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Explore the Wonders at Science Museum in London

Are you ready to explore the Science Museum in London? It’s a place where science and technology spark your imagination. Every corner is filled with experiences that amaze you.

Find out how lightning works, feel the thrill of space exploration, and try out cool experiments. What’s the science behind giant slides? And how does exploring space feel? The Science Museum has the answers to these and many other questions.

The Science Museum in London is great for learning and fun. You can see, touch, and learn about amazing science and tech wonders. It’s an adventure that will make you curious and excited to learn more.

Step into a world where science amazes you every step of the way. At the Science Museum in London, interact with cool exhibits and see incredible demonstrations. Discover the power and wonder of science and technology.

Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery

Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery is a must-see at the Science Museum in London. It’s an interactive space that wows every visitor, no matter the age. It’s spread over seven zones, each letting you touch, play, and learn from real scientific wonders.

When you step into Wonderlab, you dive into the world of science and math. You can play with liquid magnets in the Matter zone. Or feel the thrill of a lightning strike in the Electricity zone.

And there’s more to see in London’s Wonderlab. You can learn about light, color, sound, and more. Every zone is a new adventure that lets you see and touch the science around us.

At the chemistry bar, see cool experiments up close. The Explainers there make science fun and easy to understand. They love answering your questions on all things science.

Wonderlab is a family-friendly place in London. It makes learning about science and technology exciting and fun.

Unlock Your Curiosity

Wonderlab sparks your curiosity and love for learning. It’s full of hands-on ways to explore and understand science. It’s a place for memorable discoveries that enrich your mind.

If you love science or are visiting with family, Wonderlab is perfect. You get to explore scientific ideas and be amazed by our world’s wonders.

Don’t miss out on Wonderlab at the Science Museum in London. Dive into hands-on exhibits and discover the amazing world of science and technology.

Gift Vouchers and Visit Information

Looking to give a special gift? The Science Museum has gift vouchers for annual passes to Wonderlab. You can buy these for adults and kids. They allow unlimited visits to the interactive gallery.

To visit, annual pass holders need to book a free Science Museum admissions ticket and a Wonderlab entry timeslot. Booking can be done online or with the museum’s team.

To ensure you get your preferred timeslot, book your tickets early. Slots can fill up fast, especially when it’s busy.

Annual Pass Gift Vouchers

Pass Type Price
Adult Annual Pass $90
Child Annual Pass $60

An annual pass to Wonderlab is a great gift. It’s perfect for anyone who loves science or wants a fun museum trip. It lets the holder discover science in new ways every time they visit.

This is your chance to gift an amazing science experience. Get a Wonderlab annual pass voucher today. It will inspire wonder and curiosity for years to come.

Gift Vouchers

Other Exhibits and Galleries at the Science Museum

While Wonderlab is a key attraction at the Science Museum, there’s much more to see. Explore a variety of exhibits and galleries covering all areas of science and technology.

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Power Up Interactive Gallery

Step into the gaming world at the Power Up interactive gallery. See how video games have evolved. Play with everything from old favorites to the newest tech.

Turn It Up: The Power of Music Exhibition

See how music shapes our lives at the Turn It Up: The Power of Music exhibition. Learn about music’s role in society. Enjoy displays, iconic artifacts, and multimedia.

Energy Revolution Gallery

Visit the Energy Revolution gallery to learn about sustainable energy. Understand the need for renewables. Explore ways to fight climate change with interactive exhibits.

Technicians Gallery

Discover the world of engineering in the Technicians Gallery. Learn about the vital role of technicians in many fields. Find out about the thrilling careers and skills in engineering.

The Science Museum offers educational and fun experiences across various fields. Whether you’re into gaming, music, sustainability, or engineering, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Access and Accessibility Information

The Science Museum is dedicated to making sure everyone can visit, no matter their needs. We’ve worked hard to make our space welcoming and inclusive.

For those with accessibility needs, we’ve taken steps to help. For example, we have warning signs near certain exhibits. These are for people with pacemakers or similar devices because of the magnets used.

We offer help for visitors with sensory or access needs too. Our Explainers, who are easy to find and ready to help, will guide and assist anyone who needs it.

If you need more info, check our accessibility page. It has all you need to know for a great visit. This way, you can plan ahead and have the best time at the museum.

If you have questions, just reach out to us. Our team is here to help you enjoy your time at the Science Museum.

accessibility page

Accessibility Services Contact Information
Accessible entrances For information on entrances and assistance, please call: +44 20 7942 4000
Accessible restrooms If you have any concerns or require specific information, email:
Accessible parking For inquiries related to parking and accessibility, please visit our website: Accessibility Page

Quotes from Visitors

“The Science Museum really exceeded my expectations in terms of accessibility. Plenty of staff were around to help, and signs near sensitive areas gave me peace of mind.”

– Sarah Davis

“As someone with sensory processing challenges, the Museum’s accommodations meant a lot to me. The Explainers were patient and made sure my visit was comfortable.”

