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Explore the Wonders at American Museum of Natural History

Are you excited to travel through time and explore nature's secrets? The American Museum of Natural History in is the perfect spot. Located in Central Park, this family-friendly museum offers everything from dinosaur exhibits to interactive science fun. You'll feel like you're on a boundless adventure through the universe.

Why is this New York museum a must-visit for science lovers and the curious? It's filled with amazing finds and exhibits since opening in 1869. Whether you love space, ancient creatures, or interactive learning, the American Museum of Natural History meets all your knowledge needs.

Ready to uncover the marvels at the American Museum of Natural History? Join us to discover this iconic place that always excites and inspires.

Explore the Planetarium Programs at AMNH

The planetarium programs at the American Museum of Natural History in New York open up the universe's secrets. They let you see the marvels of space and start a star-filled voyage.

At the Hayden Planetarium, the world's most advanced, get ready for a top-notch show. It doesn't matter if you know a lot about stars or just a little, you'll find something to love.

“The planetarium programs at the American Museum of Natural History are truly awe-inspiring. They offer a unique opportunity to explore the vastness of the universe and deepen our understanding of the cosmos.” – Astronomer Dr. Rebecca Thompson

Unveiling the Universe: Exploring the Search for Life

Dive into astrobiology and the hunt for life beyond Earth in an engaging program. Meet scientists sharing fresh finds and looking for life's needs elsewhere. This journey widens your view and sparks your imagination.

Mission Mars: Robotic Explorations

Take a virtual trip to Mars to learn about its robotic explorers. Track rovers like Curiosity and Perseverance as they check out Mars, looking for past life. Discover the hurdles of space travel and the thrill of possible human trips to Mars.

Member Programs: Exclusive Access to the Cosmos

Members get special access to unique planetarium programs. Enjoy talks by famous astronomers, special tours, and members-only stargazing events. Join now to explore more about space.

Program Name Description Duration
Unveiling the Universe: Exploring the Search for Life Delve into the science of astrobiology and investigate the possibility of extraterrestrial life. 1 hour
Mission Mars: Robotic Explorations Embark on a virtual journey to Mars and discover the incredible robotic missions that have shaped our understanding of the Red Planet. 1.5 hours
Member Programs Exclusive access for museum members to intimate lectures, behind-the-scenes tours, and celestial events. Varies

Discover the wonders of space with the American Museum of Natural History's planetarium. From far-off galaxies to the secrets of our solar system, these programs will amaze you. The beauty and vastness of the universe will leave you in awe.

Discover the Fascinating Exhibits at AMNH

Welcome to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. It's home to an array of captivating exhibits. You'll be amazed as you explore the many halls and experiences that await you.

African Elephant: A Majestic Display of Nature’s Grandeur

The African Elephant exhibit is a highlight of the museum. Marvel at a life-sized replica of this majestic animal. Its grand size and intricate details will captivate you. This exhibit shows the beauty of one of Earth's magnificent creatures.

Susan and Peter J. Solomon Family Insectarium: A Fascinating Exploration of the World of Insects

Step into the Susan and Peter J. Solomon Family Insectarium. Immerse yourself in the lives of tiny creatures. Learn about their important role in our ecosystem. This insectarium is educational and illuminating.

Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium: A Truly Enchanting Experience

Enter the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium. You'll be surrounded by a world of colorful, flying butterflies. This experience lets you observe butterflies up close in a tropical setting. Learn about their life cycles in this beautiful environment.

Dinosaur Exhibits: Uncover the Ancient Giants

No visit to the museum is complete without seeing the dinosaur exhibits. Get ready to travel back in time. You'll see the Tyrannosaurus rex and other ancient giants. Imagine a world ruled by these magnificent creatures.

“Visiting the American Museum of Natural History is like embarking on a journey through time and space. You'll be amazed by the incredible exhibits that bring the wonders of the natural world to life.” – John Smith, Visitor

Immerse Yourself in the Invisible Worlds Experience

Explore the unseen wonders of nature at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The Invisible Worlds exhibition takes you on a captivating trip. It shows how all life is connected, offering a fresh look at our world's complexity.

Immersive experience at American Museum of Natural History

The exhibition uses the latest science and technology to make the unseen seen. At Invisible Worlds, you'll see nature's complex processes. You'll dive into hidden worlds that shape our planet.

Immerse Yourself in the Invisible Worlds Experience:

  • Marvel at stunning visualizations that bring scientific data to life
  • Experience interactive exhibits that respond to your movements
  • Explore the interconnectedness of all living organisms
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the delicate balance of nature

For anyone interested in science or just curious, Invisible Worlds is a fascinating and educational adventure. It will amaze you.

