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Is Mexico City Safe? Your Travel Safety Guide

is a big draw for tourists. Yet, many wonder, Is Mexico City safe? It does face significant violent crime and certain areas have limited emergency services. Knowing the right security steps and tips is key for a fun and safe trip.

Important to note, that Mexico City sees issues like homicide, kidnapping, and robbery. The U.S. government has given warnings about travel here. Plus, emergency help might not be quick to arrive, especially outside the main cities. Therefore, preparing and learning about safety is vital.

Following the U.S. government's advice is wise. This includes not traveling between cities after nightfall. Use safer options like Uber instead of street-hailed taxis. Avoid solo travel, especially to remote spots. Also, signing up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program and keeping up with emergency notices can help.

With the right approach, enjoying Mexico City safely is very possible. This guide will share crucial tips on safety, what to pack, booking stays, experiencing local food, and more during your trip to the city.

What should I pack for Mexico City?

When packing for Mexico City, think about the mild weather there. The city usually stays in the low 20°Cs most of the year. The rainy season is in summer. Here's what you need to bring for a comfy trip:

  • Light, waterproof jacket: For the rainy summer, bring a jacket that keeps you dry. It'll help you enjoy the city without getting soaked.
  • Comfortable shoes: Mexico City is perfect for walking, so comfortable shoes are a must. They'll let you see all the cool spots.
  • Button-down shirt or casual dress: If you're going to nice places, pack a button-down or a dress. This will help you fit in at fine dining spots or special events.
  • Avoid displaying signs of wealth: It's smart not to show off expensive items in big cities. This keeps you safe from theft. So, leave fancy jewelry at home.
  • Raincoat or umbrella: A raincoat is handy, but in case you forget, you can buy an umbrella easily there.
Essential Items for Mexico CityClothing for Mexico City
Light, waterproof jacketComfortable shoes
Button-down shirt or casual dressAvoid displaying signs of wealth
Raincoat or umbrella 

Making reservations in advance

Mexico City is famous for its great food and drinks. Some of the best places to eat in North America are found here. To enjoy these meals, it's smart to book your table early. Pujol and Quintonil are top picks and they fill up fast. So, getting a reservation is a must.

Besides eating out, many famous spots in Mexico City need you to book ahead. The Frida Kahlo Museum, called the Casa Azul, and the Luis Barragan House are key places. They often need you to buy tickets for a certain time online. This lets you skip long lines and have a great time.

Mexico City gets a lot of visitors at certain times. These are from February to early May and September to December. So, arranging your visit ahead is wise during these times. Doing this means you'll have a smooth holiday without worrying about missing out.

Top Attractions for Reservation in Mexico City:

  1. 1. Pujol: A famous spot for new Mexican food. Book your table early.
  2. 2. Quintonil: Offers great menus and eco-friendly meals. You must reserve in advance.
  3. 3. Frida Kahlo Museum (Casa Azul): Learn about Frida Kahlo's life and work. Book your visit online in advance for a certain time.
  4. 4. Luis Barragan House and Studio: Explore architect Luis Barragan's well-known home. Make sure to book ahead for your chosen time.

By planning early, you ensure a happy trip to Mexico City. No last-minute hassles or letdowns.

booking restaurants mexico city

Now, let's look at how long you should stay in Mexico City. We'll also check out the top places you must see.

How long should I stay?

It's key to think about how many days in Mexico City to fully enjoy your trip. A four- to five-day stay is perfect. You'll get to see many areas and top sites comfortably.

If visiting sites like Teotihuacan or Xochimilco, each morning should be enough. They're a bit far, so keep travel time in mind.

The National Museum of Archaeology and the Chapultepec Castle deserve lots of your time. Spend hours there to truly understand Mexico's past and beauty.

The downtown area, called Centro Histórico, is a must. Spend a day taking in the sights. Visit Bellas Artes and the Catedral Metropolitana, and see Templo Mayor's ruins.

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Exploring without a strict plan is cool too. Take walks, eat local foods, and blend in with the city's life.

Tipping and etiquette

When you visit Mexico City, knowing the local customs is important. Tipping is a big part of showing thanks. It's good to learn a few tips for getting it right when in the city:

Tipping in Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops

At places to eat, like restaurants, bars, and coffee spots, leave 15% to 20%. The service staff might ask about adding a tip before you pay. It's wise to tip in cash, especially in pesos, as not all places take card tips.

Tour Guides and City Guides

If you hire a tour or a guide, tipping at the end is common. Using cash, preferably in pesos, is best. About 10% of the tour's price is a good amount for their tip.

Tipping at Supermarkets

At supermarkets, you often have help packing your things. For this, tipping 10 to 15 pesos per bag is a nice way to say thank you.

Respecting the Service Industry

In Mexico City, the service sector is very important. Showing respect through tipping and gratitude is key. This helps those who work in the service industry and supports the local economy.

But, tipping is not the only rule to follow in Mexico City. Being polite, using words like “please” and “thank you” is crucial. So is respecting local ways. If you're unsure, watch what the locals do and copy them.

Understanding the tipping norms lets you show you're thankful for good service. This way, you blend in better and show respect for Mexico City's culture.

