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Discover Beauty at National Museum of Women Artists

Did you know the National Museum of Women Artists in Washington, D.C. has over 5,500 artworks? These pieces were made by more than 1,000 female artists from the 16th century to now. This amazing collection honors the talent and work of women artists across history. It also fights against their lack of recognition in the art world.

Promoting Women Artists

The National Museum of Women Artists works hard to lift up women artists. It gives them a space to show their work. The museum's special exhibits spotlight the creative power of women from all times. These shows start important talks and connections. They push for change in the art scene.

At this museum, you'll see a grand mix of artwork by women. Their achievements shine through history. You'll find everything from paintings and sculptures to installations and digital works. Every show is carefully put together. It makes visitors think and feel deeply.

Promoting Diversity and Empowerment

The museum's big aim is to celebrate diversity and boost women through art. It shines a light on today's female artists. This stirs discussions about fairness and questions old art stories. The shows prove the skill and imagination of women artists. They inspire new artists to follow their dreams and speak out.

By creating a space for women artists, the National Museum of Women Artists reshapes the art world. It fights for more visibility and credit for women in the arts.

Connecting with the Community

The museum also reaches out to the community. It does this through various programs and learning events. These efforts deepen the respect for women artists. They also offer chances for talks and working together.

  • Art workshops and classes for all ages
  • Artist talks and panel discussions
  • Community

Through open and welcoming programs, the museum ensures women's voices are heard in art.

Visit the National Museum of Women Artists

For anyone into art or just getting curious, visiting the National Museum of Women Artists is a must. Dive into the rich and empowering world of women artists. See the powerful impact of art.

Women to Watch

One exciting event is “Women to Watch,” a show highlighting contemporary women artists' talent. “New Worlds: Women to Watch 2024” presents artists rethinking the norms to craft new realities. Their art prompts us to imagine different futures by challenging usual views.

This show, being the biggest so far in the series, underscores the museum's role in uplifting female artists. It provides a stage for these women to be seen and respected, enhancing their impact on culture.

The “New Worlds” exhibit mixes modern art forms to mirror today's complex issues. It includes various art, like immersive pieces and striking sculptures. By dealing with themes like identity and the environment, the artists push creative limits and urge deeper engagement with art.”

The Power of Imagination

In “New Worlds: Women to Watch 2024,” you'll see artists redefining creativity. Their work encourages us to rethink the world. These artists break the mold, offering new insights that prompt us to see things differently.

Their dynamic paintings and multimedia works open up new worlds for us to discover. They explore new ideas, sparking discussions and inspiring action by blending art with societal themes.

Reimagining the Future

“New Worlds: Women to Watch 2024” challenges us to rethink our present and future. Addressing vital topics, the artists use their work as a tool for change. They welcome everyone to join in reshaping our world for the better.

Exhibition Name Date Theme
New Worlds: Women to Watch 2024 July 12, 2024 – January 5, 2025 Reimagining the past, present, and alternate realities
Previous Women to Watch Exhibitions Multiple dates Different themes reflecting the times

Get ready to dive into “New Worlds: Women to Watch 2024” at the National Museum of Women Artists. This exhibit shows the transformative effect of art, with female artists leading the change towards a more open-minded and forward-thinking future.

Artists’ Books Exhibition

“Holding Ground: Artists' Books for the National Museum of Women in the Arts” is an engaging show about book art. It has nine new works by famous book artists. These celebrate the opening of the museum's new spaces. The show demonstrates the book artists' limitless creativity and skill. It also encourages guests to discover the varied themes and techniques in these works.

The Artists' Books exhibition shows the amazing world of book art. It makes you appreciate the craft and innovation shown.

Exploring the Beauty of Bookmaking

At the “Holding Ground” exhibition, artists demonstrate their skill with paper cutting, collage, illustration, and typography. Guests will enjoy a deep experience. It goes beyond regular storytelling to showcase the artistic possibilities in artists' books.

