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Explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Ever wanted to know what it's like inside the biggest art museum in the US? Imagine walking among famous art works and diving into hundreds of years of culture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in City is where this dream becomes real. It draws millions each year.

At The Met Museum NYC, you find art from ancient times to today. It covers over 5,000 years of history. Its amazing galleries and exhibits show the incredible ways people have expressed themselves.

What's so special about The Met? What secrets does it hold? Let's find out together. We'll see amazing exhibits, learn about different cultures, and feel the energy of this amazing place. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must-visit for anyone who loves art and culture.

Admission and Ticket Pricing at The Met

If you are planning to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you'll want to know about ticket prices and admission options. There are various choices for different visitors. This ensures everyone can enjoy the museum.

Pay-What-You-Wish Tickets

New York State residents and students from New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut can choose how much they pay. You need to pay at least $0.01 for each ticket. This lets you see the museum's huge collection and special shows. You can buy these tickets online if you live in New York State. Or show a valid student ID from NJ or CT at the museum.

General Admission Prices

If you don't qualify for pay-what-you-wish tickets, there are standard prices. These help the museum keep running and staying open to the public.

Ticket Type Price
Adults $30
Seniors (65 and over) $22
Students $17
Children under 12 Free

Met members and patrons get in free as a perk of their membership.

Going to The Metropolitan Museum of Art lets you connect with art and culture. It's also a way to support the museum. Whether you pick pay-what-you-wish or standard tickets, you help them keep art accessible.

Now you know how admission works, you can plan your trip to The Met. Don't forget to check when they are open and other visit tips. Enjoy your time exploring the amazing art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Exhibits and Collections at The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art displays a rich variety of art from around the globe. It's located on the famous Met Fifth Avenue. This museum showcases art and artifacts spanning over 5,000 years.

The Met Fifth Avenue

The Met Fifth Avenue is a place full of amazing art, taking visitors across time and places. Its exhibits feature art from different styles, periods, and cultures. You can see anything from ancient Egyptian pieces to modern sculptures.

This museum lets you discover various cultures and times. It helps you understand the world's art history. At The Met Fifth Avenue, whether you love old civilizations, European art, or modern pieces, you'll find something fascinating.

The Met Cloisters

The Met Cloisters is perfect for medieval Europe fans. Located in Fort Tryon Park, it focuses on medieval European art and gardens. Its design, mirroring a European monastery, sets a special scene for its medieval artworks.

Inside, you'll find beautiful manuscripts, tapestries, and religious sculptures. The Met Cloisters brings the past to life and offers a peaceful break from New York's hustle. Its gardens and the Hudson River view are simply stunning.

The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters are closed on Thanksgiving, December 25, and January 1. Also, the Met Fifth Avenue closes on the first Monday in May.

Highlights of Current Exhibits at The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers a diverse collection of art and artifacts. Explore various art movements and historical periods. Discover these extraordinary collections at The Met:

The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism

Step into the vibrant culture of the Harlem Renaissance. See how transatlantic modernism influenced art. Find paintings, sculptures, and more from African American artists of the early 20th century.

Hidden Faces: Covered Portraits of the Renaissance

Discover the mystery of Renaissance covered portraits. See how artists hid their subjects' identities. Explore the symbolism and creativity behind these timeless pieces.

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Indian Skies: The Howard Hodgkin Collection of Indian Court Painting

Experience the beauty of Indian court paintings from Howard Hodgkin's collection. Admire the details and colors showcasing India's heritage. Enjoy tales of mythology, royal courts, and landscapes.

Weaving Abstraction in Ancient and Modern Art

Explore the connection between ancient and modern abstract art. See how abstraction spans cultures and periods. This collection features everything from ancient textiles to modern paintings.

The Met exhibits

Visit The Met to explore these fascinating exhibitions. Dive into the world of art and appreciate human creativity's diverse expressions.

Exhibit Description
The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism Celebrate the artistic achievements of African American artists during the early 20th century and explore the impact of transatlantic modernism on the art world.
Hidden Faces: Covered Portraits of the Renaissance Unearth the captivating mystery behind the covered portraits of the Renaissance and delve into the symbolism and artistic choices that make them so intriguing.
Indian Skies: The Howard Hodgkin Collection of Indian Court Painting Experience the rich cultural heritage of India through a collection of Indian court paintings, depicting mythical tales, royal courts, and the landscapes of India.
Weaving Abstraction in Ancient and Modern Art Discover the connections between ancient and modern art in this exhibit, exploring the theme of abstraction and showcasing the timeless beauty of abstract art.

Additional Programs and Activities at The Met

Dive into the rich world of art and culture at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met offers various programs and activities to make your visit unforgettable. These are designed to deepen your experience and leave you with lasting memories.

Met Membership: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Met Membership opens the door to a vast world of art and culture. As a member, you not only help the museum but also get special perks. Enjoy free admission, guest passes, and early access to new exhibits. Make The Met your go-to place for art and culture.

Enhance Your Visit with Audio and Digital Guides

Learn about the art pieces' stories with The Met's audio guide. It's available in various languages and covers thousands of artworks. It lets you understand the art's history and significance.

Moreover, The Met offers a digital guide via the Bloomberg Connects app. This app makes your visit better by giving you more information, interactive features, and self-guided tours.

Guided Tours: Discover Art with Knowledgeable Experts

See the museum through expert eyes with The Met's guided tours. Led by seasoned guides, these tours reveal the museum's highlights. They cover specific art themes or periods, the stories behind famous pieces, and offer new views on the art.

