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Discover History at the Museum of London Now

Ready to explore London's past? The Museum of London takes you on an exciting journey. From prehistoric times to today, experience how the city evolved. Uncover London's history and culture in a new way.

Right when you step inside, you'll see exhibits that showcase London's story. The museum has everything from old treasures to recent finds. It's perfect for anyone interested in history or looking for fun things in London.

Walk through the galleries and travel back in time. See how Roman London looked and learn about the Great Fire. The exhibits let you hear and see London's history.

But there's more online. With a click, explore over six million items from your home. Their online collection has it all, from ancient relics to recent pieces.

Stay in the loop with the museum on social media. They're on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can get the latest news and join conversations about London's heritage.

Something big is happening in 2026. The Museum of London is moving to Smithfield Market. This new spot will be even better for visitors. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting change.

This museum is like a treasure chest of London's story. With over seven million items, it's the biggest urban history collection worldwide. Discover the city's past through its incredible artifacts.

There's more than just one museum. There's also the Museum of London Docklands and the Museum of London Archaeology. They all focus on different parts of London's history. Together, they give a full picture of London's rich past.

Begin digging into London's history at the Museum of London. The exhibits and interactive displays are a great starting point. London's historical landmarks are ready to explore, revealing stories at every turn.

The museum gets support from the City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority. Their partnership helps preserve London's history. By visiting, you support London's cultural scene.

Thanks to Sharon Ament's leadership, the Museum of London shines. Under her guidance, the museum connects and teaches people about London's culture.

Are you eager to dive into London's fascinating history? Plan your visit to the Museum of London. It promises a journey that will open your eyes and enrich your understanding of this amazing city.

Uncover the Past in the Permanent Galleries

At the Museum of London, you can dive into London's rich history. The permanent galleries cover different periods, offering a journey from ancient times to today. They display many artifacts, showing what life was like in the past.

In the Museum, you'll find interesting items like ancient flint handaxes and Roman statues. These pieces give a peek into the lives of London's ancient residents. They show their skills, beliefs, and lifestyles. You'll see not just old relics but also more recent items including clothes and paintings.

Walking through the Museum of London's permanent galleries lets you see how the city and its people have changed. The exhibits share London's story, highlighting the cultural and social shifts over time.

“The permanent galleries of the Museum of London offer an immersive experience, enabling visitors to step back in time and gain a deeper understanding of the city's history and heritage.” – Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London

If you love history or are just curious about the past, visit the Museum of London's permanent galleries. It's a fascinating trip through London's history, brimming with treasures to discover.

Dive Into the Collections Online

The Museum of London lets you explore its vast collections from home. They have over six million objects, like ancient finds and modern items. This online platform shows you London's history through these objects.

If you're into history or just curious, this online resource is for you. You can look for specific items or wander through the collections. It's easy to use, so you can find cool stuff without hassle.

Going online lets you see the museum's wide range. Find hidden treasures, look back at different times, and learn about London's culture. It's like traveling through time from your couch.

No matter if you love history or just want a fun online trip, the Museum of London's website has something for you. Start your adventure now and explore London's past.

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Highlighted Artifacts

Artifact Description
1. Egyptian Mummy An ancient Egyptian mummy with intricately preserved wrappings, providing insights into ancient burial practices.
2. Roman Bust A marble bust depicting a prominent Roman figure, showcasing the artistic skills of the era.
3. Elizabethan Ruff A delicate lace ruff worn during the Elizabethan period, reflecting the fashion trends of the time.
4. Suffragette Banner A vibrant banner used by suffragettes during the women's suffrage movement, symbolizing their fight for equality.
5. World War II Gas Mask A gas mask worn by civilians during World War II, representing the impact of war on daily life in London.

Stay Connected Through Social Media

The Museum of London values staying in touch with its audience. We are active on social media for this reason. We share news, events, and stories about London's culture and history on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Follow us on Twitter [@MuseumofLondon], like our Facebook page [Museum of London], and follow us on Instagram [@museumoflondon]. Get the latest updates. You'll see behind-the-scenes content, exclusive insights, and stories about London's heritage.

“Social media lets us share our love for London's culture. It's a great way to engage with people globally.”

– Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London

Discover Unique Content on YouTube

Check out the Museum of London TV on YouTube. You'll find educational videos, fashion showcases, and behind-the-scenes footage. Our channel has content for all interests and ages.

Subscribe to Museum of London TV. Join our online community. Share your experiences, and connect with others who love London's heritage.

Get Involved and Share Your Stories

We want to hear what London means to you. Share your London memories and photos with #MyLondonStory. It's a chance to join a bigger conversation that celebrates London's diverse culture and history.

Start connecting with the Museum of London on social media today. Dive into the amazing world of London's past and present. Together, we can celebrate and keep alive the city's vibrant heritage.

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A Historic Change: The Move to Smithfield Market

In December 2022, the Museum of London said goodbye to its London Wall location. It began preparing for a big move to Smithfield Market's General Market Building. This shift aims to bring visitors a better experience with easier access and more room for exhibits.

The new spot, opening in 2026 as the London Museum, promises a new look at London's history and culture.

Keep an eye out for news on exciting events and exhibits at the new venue.

An Extensive Collection of London’s History

At the Museum of London, you'll see the world's largest urban history collection. It has over seven million objects that deeply show London's growth and culture. Dive into London's past with a wide range of items.

This collection includes many parts of London's past and its people. You'll find archaeological pieces, paintings, and costumes. Each piece has its own story about the city over time. Discover the tales that turned London into the bustling city it is now.

“The Museum of London houses an extraordinary collection that showcases the historical richness of the city. It offers a fascinating journey through the past, giving visitors a deeper understanding of London's heritage and its significance.”

– Danielle Grant, London Historical Society

Highlights from the Collection

Explore the museum's various displays, showing different times in London's history:

  • Archaeological Finds: Feel the excitement of uncovering ancient treasures, from Roman artifacts to prehistoric relics found in the city.
  • Paintings and Prints: See stunning art that shows London's famous spots and captures history's essence.
  • Clothing and Textiles: Discover fashion and clothes from different eras, from Tudor gowns to Victorian dresses.
  • Everyday Objects: Understand how Londoners lived with items they used every day, like household tools.

The museum shares masterpieces and common items that highlight London's history. Touch history itself as you see items that show the city's character.

Artifact Category Number of Objects
Archaeological Finds 3,500,000+
Paintings and Prints 800,000+
Clothing and Textiles 1,200,000+
Everyday Objects 2,500,000+

Visiting the Museum of London lets you dive deep into the city's history. It's a great chance for history buffs and culture fans to learn about the city's heritage.

A Group of Museums Preserving London’s Heritage

The Museum of London is part of a group of museums. They focus on preserving and showcasing London's heritage. The Museum of London Docklands looks at the history of London's port and the Thames. Located in West India Quay, it offers a unique view. The Museum of London Archaeology digs up historical treasures. It is both within and outside London, providing valuable insights into the city's past. These museums shine a light on different parts of London's rich history.

Museum Name Location Focus
Museum of London London Wall General London history
Museum of London Docklands West India Quay History of London's port and the Thames
Museum of London Archaeology Various locations Archaeological excavations and insights into London's past

Each museum offers a unique look at London's history and culture. The Museum of London covers the city's general history. The Museum of London Docklands explores maritime heritage. The Museum of London Archaeology unveils archaeological finds. Together, they offer a deep dive into London's past. Whether you like the general history, the Thames, or hidden treasures, these museums have something for everyone. They provide a full and engaging experience.

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Let's focus on each museum:

Museum of London Docklands

The Museum of London Docklands sits in West India Quay. It's not far from the main Museum of London. This museum tells the story of London's port and the Thames. It uses interactive exhibits and historical artifacts. Visitors can learn about the docks, trade, and riverside life. It shows how maritime activities shaped London's culture and society. Discover London's maritime past at the Museum of London Docklands.

Museum of London Archaeology

The Museum of London Archaeology, or MOLA, digs into London's past. It conducts archaeological digs in and around the city. MOLA finds treasures from Roman times to the medieval period. These finds help us understand how London developed. MOLA also works across the UK and globally. It works with developers and researchers to preserve London's history. MOLA makes sure these discoveries are shared with the public.

