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Discover Wonders at Royal Ontario Museum Today!

Have you ever been truly captivated by history, art, and culture? Imagine an experience that takes your breath away. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto offers just that. It's a place where the treasures of our world come to life, making it a top cultural institution in Canada.

As soon as you enter the ROM, get ready to be amazed. You'll see exhibitions and collections that reveal the beauty of human history and nature. From ancient artifacts to modern artworks, the ROM has it all, ready to inspire and teach you.

The ROM isn't just about what's on display. It brings history to life in a unique way. With interactive exhibits and educational programs, you'll dive deep into fascinating stories. This experience will spark your curiosity and give you a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

No matter your interests, the ROM has something for you. History lovers, art fans, and nature enthusiasts will all find something memorable here. Don't miss out. Visit us today for an unforgettable journey of discovery that you'll remember forever.

Experience WonderWorks, a Play-Based Learning Space

Want an adventure of wonder and discovery for your kids? Check out WonderWorks at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). It's a special place for families with kids aged 3 to 8. Kids can dive into play, learn by doing, and have a lot of fun.

Walk into WonderWorks and see your kids' imaginations soar. This gallery has cool props, activities, and spaces designed for kids. They can learn about dinosaurs, enter sensory worlds, and have fun with the museum's collections.

At WonderWorks, we believe that play is the gateway to learning. By providing a safe and stimulating environment, we empower children to take risks, make connections, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

WonderWorks has lots of activities that fit what different kids like. Whether building, solving puzzles, or dramatic play, there's something here for every child.

Engaging with the Museum’s Collections

At WonderWorks, staff and volunteers help kids connect their play to real objects from the museum's collections. They make learning fun and help children see the links between play and real life.

Interactive prompts and hands-on activities let kids follow their curiosity. This way, they learn more about the museum's exhibits and discover the joy of exploring.

A Foundational Space in the Museum

WonderWorks isn't just another gallery. It's a key part of the ROM that introduces kids to hands-on learning. It's a first step that helps children get ready to explore more of the museum.

Starting at WonderWorks helps kids develop the skills they need for a deeper appreciation of the Royal Ontario Museum. Then, they can check out more exhibits and learn even more.

Key Features of WonderWorks:
Engaging props and play spaces
Sensory experiences to stimulate young minds
Free-choice exploration and experimentation
Gallery staff and volunteers to facilitate learning
Connection to the museum's collections

Explore WonderWorks at the Royal Ontario Museum today. See the happiness and excitement on your kids' faces as they start their learning adventure. It's a mix of play, discovery, and family learning. And it creates memories that last a lifetime, all while teaching kids to love art, culture, and nature.

Engage in Educational Programs and Tours

The Royal Ontario Museum provides a variety of educational programs and guided tours. These are crafted to make your visit more meaningful. They deepen your understanding of the museum's wide-ranging collections. There's something here for everyone, whether you love art, history, or nature.

Uncover Museum Highlights

Take a Museum Highlights tour to dive into the rich history and vibrant culture showcased at the Royal Ontario Museum. This 45-minute journey, led by expert guides, takes you through iconic objects. These objects span across arts, culture, and nature. You will learn interesting facts and stories behind each display.

Themed Tours for Deeper Insights

For those with specific interests, the Royal Ontario Museum offers themed tours. One example is the Art and Culture at ROM tour. It takes you through the museum's wide art collection from various cultures and periods. The Dawn of Life Gallery tour lets you explore natural world wonders, from ancient fossils to how life on Earth has evolved.

These tours are designed to give a full and immersive experience. They allow you to see the detailed stories behind each exhibit closely.

A Multilingual Learning Experience

The museum ensures a diverse and inclusive learning space by offering programs in English and French. This means visitors can learn and connect with the museum's collections in their preferred language. Experience our exhibits in a new way by choosing the language that suits you best.

Tour Name Duration Language
Museum Highlights 45 minutes English/French
Art and Culture at ROM 1 hour English/French
Dawn of Life Gallery 1.5 hours English/French

Join us at the Royal Ontario Museum to explore and engage with our educational offerings. Our programs and tours will reveal hidden stories and remarkable discoveries within our extensive collections. Get ready to be moved and excited by the beauty of art, culture, and natural history that is waiting for you.

Unlock Exclusive Membership Benefits

Join the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) for special perks. Members get to enjoy exclusive benefits that make their visit better. This includes special experiences and connecting with the ROM community.

Special Events

Join exciting screenings and panel discussions. You'll get to have discussions with ROM experts. These events let you explore more on art and history that interests you.

Discounts and Savings

Save 10% at our shops and cafes as a member. Get nice souvenirs or enjoy a tasty meal for less. This makes your visit even more enjoyable.

Member Experience Tours

Go on guided tours focusing on specific themes. These tours give a deep look at art, culture, and history. They make your visit more informative and enjoyable.

Member Evenings

Enjoy exclusive access on Member Evenings. It's a chance to meet others and learn from ROM experts. This helps you learn more and connect with the community.

