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Visit the Natural History Museum in London Today!

Ready for a journey through time to see the natural world’s wonders? The Natural History Museum in London awaits you. It’s a top museum in London, offering awe-inspiring experiences.

Walking through its doors takes you into a world of discovery. It’s perfect for history lovers, science fans, or anyone looking for attractions in London. The Natural History Museum should not be missed.

But think about this: Have you seen all it has to offer? What discoveries are still waiting for you inside?

Welcome to the Natural History Museum at South Kensington

The Natural History Museum in South Kensington is a gateway to exploring ancient wonders. It has top-notch exhibits and famous sights, making it perfect for natural history fans. The place is open every day from 10.00 to 17.50, and it’s free to enter.

Step into a world where discovery awaits at every corner in the Natural History Museum. Located in London, it brings the natural world’s marvels to life, showing our planet’s history.

As you step inside, you’re met with stunning architecture and exhibits. You’ll see the huge diplodocus skeleton and the giant blue whale model, each telling Earth’s history.

“The Natural History Museum at South Kensington is full of knowledge and wonder. It lets you see the amazing variety of life that our planet has hosted for millions of years. It’s a must-see for anyone, whether you love zoology, paleontology, or are just curious about nature.”

– Visitor review

The museum boasts a huge collection that covers many scientific areas. You’ll find fossils, rare minerals, and gemstones that offer a peek into Earth’s ancient past.

Immerse Yourself in the Wonder of Nature

There is so much to see that highlights the richness of life on Earth. You can see lifelike animatronic bugs, beautifully detailed plants, or dive into the dinosaur age.

If you’re into human history and cultures, the Human Origins and Anthropology galleries are great. They offer a compelling look into our past.

An Interactive and Educational Experience

The Museum gives interactive and educational fun for all. Go on a behind-the-scenes tour to discover the museum’s research and preservation work. Try out engaging activities that make science exciting, or join a workshop to learn more about natural history.

The Natural History Museum in London promotes curiosity and knowledge about our world. It keeps inspiring and teaching visitors from all over.

Explore the Exhibits at the Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum in London, you’ll dive into fascinating exhibits. They show the natural world’s diversity and fragility. From ancient fossils to modern biodiversity, the museum’s exhibits are a window to the Earth’s history.

The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is a must-see. It displays stunning photos that show wildlife’s beauty and vulnerability. You’ll see amazing landscapes and animals, all through the lens of photographers from across the globe.

Don’t miss the Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition. It takes you into the world of birds with their amazing colors and behaviors. You’ll learn about eagles, exotic birds-of-paradise, and more. It’s a unique look at these feathered friends.

“The exhibits at the Natural History Museum in London provide a window into the wonders of the natural world, igniting curiosity and awe in visitors of all ages.”

The museum covers many areas like paleontology, geology, and zoology. Whether you love ancient bones, sea life, or exotic places, there’s something for everyone. It’s a journey through the mysteries of human evolution and the diversity of life.

Visiting the museum is not just educational. It helps you see the beauty and complexity of nature. You’ll leave with more wonder and curiosity. And you’ll understand why we must protect our planet’s biodiversity and natural beauty.

Get Inspired by the Museum’s Free Galleries

Visiting the Natural History Museum is always inspiring, whether it’s your first or fiftieth visit. The free galleries are a source of never-ending wonder.

Walk through the museum and learn about ancient fossils. Explore the animal kingdom’s marvels. You’ll travel through time, seeing life’s diversity evolve over millions of years.

Be amazed by beautiful minerals and gemstones. Feel the excitement of meeting prehistoric creatures up close in the Dinosaur Gallery. Each gallery is full of amazing knowledge and displays to marvel at.

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“The Natural History Museum has a stunning collection of natural specimens, all free of charge! Take your time to enjoy each exhibit’s details. Let your curiosity lead you. Fascinating discoveries are waiting.”

– Dr. Emily Johnson, Senior Curator

If you love nature, history, or just want a fun day out in London, the Natural History Museum has something for everyone. It’s one of London’s top spots for a reason.