The cost of living in Mexico City

Planning a trip to Mexico City means looking at living costs carefully. It may seem more affordable than places like or London. Yet, it's key to know what daily life costs are for residents.

Short-term rentals, like those on Airbnb, have become very popular in Mexico City. This has driven up costs. With more tourists looking for places to stay, it's much harder for locals to find affordable homes.

It's crucial to note the economic gap in Mexico City. Avoid saying it's cheap, as many local people can't keep up with the rising costs.

Average Expenses in Mexico City

ExpenseAverage Cost
Rent (1-bedroom apartment in city center)$500 – $800 per month
Groceries$150 – $200 per month
Dining out$5 – $10 per meal
Transportation$0.25 – $0.50 per bus ride
Utilities (electricity, water, gas)$70 – $100 per month

These average expenses show what to expect while in Mexico City. Remember, prices might be higher or lower based on where you are and what you do.

Recognizing the cost of living in Mexico City is important to have a respectful trip. Supporting local stores, meeting the locals, and adding positively to Mexico City enriches everyone.

Exploring the food scene

Mexico City is a top spot for food, filled with flavors and dishes that show Mexican cuisine's depth. A major draw here is the street food. It's bursting with flavors, from tacos and tamales to elote and churros. The whole city's streets sing with the smell of these mouthwatering treats, each suitable for any food fanatic.

Yet, for those picky about what they eat, finding the right food might be tough. It's key to look closely at what's in your meal, especially at street stands with fewer choices. Keeping an eye on ingredients and how the food is made matters a lot.

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Vegetarians and vegans take note. Many classic Mexican foods use lard or might touch meat while being cooked. Clearly talk about your diet when ordering. Though some vendors offer such meals, confirm if they prevent mixing with non-vegetarian food.

Dietary restrictions and food allergies

If you have special food needs or allergies, understanding Mexican dishes is important. Some, like mole or salsas, could contain nuts. This is risky for those allergic. Boldly share your food concerns to stay safe.

Street Food DishCommon Allergens
Tacos al PastorWheat (Tortillas), Pork
TamalesWheat (Masa), Pork or Chicken
ChurrosWheat (Dough), Dairy (Dipping Sauce)
EloteDairy (Mayonnaise, Cheese), Chili Powder

When eating out, make your food needs known. Most spots in Mexico City will try to help. Talking early about your diet or getting suggestions from locals is smart.

Worrying about food safety in Mexico City is a valid concern, yet the city has worked on this. Always be careful and pick places where you see clean practices. Places that cook before your eyes are often safer.

Street Food in Mexico City

Discovering Mexico City's food is a treat. There's so much to try, from the lively street food to fancy dining. Just be careful about what you eat, and you can fully explore the city's food wonders.

Safety tips in Mexico City

Mexico City has upped its security efforts recently, aiming to make tourists safer. But, it's smart to take your own safety steps too. Be alert, and know what's happening around you. This will help you steer clear of any issues. Remember these tips when you're in the city:

  1. Stay vigilant: Always keep an eye out. Don't show off costly things like fancy jewelry or high-end gadgets. This way, you won't draw any unwanted looks your way.
  2. Avoid crowded areas: Pickpocketing and small thefts can happen in places with many tourists. So, watch your stuff when around lots of people.
  3. Use reliable transportation: Go for well-known cab services like Uber over finding a cab on the street. It's safer and lessens the chance of getting caught in a scam.
  4. Stay in safe neighborhoods: Find a place to stay in areas with a rep for less crime. Before picking a spot, do some reading or ask locals for advice on good neighborhoods.

Mexico City is trying hard to be safer, yet it's key to keep informed and steer clear of risky areas. With some caution and by sticking to these safety tips, you'll likely have a blast without trouble in Mexico City.

Crime in Mexico City

Crime rates are a reality in Mexico City, despite safety improvements. Petty theft, pickpocketing, and tourist-targeted scams are among the challenges. This is why being alert and using these precautions can make your visit safer.

Type of CrimePrecautions
PickpocketingKeep your belongings secure and be cautious when in crowded areas.
Taxi ScamsUse reputable taxi services such as Uber and avoid hailing taxis on the street.
Property TheftAvoid displaying valuable items in public and keep your accommodations secure.
Tourist ScamsBe vigilant of common tourist scams and avoid sharing personal or financial information with strangers.

What to do in case of an emergency

In Mexico City, staying calm in an emergency is key. It could be a health problem, a safety issue, or losing your passport. Knowing what to do can really help.

Keep a list of important numbers ready. This list should have the local police, ambulance, and your embassy's contact. They offer help and advice during tough times.

If a crime happens to you, reporting it is vital. Go to the police and give a statement for insurance needs. This helps with getting back any lost items and staying safe later.

If you lose your passport, stay calm. Reach out to your embassy or consulate immediately. They'll tell you what to do and help you get a new passport.

Having the right travel insurance is also crucial. It can cover medical needs, lost items, and more. Make sure you know what your policy includes before you travel.

Being ready with contacts, reporting incidents, and having good insurance is smart. It helps you manage emergencies well and enjoy your time in Mexico City peacefully.

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