“Artists' books blend literature and art uniquely, letting artists explore new areas and capture our thoughts.” – Book Art Enthusiast

From handmade folios to sculptural pieces, every work in the show invites guests to enjoy the creative techniques and fine details. Both fans and newbies to book art will enjoy a journey. It highlights the mix of different art forms in modern bookmaking.

The Intersection of Creativity and Concept

In the show, artists tackle different stories, backgrounds, and big topics through their themes. The Artists' Books exhibition covers a wide range of subjects. These include caring for the environment, cultural history, and personal tales of courage and power.

The show also shows how artists beautifully mix visuals and words. They do this to stir emotions, make people think, and engage guests deeply.

“Artists' books can take us to new places, make us see differently, and start conversations among the artist, the artwork, and us.” – Curator Reflections

In the Artists' Books exhibition, guests dive into a mix of creativity, storytelling, and craftsmanship. This reveals the huge potential of book art as a strong way for self-expression and looking into culture.

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Discovering the Boundless Possibilities

The “Holding Ground: Artists' Books for the National Museum of Women in the Arts” exhibition shows the huge creativity of book artists. Their impressive works encourage us to think differently about bookmaking. They challenge our usual ideas of what a book is.

If you love books, art, or are just curious, the Artists' Books exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts is a must-see. Get ready to be amazed, inspired, and taken to a realm where books go beyond their usual form. They become incredible artworks.

Works and Artists Description
The Whispering Forest A sculptural book about a magic journey in an enchanted forest. It looks at the balance between dark and light.
Letters to the Universe This interactive book lets readers add their hopes and letters to the universe. It builds a shared story of our dreams.
Unbound Horizons This work has layered cut-paper books that explore freedom. It includes themes of moving, being free, and cultural identity.
Metamorphosis This is a book about personal change, using creative folds and mixed media. It shows growth and transformation.
The Journey Within This book uses poetry and art to explore self-discovery and change within us. It's a look inward.

Hung Liu: Making History

Discover the world of historical paintings in “Hung Liu: Making History.” This exhibition honors the often ignored people from China's history, focusing on vulnerable women and children. Hung Liu uses paint drips, color layers, and cultural symbols in her work. These elements make her pieces stir emotions and spark thoughts about their historical context.

Hung Liu has a special way of shining a light on those forgotten by history. Her art tells the tales of these people, spanning different times and places. It highlights their life stories and their unseen impacts on history.

Behind every big historical moment, there are personal stories waiting to be told. Hung Liu's paintings bring out these stories. With each brushstroke, she encourages us to delve into the stories that haven't been shared much.

When you visit “Hung Liu: Making History,” you step into a powerful space. Her art brings history to life with its bright colors and detailed brushwork. It's a place where imagery invites you deeper into the past.

In Focus: Artists at Work

“In Focus: Artists at Work” is a thrilling exhibition at the National Museum of Women Artists. It introduces you to the art world through the eyes of eight remarkable artists. This exhibit takes you deep into their unique ways of creating art.

You will watch short videos that offer a sneak peek into their studios. See their genius at work. Learn about what inspires them and how they turn ideas into art.

Unveiling the Unseen

This exhibition shows you the lives of contemporary artists like never before. “In Focus: Artists at Work” lets you see how their art comes to life. It's a chance to get close to their creative journey.

Their studios are full of paints, brushes, and inspiration. Watch as they skillfully bring their ideas to life on canvas. You'll see their feelings and thoughts turned into colorful art.

The Artistic Alchemy

Be amazed by their talent as they create magic with each brushstroke. These artists bring different visions, making you see art in new ways. Their journeys are unique, just like their art.

Enter a world where new meets old, and tradition gets a modern twist. You'll see incredible uses of color, light, and old methods made new. It's art coming alive before your eyes.

A Glimpse into the Divine

“In Focus: Artists at Work” offers deep insights into the minds of these artists. Learn what sparks their creativity, shapes their art, and the impact of their work.

