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Did you know Scottsdale, Arizona, boasts a lively art scene? It draws visitors globally. At its core is the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). This museum is a hub for diverse exhibitions and a dynamic art community, providing an engaging experience for both art lovers and those newly intrigued.

SMoCA sits in Scottsdale's bustling center. It's a top spot for experiencing modern and contemporary art in the area. The museum's leading-edge exhibitions and thought-stirring installations reflect the creativity and innovation of artists today. They touch on important issues of our time. SMoCA is perfect for anyone looking to delve into art, find inspiration, or simply reflect creatively.

Unveiling Inspiring Wonders at SMoCA

Discover the world of contemporary art at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). Known as a top spot for contemporary art museums in Scottsdale, SMoCA captivates art lovers and fuels inspiration.

In its five unique galleries and an impressive sculpture garden, SMoCA showcases a wide range of modern art exhibitions. Here, art merges with society's heartbeat, reflecting thoughts and concerns of today.

SMoCA offers works from both local and international artists. It focuses on art, architecture, and design. The museum represents hometown attributes of Scottsdale and promotes global discussion.

SMoCA introduces inspiring art that makes people think and feel. Its dedication to contemporary art offers an intimate experience. Visitors get a chance to see art's impact on dialogue, self-reflection, and inspiration.

Explore SMoCA's galleries full of boundless creativity. You'll find everything from bold installations to multimedia presentations. The museum features various modern art forms that stir emotions and engage the mind.

Immerse Yourself in Innovation

SMoCA's exhibitions embody the spirit of contemporary art. They start conversations and highlight our world. Experience the magic of modern art across the museum:

  • The captivating exhibitions at SMoCA
  • The limitless creativity of avant-garde artists
  • The contemplative nature of thought-provoking installations
  • The blend of traditional and new mediums
  • The diverse viewpoints that change how you see

Walk through the galleries and marvel at the talent of modern artists. Every artwork transforms perception and sparks creativity.

By focusing on current issues, SMoCA is key for art fans and culture seekers. It offers thought-provoking exhibits and promotes creativity and exploration. SMoCA invites you to discover the beauty of modern art.

Hours and Admission Information

Get ready for a visit to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). Dive into modern art and culture. You'll find info on opening hours and admission prices here. We make art reachable for everyone. We have special prices for students, seniors, veterans, active military, and teachers. Admission is free for those 18 and younger, ONE Members, guest pass holders, healthcare workers, first responders, and members of the North American Reciprocal Museum program.

Opening Hours

Visit SMoCA on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Spend the day with us exploring exhibitions and contemporary art.

Admission Prices

Save $2 on admission by booking tickets online. Online tickets are $10 for non-members, while walk-up is $12. We also have discounts for students, seniors, veterans, active-duty military, and teachers. They pay $7 online or $9 for walk-up admission.

Art should be for everyone. That's why we offer free admission for some. This includes anyone 18 and under, ONE Members, guest pass holders, healthcare workers, first responders, and North American Reciprocal Museum members.

SMoCA is at 7374 East Second Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Come explore Scottsdale's art scene and our museum's contemporary works.

Explore the Possibilities at SMoCA

Dive into the artistic wonder at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). It boasts five galleries and a sculpture garden. SMoCA has diverse exhibitions and events to catch the eye of any art lover and spark your imagination.

Walk into the vibrant world of contemporary art at SMoCA. You'll find thought-provoking exhibitions in its galleries. Innovations and colorful paintings showcase modern art's changing scene.

See art like never before in SMoCA's beautiful sculpture garden. Be amazed by sculptures from famous artists amid nature. It's a peaceful place where art meets the natural world.

There's always something new at SMoCA, for every kind of art fan. The museum's events calendar has many activities. From art shows to talks, there's much to explore.

Keep up with SMoCA's latest by viewing the events calendar. It lists exhibitions, talks, workshops, and more. Choose what interests you and dive into creativity and thought.

SMoCA makes visiting easy with two ways to view exhibitions: list or month. Pick what works for you and explore easily.

