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Visit Design Museum in London Today!

Want to dive into contemporary design? The Design Museum in London is your perfect spot. It’s at 224–238 Kensington High Street, a hub for design lovers.

Explore our architecture and design galleries. You’ll be wowed by the latest in contemporary design. The museum features everything from furniture to technology and graphics.

Learn about design’s rich history. See iconic objects that define London’s design scene.

Eager to know about top designers? At the Design Museum, you’ll see exhibitions on famous designers. Understand their creative process and how they influence design today.

Make plans to visit the Design Museum. Buy your tickets, and get ready for an inspiring journey. See design in a whole new light.

Plan Your Visit to the Design Museum

Before you dive into the exciting world of design, planning your visit is key. Check out the Design Museum hours. Learn where it is, and see what the shop offers. Remember, the Design Museum wants everyone to enjoy their visit and offers help for guests with disabilities. Here’s what you need to know:

Design Museum Location

The Design Museum is found at 224–238 Kensington High Street, London. It’s the perfect place for a deep dive into modern design.

Design Museum Opening Hours

The Design Museum opens its doors:

  • Monday to Thursday: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Friday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

It’s smart to check the museum’s schedule before you go. This way, you don’t miss out.

Design Museum Shop

The Design Museum shop is filled with amazing finds. You can grab gifts, books, and more, all inspired by design. It’s a chance to take a piece of the museum home with you.

Design Museum Cafes

Don’t miss the museum’s cafes during your visit. The Design Kitchen on the second floor offers tasty meals. And the Design Cafe on the ground floor has great snacks and drinks.

Design Museum Accessibility

The Design Museum ensures everyone can explore comfortably. It’s equipped to help guests with disabilities have a great visit.

Contact Information

For more details or to contact the Design Museum, check out their website or use the info below:

With all this info, you’re ready for the Design Museum. Get ready for an inspiring design journey. See amazing exhibits, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate the wonder of design.

Explore the Design Museum’s Exhibitions and Events

The Design Museum hosts a variety of exhibitions and events for design lovers worldwide. Whether you work in design or just love it, there’s something here for you.

The museum’s collection of exhibitions is impressive. It offers both paid and free displays, covering many aspects of design. The Designer Maker User display, for example, shows how design impacts our daily lives.

Temporary exhibitions at the museum focus on specific design themes or movements. These showcase design’s past, present, and future. They help visitors understand how design evolves.

At the Design Museum, design is celebrated, observed, and discussed. The museum offers talks, workshops, and courses. Here, visitors can learn from experts and dive deep into design.

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The Design Museum also supports educators and students. It provides design education facilities that fit into the National Curriculum for Design and Technology. This gives schools a chance to enhance their design education.

Don’t miss the Design Museum’s shops. They offer a range of design-inspired items, from books to souvenirs. Buying something supports the museum’s mission to celebrate design.

Visiting the Design Museum opens your eyes to design’s role in innovation and creativity. Whether you’re seeing exhibitions, joining workshops, or exploring educational facilities, the museum has lots to offer. It’s a place to grow your love for design.

Design Museum Exhibitions and Events

Exhibitions and Events Description
Paid Exhibitions A curated selection of design showcases that may require pre-booking.
Free Displays The Designer Maker User collection display, offering insights into the influence of design on society.
Temporary Exhibitions Thematic exhibitions exploring design movements, eras, and trends.
Design Talks, Workshops, and Courses Engage with industry experts, learn new skills, and gain insights into the world of design.
Design Education Facilities Resources and programs aligned with the National Curriculum for Design and Technology.
Design Museum Shops A curated selection of design-inspired products, books, and souvenirs.

Membership at the Design Museum

Join the Design Museum and get exclusive benefits. With a membership, enjoy free, unlimited museum access all year. Visit captivating exhibitions and exciting events whenever you want, at no extra cost. It’s a gateway to the design world.

Members see new exhibits first, with exclusive previews. Be the first to explore cutting-edge designs. Get inspired by the latest trends and innovations.

Becoming a member connects you with the design community. You’ll get all the latest news and updates. This keeps you in the loop with the design world.

Want to sign up? It’s easy. Contact our team at or visit our website. Start exploring the world of design with us today!

Design Museum membership

Membership Benefits
Unlimited, free entry to the museum for one year
Exclusive previews of new exhibits
Access to the latest design news and updates

Dining Options at the Design Museum

Check out the Design Kitchen and Design Cafe when you visit the Design Museum. They offer a lot of different foods and drinks. This means you’ll likely find something yummy to eat or drink.