Art can break barriers, question norms, and drive change. These eight artists will inspire you with their limitless creativity.

Experience the wonder of “In Focus: Artists at Work” at the National Museum of Women Artists. Dive into contemporary art and see the strength of artistic creation up close.

Artist Medium Inspiration
Emily Rhodes Acrylic on canvas The natural world
Luisa Martinez Photography Identity and belonging
Carolina Santos Sculpture Social justice
Grace Chen Mixed media Memory and nostalgia
Alice Baker Oil on canvas The female experience
Olivia Lee Installation art Environmental sustainability
Isabella Perez Printmaking Cultural heritage
Sofia Thompson Digital art Technology and humanity

Impressive: Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella

Discover the incredible talent of Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella at “Impressive: Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella”. This show is at the National Museum of Women Artists. It reveals the work of a 17th-century French artist who many have not noticed before. You will see 25 amazing prints that show her skill in making detailed engravings.

These beautiful pieces by Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella are being shown for the first time in almost 15 years. It's a special chance to see her work. Her engravings show the high level of artistry from her time.

As you look at each print, you will notice the amazing detail and skill. Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella tells stories and themes through her art. Whether it's fine etchings or strong engravings, each piece will fascinate and inspire you.

Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella exhibition

Join us to celebrate Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella's work. She was an amazing artist often missed in history. At this exhibition, you'll see her extraordinary ability. You'll also learn about her impact on the world of art.

Remix: The Collection

Explore the beauty of the National Museum of Women Artists' show, “Remix: The Collection”. This exhibit combines beloved favorites and new pieces, offering a fresh look at the museum's art. It shows art in new, exciting ways.

Artworks are grouped thoughtfully. Visitors can explore themes beyond time and place. The exhibit has both modern and historic art, showing art's universal, timeless nature.

Discover the core of the museum's collection. Be amazed by iconic works that have shaped the museum's legacy. These pieces show a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, highlighting women artists' impact over time.

“Remix: The Collection” is a journey through artistic wonders. Whether you're new to the museum or a returning fan, this exhibit is enthralling. It invites you to explore women's creativity and its powerful effects. Don't miss this chance to widen your artistic view and find gems that inspire.

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Highlights from “Remix: The Collection”

Artwork Artist Medium
1. Blooming Dreams Emily Kame Kngwarreye Acrylic on Canvas
2. Unbound Beauty Yayoi Kusama Polka Dot Installation
3. The Radiant Madonna Elisabetta Sirani Oil on Canvas
4. Exploring Identity Teresa Margolles Video Installation
5. Unspoken Stories Carmen Herrera Abstract Painting

Here are some highlights from “Remix: The Collection”. Each artwork has a story and invites us to see the artist's vision.

“Remix: The Collection” mixes familiar pieces with new finds. It celebrates women artists' work and their powerful creativity. This exhibit lets you see a collection that inspires and challenges us. Don't miss the chance to see it.

Advocating for Gender Equity

The National Museum of Women Artists works hard to support fairness in the arts. Despite improvements, the art world still faces gender bias and disparities. This museum fights to change that, making sure women artists get heard, seen, and properly recognized.

It sparks conversations on gender fairness with its programs and exhibitions. By showing the wide range of talents from women of different cultures, it aims to break down biased views and challenge gender stereotypes in art.

Empowering Women Artists

Empowering women artists is key at the National Museum of Women Artists. The museum showcases the creativity and innovation of women, providing a space for them to share their stories and express themselves. These exhibitions highlight women's work and motivate future artists.

The museum also stands for social justice in the arts. It uses art to push for equality and bring societal change. With thought-provoking exhibitions and events, it opens up discussions on gender equity, striving for a fair and equal society.