Start your art journey at SMoCA. Encounter contemporary art, widen your view, and get inspired. Visit by yourself or with others. SMoCA will impress you.

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“SMoCA shows a wide array of contemporary art that challenges and invites discussion. It's where ideas grow and creativity soars.”

– Visitor testimonial

Don't miss out on what SMoCA offers. Open up, be curious, and dive into contemporary art. Plan to visit and join Scottsdale's lively art scene.

Exhibitions at SMoCA

Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibition Name Date
The Colors of Expression August 15 – October 15
Reflections of Culture September 1 – December 31
Art in Motion October 1 – January 31

Support SMoCA and Make a Difference

Help the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) change the world. Your gift is vital for keeping SMoCA's contemporary art and culture lively.

Why Donate to SMoCA?

Your donation to SMoCA means more than just supporting a museum. It allows SMoCA to craft engaging, thought-provoking experiences. You help bring the community together and support artists' innovative work.

SMoCA uses contemporary art to change lives and make a better world. By donating, you join this mission. You're key to developing art experiences that touch both individuals and the community.

How to Donate to SMoCA

Giving to SMoCA is easy and safe. Just go to our website and hit “Donate” to contribute. You can give once or support us monthly. Your donation helps SMoCA's shows, education, and outreach.

Every gift, big or small, counts. Your generosity lets SMoCA offer free entry to those 18 and under. It supports workshops and local artist partnerships.

Donation Levels Benefits
$25 Recognition on SMoCA's website
$50 Acknowledgment in SMoCA's annual report
$100 Invitation to exclusive member events
$250 Premium seating at SMoCA lectures and discussions
$500+ Private tour of SMoCA exhibitions with a curator

Your contribution strengthens Scottsdale's art scene. It lets SMoCA keep offering cutting-edge exhibitions and valuable education.

Be part of something special. Give to SMoCA now and help us transform through art.

The SMoCA Lounge – A Creative Community Space

The SMoCA Lounge is a special spot in the museum for creativity and deep thought. It's a place for artists to connect and for everyone to find inspiration.

The Lounge is known for its many community events. These range from film series to gatherings of writers and musicians. It's a place where anyone can find something interesting to do.

Film Series

At the SMoCA Lounge, you can catch unique and thought-provoking films. It's a chance to see different kinds of movies and learn about art and culture.

Lit Lounge Events

The Lit Lounge events mix literature and music for a fun experience. Local talents share their work, leading to lively discussions and connections.

Brown Bag Lecture Series

The Brown Bag lectures are a big hit at the Lounge. Experts talk about art and culture, sparking interesting conversations.

No matter the event you choose, the SMoCA Lounge is a welcoming place. It's for anyone looking to meet others, get inspired, or simply enjoy art.

“The SMoCA Lounge is not just a physical space; it's a catalyst for nurturing creativity, bringing people together, and fostering a sense of belonging.” – [Author]

Walking into the SMoCA Lounge, you feel ready to explore and create. It's a welcoming space for artists, newcomers, or anyone seeking inspiration.

Don't miss the SMoCA Lounge on your visit to the museum. It's full of life, offering events that spark your imagination and creativity.

Local Cultural Attractions in Scottsdale

Scottsdale offers more than the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). It's famous for its lively art scene. all over reveal various artistic styles and mediums.

Explore Scottsdale's rich cultural heritage through its art galleries. They cover everything from contemporary art to sculptures and traditional paintings. There's something for every art lover.

Art galleries in Scottsdale feature everything from modern to indigenous art. They give new and known artists a place to show their work. Each gallery has its own creative vision.

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Discover exhibitions that challenge ideas and start conversations. Scottsdale's art galleries aim to bring together collections that everyone can enjoy.

Dive into Scottsdale's dynamic art scene. See the incredible talent and creativity the city offers.

In Scottsdale, galleries are everywhere, from cozy neighborhoods to busy downtown streets. Don't miss out on gallery walks, artist talks, and special shows.

