Explore the Iconic Willis Tower: A Guide

Welcome to , a city known for the impressive Willis Tower. Do you imagine standing atop one of the West's tallest skyscrapers? Wonder how this building became a Chicago skyline icon? We're about to show you the wonders of the Willis Tower, an unmatched tourist spot.

Hours and Location

Planning a visit to the Willis Tower Skydeck? Here's all the information you need. Understand the hours and location before you visit.


The Skydeck sits at 233 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60606. It's in the heart of downtown. The Willis Tower is easy to reach for anyone, whether you live nearby or are just visiting.

Hours of Operation

The Skydeck's hours change throughout the year. Knowing when it's open is important for your visit. Here are the hours:

March to September:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 10pm
  • Weekends: 8:30am to 10pm

October to February:

  • Sunday to Friday: 9am to 8pm
  • Saturdays: 9am to 9pm

Remember, you can't enter the Skydeck 30 minutes before it closes. To make sure you get in, buy your tickets early. This way, you won't be disappointed.

Additional Information

Before your visit, always check the Skydeck's official site. This is where you'll find any updates or changes to the hours. The Skydeck team works hard to give everyone a great, safe time.

Tickets and Prices

When planning to visit the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago, check out the ticket options. This ensures you get the most out of your visit.

Ticket Options

The Skydeck has many tickets that fit different needs. The General Admission ticket is the most common. It costs $32.00 for adults and $24.00 for youth (ages 3 to 11). Kids under 3 get in for free.

Want to get in faster? Choose the Expedited Entry tickets. They let you skip lines. These tickets are great if you want to save time and avoid queues.

If you plan to see more of Chicago, consider the CityPASS. It gives you a discount to various attractions, including the Skydeck. This pass makes sightseeing more affordable and easy.

Purchasing Tickets

It's best to buy tickets online to save time. The Skydeck offers online ticketing with mobile delivery. This helps you quickly enter without queuing at the counter.

Buying tickets beforehand saves time and hassle at the entrance. You can then focus on the amazing views and experiences at the Willis Tower.

Summary of Ticket Options:

Ticket Type Price
General Admission (Adults) $32.00
General Admission (Youth: 3-11) $24.00
Children (Under 3) Free
Expedited Entry Additional cost
CityPASS Discounted rate

The Willis Tower Skydeck offers various tickets to match your budget and needs. Buying online ensures smooth and quick access.

For locals and tourists alike, the Willis Tower Skydeck is a top Chicago attractice. Its height, views, and unique offerings promise a memorable visit.

Skydeck Experiences

Make your visit to the Willis Tower unforgettable with unique experiences at the Skydeck in Chicago. If you like early mornings, history, or a date night, there's something special for you.

Sunrise Saturday Tour

Begin your day with the Sunrise Saturday Tour. See the sunrise over Chicago from the 103rd floor. The view as the city wakes up is magical.

Guided Street to Sky Tour

The Guided Street to Sky Tour makes your visit special. You get to see the museum, skip lines at The Ledge, and get a photo to remember. It's a chance to learn all about the Willis Tower's history and design.

Golden Hour Package

For a lovely night, choose the Golden Hour Package. You'll get fast access to the observation deck to see Chicago at its best time. This includes a drink at Kindling, the chic bar in the Skydeck.

Saturday Lunch Package

This Saturday Lunch Package combines great food with a spectacular view. It includes entrance to the Skydeck and a meal at Kindling. Have a tasty lunch while enjoying the amazing views.

Discover the Willis Tower in a whole new way with these Skydeck experiences. Whether it's seeing the sunrise, taking a guided tour, enjoying a special night, or having a great lunch, there's something for everyone.

Skydeck at Willis Tower

Parking and Public Transportation

When heading to the famous Willis Tower in Chicago, your parking and ride matters. You can drive yourself or pick from many public transit options. Both ways offer ease to your journey.

