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Visit Whitney Museum of American Art in New York

Ready to dive into modern and contemporary American art? The Whitney Museum of American Art in City is your go-to spot. It celebrates the work of American artists and boasts an impressive art collection.

In Manhattan's core, the Whitney Museum awaits art lovers and the curious. It offers stunning exhibitions and immersive art installations. It's a top spot for exploring NYC's lively art scene.

Why is the Whitney Museum so special compared to other NYC museums? How does it shape the city's cultural life? What will you discover on your visit? Join us to explore American art, engage with captivating exhibits, and find the hidden treasures inside this iconic museum.

Location and Accessibility

The Whitney Museum of American Art is in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. This makes it super easy for visitors to get to. It's near the Hudson River Greenway and the West Side Highway, perfect for art fans and tourists.

Getting there by subway is easy with several lines, such as the A, C, E, and L. This makes the museum reachable from different city areas. For those driving, parking garages are nearby, making your visit hassle-free.

Love to bike? The museum has bike racks for your convenience. You can enjoy a nice bike ride along the Hudson River Greenway when you visit.

Prefer car services like Uber and Lyft? They're available around the museum. Just call for a ride to Gansevoort Street and arrive without any stress.

The Whitney Museum makes sure it's accessible to everyone. With ramps and elevators, all visitors can move around easily. Their focus on accessibility means everyone can explore the art exhibitions.

Whether you're in the Meatpacking District or by the Hudson River, the Whitney Museum is a top spot for art lovers and those seeking culture.

Ticketing and Admission

Going to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York is simple. Here's what you should know about getting in:

Booking Tickets

You can get your tickets for the Whitney Museum in two ways. Order them online before your visit or buy them when you arrive. If you book online, you can skip the line and make sure you get in when you want.

Membership Benefits

Members of the museum get to walk right in any time. Just show your membership card at the door. People who work for corporate partners or are part of museum affiliate programs might get in for free. Check if your group has this benefit.

Discounted and Free Admission

Looking to save money on your visit? The Whitney Museum has deals. Enjoy the museum without an entry fee every Friday night. Also, the second Sunday of each month is free. This is a wonderful chance to see what the museum offers without spending a dime.

Ticket Prices

The Whitney Museum has different prices based on who's visiting. Here they are:

Category Ticket Price
Adults $25
Seniors (65 and older) $18
Students (with valid ID) $18
Children (18 and under) Free
Groups (10 or more) Discounted rates available

Groups and schools get special deals too. For more, check the museum's website.

Whether you love art, are studying, or are visiting with family, the Whitney has ticket options for you. Get your tickets, plan your day, and dive into American art.

Museum Hours

Before visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, it's smart to check their hours. You don't want any surprises. They have flexible times for both weekdays and weekends.

Visit Museum of the City of New York Today!Visit Museum of the City of New York Today!

Here's when you can visit the Whitney Museum:

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10:30 am 6 pm
Tuesday 10:30 am 6 pm
Wednesday 10:30 am 6 pm
Thursday 10:30 am 6 pm
Friday 10:30 am 10 pm
Saturday 9 am 6 pm
Sunday 10:30 am 5 pm

The museum starts the day at 10:30 am on weekdays. It closes at 6 pm, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, the museum stays open till 10 pm.

On Saturdays, doors open at 9 am and close at 6 pm. Sundays, they open at 10:30 am but close a bit earlier at 5 pm.

Remember, these times could change. Always check their website or call before you make plans. That way, you can enjoy their amazing collection without issues.

Visitor Information and Services

Planning your trip to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York? Here are the key details you need. Learn about tickets, accessibility, amenities, and more before you visit.

Advance Tickets

It's best to buy your Whitney Museum tickets ahead of time. This lets you skip the lines and get in easily. Get your tickets on the official website.


The Whitney Museum works hard to welcome everyone. The building has ramps and elevators for easy access. Museum staff are also ready to help with any special needs you might have.


Restrooms are easy to find across the museum. Check the museum map for restroom locations. This will help make your visit smooth and comfortable.


All bags are checked for security when you arrive. Big backpacks and bags need to be left at the coat check. This keeps everyone and the artwork safe.


You can take photos for personal use in the galleries. Remember, no flash, tripods, or selfie sticks. This makes sure everyone enjoys their visit.