Museum of London Archaeology

A Journey Through London’s Historical Sites

Visiting the Museum of London opens up a world of history. It's a gateway to London's amazing historical spots. The museum is a great starting point. It offers a peek into the city's past. Explore the landmarks and hidden spots that make this city special.

At the Museum of London, you're in for a treat. The exhibits and interactive displays make history come alive. Learn about London's ancient beginnings, the Romans, and the medieval times. Discover stories of the city's people and the events that shaped London.

With new knowledge, head out to see London's historical sites. Be in awe of the Tower of London, standing for nearly a thousand years. Stroll the City of London's cobbled streets. Here, old and new blend uniquely.

Don't miss Covent Garden's charming lanes. Its market, once for fruits and vegetables, is now an entertainment heart. Marvel at St. Paul's Cathedral, an iconic masterpiece by Sir Christopher Wren.

But there's more to London than famous spots. Discover hidden treasures like the Thames Barrier and ancient Roman ruins at Billingsgate. The British Museum holds the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. Each piece tells a global story.

Starting at the Museum of London sets you on a solid path. You'll be ready to explore and understand the city's rich history. Visit this museum to start your own historical adventure in this bustling metropolis.

Must-Visit Historical Sites in London
Landmark Key Features
Tower of London Medieval castle, Crown Jewels, Beefeaters, ravens
St. Paul's Cathedral Baroque masterpiece, Whispering Gallery, breathtaking views
The City of London Guildhalls, ancient churches, London Wall, Roman ruins
Covent Garden Market, street performers, theaters, boutique shops
British Museum Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles, Egyptian mummies
Thames Barrier Engineering marvel, barrier gates, visitor center

Are you a fan of ancient history, architectural wonders, or the less-known spots? London's historical sites are a must-see. Start at the Museum of London to spark your interest. Then, discover both famous landmarks and hidden spots in the city.

Jointly Controlled and Funded by London Authorities

The Museum of London is managed together by the City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority. This partnership helps to keep and share London's rich cultural stories for locals and visitors worldwide.

The Museum of London showcases the city's different past, traditions, and ways of life. It connects yesterday with today, letting people see and love London's vibrant culture.

Thanks to this teamwork, the museum can keep teaching and exciting visitors with London's interesting past.

Preserving and Promoting London’s Cultural Heritage

The City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority both help control and fund the Museum of London. They work together to make sure the museum stays a key part of London's cultural scene. It offers a valuable experience for everyone.

“The Museum of London shows how working together can protect and celebrate our city's history. The City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority are committed to preserving our cultural heritage.” – Mayor of London

A Cultural Institution for All

  • Everyone can visit the Museum of London for free, inviting all to discover London's history and culture.
  • The museum has many shows, events, and learning activities for all kinds of interests and ages.
  • Its interactive displays and fascinating exhibits offer a deep dive into history.
  • Together, the controllers and funders are making the museum better and bigger, keeping it fresh and important.

Contributing to London’s Vibrant Cultural Landscape

The Museum of London benefits from the teamwork of the City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority. Their investment underlines their promise to celebrate London's storied past.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, the Museum of London enriches your connection to the city. It takes you through London's history, traditions, and big moments, showcasing its lively and mixed culture.

City of London Corporation Greater London Authority
Founded in 1141 Started in 2000
Looks after London's finance district Manages London in general
Helps the museum as part of its cultural promise Supports the museum, showing commitment to London's history and culture

The City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority unite in their mission to honor and share London's cultural variety.

Leadership and Vision at the Museum of London

The Museum of London is led by Sharon Ament, its dynamic director. She brings a strong vision for the future. Steering the museum with enthusiasm, Ament coordinates the development of exhibits and events. This keeps the museum a key part of London's cultural scene.

Under her leadership, the Museum of London captivates and educates its visitors. It provides an engaging journey through the city's history and culture. The museum uses innovative exhibits and interactive experiences to make history come alive. This allows visitors to dive deep into London's story. Ament's direction has spotlighted the museum in the city's cultural world.

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Sharon Ament's vision and commitment are crucial to the museum's impact. She focuses on both preserving and celebrating London's heritage. Thanks to her, the museum is a top spot for exploring London's rich history and culture.

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