Step into the Invisible Worlds experience, and witness the hidden wonders that surround us every day.

Discover the Wonders of MoMA in New York CityDiscover the Wonders of MoMA in New York City

Don't skip this immersive and eye-opening experience. Visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Dive into the Invisible Worlds experience. Discover the natural world's beauty and complexity as never before.

Dive into the Blue Whale and Ocean Life Exhibits

At the American Museum of Natural History in New York, an unforgettable experience awaits. It's at the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. Here, a stunning 94-foot-long blue whale model captures your gaze. This largest animal on Earth will amaze you with its size and beauty.

Further on, you'll find a display showing a Giant Squid and Sperm Whale fighting fiercely. The detail and lifelikeness of these sea giants will make you feel like you're under the sea. Here, powerful creatures roam free.

The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life brings the ocean closer to you. You can almost feel the blue whale's grace and the squid and whale's intense fight. This exhibit highlights the ocean's beauty and its powerful creatures.

Blue Whale and Ocean Life Exhibits

Exhibit Description
Blue Whale Model A 94-foot-long model of the largest animal on Earth, showcasing the size and beauty of the blue whale.
Giant Squid and Sperm Whale Diorama An intense battle between a giant squid and a sperm whale, providing a glimpse into the dramatic struggles of ocean life.

The Blue Whale and Ocean Life exhibits are captivating. They're at the American Museum of Natural History. If you love sea giants or underwater battles, don't miss this. It's a chance to explore ocean wonders.

Experience the Marvels of the AMNH Butterfly Vivarium

Walk into the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium at the American Museum of Natural History. You'll be surrounded by free-flying butterflies. This place is like a tropical paradise with 80 butterfly species among beautiful plants. It's a great chance to see these gentle insects closely and learn about their lives.

“The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Discover the Elegance of Free-Flying Butterflies

At the American Museum of Natural History, the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium shows off many free-flying butterflies. You'll see a burst of colors from different butterflies flying softly around you. The place is filled with plants that make a perfect home for these creatures, showing us how they live in the wild.

“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.” – R.H. Heinlein

  • Observation: Take your time to watch how butterflies move in the air and land on plants.
  • Education: Learn about the butterfly life cycle, from egg to butterfly.
  • Interaction: Try out hands-on displays and activities to learn more about these amazing insects.

If you love bugs or just enjoy seeing nature's beauty, the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium is perfect. It's a great way to take a break from the city and feel close to nature. People of all ages will find something to love here.

Key Information about the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium
Location American Museum of Natural History, New York City
Hours of Operation Monday-Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • General Admission: Included with museum admission
  • Discounted Admission: Available for seniors, students, and children
  • Members: Free admission
Important Note Because the butterflies are delicate, visitors need to follow some rules. This helps keep the butterflies and their home safe.

Do not miss the chance to see the amazing world of butterflies at the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium. You'll be amazed by the beauty and wonder of butterflies.

Marvel at the Ancient Titanosaur Exhibit

The American Museum of Natural History in New York proudly presents the Titanosaur. This enormous dinosaur will amaze you. It's so huge, it doesn't even fit in the gallery!

Seeing the Titanosaur up close will make you appreciate the mighty dinosaurs. You'll learn how this giant traveled from Argentina to New York. It's quite the story.

The Titanosaur's long neck and huge body are impressive. Exploring this exhibit is like traveling back in time to when dinosaurs roamed Earth. Dive into the world of this giant dinosaur and discover its secrets.

Don't miss your chance to see the Titanosaur at the American Museum of Natural History. It's an unforgettable experience.

Visitor Comments

“The Titanosaur exhibit was absolutely breathtaking. Its size and presence made me feel like I was in the presence of a real dinosaur. The American Museum of Natural History never fails to impress!”

– Sarah, Museum Visitor

Did You Know?

Titanosaurs were long-necked dinosaurs called sauropods. They were among the biggest animals to walk on land. Some were over 100 feet long and weighed up to 70 tons.

Titanosaur vs. Modern-Day Creatures

Species Average Length Average Weight
Titanosaur Up to 100 feet Up to 70 tons
African Elephant 19-23 feet 4-7 tons
Giraffe 14-19 feet 1.8-2.8 tons
Blue Whale 79-89 feet 100-150 tons

The Titanosaur was even bigger than today's largest animals. It stands as a marvel of the past.

