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Explore Jewish Heritage at The Jewish Museum in New York

Have you ever thought about how a cultural place keeps and shows Jewish history, art, and culture together? The Jewish Museum in is that place. It is famous for honoring Jewish heritage. Located in Manhattan, it offers a deep dive into Jewish life's colourful story with its collections and exhibitions.

The museum covers everything from Holocaust history to modern Jewish art. It gives visitors a deep experience that draws in people from all walks of life. Explore stories of strength, creativity, and belief that have moulded Jewish culture over time. Discover historical artifacts, art wonders, and personal stories that highlight the Jewish people's rich and diverse culture.

Exhibitions at The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum in New York is famous for its great exhibitions. These exhibitions show the lively world of Jewish art and culture. You'll see everything from old treasures to modern wonders, each telling a story of the Jewish journey.

“The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do” is a powerful show at The Jewish Museum. It gives a detailed look into the history of the Holocaust. Through personal stories and powerful images, it shows the terrible things that happened and the strength of those who survived.

The museum also has many other exhibitions. They cover different topics and art styles. You can see things made by new artists and those well-known. You'll find amazing pieces, no matter what kind of art you like.

Upcoming Exhibition: Artistic Expressions of Jewish Identity

An exciting future exhibition is “Artistic Expressions of Jewish Identity.” It celebrates how artists see and show Jewish identity. Paintings, installations, and more will be on display, showing the many sides of Jewish art.

This exhibit will feature famous artists like Marc Chagall and Lee Krasner. “Artistic Expressions of Jewish Identity” lets us see how Jewish art has grown. It encourages talks about Jewish identity and the role of art.

Exhibition Date
The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do Ongoing
Artistic Expressions of Jewish Identity Opens September 2022
Contemporary Perspectives on Jewish Life Coming Soon

Explore the power of Jewish art at The Jewish Museum. The museum aims to spread understanding and love for Jewish art. It's a place for discovering the Jewish art legacy and its impact on the world.

Visitor Information and Hours

Planning your visit to The Jewish Museum means getting to know the museum's visitor policies and hours. This way, you'll have a smooth and fun experience diving into Jewish history and culture.

The Jewish Museum welcomes visitors every day from Sunday to Saturday. However, the hours vary on different days. For the latest info on when they open and close, check the museum's website or contact visitor services.

Timed Entry Tickets

For a comfortable visit, the museum uses timed entry tickets. You can buy these tickets online or at the museum's ticketing desk. Timed entry helps manage the number of people and lets everyone enjoy the exhibitions without a rush.

Membership Benefits

Being a member of The Jewish Museum helps support its work and comes with special perks. Members get to see exhibitions early, before the museum opens to the public. They also enjoy free entry, plus discounts at the Museum Shop for unique finds.

Free Admission on Select Jewish Holidays

The Jewish Museum offers free admission on certain Jewish holidays. This allows more people to celebrate and connect with Jewish history and culture. It's a wonderful chance for individuals and families to learn and enjoy together.

Visitor Policies

Knowing The Jewish Museum's visitor policies is key to a great visit. These rules help keep everyone safe and happy. So, please follow all guidelines and listen to the museum staff.

Note: Backpacks and large bags are not allowed in the galleries. There's a coat check for your convenience.

Also, visitors go through a security check when they arrive. This includes bag checks and metal detector screenings. Thanks for your patience with this process. It makes the museum safe for everyone.

If you love history, art, or Jewish heritage, The Jewish Museum invites you on an inspiring journey. Start planning your visit now. Explore Jewish art, history, and culture.

Accessible Amenities

The Jewish Museum works hard to make sure all visitors can have a great visit. We want to create a place where everyone feels welcome, especially those with disabilities. We offer many amenities to help make their experience better.

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Wheelchair accessibility: There are ramps and an accessible entrance for visitors who use wheelchairs. We make sure people with limited mobility can move around easily. If you have a non-motorized wheelchair, we've got you covered too.

Hearing loops: For those with hearing loss, we have hearing loops at the admissions desk and Cooper Shop. These loops send audio directly to hearing aids. This way, visitors can fully enjoy audio tours and content.

Verbal Description tours: For our visitors who cannot see well, we offer Verbal Description audio tours. These tours give detailed descriptions of the art, so visitors can enjoy the exhibitions through our words. You can ask for these tours at the admissions desk.

Admission for visitors with disabilities: We think everyone should experience our museum's cultural richness. So, we offer free entry for visitors with disabilities and their caregivers. We want our exhibitions and programs to be welcoming to everyone.

The Jewish Museum values diversity and equal opportunities for all our guests. We're always looking for new ways to improve accessibility. Our goal is to make the museum inclusive for people with disabilities.

Accessibility is key to a great museum experience for all. By offering these accessible features, we aim to break down barriers. This way, everyone can enjoy the Jewish heritage and culture we share.

Visitor Guidelines and Policies

At The Jewish Museum, the safety and comfort of our visitors are our top priorities. We've set some important guidelines and policies. Please follow them to ensure everyone has a good visit.

Coat Check Policies

We offer a coat check for your convenience. Please check large bags or anything that might make moving around difficult. Our coat check staff are ready to help with any questions.

Prohibited Items

Some items are not allowed in the museum to keep everyone safe. This list includes:

  • Weapons or hazardous items
  • Large bags, luggage, or oversized backpacks
  • Food and beverages (but baby bottles and medical items are okay)
  • Illegal substances or drugs

We thank you for following these rules.