An Evening at The Met: Live Music and Specials

Don't miss out on Friday and Saturday nights at The Met. The museum lights up with live music and creates a magical atmosphere. Enjoy the music and the art around you. Take advantage of drink specials at some cafes and bars in the museum. It's a perfect mix of art, music, and culture for your evening.

Met’s Commitment to Cultural Heritage

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is more than just a home for rare and beautiful objects. It's a leader in cultural engagement and the protection of cultural heritage. Thanks to Max Hollein, its director, The Met works hard to honor and protect the world's varied artistic traditions.

The Met shows its dedication to cultural heritage with many exhibitions, events, and partnerships. These efforts help build bridges across different times and cultures. By presenting art from numerous civilizations and eras, the museum helps people understand and appreciate diverse cultures.

Max Hollein highlights the importance of global engagement at The Met. He believes art can connect people across the globe, despite their differences. With an emphasis on inclusion and diversity, The Met's galleries showcase stories and views from people everywhere.

“Preserving our cultural heritage is a task we all share,” says Max Hollein. “By working together and sharing our knowledge, we can safeguard and honor the vast world of human creativity.”

The Met also reaches people worldwide through its digital efforts. Its online presence lets anyone access thousands of artworks, making it easy to explore its vast collection from anywhere.

With its wide-reaching approach to cultural heritage, The Metropolitan Museum of Art ensures art remains a key part of our shared identity for future generations.

The Met Store

The Met Store sells a variety of items that celebrate the museum's art. You can find timeless jewelry designs inspired by 5,000 years of art and gifts. It's a chance to add The Met's art and culture to your daily life.

jewelry inspired by art

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Looking for special jewelry, art designs, or gifts? The Met Store has it all. Every item reflects the museum's beauty and craftsmanship.

Art-Inspired Jewelry

The Met Store is known for its art-inspired jewelry. It offers elegant necklaces and stunning earrings. Every piece reflects a time period or style. You'll find vintage and modern designs that match your taste.

“The Met Store's jewelry collection celebrates art and beauty. Every piece has a story, letting you carry art history with you.”

– Jewelry Enthusiast

Art-Themed Gifts and Merchandise

Besides jewelry, The Met Store has many art-themed gifts and goods. You can buy decor, accessories, stationery, and books. It's perfect for art lovers or adding art to your life. There's something for every occasion.

Embrace Art in Your Daily Life

Shopping at The Met Store supports the museum and brings art into your life. Each purchase reminds you of the museum's creative beauty. It helps you keep that beauty close, wherever you are.

Explore The Met Store's unique jewelry and art-themed gifts online or in person. Find something that shows your love for art.

Audio Guides and Digital Resources at The Met

Make your visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art better with audio guides and digital tools. These resources help you understand more and make your online visit richer.

Audio Guides

The Met audio guide is like a personal friend in the museum. It gives you detailed commentary and insights. You'll learn about the backgrounds of artwork, their history, and how artists made them. The guide comes in many languages for everyone to enjoy.

It doesn't matter if it's your first visit or you love art; the audio guide makes your experience special. It takes you through the galleries, tells you about important artworks, and shares exciting stories. This way, you dive deep into the art world at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Digital Resources

The Met has free digital tools to improve your online visit. The Bloomberg Connects app is one of them. It gives you more information and fun features. You can listen to interviews, get behind-the-scenes facts, and learn about art in detail. The app even helps you find your way around the museum.

You can also explore The Met's art online. Find high-quality images of art, look at virtual exhibits, and use learning resources at home. Dive into The Met's vast art collection and learn about different cultures and art styles.

Discover The Metropolitan Museum of Art in new ways with our audio guides and digital tools. These resources are great, whether you're in the museum or looking at art from home. They offer deep insights and make your art experience even better.

Membership Benefits at The Met

Becoming a member of The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers great perks. It boosts your visits and helps the museum share art globally. With membership, you get special access and benefits that enrich your museum experience.

Member Benefits

Members of The Met enjoy awesome perks:

  • Free guest passes let you bring friends and family. Everyone can enjoy the museum's wide collection and exhibits together.
  • Early access to new exhibitions. Members see the latest art installations before others.
  • Discounts at The Met Store for art-inspired items, jewelry, and unique gifts. These items mirror the museum's vast collection's beauty.
  • Exclusive member events, talks, and programs. These offer deeper insights into the art and culture world.
  • A subscription to The Met's members' magazine and newsletters. These keep you updated on what's happening at the museum.

Your membership means more than just perks. It helps The Met preserve and share art. You support educational programs, conservation efforts, and exhibitions. This ensures that art remains for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Become a member today. Unlock a world filled with art, knowledge, and culture. At the same time, you will be supporting The Met's mission.

Plan Your Visit to The Met

Getting ready for The Metropolitan Museum of Art? Make sure you have all the visitor info you need. The museum operates on special hours at The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters. So, check the schedule before you go. The Met is closed on Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see the museum's vast collections and exhibits.

Consider The Met's location as you plan. It's at 1000 Fifth Avenue in New York City. If you're not familiar with the area, look up your route beforehand. This ensures you get there easily. You'll find public transport and parking nearby, making your visit hassle-free.

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Don't forget to explore The Met's dining options while there. You can grab a quick snack or enjoy a relaxed meal. Enjoy tasty food as you take in the art and culture around you.

Finally, keep an eye out for special events or exhibitions. The Met often has exciting programs, lectures, and temporary exhibits. By staying informed, you can enhance your visit and dive deep into the art.

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