You can help them by donating or joining their events. Your help keeps these important American places open for everyone.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island stand for freedom and new beginnings. They welcome millions every year. Wondering How can I visit the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor? Supporting the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation means you're helping to keep these symbols alive forever.

The Foundation has done a lot. They fixed the crown and pedestal. Your support lets them keep making these places better for all to see and enjoy.

Ways to Support the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation
Make a Donation
Volunteer Your Time
Participate in Fundraising Events
Become a Member

Best Time to Visit the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a well-known symbol in New York City. It's open to the public all year. The best time to visit depends on what you like and the weather. Summer is the peak tourist season. It's when most people come, and it can be very crowded. If you want to see it without all the people, spring and fall are better choices. The weather is nice, and you might not have to wait as long for tickets.

Want to avoid big crowds? Try going on a weekday or early/late in the day. The mornings and afternoons are usually quieter than midday. No matter when you go, make sure to check the Statue City Cruises website. This will have the most up-to-date info on hours and tickets. It helps you plan your visit better so you can really enjoy it.

If you want to see the Statue of Liberty's outside, its museum, or even climb up to the crown, timing is key. Think about when it's less crowded. This way, you can have a much better time exploring this famous spot. And you'll get to enjoy New York City more too.

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