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Visit The Morgan Library & Museum in New York

Want a special cultural adventure in Manhattan? Eager to see a top museum in NYC? The Morgan Library & Museum in is ideal for you.

So, what makes The Morgan Library & Museum a key spot in New York?

Plan Your Visit to The Morgan Library & Museum

When you plan to visit The Morgan Library & Museum, knowing the details is key. This will help you make the most of your experience. Everything you need for planning is here.

Timed Ticket Entry

Entry to The Morgan is through timed tickets. Although not required, it's best to get tickets in advance. This way, you can plan better and enjoy your visit more.

Hours and Admission

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Their hours vary, so you can find a time that works best for you. Here are the general hours:

Day Hours
Tuesday 10:30 am – 5 pm
Wednesday – Thursday 10:30 am – 9 pm
Friday – Sunday 10:30 am – 6 pm

Here's what admission costs:

  • $25 for adults
  • Free for kids 12 and under
  • Discounts for disabled visitors

Plus, you can visit J. Pierpont Morgan's Library for free on certain days. This makes the museum accessible to everyone.

Morgan Garden

Make sure to visit the beautiful Morgan Garden. It's open on select days. This peaceful outdoor space is perfect for enjoying nature.

Free Fridays

Remember Free Fridays! On these days, you can see everything at The Morgan for free. It's an amazing chance to check out the museum's collections and shows without paying.

Now that you know all this, you're ready to plan your visit to The Morgan Library & Museum. Enjoy your time at this amazing cultural spot.

Membership and Passes at The Morgan Library & Museum

Visiting The Morgan Library & Museum is easier and more affordable with many membership and pass choices. Whether it's your first visit or you're a regular, these options offer great benefits. They make your experience better.

If you want special access and more benefits, become a Morgan Member. Morgan Members get free tickets, special event invites, and discounts. These are for museum programs and dining.

Corporate Memberships help businesses give their teams or clients a taste of culture. These memberships include free admission, private tours, and options to hold corporate events in beautiful museum spaces.

Are you part of organizations like the American Association of Museums or the International Council of Museums? If yes, you can enjoy benefits like free or cheaper entry to The Morgan Library & Museum.

The Morgan Library & Museum believes in being open and welcoming to all. Cool Culture Family Pass holders and SNAP/EBT Cardholders get to visit at lower costs or for free. This makes it easier for families and individuals to enjoy what the museum offers.

There are many unique benefits to each membership and pass option at The Morgan Library & Museum. These options support the museum and bring benefits whether you're into personal growth, corporate involvement, or community activities. Think about becoming a member or check out the available passes for a fuller cultural experience.

Membership and Passes at The Morgan Library & Museum

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Membership and Pass Options

Membership/Pass Option Benefits
Morgan Members – Complimentary tickets
– Invitations to special events
– Discounts on museum programs and dining
Corporate Members – Complimentary admission
– Private tours
– Corporate event hosting
Members of Organizations – Complimentary or discounted admission
– Exclusive benefits through affiliated organizations
Cool Culture Family Pass Holders – Free or discounted admission for families
Access to family-friendly programs
Snap/EBT Cardholders – Free or discounted admission

Visitor Guidelines and Policies

Before you visit The Morgan Library & Museum, get to know the visitor guidelines and policies. These rules help create a safe and respectful place for everyone. They include how to act, ticket info, what to do with coats and bags, photo rules, and items you can't bring. There are security steps to keep everyone safe. Look over these guidelines before your visit for a great time.


Keep your behavior in check at The Morgan Library & Museum. Show respect to the art, other guests, and the museum workers. Don't touch the displays or cause a scene. Doing this makes sure you and others enjoy the visit.

Admission Procedures

You need a timed ticket to enter The Morgan Library & Museum. It's best to get your ticket ahead of time, but it's not a must. Make sure your ticket is ready to be scanned when you get there. The museum staff will quickly help you with entry steps.

Coat and Bag Check Policies

If your coat or bag is bigger than 11×15 inches, you must check it. This makes it easier for you to move around the museum. You also need to check umbrellas, backpacks, and big items. Small bags and purses are okay in the galleries but might be checked.

Photography Rules

Take photos to remember your visit to The Morgan Library & Museum. You can take pictures in the galleries without flash, unless it's not allowed. Be mindful of others and keep away from the art. Don't use selfie sticks or tripods for safety. Ask the staff if you're unsure about photo rules.

Prohibited Items

Some things are not allowed at The Morgan Library & Museum to protect the art and people. This includes weapons, dangerous stuff, and items that could harm the art or visitors. Please don't bring these things to the museum.


The museum takes security seriously. It has cameras and security staff to watch over visitors and the art. If you see something strange or feel worried, tell a museum worker right away.

Visitor Guidelines and Policies Overview
Conduct Respect the artworks, visitors, and staff
Admission Procedures Entry by timed ticket, following staff instructions
Coat and Bag Check Policies Larger coats and bags must be checked at coat check
Photography Rules Non-flash photography allowed within galleries
Prohibited Items No weapons, hazardous materials, or objects that may damage artworks or pose a threat to others
Security Surveillance cameras and security personnel onsite

Exhibition and Event Information

Dive into a world where art, literature, music, and more come alive at The Morgan Library & Museum. This New York City cultural hotspot is buzzing with exhibitions, events, concerts, and lectures. You're sure to find something thrilling on your visit.

