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Visit Horniman Museum and Gardens, London!

Looking for a rich cultural experience in London? The Horniman Museum and Gardens is the place to be. It's a hidden gem that offers amazing collections and beautiful greenery. A visit here is unforgettable for locals and tourists.

Discover wonders at the Horniman Museum. It has artifacts from across the world. You'll see items from ancient times and natural history. This journey will spark your curiosity.

The Horniman Gardens are just as captivating. Stroll through breathtaking gardens. Enjoy picnics on the grass or relax in peace. It's a place of beauty.

Ready for an adventure at the Horniman Museum and Gardens? Plan your trip now. Discover knowledge and beauty in London's heart.

Museum Opening Times and Information

Plan your visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London. Discover its incredible collections and exhibitions. You'll find opening times, ticket info, and more here.

Opening Times

The museum is open daily, from 10am to 5.30pm. There's plenty of time to see its diverse exhibits. History buffs and art lovers will find something special to enjoy.

Please note: The Natural History Gallery is closed for refurbishment until 2026. It will reopen with even more amazing displays.

Ticket Information

Entry to the museum is mostly free. But, you might need tickets for certain areas. It's wise to book in advance for the Aquarium, Butterfly House, and Dinosaur rEvolution. This avoids disappointment.

Book your tickets on the Horniman Museum and Gardens website. There, you'll see various ticket options to choose from.

Museum Collections

The Horniman Museum houses worldwide collections. See anthropological artifacts, musical instruments, natural history specimens, and beautiful artwork.

Museums Collections Summary

Collection Highlights
Anthropology Ancient artifacts from various cultures
Music Rare and unique musical instruments
Natural History Exotic specimens from diverse ecosystems
Art Fascinating artworks from different periods

Dive into human history, the natural world's wonders, and celebrated art. The Horniman Museum is a source of knowledge and wonder.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens offers something for everyone. With great collections, easy hours, and ticket choices, it's a must-see in London. Plan your trip now and start an unforgettable adventure!

Gardens Opening Hours and Accessibility

Planning to visit The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London? Good news! The gardens are open every day for everyone. They're a perfect place for a quiet walk or a calm place to chill out. You'll find all the details on opening times and how to get around here.

Gardens Opening Hours

The gardens welcome you every day, early in the morning. They open at 7.15am from Monday to Saturday. Start your day surrounded by nature. On Sundays and Bank Holidays, things kick off a bit later at 8am. So no matter when you get up, the gardens are there for you.

Accessibility Information

At The Horniman Museum and Gardens, everyone gets to join in the fun. The gardens are wheelchair-friendly. There are also accessible toilets for a hassle-free visit.

But remember, some paths are steep or uneven. These might be hard for wheelchair users or if you find walking tough. The Nature Trail is especially tricky due to its natural layout.

It's smart to check ahead for closures or restrictions based on the weather. This ensures a smooth visit.

To wrap it up, The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London are open every day. They're a wonderful spot for a leisurely walk or just to relax in nature. Everyone's welcome, with facilities to make your visit enjoyable. Why not start your day in the gardens and soak in the beauty around you?

Visitor Information and Travel

Are you thinking of visiting the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London? Here's all you need to know for your trip.

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Getting There

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is in a spot that's easy to reach. You can take a brief walk from Forest Hill station to get there. Local buses also stop nearby, making your visit straightforward.

Sustainable Transportation

We hope you'll consider eco-friendly travel options to the Horniman Museum and Gardens. Why not take a bus, train, or even walk? This way, you help the planet and enjoy lovely views.

Travel Information

For detailed directions to the Horniman Museum and Gardens, check out their official website. It has everything you need for a smooth trip, including info on public transport and parking.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens-London

Transportation Options Estimated Travel Time
Forest Hill Station (Walking) About 10 minutes
Local Buses Depends on the route
Train Check with the train service for times

Exhibitions and Events

The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London offers more than exhibits and beautiful scenery. It's a lively place full of cultural events and exhibitions for everyone. Whether you love art, enjoy music, or are curious about our world, the Horniman has something intriguing for you.

The Horniman's changing exhibitions are a major attraction. They showcase everything from animal wonders to contemporary art. These exhibitions are designed to be immersive and educational, offering new insights and discoveries.

The museum and gardens also host a wide range of events all year. You can find live performances, workshops, talks, festivals, and . This variety means there's always something interesting going on for people of every age and interest.

To keep up with what's happening, check the “What's On” section on their website. You'll find a events calendar and details about each exhibition there. Make sure to plan your visit to enjoy the Horniman Museum and Gardens fully.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events:

Date Exhibition/Event Description
October 2022 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition Marvel at stunning wildlife photographs from around the world in this renowned exhibition.
November 2022 Concert: Jazz in the Gardens Enjoy a soulful afternoon of live jazz music amidst the scenic beauty of the Horniman Gardens.
January 2023 Temporary Art Exhibition: Exploring Identity Discover thought-provoking artworks that delve into the complexities of personal and cultural identities.