– Mark Johnson

Booking and Ticket Information

To get the best experience at the Science Museum, book your tickets early. Tickets might not be available on the day you visit, especially when it’s busy. It’s best to book online or call the museum’s booking team. Annual pass holders need to book a free general admission ticket and a Wonderlab timeslot ticket. This makes entering easy and lets you see everything you want. To avoid disappointment; book early to pick the time you want to come.

Booking your tickets in advance ensures a seamless entry and access to all desired exhibits and galleries. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fully engage with the wonders of the Science Museum!

General Admission Tickets

General admission lets you see the whole museum, including Wonderlab. Although these tickets are free, booking early is important to guarantee your visit.

Wonderlab Timeslot Entry Tickets

Wonderlab is a hit and requires booking a specific time to visit. This ticket gets you into the interactive gallery for exciting live shows. Annual pass holders also need to book this ticket.

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Online Booking

It’s easy to book your Science Museum tickets online. Just go to the museum’s official website and follow the steps.

Contacting the Booking Team

If you want to book by phone or have questions, the museum’s booking team is happy to help. Contact them anytime for help.


Tickets might be available when you arrive, but it’s not certain, particularly in busy times. Booking ahead is the best way to make sure you can explore the wonders of science and technology at the museum.

Booking Options Advantages
Online Booking – Secure your preferred timeslot
– Convenient and easy
– Avoid disappointment due to limited availability
Contacting the Booking Team – Personalized assistance
– Quick answers to your questions
– Alternative booking option
Booking on the Day – Not guaranteed availability
– Higher chance of disappointment
– Limited flexibility in timeslot selection

Plan Ahead for an Unforgettable Experience

Booking early ensures a smooth visit to the Science Museum. Availability might be limited, so book ahead. Experience science in a fun way through interactive exhibits, live shows, and immersive galleries.

Events and Workshops

The Science Museum offers many events and workshops annually for different ages and interests. At Careers Live, meet fragrance experts and join in interactive workshops. These workshops are fun for the whole family and open doors to careers in fragrance. You’ll get to meet pros and learn a lot about science and technology careers.

At Careers Live, meet top fragrance experts. They’ll share their knowledge about the amazing scent world. In interactive workshops, learn how to make fragrances. Discover ingredients, how to mix them, and how scents affect us.

“The art of fragrance creation mixes science and creativity. At Careers Live, explore this industry’s secrets and understand scent making’s complexities.” – Fragrance Expert

These workshops are not just for learning; they’re inspiring too. They might make you want to work in fragrances. Whether it’s making perfumes, marketing, or blogging about beauty, Careers Live can help start your journey.

Join these interactive workshops and talk with pros. Ask questions and meet others who love fragrances. The activities will show you what it’s like to make scents. It’s a peek into an exciting career.

Careers Live: Fragrance Expert Workshop Schedule

Date Time Workshop Title
June 15, 2022 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Introduction to Fragrance Creation
June 22, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Exploring Ingredients: From Naturals to Synthetics
July 5, 2022 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM The Art of Blending: Creating Harmonious Scents

Book your spot at Careers Live and start learning about fragrances. It’s a chance to learn from fragrance experts and love perfumery more.

Other Exhibitions and Tours

Explore a world of fascinating exhibitions at the Science Museum. Each visit is enriched by a variety of temporary displays covering numerous topics. Learn about the universe’s mysteries or how artificial intelligence (AI) influences design. These exhibitions provide new views and knowledge about the latest in science and technology.

Kip Thorne and Lia Halloran Exhibition: Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe

Discover the blend of astrophysics and art through the Kip Thorne and Lia Halloran exhibition. It highlights the teamwork between Kip Thorne, a famous physicist, and Lia Halloran, a modern artist. Together, they bring the universe’s beauty to life with stunning artworks and interactive setups.

Get a closer look at the universe and Thorne’s revolutionary work. This inspiring exhibition is perfect for those captivated by space’s mysteries and how science meets art.

AI in the Design Industry: The Future of Innovation

See how artificial intelligence is changing the design world. The exhibition showcases AI’s role in creativity and design’s limits expansion. It features computer-made art and AI-led product development. Discover how these smart systems transform our design, make, and experience.

Learn about the benefits and challenges as AI advances innovation in the future. This display is eye-opening for anyone interested in technology’s role in creative fields.

Exhibition Tours: A Deeper Dive into the Displays

Our volunteer guides make museum visits even better through guided tours. They allow a deeper look at specific exhibits, enriching your understanding and interaction. These tours share hidden stories, fascinating facts, and unique insights.

Guided through intriguing exhibitions, visitors gain a deeper love for science and technology. Perfect for science buffs or the casually curious, these tours offer a memorable and insightful journey.

Additional Museum Information

The Science Museum is proud to belong to the Science Museum Group. This group includes museums focused on science and education. We aim to spark curiosity and love for science in everyone who visits.

We believe in being open and welcoming to everyone. That’s why we share our terms, privacy policy, and accessibility info clearly. Our goal is for every visitor to feel informed and safe while with us.

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Science is something we think everyone should enjoy. We work hard to remove any obstacles to learning and fun at our museum. No matter if you’ve always loved science or are just getting curious, we invite you to explore and learn with us.

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