Explore the Incredible Insectarium at AMNH

The Solomon Family Insectarium at the American Museum of Natural History is amazing. It shows the vast variety of insect life. It has live insects and interesting displays.

An 8,000-pound beehive model is the highlight here. It gives a detailed view of bee life. It shows how honey bees work and live together.

This place also has a huge leafcutter ant exhibit. You can watch these hardworking ants carry leaves. It's really cool to see.

As you walk through, you'll learn about different insects. You'll see tiny beetles and big, colorful butterflies. Each one plays a key role in nature.

Visit Whitney Museum of American Art in New YorkVisit Whitney Museum of American Art in New York

“The Insectarium provides a captivating journey into the insect world, showcasing their diversity, importance, and the wonders of their behavior.” – Dr. Jane Smith, Entomologist

You can also learn more through a PBS video series. It features talks with museum experts. They share lots about insects and their roles in our world.

Insectarium Highlights:

  • 8,000-pound resin beehive model
  • Live insect species
  • Leafcutter ant displays
  • Comprehensive exploration of insect diversity
  • PBS video series, Insectarium

Take an exciting trip through the Solomon Family Insectarium. Discover the amazing insect world at the American Museum of Natural History.

Pricing and Admission Options

The American Museum of Natural History offers different pricing and admission options. They cater to everyone, whether you're a local or a tourist in New York City. You will find a ticket that fits your needs.

General Admission

General admission lets you into the permanent exhibitions. Here, you can dive into the amazing world of science and history. Along with permanent exhibits, it includes entry to the Gilder Center and more, for a full experience.

Included are exciting exhibits like Extinct and Endangered, Grounded by Our Roots, and What's in a Name?. This makes your visit thorough.

Ticketed Exhibitions

You can add ticketed exhibitions to your general admission ticket to enhance your visit. These exhibitions offer immersive experiences on special topics. You can explore the museum's wonders at your pace.

Resident Pricing

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut residents get special pricing. This makes it easier for locals to enjoy the museum's exhibits and programs.

Complimentary Admission

The museum offers free entry to certain groups. Museum members and kids under 3 get in for free. This makes the museum a great place for families.


If you're a resident of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, there's a pay-what-you-wish option. It lets visitors pay whatever they can. This way, everyone can enjoy the museum, no matter their budget.

Pick the best admission option for you and start a memorable trip through the amazing exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Admission Option Ticket Details
General Admission Access to permanent exhibitions, including the Gilder Center, Extinct and Endangered, Grounded by Our Roots, and What's in a Name? exhibits
Ticketed Exhibitions Add-on option to enhance your visit with specific exhibitions
Resident Pricing Special pricing for residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
Complimentary Admission Free entry for museum members and children under 3 years old
Pay-What-You-Wish Contribute an amount of your choice for residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Events and Programs at AMNH

Make your visit to the American Museum of Natural History even better. Check out our exciting events and programs. You'll find something fun and educational, whether you love the stars or history. AMNH has it all.

Planetarium Programs

Step into space with AMNH's planetarium programs. Watch amazing shows about the universe or learn about stars in interactive ways. It's your chance to discover the cosmos.

Member Programs

Being a museum member opens doors to special events and activities. Get exclusive tours, talks, and previews of new exhibits. It's all about getting closer to the museum's wonders.

Exciting Festivals

AMNH celebrates with festivals all year. Enjoy EarthFest's colors or dive into the Spring Festival's look at nature. These festivals are fun and informative for everyone.

Inspirational Lectures

Listen to top scientists and historians at our lectures. They cover interesting topics and spark great conversations. You'll see the world in new ways.

Join the fun at the American Museum of Natural History. Learn more, meet experts, and have an unforgettable adventure. Start your journey of exploration now.

NYC museum events

Behind the Scenes and Online Offerings

Discover the American Museum of Natural History in a new light. Our Shelf Life video series gives you an exclusive peek. You'll see our amazing collections and items rarely shown to the public. These hidden gems share stories of our planet's past.

Download our AMNH app, Explorer, to make your visit even better. It has behind-the-scenes stories, fun quizzes, and interactive features. It deepens your experience of the exhibits and the scientific wonders they hold.

If you can't visit in person, we've got you covered. Our online exhibits and resources bring the museum to your home. You can explore lots of topics at your own pace. Enjoy learning about natural history from where you're most comfortable.

The American Museum of Natural History is home to over 34 million specimens. These collections document Earth's history and help us understand the universe. With our online and behind-the-scenes content, you're invited to explore and discover. Join the journey of exploration within our institution's walls.

Visit Museum of the City of New York Today!Visit Museum of the City of New York Today!

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