“Gender equity in the arts is not just about representation; it is about recognizing the immense talent and contributions of women artists throughout history and ensuring their voices are heard and valued.” – National Museum of Women Artists

Supporting Recognition and Visibility

The National Museum of Women Artists supports women's empowerment and visibility in the art world. It offers chances for women to show their art, work together with others, and connect with people through interactive events. These efforts help to close the gap between women artists and the larger art community.

The museum advocates for women to be equally represented in museums and exhibits all over the world. By spotlighting ongoing gender inequities in the art world, it aims for meaningful change and a more inclusive culture.

Gender Equity Initiatives Description
Artist Spotlight A rotating series of exhibitions that highlight the work of emerging and established women artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent.
Artist Residencies A residency program that offers women artists the opportunity to work in a supportive environment, collaborate with other artists, and develop their artistic practice.
Public Programs A series of panel discussions, lectures, and workshops that explore topics related to gender equity in the arts, inviting experts and thought leaders to share their insights.
Community Outreach The museum actively engages with the local community, partnering with schools, organizations, and community groups to promote art education, creativity, and inclusivity.

The Historic Building and Capital Campaign

The National Museum of Women Artists sits in a historic building. It shows the lasting impact of women in the arts. Walking in, you find a place where creativity and history meet. This place celebrates the work of women artists throughout history.

NMWA historic building

The museum is now being restored to save its historic look and improve the experience for visitors. This project will keep the museum's beauty and importance for people in the future.

Preserving History, Supporting the Future

The NMWA's restoration is supported by people, groups, and businesses who care about women's roles in the arts. A capital campaign is on to gather funds for this important work. Art lovers and those who want to help are asked to donate.

“Supporting the NMWA historic building restoration is not just an investment in preserving physical structures, but also in preserving the stories, struggles, and triumphs of women artists throughout history. Each contribution plays a crucial role in ensuring that the voices and perspectives of women artists continue to be celebrated and shared.”

Women in the Arts Philanthropy

By giving to the capital campaign, you're part of a group that sees art as a way to change things and push for gender fairness. Your help moves the museum's work forward. The museum works to highlight women artists and fight their underrepresentation in art.

Your donation supports the NMWA in being a lively place for exciting shows, learning, and community activities. We can make an art world that honors and celebrates the work of women artists with your help.

Benefits of Supporting the Capital Campaign Your Impact
Preservation of a historic landmark Ensuring the architectural integrity of the museum is preserved for future generations
Enhanced visitor experience Creating an inviting and immersive environment for art enthusiasts
Sustainable cultural impact Supporting the museum's ongoing efforts to promote gender equity and inclusion in the arts
Legacy of social change Contributing to a world where women artists are recognized and celebrated

Loaned Artworks at the National Gallery of Art

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is being renovated. So, it teamed up with the National Gallery of Art. Together, they're showing 11 amazing artworks by artists like Lavinia Fontana and Frida Kahlo. This lets people see these works in a new way, next to the Gallery's own pieces.

This partnership gives art fans a unique chance. They can see amazing works from both museums side by side. It's a great way to discover how women artists have influenced art across different eras and cultures.

The loan includes a variety of art styles and methods. Artists like Eva Hesse and Amy Sherald are featured. Their powerful art tells important stories. It makes viewers think about the role of women in art.

This effort by two big art institutions does more than just show off beautiful art. It starts talks on gender in the art world. By exploring these works, visitors can learn about women artists' struggles and successes over time.

Virtual and Off-Site Programming

While the National Museum of Women in the Arts is closed for renovation, we're still here for art lovers. We provide engaging experiences through virtual museum programs and off-site events.

Our virtual programs let you explore the museum's mission and women artists' world. You can enjoy virtual tours, artist interviews, and peeks behind the scenes. This connects you with the inspiring art and stories we share.

We are also setting up off-site museum events with local communities. These events take art to new places. They start conversations about gender equity and social change.

We can't wait to reopen the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Meanwhile, join us virtually and at off-site events. Let's keep celebrating women in the arts and pushing for empowerment through art.

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