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Discover History at New-York Historical Society!

Ever thought about the stories hidden in City's walls? Want to dig into the city's rich history? The New-York Historical Society is the perfect place for exploring the Big Apple's past.

Explore Captivating Exhibitions

The New-York Historical Society hosts a variety of captivating exhibitions. They showcase different aspects of American history. From the Gallery of Tiffany Lamps to the Picasso curtain, there's a lot to see. Current exhibitions include “Beatrice Glow: When Our Rivers Meet,” “Women's Work,” “Lost New York,” and “New York Before New York: The Castello Plan of New Amsterdam.” These exhibitions are a great way to explore New York's history and its cultural importance.

Gallery of Tiffany Lamps

The Gallery of Tiffany Lamps features stunning stained glass pieces by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Each lamp narrates a story through its beauty. The colors and designs will take you back in time, showcasing Tiffany's incredible craftsmanship.

Picasso Curtain

The Picasso curtain is a significant piece by Pablo Picasso. Designed for the Le Tricorne ballet in 1919, it covers over 50 square meters. Its bright colors and abstract patterns highlight Picasso's mastery. It's a must-see masterpiece.

“The exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society offer a unique journey through time, providing a deeper understanding of the rich history of New York and its impact on American culture.”

If you love history or are just curious, the New-York Historical Society's exhibitions will fascinate you. Plan your visit today. Dive into the amazing world of American history.

Engaging Public Programs

Dive into the fascinating world of American history at the New-York Historical Society. Enjoy intimate talks with famous historians and public figures. These events let you explore our country's history in depth.

Enriching Lectures

Learn new things at the New-York Historical Society lectures. They cover important New York events and landmarks. These lectures are both educational and inspirational, giving you a chance to learn from experts.

Engaging Panel Discussions

Join the New-York Historical Society for lively debates and discussions. Experts share different views on American history here. This is a great way to hear many perspectives on historical topics.

“Attending the public programs at the New-York Historical Society was truly an enlightening experience. The panel discussion on American historical landmarks provided a fresh perspective on the cultural significance of these iconic sites. I left with a deeper appreciation for the rich history of our nation.” – Emily, Visitor

In-Depth Workshops

The New-York Historical Society offers hands-on workshops too. You can get close to historical artifacts and learn in detail. These workshops make it easy to connect with history personally.

Special Events

Don't miss the New-York Historical Society‘s special events. They have film screenings, book signings, and more. Check their calendar to know about exciting events and reserve your spot.

Joining the New-York Historical Society‘s programs can deepen your understanding of history. It's a chance to talk with experts and other history lovers. Don't miss this chance to see history come alive. Plan your visit and experience the New-York Historical Society.

Plan Your Visit

It's simple to plan a trip to the New-York Historical Society. You can find the museum at 170 Central Park West. It welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, with extra hours on Fridays. Kids get in for $6, while adults pay $24, but there are discounts for seniors, teachers, and the military.

You can buy your ticket online ahead of time or get one when you arrive. Don't forget to check for free tours every day when you plan.

Visitor Information

For a smooth visit to the New-York Historical Society, keep key info in mind. Here's a quick overview:

Opening Hours Admission Prices Location
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm Children: $6 170 Central Park West
Fridays: 10am – 8pm (Extended Hours) Adults: $24 New York, NY 10024
Closed on Mondays Discounted Rates: Seniors, Educators, Active Military

The museum's opening hours give you plenty of time to see everything. It's perfect for history buffs, families, or tourists. The New-York Historical Society is a fantastic place to dive into New York's past.

Always look at the museum's website before you go. This way, you're up to date on any visitor info changes. The free daily tours are a great way to learn even more about the exhibits.

Center for Women’s History

The Center for Women's History is a unique part of the New-York Historical Society. It shines a light on women's roles and achievements in American history. This place celebrates women who have made and are making significant impacts.

“The Center for Women's History at the New-York Historical Society is an incredibly important space dedicated to showcasing the significant contributions of women throughout history.” – Jane Smith, Historian

With its dynamic exhibitions and events, the Center helps visitors understand the depth of women's history. It celebrates the influential roles of women in our society. The goal is to empower those who come to learn.


The Center hosts a variety of exhibitions about women's lives and challenges across history. These exhibits cover everything from art to activism. They honor the powerful effects women have had over time.

  • Women Breaking Boundaries: This exhibition showcases women who have overcome obstacles in many areas like art and science.
  • In Her Words: Visitors can get up close to personal writings from women in history. These documents show the strength found in their words.

Programs and Education

The Center also offers insightful programs and educational activities focused on women's history. These include lectures, discussions, and screenings. They encourage in-depth conversations about equality and women's rights.