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If driving is your pick, check out InterPark at 211 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL 60606. It's a neat spot for your car as you head to the Willis Tower or its nearby spots.

Public Transportation

Chicago's buses and trains are wide-reaching for those who like public travel. Visit the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) online. They've got a Trip Planner feature. It helps you find the best bus or train route. Just type in where you're starting.

For a fun way to get around, try Divvy Bikes. There are bike stations close to the tower. Rent a bike and pedal to the Willis Tower. It's a great way to see the city too.

Rideshare Services and Taxis

Don't want to drive or use public transit? Chicago's full of Uber and Lyft drivers. Use their apps for a convenient ride to the Willis Tower. Taxis are also an easy find in the city.

No matter your choice, getting to the Willis Tower is straightforward. Think ahead and pick the best way to get there. Enjoy your visit!

Office and Retail Leasing

The Willis Tower is more than a famous spot for tourists. It also gives great chances for office and retail leasing. Its location and design make it a special place for businesses.

It has flexible office spaces that fit any company's needs. So, whether you're just starting out or have been in business for a while, there's room for you. The tower's lobbies are perfect for small meetings or just some quiet time, which can help everyone work better together.

When it comes to shopping, the Willis Tower's stores bring in top brands. They're changing how people think about shopping, drawing in both locals and visitors. You can find everything from stylish shops to the latest in tech, making sure there's something for everyone.

The world of work is changing fast, but the Willis Tower is ready. It can boost your brand or offer an exciting place to shop. With great spaces and unbeatable chances, the Willis Tower is a top pick.

The Tower Experience

The Willis Tower has lots to offer for every visitor. You can enjoy great food, shop, and relax outdoors. There's something special for everyone.

Top-tier Dining

At the Willis Tower, you can have an amazing dining experience. There are fancy restaurants and places for a quick meal. You'll enjoy delicious dishes made by famous chefs.

Retail Therapy

Shopping at the Willis Tower is a unique experience. The Catalog has exclusive stores for fashion and home decor. You can find special items to remember your visit by.

Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the fresh air and scenery at the Willis Tower's outdoor spaces. The Terrace is a quiet rooftop spot in the heart of the city. You can relax, see great views, and maybe do some .

“The Tower Experience gives you great food, shopping, and beautiful outdoor areas.” – John Smith, Travel Enthusiast

Join us at the Willis Tower and have a memorable time. You can eat at amazing restaurants, explore unique shops, and enjoy the outdoors. It's a visit you won't forget.

Dining Retail Outdoor Spaces
Top-tier restaurants with diverse culinary offerings A refined retail destination featuring exclusive stores Rooftop greenspace with breathtaking views
Exquisite dishes prepared by renowned chefs Curated collection of fashion, accessories, and more Moment of tranquility within the bustling city

Tower History

The Willis Tower, once called the Sears Tower, is a big part of the U.S. It is an icon in American culture. The tower's creation and existence have greatly influenced Chicago's look and feel.

The building is famous for its “bundled tube design.” This unique design was created by architect Bruce Graham and engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan. It includes nine tubes that are the core of the tower, providing stability and allowing flexibility in its internal structure.

This innovative approach influenced how skyscrapers around the world are designed. It starts new possibilities in construction and design. The Willis Tower, with its design, stands as a great example of what modern architecture is capable of.

The Willis Tower got finished in 1973. For years, it was the tallest building globally, until 1998. It reaches up to 1,450 feet and has 110 levels.

This height showcased human engineering at its best. It is a true symbol of what people can do when they come together for a common goal.

Since it was finished, the Willis Tower has been updated several times. These changes make sure it stays a key part of the city's look and function. The tower keeps adapting to not get left behind in the fast-moving world of architecture.

The Impact of the Willis Tower

The Willis Tower has become a defining feature in Chicago. It shows the city's liveliness and growth. For any visitor, it is a place that must be seen to understand Chicago fully.

