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Visit The Frick Collection in New York Today!

Are you ready to dive into NYC's art and culture? The Frick Collection in is the place to be. It's set in a historic mansion and offers the best art exhibitions and tours. This spot is a must-visit for every art lover.

But, there's a catch – the museum is closed for renovation until late 2024. Wondering how you can still experience its amazing art and the historic mansion? Learn about The Frick Collection's secrets and hidden gems. Find out the best way to plan your visit for a memorable experience.

Historic Mansion Turned Art Museum

The Frick Collection in New York is not just any art museum. It's special because it's in a historic mansion. Henry Clay Frick built this mansion in the early 1900s. Now, it makes a grand place for the art museum.

Walking into The Frick Collection feels like stepping back in time. The mansion's elegance and charm are breathtaking. With its fancy rooms and stunning art, it's a feast for the eyes. The high ceilings and detailed architecture add to the museum's magical feel.

Exploring the museum takes you on a journey through history. Every gallery tells stories from the past. The art ranges from old masterpieces to new creations. This makes The Frick Collection perfect for all art lovers.

The mix of history and art here is enchanting. Wander through this historic mansion turned art museum. Let The Frick Collection's beauty and culture fascinate you.

The Frick Collection is a treasure for those who love history or art. This historic mansion turned art museum offers a glimpse into another time. The stunning art and the mansion's splendor will sweep you away.

Art Collection Highlights

The art collection at The Frick Collection in New York showcases a wide range of masterpieces. You'll find everything from beautiful portraits to amazing landscapes. This collection provides a deep look into the world of art.

Vermeer, Rembrandt, Goya, and Turner are some of the famous artists featured here. Their incredible works cover many styles and eras. Anyone who loves art will find something to enjoy.

The painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer is a key piece. It shows a young lady with a pearl earring in exquisite detail. Her mysterious gaze has fascinated people for years.

Another important work is “Saint Jerome in His Study” by Rembrandt. It portrays the saint deep in thought. Rembrandt's skill in showing deep feelings is clear here.

There are also impressive pieces by Goya and Turner at The Frick Collection. Goya's portraits let us see his unique view of the world. Turner's landscapes are stunning, with incredible use of light.

The Frick Collection in New York has something for everyone. Whether you like classic portraits, beautiful landscapes, or interesting studies, you'll be amazed.

Visiting Hours and Admission Prices

Planning a trip to The Frick Collection in New York requires knowing the visiting hours and admission prices. The museum welcomes guests from Thursday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It's closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

To see the museum's exceptional art, it helps to know the ticket prices. A variety of admission fees makes it accessible to different visitors. Adults pay $22, while seniors and visitors with disabilities get in for $17.

Students can explore for $12. Families have good news; kids aged 10 to 17 get in for free. It's an excellent chance for young ones to experience art.

Becoming a member at The Frick Collection means free admission. Members enjoy limitless museum access and can fully experience the art exhibitions and programs.

Visitor Type Admission Price
Adults $22
Seniors and Visitors with Disabilities $17
Students $12
Youth (Ages 10-17) Free

Visiting The Frick Collection offers deep insights into culture and creativity for art lovers and curious minds. Remember to check visiting times and look into the available discounts when planning your visit.

In the following section, we will discuss more about visiting The Frick Collection. This includes information on pay-what-you-wish admission and other discounts.

Visiting The Frick Collection

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Pay-What-You-Wish Admission and Discounts

Planning your trip to The Frick Collection in New York can be budget-friendly. They offer pay-what-you-wish admission to help with that. This deal is only available on Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. During these hours, you can see the museum's beautiful art collection. You also support the museum with your donation.

There are discounts for certain people too. If you or someone with you has a disability, you'll get a discounted rate. A care partner for someone with a disability gets in free. These discounts help make the museum a place where everyone can enjoy the art. They ensure The Frick Collection is welcoming to all.

For details on free or discounted entry, check the museum's site. They list who qualifies, what to bring, and any rules you need to follow. Using these deals, you can fully enjoy this famous art museum in New York City.

Ticket Reservations and Guidelines

To enjoy The Frick Collection in New York, it's best to book tickets early. This helps you get the time you want without any trouble. It's a good idea for members to book early too, so they're sure to get in.

Keep in mind, the museum doesn't allow kids under 10. This helps keep the place calm for everyone to enjoy the art.

Knowing The Frick Collection's visitor rules is key for a great visit. These rules help protect the art and make sure everyone is comfortable. For instance, big bags and items aren't allowed in the galleries to keep the art safe.

It's important to follow the museum's rules about ticket selling, swapping, or giving them to someone else. We want everyone to have a fair chance to see the amazing art at the museum.

Visiting The Frick Collection is a truly special experience, and by following the ticket reservations and guidelines, you can maximize your enjoyment while helping us protect the artworks for future generations.

For more information about booking tickets and the museum rules, check the table below:

Ticket Reservations Visitor Guidelines
  • Advance timed ticket reservations are strongly recommended.
  • Ensure your preferred date and time slot.
  • Members are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance.
  • Children under 10 are not admitted.
  • Avoid carrying oversized items into the galleries.
  • Respect the museum's policies regarding ticket reselling, exchanging, or transferring.

Following these steps for booking and visiting can lead to an amazing time at The Frick Collection in New York. You'll be able to dive into the incredible world of art.

Virtual Experiences and Membership

The Frick Collection in New York is closed for updates. But, you can connect with it through the internet. Dive into art from your home. Discover history and masterpieces with virtual tours and activities.

As a member, you get first dibs on these online experiences. Enjoy special previews and early access. Get the latest news and exclusive content.