ROM Magazine Subscription

Get ROM Magazine for free with your membership. It's full of interesting articles and beautiful visuals. This keeps you updated on art, culture, and history.

Free Coat Check Services

Use our coat check for free. Leave your things with us to explore the museum easily. This makes your visit more comfortable.

Cultural Exchange Weekends

Experience more culture on exchange weekends. Members get discounts or free entry to other places. This lets you dive deeper into Toronto's cultural world.

Visit Madrid’s Premier Contemporary Art MuseumVisit Madrid’s Premier Contemporary Art Museum

Become a member today for these amazing benefits. Support art, culture, and history while enjoying many perks.

Engage in Adult Programs and Events

Are you looking for fun and educational activities at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)? You've found the right place! The ROM has many adult programs and events. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

ROM After Dark: Immersive Evenings for Adults

ROM After Dark is a hit with adults 19 and older. It features music, art, performances, and special food and drinks. Enjoy the ROM in a new way after hours, mixing culture and fun.

Love music or art? Want a fun night out? ROM After Dark is your chance to enjoy mature fun at the museum.

ROM U: Dive Deep into Art, Culture, and Nature

Want to learn more in a hands-on way? Try ROM U. This program offers half-day workshops with artists and experts. Explore art, culture, and nature in interactive sessions.

At ROM U, learn about different topics from experts. It's perfect for those who love to learn and discuss new ideas.

ROM Connects: Thought-Provoking Documentaries and Lectures

ROM Connects brings you documentaries and talks on many subjects. Experts talk about art, culture, and nature. It's a great way to learn and think deeply about different topics.

Learn about climate change, ancient cultures, and more with ROM Connects. Join the conversation and gain new insights into our world.

The ROM's adult events are all about learning and fun. Whether you love history, art, or exploring new ideas, there's something here for you.

Engage Children with Fun and Educational Programs

The Royal Ontario Museum is passionate about enriching young minds. We do this through programs that are both fun and educational. Our activities are interactive, making sure kids have a fun and enriching time.

Summer Club: Face-to-Face with Art, Culture, and Nature

Our Summer Club offers themed week-long sessions. These dive into the stories of our art, culture, and nature collections.

With hands-on learning and exciting experiences, children get to discover new things. Each week offers a new adventure. It helps kids see things in a new way and grow a passion for learning.

Saturday Club: Fun-Filled Educational Adventures

The Saturday Club combines learning with imagination. For eight weeks, kids go on adventures that involve learning through objects, art projects, and science experiments.

Our expert team leads these activities. They make the Saturday Club a lively and educational experience. It encourages curiosity and exploration, making weekends fun and informative.

ROMKids Junior: A Sensory Adventure for Young Children

ROMKids Junior is tailored for our youngest guests. Early learning instructors run this sensory adventure. It introduces kids to the museum in an exciting, suitable way.

Through play and exploration, kids grow in many areas. ROMKids Junior paves the way for a lasting love of learning.

A Fun and Educational Experience

Our programs at the Royal Ontario Museum, like the Summer Club, Saturday Club, and ROMKids Junior, are great for kids. They offer a mix of art, culture, and nature. These programs encourage creativity, knowledge, and curiosity.

Join us and let your child start a learning adventure!

Explore Toronto’s Neighborhoods with ROMWalks

Step off the usual paths and uncover Toronto's hidden secrets with ROMWalks. These free tours, by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), let you see the city's vibrant culture, history, and architecture. It's an immersive way to learn and explore.

Knowledgeable guides lead the way through Toronto's diverse areas. They share stories and facts about the neighborhoods. You'll see charming streets, learn about the communities, and discover landmarks and hidden spots.

ROMWalks has many tours, from Old Town and Cabbagetown to Kensington Market and Yorkville. They fit any interest, like history, architecture, or city exploration. These tours are both fun and educational.

ROMWalks reveals Toronto's heart, showing its multicultural heritage, artistic importance, and lively districts. So, put on your walking shoes, bring your camera, and join a ROMWalk. Discover the amazing stories and sights that make Toronto unique.

ROMWalks guided walking tour in Toronto

Benefits of Exploring Toronto with ROMWalks:

  • Gain insights into Toronto's history, culture, and architecture
  • Discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path attractions
  • Explore diverse neighborhoods and their unique characteristics
  • Learn from knowledgeable guides who share fascinating stories and facts
  • Immerse yourself in the local community and experience Toronto like a local
  • Engage in an interactive and educational walking tour experience

Upcoming ROMWalks:

Tour Name: Uncovering Old Town Toronto
Date: August 15, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM
Meeting Point: Front Steps of the Royal Ontario Museum

Tour Name: Exploring Kensington Market
Date: September 3, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM
Meeting Point: Kensington Market Entrance

Tour Name: Yorkville Architectural Gems
Date: September 17, 2022
Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Point: ROM Bloor Street West Entrance

Don't miss discovering Toronto's special neighborhoods with ROMWalks. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum's website for up-to-date tour schedules and sign-up details. Get your walking shoes ready for an adventure of discovery!

Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame – Immerse in History!Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame – Immerse in History!

Embark on Day Trips with ROMBus

Do you want to see historical sites, natural spots, and cultural places around Toronto? The Royal Ontario Museum's ROMBus is perfect for you. Get on board for a journey that lets you see the region's rich history and nature.

ROMBus isn't just about seeing amazing places. It's about exploring them with a ROM expert's help. You'll dive into history, marvel at nature, and discover the cultural richness of Toronto.

“ROMBus takes you beyond the museum walls and allows you to experience firsthand the beauty and significance of the sites that make our region so special.” – Sarah Johnson, ROM Trip Advisor

Historical Sites

ROMBus offers trips to historical sites where the past comes alive. You'll visit landmarks and learn stories that shaped the area. Places like Casa Loma and Fort York give a unique peek into the past.

Natural Attractions

Experience the natural wonders near Toronto with ROMBus. See the amazing Niagara Falls and the quiet beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs. You'll connect with nature, see beautiful landscapes, and find out about the area's wildlife.

Cultural Locations

With ROMBus, you can explore Toronto's cultural scene. Visit diverse areas, famous , and exciting cultural events. From Chinatown's colorful streets to the Distillery District's creativity, you'll see the city's many cultures.

Don't miss the chance to see historical, natural, and cultural spots around Toronto. Book a ROMBus day trip now and go on an unforgettable adventure.

Travel the World with ROMTravel

Discover the world with ROMTravel's international trips. They offer the best in art, culture, and nature. Go on exciting trips with a ROM expert. You'll see everything from Japan's quiet mountain villages to Costa Rica's lush rainforests. ROMTravel trips are enriching, unforgettable and for those who love adventure.

Take a cultural trip to amazing places where art, culture, and nature meet. Visit Peru's Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, or 's Louvre Museum. On each trip, you get a great itinerary. This lets you connect with locals, learn from experts, and see Earth's beauty.

With ROMTravel, every trip is memorable and filled with new sights. Dive into different cultures, see stunning landscapes, and find artistic treasures. Join a ROMTravel adventure. Let your love for exploration show you the beauty of art, culture, and nature.

Register and Get Involved with Membership

Become a member of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) today! Just visit the museum's website, sign up, and buy a membership. You'll get access to special benefits that make your visit better.

Members get invited to special events. You can meet others who love museums and learn from experts. Events include movies, talks, and exclusive looks behind the scenes.

You also get a 10% discount at the museum's shops and cafes. Plus, you can take part in Member Experience Tours. These tours give you a deeper understanding of the museum's collections.

“Joining the Royal Ontario Museum as a member gives you special benefits. These include events, discounts, and exclusive tours. It's a great way to support the museum's work in art, culture, and natural history.” – [your name]

Members also get the ROM Magazine. It keeps you informed about what's coming up at the museum.

If you have questions about membership or anything ROM offers, we're here to help. Call us at 416 586 5700 or email Our team is ready to assist you.

Membership Benefits Overview:

Here are the benefits you'll enjoy as a ROM member:

  • Exclusive member events with screenings, discussions, and expert conversations
  • 10% discount at ROM Boutiques, Druxy's ROM Café, and Coffee Bar
  • Member Experience Tours on specific themes
  • Subscription to ROM Magazine
  • Free coat check services

Don't wait to join the ROM community! Sign up for membership now. Explore the amazing things the ROM has to offer!

ROM Membership

Plan Your Visit to the Royal Ontario Museum

When you decide to visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), it's key to know the latest about it. Make sure to check the museum's official website for up-to-date info. This will help you enjoy a smooth and fun visit.

The Royal Ontario Museum is right in Toronto, easy for everyone to reach. It doesn't matter if you are from the city or visiting, getting to the museum is simple.

As you get to the ROM, its stunning architecture welcomes you. Inside, you'll find art, culture, and nature. The museum takes you on an exciting journey across the globe.

Opening Hours

The ROM's hours can change, so always check their website before going. This way, you make sure your visit fits your schedule. You'll have enough time to see all the exhibits and join fun events.


The Royal Ontario Museum is easy to find in Toronto's center. You can get there by bus or subway easily. Its address is 100 Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario.

Facility Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Monday Closed
Wednesday (ROM After Dark) 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum is a great choice. You can see the main gallery or special shows. Remember to plan ahead, check when they're open, and enjoy your visit to this amazing place.

Experience the Wonders of Royal Ontario Museum Today!

The Royal Ontario Museum, known as ROM, is a top spot in Toronto for lovers of history, art, and culture. Dive into the museum's amazing exhibits and varied collections. They present an adventure through time, revealing our world's marvels.

Kids will love WonderWorks, where they can learn through play and interactive fun. ROM offers educational programs and tours for all. These programs make the museum's exhibits and collections more exciting.

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Visit the Royal Ontario Museum today to discover incredible stories and finds. Whether you see natural history exhibits or join educational programs, ROM promises an engaging experience. It will spark your curiosity and wonder.

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