Don’t miss the chance to see these engaging galleries. Ignite your love for nature. Plan your visit to the Natural History Museum in London today.

exhibits London museum

Join a Guided Tour of the Museum

Make your visit to the Natural History Museum in London better by joining a guided tour. Our tours let you learn more about the museum’s huge collection. You’ll hear interesting facts from our well-informed guides.

We offer different tours like the Secrets of the Natural History Museum and Museum Highlights Tour. No matter what you love, history or nature, our tours are engaging. They take you on a fun journey through the museum.

On the Secrets tour, you’ll see parts of the museum most don’t. You’ll learn about the building and special items in the collection. Our guides share cool stories that bring the museum’s history and science alive.

Interested in seeing the big attractions? The Museum Highlights Tour is for you. It shows you our most famous exhibits, like dinosaur bones and rare gems. You get to see the best parts of our huge, varied collection.

Our tours help you understand the museum’s exhibits better. You’ll see the important details and learn why they matter scientifically. Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, our tours always offer something new and memorable.

“The guided tour was amazing for finding the museum’s hidden gems. Our guide knew so much and made the tour fun and informative.” – Emily, visitor.

To book a tour of the Natural History Museum in London, go to our website or ask at the information desk when you arrive. It’s best to book early because our tours fill up fast.

Tour Name Description Duration
Secrets of the Natural History Museum Tour Find out the hidden secrets and interesting stories behind the museum’s design and standout pieces. 1.5 hours
Museum Highlights Tour Take a special trip through our biggest attractions for a full look at our collection. 2 hours

Come on a guided tour of the Natural History Museum. Start an exciting adventure of discovery into the natural wonders of our world.

Attend Special Events and Workshops

Step into a world filled with excitement at the Natural History Museum. Do more than just look at exhibits—join hands-on activities and learn in new ways. People of all ages find something special to enjoy here.

The museum holds many events throughout the year, showcasing nature’s beauty. You can listen to famous scientists or see live shows. There’s always something to catch your eye.

Don’t miss the Natural History Live series. These talks let you learn from experts and see rare items up close. Learn about ancient life and the many creatures we share Earth with.

Upcoming Events

Check out these exciting events at the Natural History Museum:

  1. Nature Photography Workshop: Capture nature’s wonders with your camera. Learn from pros and use the museum as your canvas.
  2. Dinosaur Safari: Travel back in time with a guide. Discover the giants that once ruled our planet.
  3. Botanical Illustration Class: Draw and celebrate plant life. Learn artistic skills and make beautiful images.

These events and more await you. There’s plenty for everyone, from science fans to art lovers. The Natural History Museum is a place of discovery for all.

Discover and learn at the Natural History Museum. Our events are fun and educational. They spark curiosity in everyone. Join us and explore the amazing world of nature.

Ready for an adventure? Check our schedule and book your spot. The Natural History Museum promises memorable moments.

Become a Member and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Do you love the Natural History Museum in London? Want to help its mission? Becoming a member is your best bet. You’ll not just get amazing perks. You also help preserve the museum’s treasures and support science.

Member Privileges

Becoming a member opens up a treasure trove of benefits at the museum. Some perks include:

  • Free entry to paid exhibitions
  • Priority access to the museum
  • Discounts on purchases at the museum shops and cafes
  • Invitations to exclusive member-only events
  • Updates on the latest discoveries and research

Preserving Natural History

Your membership does more than offer benefits. It supports the conservation and study of the museum’s vast collection. This ensures future generations can learn and be inspired.

Natural History Museum in London

“The preservation and study of our natural history is not only essential for scientific research but also provides a window into our past and a foundation for our future.” – Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum.

Joining means you’re part of a community that values knowledge and protecting our natural heritage. Your support keeps the museum at the forefront of science and education.

Join Today

Ready for exclusive benefits and to help preserve earth’s history? Become a member of the Natural History Museum today.

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Discover the Museum’s Research and Collections

The Natural History Museum in London is not just a place to see amazing exhibits. It’s also a key hub for scientific study. It has a huge collection of specimens that help us learn about our world.

Scientists at the museum are always busy discovering new things. Their work ranges from studying life’s origins to exploring climate change impacts. This research helps us all understand our world better.