Cultural Attractions in Scottsdale

Art Gallery Location Specialty
Galerie Zuger 7045 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Contemporary Art
Tilt Gallery 7077 E Main St #14, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Photography
Altamira Fine Art 7038 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Western and Indigenous Art
Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum 7377 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Contemporary Art
Legacy Gallery 7178 Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Western Art

Experience Scottsdale's art scene for yourself. From SMoCA's exhibitions to the many galleries around, it's a paradise for art lovers.

Art galleries in Scottsdale

Newsletter Sign Up

Stay updated with the latest news and events from SMoCA. Sign up for the museum's newsletter to get regular updates. You'll learn about exhibitions, programs, and special events. This newsletter is great for anyone who loves art and culture. It keeps you connected to SMoCA's lively community.

It's easy to sign up for the SMoCA newsletter. Go to the newsletter sign-up page on the SMoCA website and put in your email. You'll then get all the info on new exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, and more.

Keep up with SMoCA to dive into contemporary art and culture. You'll find new artists and see inspiring works. SMoCA brings creativity and innovation right to you.

Be a part of SMoCA's exciting exhibitions. Connect with the SMoCA community. Join the conversation on art and culture news.

Benefits of Subscribing:
1. Exclusive access to member-only events and previews.
2. Early notifications about ticket sales and limited-time offers.
3. The latest updates on exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops.
4. Insightful articles and interviews with renowned artists and curators.
5. Opportunities to participate in community-driven art projects and initiatives.

Plan Your Visit to SMoCA

Ready to dive into Scottsdale's art scene? Make sure SMoCA is on your list. This museum gives a unique and deep experience, wowing art lovers and those eager to see what Scottsdale offers.

Planning is key for a fun visit. SMoCA has all the info you need online. Check their site for hours, prices, and where to find them. This way, you can fit SMoCA easily into your trip.

SMoCA is at 7374 East Second Street in Scottsdale, AZ. Its spot makes it easy to visit, drawing both locals and tourists.

If you love art or just want to see something new, SMoCA is a must. It's full of modern art that will make you think and feel inspired. The museum showcases all kinds of art, really making it stand out.

Also, see what else Scottsdale has to offer. The city's full of art galleries with different styles. This will help you appreciate Scottsdale's culture and creativity even more.

So, get excited for your art-filled trip to SMoCA and beyond. Plan your visit now. You'll be surprised by the great art and culture waiting for you.

Don’t Miss the Scottsdale Art Scene

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) is a big draw in Scottsdale. But there's much more to see in this vibrant city. Scottsdale is brimming with art galleries and hosts many art events all year. These offer a lot of artistic experiences beyond SMoCA.

Checking out the Scottsdale art scene complements a SMoCA visit. It lets you dive deeper into contemporary art. Plus, you'll meet the creative minds in this community.

Local Art Galleries

Scottsdale boasts many art galleries, each with its unique flair. They feature works from local and global artists alike. Whether you love sculpture, painting, or mixed media, there's something for everyone. Spend time exploring these galleries to soak in all the creativity.

Local Art Events

Besides galleries, Scottsdale has many art events year-round. These events celebrate the city's creativity and talent. You can connect with local artists at art walks, street fairs, and festivals. These events are perfect for live art demos and buying unique art pieces.

An Art Scene Like No Other

Scottsdale's art scene is vibrant and welcoming. It's a place where established and new artists thrive. The community is close and supportive, making Scottsdale a creative hub. For those who love art or want to learn more about contemporary art, Scottsdale has much to offer.

When visiting SMoCA, don't forget to explore Scottsdale's galleries and attend art events. Immersing yourself in the local art scene will help you appreciate the city's rich artistic talent.

Contact Information for SMoCA

If you need more info about SMoCA, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, we're here to help. You can call us at 480-874-4666. Or visit our site at

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We want to make your visit to SMoCA unforgettable. Got questions about our shows or events? Our team is eager to assist. We aim to make every visit more than you expected.

Contact us for details on tickets, becoming a member, or donations. We're excited to help you explore contemporary art at SMoCA.

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