Tickets and Membership

Exploring the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London is exciting. To fully enjoy your visit, know about tickets and memberships. This helps you enter smoothly and enjoy special benefits.

Ticket Information

Entry to the Horniman Museum and Gardens is mostly free. But, the Aquarium, Butterfly House, and Dinosaur rEvolution require tickets. Buying tickets early lets you avoid lines and enjoy more.

You can buy tickets on their website or through a handy platform. Remember, tickets may be scarce, especially at busy times. So, book early to not miss out.

Membership Benefits

Regular visitors should consider a membership for great perks. Members get free access to all attractions, like the Aquarium and Butterfly House. Plus, they enjoy special events and previews.

This membership allows unlimited visits and supports the museum's mission. As a member, you help preserve culture and promote education. It feels good to contribute to such an important cause.

Membership Type Benefits
Individual Membership Free entry to attractions and temporary exhibitions
Exclusive access to members-only events
Family Membership Free entry to attractions and temporary exhibitions for two adults and up to four children
Discounts on family-friendly events and workshops
Members-only previews
Concession Membership Free entry to attractions and temporary exhibitions for seniors, students, and disabled visitors
Discounts on selected events and workshops
Members-only previews

Pick the membership that matches your interests. As part of the Horniman community, you'll enjoy lots of entertainment and knowledge. Plus, you'll help ensure this cultural jewel thrives.

Accessible Facilities and Services

At the Horniman Museum and Gardens-London, making sure everyone enjoys their visit is our goal. We've thought of everything to help visitors with various needs have a great time. From special services to accessibility facilities, we're here to make your experience stress-free and fun.

Accessibility Facilities

We offer wheelchair hire at no cost. This helps visitors with mobility issues explore easily. Our staff are ready to help you pick the right wheelchair and explain how to use it.

We also have accessible toilets throughout our site. They are built for visitors with disabilities, ensuring everyone's visit is comfortable. These toilets are always clean and easy to access.

Our galleries are equipped to welcome everyone. We have tactile maps for those with visual impairments. Large print guides are also available for anyone who needs them. This makes exploring our museum on your own easier.

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For more details on access and accessibility in each gallery, check our website. It has all you need to know. This way, we make sure everyone can enjoy our exhibits and displays fully.

Visitor Testimonial

“As a wheelchair user, I am always grateful when attractions provide accessible facilities. The Horniman Museum and Gardens have exceeded my expectations with their complimentary wheelchair hire and accessible toilets. I felt welcomed and able to fully enjoy my visit without any barriers.” – Emily, London

Dining Options

When you visit the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London, you'll find many dining choices. The Horniman Cafe offers snacks, treats, and drinks. It's located right in the museum grounds.

At the Horniman Cafe, you'll get a friendly atmosphere for your meals. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, they've got you covered. You can enjoy your food inside the cafe or grab something to go as you explore.

If you like to pack your own food, the Horniman Gardens has picnic spots. These are great for eating outdoors with loved ones. It makes for a memorable picnic.

Just remember, eating inside the museum is not allowed. But, you can check out the exhibits before or after eating.

The Horniman Cafe has options for every craving, whether it's a snack, coffee, or a full meal. It's a fantastic spot to eat while enjoying everything the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London has to offer.

Dining Options Facilities
Horniman Cafe – Cozy interior
– Takeaway service
– Outdoor picnic areas

Support the Horniman

The Horniman Museum and Gardens-London is more than a place to see; it's a charity needing your help. Donating during your visit or online helps keep the museum alive. Every gift, big or small, supports their efforts to celebrate nature and different cultures.

Your donation aids in caring for their exhibits and education services. It lets future visitors continue to enjoy and learn from the museum's treasures.

To donate, stop by the museum or visit their website. Online donations are easy and flexible. Whether giving once or regularly, your help has a big impact on the Horniman's future.

“Every donation to the Horniman makes a difference. Your support helps us connect people with global cultures and the natural environment, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our world.”

Membership Benefits

Thinking about joining the Horniman? Members enjoy free museum entry, discounts, and more. Your membership also helps the Horniman succeed.

Becoming a member means closer ties with the museum. It's a great way to support the Horniman and get special benefits.

Your Support Matters

Donations and memberships help keep the Horniman Museum's art, culture, and nature alive. Your support drives its success for future learning and inspiration.

Explore the Horniman today and see how you can contribute to its legacy.

Additional Information and Services

When you visit The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London, we offer extra services. If you lose something, our staff can help. Just tell the museum, and we'll try to find your items.

Want to take photos or make videos? We have rules to keep our exhibits safe. You can take pictures for yourself, but remember to be kind to others. Avoid flash in certain spots, too.

If your work is for business, contact our Venue Hire team. They can give you all the details you need.

We love when you capture memories at our place. You can take photos or videos for fun. Just make sure to do it in a respectful way.

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