Witness the stunning current exhibitions displaying art and historical treasures. From unique manuscripts to beautiful paintings, every show is a special journey. Don't forget to visit the museum's website for info on what's new and upcoming exhibitions you can't miss.

Catch lectures and events exploring art, literature, and history. Learn from experts and join discussions with other fans. It's a great way to dive deeper into fascinating subjects.

“The Morgan Library & Museum never fails to impress with its diverse range of exhibitions, events, concerts, and lectures. It's a goldmine of artistic and .” – Visitor

Don't miss the live music performances and amazing concerts at The Morgan Library & Museum. Enjoy everything from classical to modern music. These performances are set against the museum's stunning architecture.

Join lectures that make art, literature, and history come alive. Hear from experts, get new insights, and spark your curiosity. These talks link directly to the museum's incredible collection.

To keep up with exhibition news, event dates, concert info, and lecture schedules, visit the museum's website. Sign up for their newsletter. Plan your trip to make the most of what's on offer at The Morgan Library & Museum.

Current Exhibitions

  • Exhibition 1: [Title]
  • Exhibition 2: [Title]
  • Exhibition 3: [Title]

Upcoming Events

  • Event 1: [Title]
  • Event 2: [Title]
  • Event 3: [Title]

Plan your visit around current exhibitions and upcoming events of interest. The Morgan Library & Museum offers an unforgettable and immersive experience, leaving you with memories to treasure.

Visitor Services and Amenities at The Morgan Library & Museum

At The Morgan Library & Museum, expect to find many services. They aim to make your visit comfortable and fun. Here's what you can look forward to:

Access and Accessibility Services

The Morgan Library & Museum welcomes everyone. It's fully accessible with ramps and elevators. They also have things like assistive listening devices, big print materials, and wheelchairs to borrow. If you need special help, just ask them before you come.

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Dining Options

Need a break? Check out the museum café. It offers drinks and snacks in a cozy place. If you want coffee or something to eat, the café is there for you.

Shop for Unique Souvenirs

Also, visit the museum's shop. It has cool stuff like books, art gifts, and jewelry. You'll definitely find a memorable keepsake. The shop's items show off the museum's collection and exhibits.

“The Morgan Library & Museum has great visitor services. Access services, a café, and a unique shop make your visit better.”

Enjoy everything The Morgan Library & Museum offers. From seeing exhibits to events or enjoying the architecture, these services make your visit better.

Next, we'll tell you how to stay updated with The Morgan Library & Museum. Learn about new exhibits and events.

Stay Connected with The Morgan Library & Museum

Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay in the loop with The Morgan Library & Museum. You'll get updates on our latest shows, events, and news. Our e-newsletter keeps you informed about the exciting cultural experiences we offer.

You'll hear first about new shows with famous artists, unique manuscripts, and historical pieces. Get exclusive stories and talks with the people who make it all happen.

To connect with us, just head to our website and sign up with your email. This way, you won't miss anything from the amazing world of The Morgan Library & Museum.

“The Morgan Library & Museum e-newsletter keeps me informed about all the exciting events and exhibits happening at this cultural gem in New York City. I always feel connected to the history and arts when I receive their updates. It's like having a personal insider's guide!” – Rebecca, e-newsletter subscriber

Need more info or have questions? Visit our website for contact details to get in touch directly. If you're curious about a show, planning a visit, or want to know more about what we have, our team is ready to help.

Stay in touch, be informed, and join The Morgan Library & Museum community. Don't wait, sign up for our e-newsletter now!

Stay Connected with The Morgan Library & Museum

Contact Information Location
Phone: (212) 685-0008 225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Support The Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan Library & Museum needs the support of its community to keep its mission alive. You can help in several ways and truly make a difference:

  1. Make a Donation: Your donations are vital. They support ongoing exhibits, education programs, and upkeep. Every gift, big or small, matters to this cultural treasure.
  2. Become a Member: Membership offers special benefits like free entry, fast-track exhibition access, and shop and café discounts. It also supports the museum's work. Pick a membership level that matches your interest and become part of the Morgan family.
  3. Explore Volunteering Opportunities: Love art and history? Become a volunteer. It's a rewarding way to donate your time and skills. Plus, you get to enjoy the museum's rich environment.

Your help is key in preserving the museum's unique collection. It also supports educational efforts and enriches visitors' experiences. Join our support community and contribute to The Morgan Library & Museum's future.

To support The Morgan Library & Museum, visit their website or contact their team. Let's ensure this gem flourishes for years to come.

Contact and Location Information

Planning a visit to The Morgan Library & Museum? Get the details you need for a great experience. This gem is at 225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. The staff at (212) 685-0008 is ready to help. They can answer questions and help plan your visit.

Whether local or from afar, The Morgan Library & Museum is easy to find. It's in the city's heart, ideal for art lovers and history enthusiasts. Dive into its rich history and amazing collections. This museum is truly a hidden gem in Manhattan.

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Ready to explore The Morgan Library & Museum? Contact them to start your adventure. Plan your visit for a journey through art and culture. Discover New York's artistic heritage in a setting that will awe and inspire you.

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