The Design Kitchen is on the second floor. Here, you can enjoy meals that are good for the planet. Enjoy your food with a great view of the museum area. They serve fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, and warm meals that are creative and eco-friendly.

The Design Cafe is easy to find on the ground floor. It’s a great place to grab a snack or relax with a coffee. Start your day right with coffee that supports farmers. They also have sweets, snacks, and drinks to refresh you.

The Design Kitchen and Design Cafe are open from 10:00 – 17:00, Monday to Thursday. On Friday to Sunday, they’re open until 18:00. Stop by to enjoy some delicious food or a drink while you’re at the museum. It’s a great way to make your museum visit even better.

Getting to the Design Museum

The Design Museum is at 224–238 Kensington High Street. It’s easy to get there by bus, train, or bike. Whatever way you travel, arriving at the museum is simple.

By Train

Coming by train? You have several stations to pick from:

  • Kensington Olympia
  • West Brompton
  • Shepherd’s Bush

By Bus

Bus rides are another great option. Here are the bus stops near the museum:

  • Kensington High Street
  • Olympia Exhibition Centre
  • South Kensington Station

By Bicycle

Like to bike? The Design Museum offers info to help you plan your biking route. Biking lets you see the sights at your own speed.

Look at the different ways to get there and pick what works best for you. Train, bus, or bike, getting to the Design Museum is easy and stress-free.

Design Museum’s Commitment to Inclusivity and Respect

The Design Museum is all about creating a safe space for everyone. We want both visitors and staff to feel welcome and secure. No form of abuse or discrimination is allowed here.

Everyone who comes here should treat others with kindness and respect. We work hard to make sure our museum is a place where everyone, no matter who they are, feels important. We think it’s essential for people to feel like they belong.

We make sure that everyone can share their thoughts and learn about design without being judged. Celebrating the unique stories and views of our visitors is important to us. We aim to be a place where different ideas and experiences are welcomed.

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To find out more about our efforts for a more inclusive and respectful environment, check out our website for details.

Design Museum inclusivity

Stay Connected to the Design Museum

Stay updated with the Design Museum’s news, events, and offerings in several ways. Keep in touch and engaged with the design community.

Join the Mailing List: Get updates straight to your inbox by joining the mailing list. You’ll hear about new exhibits, design talks, and workshops first. It’s a great way to explore design.

Follow on Social Media: The Design Museum shares cool stuff on social media. Follow their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You’ll see what happens behind the scenes and join in conversations with design lovers.

Explore the Digital Guide: Use the free digital guide on the Bloomberg Connects app during your visit. It’s filled with details on exhibits and design stories. This guide makes the design world more accessible from your devices.

Being connected means you’re part of a design-loving community. You’ll learn more and get to appreciate design’s impact.

Keep in touch with the Design Museum for the latest updates. Sign up, follow on social, and use the Bloomberg Connects app. These tools will deepen your design knowledge and engagement.

Self-Guided Visits for Learning Groups

The Design Museum offers special school visits. These visits let students dive into the world of design. Schools from all levels can enjoy these trips. They match the National Curriculum for Design and Technology. This makes them a great learning tool.

Teaching design is the museum’s main goal. It has special areas for learning about design. Here, students and teachers can see many types of design. This includes anything from buildings to clothes.

Schools can join workshops and other activities. These help students learn about the world of design. They will be able to think creatively, solve problems, and think critically. This prepares them to be tomorrow’s designers.

Students understand design better by seeing the exhibits and joining workshops. They learn about different design areas, get inspired, and start thinking like designers.

Benefits of Self-Guided Visits for Learning Groups:

  • Inspire creativity and innovation through exposure to diverse design disciplines
  • Support the National Curriculum for Design and Technology
  • Promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills
  • Encourage exploration of the wider design community and networks
  • Enhance understanding of design principles, processes, and techniques

Design education does more than teach about design. It helps students to think differently and make a change. The Design Museum’s visits are a playground for learning and growing.

Any learning group can visit the Design Museum for a journey into design. Whether a school, college, or university, this trip can light up your creativity. Book your visit now and inspire future designers.

Design Museum’s Policies and Guidelines

When you visit the Design Museum, learn the rules first. This makes sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Smoking and vaping inside is not allowed. If you need to, there are spots outside for that.

The museum values kindness and respect. You help create a nice space by being thoughtful to staff and other guests. Make sure to follow the museum’s rules for a great visit.

Following the museum’s no-smoking rule is key. It also matters that you treat everyone well. This helps keep the museum a great place for all. Enjoy the design world while being respectful. We can all help in making a place where creativity and respect thrive.

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