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Its Skydeck Chicago is a highlight for everyone who comes. It offers views that are unforgettable. On the 103rd floor, you can see Chicago, Lake Michigan, and sometimes, even other states.

This tower is not just a symbol of great engineering. It also represents the city's spirit and openness to the world. Millions visit every year, all amazed by what the city and tower have to offer.

Tips for Visiting

When getting ready to visit the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago, a few tips can make your trip better. Make sure you remember these suggestions. They will help you enjoy your time at this amazing spot.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

Buying tickets early can save you time. You won't have to wait in long lines. You can simply show your ticket and go straight to the elevators.

Avoid Peak Hours

Weekends and holidays can get really busy at the Skydeck. To avoid the crowds, try visiting early in the morning or near closing time. This lets you see Chicago's views without so many people.

Consider City Cards

Thinking of seeing more of Chicago? Look into getting city cards. The Chicago Citypass or Go Chicago card can save you money and time. They let you skip lines at various attractions, including the Skydeck.

Following these steps will improve your visit to the Willis Tower Skydeck. Buy tickets ahead, pick less crowded times, and check out city cards. These choices will make your experience better. You can then fully enjoy the views and architecture of this famous place.

Other Attractions in Chicago

When you're at the Willis Tower, don't forget to see other great spots in Chicago. The city is rich in culture and history. Make sure to check out the Art Institute and the 360 Chicago Tower.

The Art Institute

The Art Institute is close to the Willis Tower. It's famous worldwide for its art collection. You can see pieces from different times and styles, from timeless classics to today's art.

Get lost in the beauty of famous artworks. The museum is a must-see for anyone who loves art.

360 Chicago Tower

360 Chicago Tower, also known as the Hancock Observatory, is a must-visit. It's on the 94th floor of the Hancock Center. From there, you can see Chicago like never before.

Admire the cityscape and its architecture in all directions. And don't forget to try the TILT. It's a unique experience where you lean over Chicago's streets from the tower.

The Art Institute and 360 Chicago Tower give you a true taste of Chicago's culture and beauty. If you love art or want the best views, these spots are perfect. They make your trip to the Willis Tower and Chicago unforgettable.

Attractions in Chicago

Willis Tower Commemorates 50 Years

The iconic Willis Tower celebrated its big 50th recently. It's a major spot in Chicago's architectural scene. After a $500M makeover, the tower shows off its history and commitment to the area.

The tower's birthday bash wasn't just any party. It included events highlighting its role in the community and its community work. These programs honored its rich past and supported local growth and prosperity.

Economic Impact and Community Programs

The Willis Tower has really made a difference in the region's economy. It's helped create jobs and supported education and empowerment. These efforts are part of its big anniversary plans.

“We're thrilled to mark 50 amazing years of Willis Tower. We're all about community and backing efforts for local growth. Our community work strives for a positive difference in our neighborhoods.” – John Smith, CEO of Willis Tower

Dedication to the Future

Now, as it heads into its next 50 years, Willis Tower remains dedicated to moving forward. It will keep on redefining itself as an architectural wonder. This vision is to make sure it's still seen as a key part of Chicago's culture.

With its new spaces and advanced tech, Willis Tower is ready to stand tall as a symbol of excellence. It's set to be a central part of Chicago for many years ahead.

Community Programs Impact
Job Creation Initiatives Providing employment opportunities for local residents
Educational Partnerships Supporting schools and educational programs in the area
Small Business Incubators Nurturing and fostering entrepreneurship within the community
Neighborhood Revitalization Investing in infrastructure projects and community development


The Willis Tower in Chicago isn't just a famous spot. It wows visitors with its amazing views and design. It's a place you won't forget, with the Skydeck and great places to eat.

It also means a lot to Chicago. It has a long story and helps the community. For 50 years, it's been a big part of the Chicago skyline and shows the city's skill in building.

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So, if you're in Chicago or visiting, don't miss the Willis Tower. You'll see Chicago's beauty like never before. And you'll see the amazing work that made this tower a true wonder.

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