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Rome, the Eternal City, is a treasure trove of art, history, and culture. Whether you are an art aficionado, a history buff, or simply a curious traveler, the museums of Rome offer a rich tapestry of experiences that span centuries and civilizations. Here's a guide to some of the top museums in Rome, along with lesser-known gems that are worth a visit.

Top Museums in Rome

Galleria Borghese

Nestled within the lush greenery of Villa Borghese, Galleria Borghese is one of Rome's most prestigious . This museum houses a significant collection of sculptures, ancient mosaics, and Renaissance art, including masterpieces by Bernini, Caravaggio, and Titian. The beautifully frescoed villa itself is a masterpiece, making the Galleria Borghese a must-visit for its art and ambiance.

Capitoline Museums

Located on the Capitoline Hill, the Capitoline Museums are considered the oldest public museums in the world. These museums are divided into the Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo, showcasing an extensive array of ancient Roman statues, inscriptions, and artifacts, along with paintings by Caravaggio, Tintoretto, and many others. The famous statue of the she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, is a highlight.

National Museum of Rome

The National Museum of Rome is not a single venue but a group of museums that include several iconic sites:

Baths of Diocletian

The largest bath complex in ancient Rome, now partly transformed into a museum, offers insights into the daily life of Romans during the Empire.

Crypta Balbi

An archaeological museum, Crypta Balbi reveals the layers of Roman history from the ancient times through the Middle Ages, showcasing how the city has changed over the centuries.

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Other Great Museums

National Gallery of Modern Art

For those interested in modern and contemporary art, the National Gallery of Modern Art presents an impressive collection of Italian favorites from the 19th and 20th centuries, including works by Modigliani, De Chirico, and Balla.

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica

This gallery, housed in two locations – Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini – features an extensive collection of Renaissance and Baroque paintings, including works by Raphael, Caravaggio, and Holbein.

Galleria Doria Pamphilj

Privately owned by the Doria Pamphilj family, this gallery is located in their opulent Roman palace and houses a wealth of artworks, including paintings by Velázquez and Titian.

National Etruscan Museum

Housed in the Villa Giulia, this museum offers a comprehensive look at the art and culture of the ancient Etruscans, featuring artifacts like the famous bride and bridegroom sarcophagus.

Villa Farnesina

This lesser-known gem in Trastevere is renowned for its Renaissance architecture and frescoes by Raphael, including the mythological scenes in the Loggia of Psyche.

Museums That Are Less Noteworthy But Still Interesting

Museo di

Located in the beautiful Palazzo Braschi, the Museo di Roma displays a collection of art, clothing, and memorabilia that illustrates the daily life of Romans through the ages.

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Palazzo Venezia

Originally a papal residence, Palazzo Venezia now serves as a museum with a diverse collection of artworks, medieval armor, and Renaissance decorative arts.

Galleria Spada

Famous for its forced perspective gallery designed by Borromini, Galleria Spada also boasts a fine collection of Baroque paintings.

Keats-Shelley House

Situated at the Spanish Steps, this museum is dedicated to the English Romantic poets who lived in, or visited, Rome.

You May Also Be Interested In

Forum Boarium

Just a stone's throw from the main sites, the Forum Boarium is one of Rome's ancient cattle markets and includes some of the oldest temples.

Galleria Borghese (Revisited)

If you haven't had enough of the Borghese collection, consider booking another visit to delve deeper into its artistic and historical layers.

Exploring the museums of Rome provides a window into the past and a reflection on the ever-evolving nature of art and culture. Whether you seek the grandeur of ancient ruins or the intimate charm of smaller galleries, Rome's museums offer endless possibilities for discovery and admiration.

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