Security Screening

For safety, we check everyone at the entrance. You may have your bag looked at, or walk through a metal detector. We appreciate your patience. Bringing fewer items can help make your entry quicker.

We're grateful for your help in keeping to our visitor guidelines. With your cooperation, The Jewish Museum can be a safe, enjoyable place for everyone to learn about and appreciate our heritage and culture.

Security Screening

Visitor Policy Violation Action
Refusal to comply with coat check policies Visitor may be denied entry or asked to check their belongings
Attempting to bring prohibited items into the museum Visitor may be refused entry or asked to remove the item from the premises
Refusal to undergo security screening Visitor may be denied entry and asked to leave the premises

Online and Virtual Resources

Explore The Jewish Museum from anywhere with our online and virtual resources. You don't have to be there in person to enjoy it. Dive into Jewish heritage and culture with a variety of options that bring the museum to you.

Free Digital Guide

Learn about our exhibits at your own pace with our Free Digital Guide. It gives you detailed info on the museum's collections, exhibits, and artifacts. Just access it on our website for a deeper look into Jewish history and art.

Bloomberg Connects App

Download the Bloomberg Connects app for a full-on experience. It has audio tours with great insight and background on our exhibits. Plus, you get to hear from famous artists. They share their thoughts on their work.

Virtual Group Tours

Take a virtual group tour from your home. Our experts from The Jewish Museum guide you through Zoom. You get a personal and engaging tour. It lets you talk, ask questions, and learn more about Jewish heritage and art.

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“The virtual group tour was an unforgettable experience. It felt like I was right there in the museum, discussing the art with the guide and other participants.” – Sarah, virtual tour participant

Engage with The Jewish Museum from Anywhere

You can connect with The Jewish Museum, no matter where you are. Our digital resources let you dive into Jewish history. See amazing exhibitions and learn about Jewish art and culture.

Enjoy our Free Digital Guide, Bloomberg Connects app, and virtual tours at home or on the move. Discover The Jewish Museum's treasures from any place in the world.

Membership and Benefits

Joining The Jewish Museum lets you dive into Jewish art and culture. You get special access and many exciting chances. It's a way to deeply connect with this unique world.

Early Access to Exhibitions

Members see our excellent exhibitions first. This early entry means you explore and connect with shows before others. It's a special chance to enjoy cultural gems and learn their stories up close.

Free Admission

Being a member means free entry, always. Visit anytime, as much as you like, without paying extra. It's a perfect setup for those who love history, art, or are just curious. Our museum is a place of wonder for everyone.

Discounts at the Museum Shop

Save money at our museum shop. Members get lower prices on Judaica, books, and other unique items. It's great for gifts or growing your collection, all while supporting the museum.

Invitations to Exclusive Events and Programs

Join the heart of Jewish culture at our special events. Members get invites to openings, talks, and more. It's your connection to a community of art lovers and experts.

Being a part of The Jewish Museum is rewarding. You help us and get great benefits like early exhibition access, unlimited visits, shop discounts, and event invites. Join us and explore Jewish history and culture in full.

Jewish Museum Members

Membership Level Annual Fee Benefits
Individual $75
  • Early access to exhibitions
  • Free admission
  • 10% discount at museum shop
  • Invitations to exclusive events and programs
Dual/Family $125
  • All Individual benefits
  • Free admission for two adults and children under 18
  • 20% discount at museum shop
Contributor $250
  • All Dual/Family benefits
  • Access to members-only exhibition previews
  • 25% discount at museum shop
  • Recognition in the Annual Report

Parking and Transportation

If you're coming to The Jewish Museum, you'll find handy parking spots. We aim for a smooth experience for our guests. That's why we've arranged for discounted parking at close by garages. You can park comfortably and explore the museum easily.

Prefer to use public transportation? It's easy to get to The Jewish Museum. Many subway and bus routes stop nearby. This choice is not only convenient but also good for the planet. So, whether you live here or are visiting, reaching the museum is simple.

Ready to visit The Jewish Museum? Use the available parking and transport options for a hassle-free experience.

“It's so convenient to have discounted parking available near The Jewish Museum. Not worrying about finding a spot or spending a fortune on parking makes the entire visit much more enjoyable.”

– Sarah, Visitor

Parking Garages Public Transportation
Garage A Subway Line 1
Garage B Subway Line 2
Garage C Bus Route 10

Plan Your Visit to The Jewish Museum

When planning a trip to The Jewish Museum, start by gathering essential visitor information. Check the museum's opening hours to make the most of your visit. The museum showcases a variety of exhibitions on Jewish heritage, art, and culture.

This makes it a fascinating visit for history buffs, art enthusiasts, and the curious. Before you go, get to know the museum's visitor policies. This helps ensure your visit goes smoothly. Also, learn about the exhibitions ahead of time. This way, you can focus on what interests you most.

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Whether it's Jewish history or contemporary Jewish art, there's plenty for everyone. During your time there, use the museum's resources and amenities. Engage with the exhibitions, and don't miss out on the visitor guides and interactive elements. Dive into the incredible world of Jewish heritage and culture offered by the museum.

Plan your visit to The Jewish Museum for a journey through Jewish history, art, and culture. Find out about the exhibitions, check the museum's hours, and collect all necessary visitor information for an enjoyable experience.

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