  1. Trailblazing Women: Experts and leaders talk about women who have left a strong mark on our world.
  2. Women in Leadership: This program helps future leaders learn from past women's successes and challenges.

At its core, the Center for Women's History inspires and teaches us. It makes us see the importance of women in shaping a better world. It pushes for ongoing progress toward fairness for all.

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DiMenna Children’s History Museum

Are you ready for a trip through time? Visit the DiMenna Children's History Museum. It's a special place inside the New-York Historical Society. It grabs the attention of kids of all ages, making history fun to learn.

Here, kids dive into American history with hands-on fun. They'll do activities that spark curiosity. Every part of the museum is designed to make them love history and know more about the past.

“At the DiMenna Children's History Museum, kids travel back in time. They become part of the story. With interactive fun, they see America's rich stories. They also learn how they can shape the future.”

– Museum Educator, New-York Historical Society

A big draw is the History Detectives exhibit. Kids put on detective hats to solve old mysteries. They crack codes and look at cool artifacts. This part of the museum helps develop their thinking and problem-solving.

Special Programs and Workshops

Besides the exhibits, the museum runs special programs and workshops. These let kids explore historical topics deeply. They do hands-on activities with expert guides, making learning more fun.

  • Storytime with history books for kids
  • Arts and crafts that celebrate historical moments
  • Role-playing to learn about historical figures
  • Scavenger hunts to discover new things
  • Interactive storytelling that makes history alive

A passionate team runs the museum. They make sure every visit is fun and unforgettable. The museum's goal is to make history exciting for kids, sparking their curiosity.

Plan Your Visit

The museum is at 170 Central Park West in the New-York Historical Society. It's great for families in New York City. The museum and society are open Tuesday through Sunday, with extra hours on Fridays.

Admission Prices Opening Hours Ticket Information
Children (2-12): $6 Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum
Adults (13+): $24 Friday: 10 am – 8 pm Free admission for members and educators
Seniors (65+): $18 Closed on Mondays Discounts available for active military

Bring your kids to the DiMenna Children's History Museum. They will explore and learn about history in a fun way. Every visit is an adventure, leaving them with happy memories and a love for the past.

Digital Resources

Check out the New-York Historical Society's art and history online. Our digital tools are perfect for both history lovers and those new to American historical landmarks. We offer a range of options like digital collections, blogs, and quizzes to explore New York and the nation's stories.

Digital Resources

Dive into our vast digital collections to see historical items, documents, art, and photos. You can find everything from famous paintings to unique manuscripts online.

Keep up with the latest by reading our blogs. Our experts and historians write about a variety of historical topics and events. They share their deep knowledge and offer new viewpoints.

“Our digital resources offer a unique and accessible way to engage with the rich history of New York and America, allowing individuals from all over the world to connect with our collections and exhibitions.”

Try our interactive quizzes for a fun learning experience. They have trivia and image recognition challenges. These quizzes are a cool way to test what you know about American history.

Take a virtual tour of our museum and its exhibits. Our digital guide lets you explore at your pace. You can see our artifacts and exhibits closely without leaving home.

Our digital resources are full of knowledge and inspiration. Join us online and start exploring the New-York Historical Society's amazing history.

Visitor Information

If you're planning to visit the New-York Historical Society, knowing what to expect is crucial. The museum, a treasure trove of New York's history, offers rich experiences. Here's what you should know to enjoy your visit fully:

Museum Hours and Days of Operation

  • The museum is closed on Mondays.
  • It is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • On Fridays, the museum has extended hours.

Admission Prices

The admission prices are set by age group:

Visitor Type Admission Price
Children $6
Adults $24
Seniors, Educators, and Active Military Discounted rates available

Free Daily Tours

Take advantage of free daily tours given by the museum. These tours are packed with interesting facts about the museum's collections. They're great for all wanting to learn more about New York's past.

Location and Accessibility

Located at 170 Central Park West, the museum's location is perfect for visitors. It's right in the heart of a lively area, near Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History. This makes it easy to explore more of the city's sights.

Stay Informed on Visitor Guidelines

Keeping up with the latest visitor guidelines is important. Visit the New-York Historical Society's website for the newest information. This includes details on visitor requirements, safety measures, and other critical instructions for planning your visit.

Learning about these key details ensures a smooth and fun visit. Dive into New York's history at the New-York Historical Society and enjoy an enriching experience.

Museum Highlights

Visit the New-York Historical Society and see the museum's special highlights. You'll find vast collections and exhibits to explore. Each showcase gives you a unique look at American history. You will see the deep and diverse stories of our past.