Your membership supports The Frick Collection's important work. It helps with programs, research, and keeping art safe. You help keep art and culture alive for others.

Explore The Frick Collection from anywhere by joining now. Get special access as a member.

Member Benefits

Being a member gets you awesome perks:

  • Priority access to virtual experiences and online exhibitions
  • Early access to special events and programs
  • Discounts on merchandise and publications
  • Invitations to members-only events and exhibition previews
  • Free admission to The Frick Collection and Frick Madison (during non-COVID times)

Become a member of The Frick Collection and enjoy your benefits!

Membership Tier Annual Fee
Individual $75
Dual/Family $125
Sustainer $250
Patron $500
Benefactor $1,500

Frick Madison

While The Frick Collection is being updated, you can visit its temporary site, Frick Madison. This new setting lets you see selected artworks from The Frick Collection uniquely.

Booking tickets for Frick Madison lets you see amazing exhibitions. You'll enjoy the art's beauty and cultural importance.

Unveiling a New Perspective on Art

Frick Madison shows The Frick Collection in a new light. Artworks are showcased to give you a deep and engaging experience. In this new space, you'll see masterpieces that show how vast the collection is.

“Frick Madison provides a captivating environment for visitors to engage with the renowned art collection.” – Art Enthusiast Magazine

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Highlights and Meaningful Context

At Frick Madison, selected artworks show The Frick Collection's variety and importance. Each artwork has a detailed explanation. This adds more meaning as you look at the art.

An Unforgettable Journey

Visiting Frick Madison is an unforgettable trip through art history. You'll see famous paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. These have made a big impact on the art world. Enjoy the collection's beauty and the artists' skills.

Visiting Information Details
Location New York
Temporary Name Frick Madison
Artworks Selected masterpieces
Experience Transformed space, curated exhibitions
Reservations Available

Don't miss seeing Frick Madison and watching the art collection come alive. Get your tickets now for an amazing art, history, and culture trip.

Library Reading Room and Research

The Frick Collection is not just a place to see art; it also has a famous art library. Here, visitors can make appointments to enter the reading room at Frick Madison. This special area is a perfect spot for research. It's great for scholars, students, and art lovers to explore more.

The temporary home for The Frick Collection is at 945 Madison Avenue, known as Frick Madison. During renovation, this library reading room becomes a key spot for learning. It holds a lot of research materials. These can help anyone understand more about art.

Looking for academic materials, artistic inspiration, or just exploring? The library reading room at Frick Madison is the place to be. You'll find books, catalogs, journals, and more. All these are about art history and decorative arts.

The library is famous for its broad research tools. It includes everything from rare books to photo archives. There's a lot to discover here, from different times, artists, and art styles. This collection lets you dive deep into art studies.

Get ready for a deep research dive in the library reading room. In its calm setting, you can explore art history in detail. You'll find new connections and learn a lot.

“The library reading room at Frick Madison is a haven for researchers and scholars eager to uncover the secrets and stories behind some of the world's most iconic artworks.”

The reading room at Frick Madison is a treasure for anyone interested in art. Make an appointment to start a journey of learning. It will enrich your understanding of art, history, and culture.

Benefits of Using the Library Reading Room

Benefits Description
Unique Resources Access to an extensive collection of books, catalogs, journals, and archival materials
Comprehensive Research Dive deep into art history, decorative arts, and other subject areas
Rare Books and Documents Explore rare and valuable resources, including auction catalogs, photographs, and documents
Expert Assistance Benefit from the expertise of the Frick Art Reference Library staff, who can provide guidance and support in your research endeavors
Quiet and Focused Environment An intimate and serene space conducive to concentration and reflection
Contribute to Art Scholarship Conduct original research that contributes to the broader field of art history and scholarship

Group Visits and Online Programs

Visit The Frick Collection in New York with your group. Dive into the art world together. This experience is perfect for schools, colleges, and various organizations. The Frick Collection has special programs for everyone.

Try out the online school visits program for a virtual educational adventure. A museum educator will take your students on an art journey, all from your classroom.

If your group wants a deep virtual dive, we offer private tours online. Let an expert docent reveal the secrets of The Frick Collection's art pieces to you.

“The online program provided an enriching and interactive experience for our students. The museum educator's passion and knowledge truly brought the art to life.” – Principal Johnson, Smithfield High School

In-person private tours are a special treat for members. They allow for a closer, more personal look at the art. Join us as a member for a private tour that caters to your interests.

Are you bringing a group of ten or more to The Frick Collection in New York? Make sure to reserve spots for Frick Madison. Experience our new space and see selected pieces from The Frick Collection.

Benefits of Group Visits and Online Programs:

  • Customized programs for schools, colleges, universities, and organizations
  • Engaging online school visits led by museum educators
  • Private virtual tours for groups
  • Exclusive in-person private tours for members
  • Group reservations for Frick Madison

Explore the rich art history with The Frick Collection's special programs. Choose from online experiences or in-person visits. Your group will be inspired by the amazing artworks and their stories.

Group Visits and Online Programs at The Frick Collection in New York

Support The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection in New York needs your help. It's a place that keeps art and history alive for everyone. Your donations help with important stuff like programs, research, and keeping the art in good shape.

When you help The Frick Collection, you're adding to New York's culture. And not just New York, but everywhere. Thanks to you, this special place can keep going. That means more people in the future will get to enjoy its amazing art.

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Do you love art and history? Then, The Frick Collection is a great place to support. Think about giving today. Your donation helps with great exhibits, learning programs, and research. Help us keep this important museum going strong for everyone.

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