The museum is home to over 80 million specimens, from ancient fossils to living plants and animals. These collections let scientists study our world’s past and present. They help us learn from history to face future challenges.

To give you a taste of the museum’s extensive collections, here are some fascinating highlights:

Collection Description
Fossils The museum boasts an exceptional fossil collection, showcasing the remains of long-extinct species and providing insights into the earth’s ancient past.
Minerals and Gemstones Discover a dazzling array of minerals and gemstones, each with its own unique properties and mesmerizing beauty.
Botanical Specimens Explore plants from around the world, including rare and endangered species, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of plant life to our ecosystem.
Zoological Specimens From intricately preserved insects to majestic mammals, the zoological specimens offer a comprehensive look at the animal kingdom.

Visiting the Natural History Museum lets you see incredible exhibits and support their research and preservation efforts. Join the mission to protect our planet and learn about the amazing world of science and collections.

Attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition

Do you love nature and photography? Then you must visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. It’s a celebrated exhibit that shows the beauty, diversity, and delicate nature of our world. You’ll see 100 incredible photographs taken by skilled photographers from all over.

Prepare to be amazed by stunning images. These photos will take you to far-off places. You’ll see nature’s beauty through close-ups of wildlife and grand landscapes. Each photo tells a story and captures a moment in time.

This exhibit will deepen your understanding of nature. You’ll get lost in the beauty of the photos. The show doesn’t just display amazing pictures; it also pushes for conservation. It highlights the need to protect our planet.

“The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition offers a unique perspective on our planet under pressure. It serves as a poignant reminder of the need to safeguard the incredible biodiversity that surrounds us.” – Natural History Museum Curator

Highlights of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition:

  • 100 captivating photographs capturing the diversity of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes
  • Fascinating insights into the behavior and habitats of animals from around the world
  • Thought-provoking narratives that shed light on conservation efforts and the impacts of climate change
  • An opportunity to appreciate the talent and skill of the featured photographers

Experience the wonder of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. It’s a chance to see how photography captures our world’s beauty. Whether you love taking pictures or just enjoy seeing nature, this exhibit is inspiring. It teaches and leaves you in awe.

Date: Coming Soon
Location: Natural History Museum, London
Tickets: Free entry with museum admission

Explore the New Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre Exhibition

The new Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition is now open at the Natural History Museum. It tells the captivating story of birds with their unique adaptations and survival strategies. Birds have fascinated scientists and enthusiasts for ages.

Birds are incredibly diverse and successful, with over 10,000 species across the globe. They live everywhere, from icy Arctic regions to hot deserts. They’ve adapted to various habitats and ways of life.

This exhibition highlights the vast variety of birds. You’ll see their brilliant colors, detailed plumage, and special behaviors. The beauty of these birds, from tropical colors to owls’ camouflage, will amaze you.

The exhibition also explores bird science. You’ll learn how birds evolved to fly and tackle the air. It covers the secrets of bird migration and their long journeys across continents.

The display includes interactive screens, real-life dioramas, and exciting multimedia presentations. You will appreciate birds more, from the strange courtship of birds of paradise to crows’ clever use of tools.

If you love birds, nature, or just want to learn, the Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition is for you. Dive into the world of birds at the Natural History Museum. Discover the magic of their existence and unique features.

Join Special Tours and Workshops for Women in Science

At the Natural History Museum in London, we celebrate women’s achievements in science. Our special tours and workshops shine a light on their vital roles. Join us to discover the incredible stories of women scientists.

Our tours spotlight women’s accomplishments across different fields. We have tours for women scientists of color and others for those in palaeontology and fashion. You’ll learn about their groundbreaking work and how they’ve changed our view of the natural world.

Our workshops give you a hands-on science experience. They’re filled with interactive experiments and discussions. These sessions are great for women looking to grow in science. You’ll meet others who share your passion and be inspired by women’s success in the field.

Be part of our mission at the Natural History Museum in London. We aim to support and celebrate women in science through our tours and workshops. This is your chance to dive into science and be moved by women’s incredible stories.

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