Visiting the Whitney Museum gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Need a break or want to eat? Just show your ticket to come back in.

Car Services

Using Uber or Lyft? Arrange rides to and from the museum easily. This is a simple way to get to the Whitney Museum.

Whitney Museum of American Art in New York

The Whitney Museum aims to provide a great visit for everyone. Start planning your trip now to dive into the world of American art.

Current Exhibition – Whitney Biennial 2024

The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York is excited to unveil the Whitney Biennial 2024. It's a showcase with seventy-one artists and collectives spanning a variety of artistic fields and forms. This event is a vibrant display of contemporary creativity.

The Whitney Biennial 2024 builds on past events, offering a stage for artists to reflect on today's culture. These artists share engaging stories, spark in-depth discussions, and give intriguing insights on various subjects.

This exhibit stands out for its media diversity. From captivating paintings and sculptures to cutting-edge photography and video. It also includes performance art, showcasing the dynamic nature of modern art.

Visit The Frick Collection in New York Today!Visit The Frick Collection in New York Today!

Visitors are invited to discover groundbreaking works by both well-known and rising artists. It's an event that promotes dialogue, fosters critical thinking, and questions the norms of art.

The Whitney Biennial 2024 celebrates the vibrancy and variety of contemporary art. It provides a unique platform for artists to share their visions and tackle relevant social and political topics. Don't miss this chance to see the leading edge of art expression.

Come to the Whitney Museum of American Art to dive into the Whitney Biennial 2024. It's a remarkable festivity of current art, offering interpretations and imagination. This is where art lovers and curious minds can fully engage with the world of contemporary art.

Dining and Free Days

Planning to visit the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York? Don't miss the dining options on-site. The Frenchette Bakery is on the ground floor. It has a great selection of sweet and savory treats. Whether you want a snack or a big meal, you'll find something tasty here.

There's more! The museum has free admission on Friday nights and every second Sunday of the month. This is your chance to see the museum's amazing shows. You can join in special programming and events too. See incredible American art and culture for free!

The Whitney Museum also offers great discounts and benefits at local places to eat and shop. Show your Whitney Membership or same-day ticket, and you'll get special deals. Enjoy your museum visit more by using these offers and perks.

Don't forget to check out the tasty treats, stunning art, and all the benefits at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Plan your visit now and create wonderful memories in New York City.

Whitney Museum of American Art in New York

Accessibility and Additional Resources

The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York strives to be accessible to everyone. It offers help like wheelchair access and assistive listening systems. This way, the museum makes sure all visitors have a great experience.

Wheelchair Access

The museum is built to welcome wheelchair users. With ramps and elevators, moving around is easy. Everyone can freely enjoy the art at the Whitney.

Assistive Listening Systems

Need assistive listening? The Whitney has got you covered. These systems make sure you hear everything well. Now, everyone can dive into the artwork stories.

Mobile Guide

Enhance your visit with the Whitney's mobile guide. It offers extra details about the artwork. Download it to your device and get a richer museum experience.

Bloomberg Connects

The Whitney is part of Bloomberg Connects. This gives you more info and videos for your visit. Use it to learn more about the Whitney's art and stories.

Accessibility is key at the Whitney Museum. With services like ramps and special listening devices, they make sure you have a memorable visit.

Explore all the Whitney offers to make your visit better. From mobile guides to special platforms, they ensure everyone enjoys their time.

Featured Exhibitions and Events

Explore the colorful world of modern art at the Whitney Museum in New York. It offers a wide variety of exhibitions and events. This makes it a place where there's always something new and interesting to see.

The museum currently has three special exhibitions. Experience the innovative fusion of art and technology in Harold Cohen: AARON. Enter the charming universe of Wanda Gág's World, showcasing amazing illustrations and children's stories. Or, immerse yourself in Dyani White Hawk: Nourish, highlighting Indigenous culture, strength, and identity.

Discover Art & Culture at Brooklyn Museum Now!Discover Art & Culture at Brooklyn Museum Now!

The museum also hosts exciting events. Participate in Open Studio sessions and see artists at work. Explore current exhibits deeper with Exhibition Tours, led by experts. For those afar, catch select events live streamed, like the Harold Cohen Drawing Machine.

Check the Whitney Museum's website for the latest on exhibitions and upcoming events. Dive into the lively scene of American art. Discover the creative spirit inside this renowned New York cultural spot.

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