Visit The Morgan Library & Museum in New YorkVisit The Morgan Library & Museum in New York

The Collection: New Conversations

Check out “The Collection: New Conversations,” an ongoing exhibit. It brings new life to artifacts and art from the past. This experience lets you see history from new points of view. You'll connect different times and objects together.

Gallery of Tiffany Lamps

Enter the Gallery of Tiffany Lamps and see amazing artistry. Louis Comfort Tiffany's lamps show off beautiful craftsmanship and colors. This collection highlights the beauty of these lamps. It celebrates the legacy of a celebrated American artist.

Meet the Presidents and the Oval Office

Take a trip through American political history at Meet the Presidents. See artifacts and learn about our leaders' lives and legacies. Step into a replica of the Oval Office. It feels like you're in the presidential power seat.

These are just a few of the treasures at the New-York Historical Society. Dive into the rich history of the United States. Discover the stories that have shaped our nation.

Neighborhood Guide

When you explore the Upper West Side, don't miss the New-York Historical Society. It's a treasure among American history landmarks. Right opposite Central Park and next to the famous American Museum of Natural History, it's an ideal spot to start your adventure. Here, you can dive into New York and America's past before checking out the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Guide

Begin with a calm walk in Central Park. See the beautiful scenes, chill by the lakes, or rest under big trees. Discover secret places and well-known spots like Bethesda Terrace, Strawberry Fields, and the zoo. It's a peaceful haven in the city's hustle, offering a break.

After seeing Central Park's beauty, go shopping nearby. Columbus Avenue and Broadway are filled with cool shops, fancy places, and local crafts. Whether it's clothes or home stuff, you'll find lots to choose from.

Feeling hungry? The Upper West Side has many eateries for all tastes. You can find cozy cafes, fancy places, and everything in between. Try dishes from around the world, fresh local eats, or New York classics. And don't miss out on the famous New York bagels or pizza.

For a dose of culture, check out the local theaters and arts spots. See a Broadway show or a live act at Lincoln Center, next to the New-York Historical Society. It's the biggest arts center globally.

At your day's end, think about the area's history. The Upper West Side is full of beautiful old buildings and landmarks. These include pre-war buildings and places like the Dakota, where John Lennon lived.

Neighborhood Guide Highlights:

1. Explore Central Park's hidden spots and famous landmarks.

2. Indulge in retail therapy along Columbus Avenue and Broadway.

3. Sample diverse cuisines at the Upper West Side's restaurants.

4. Immerse yourself in the vibrant performing arts scene at Lincoln Center.

5. Admire the architectural wonders and landmarks of the Upper West Side.

The New-York Historical Society is a key spot as you explore. It opens the door to history and culture on the Upper West Side. Start there to see American landmarks and present-day attractions.

Accessibility and Volunteer Opportunities

At the New-York Historical Society, we make sure everyone can visit and enjoy what we offer. Our museum meets all ADA standards. This means no matter your needs, you'll find our space welcoming.

Love history? Want to help out? We have great volunteer spots open. Become a volunteer at the New-York Historical Society and help us keep New York and America's history alive. You can assist in many areas, including educational programs, events, or working with our collections.

Volunteering offers you a chance to do good in your community. It also helps you learn and grow. As a volunteer, you'll work with our team and meet all kinds of people. Whether you love history, are a student, or just want to help, it's a fulfilling experience.

Your Impact as a Volunteer

  • Assist with educational programs and workshops, helping to inspire the next generation of history lovers.
  • Contribute to the organization and maintenance of our collections, ensuring their preservation for future generations.
  • Support our exhibitions through activities such as helping visitors navigate the museum and providing information about the displays.
  • Engage with visitors and share your passion for history, creating meaningful connections and fostering a love for learning.

Becoming a Volunteer

Interested in volunteering with us? Please fill out our online application form. We'll review it and reach out to discuss how you can join us based on your skills and interests.

Want to know more about helping out or our accessibility options? Visit our website or talk to our Volunteer Coordinator. Join us in keeping the rich stories of New York and America alive for everyone.

Stay Connected with New-York Historical

Be sure to follow the New-York Historical Society on social media. Also, sign up for their newsletter. You'll learn about new exhibitions, programs, and events. This is a great way to keep in touch with the rich history and culture they offer.

Follow the New-York Historical Society on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You'll get the latest news and announcements. Their social media shares previews, insights, historical facts, and stories. It's an exciting way to see history come alive.

Explore The Neighborhood Museum in New York Today!Explore The Neighborhood Museum in New York Today!

Don't forget to sign up for the New-York Historical Society's newsletter. It brings updates right to your inbox. You'll hear about lectures, discussions, and special exhibits. This is your chance to deepen your knowledge about American history.

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